18th Birthday Party


18th Birthday PartyIt was my 18th birthday and it was a big deal to my family so my family friends were there and i had been checking out my dads best friend since i was young. My dads friend was a true jock and he always walked around half naked and you could see his bulge in his boxers. I had caught him watching gay porn before and i watched him stroke his big cock and he saw me stroking it too, but this was when I was 16. After that he had been wearing tighter pants around me and been acting a little weird. When he was at my 18th birthday party I he was looking so hot! He was wearing a speedo canlı bahis because it was a hot day and everyone was swimming, his cock was looking so big and it looked like he had shaved his whole body. It was getting a little hot outside for me and I was going to sit up in my room for a little bit get some cool air. I left the door open just a little bit just incase someone was going to come in. I got a little horny thinking about him in my room and just as I knew it I see a cock slide in through the door. He came in fully naked and said Ive seen you checking me out for 4 years now and Ive bahis siteleri been checking you out too. He turned around and locked the door behind him. I wasnt a virgin at the time I had sex with a couple girls before but I had never sucked a cock before. He said you have nothing to worry about, he put his hand down my pants and kissed me. I got hard right away and he said wow you have a big dick and he said do you mind asking if he could pull my pants down and I said no not at all.. He pulled my pants down and started to suck my cock. I couldnt control my self and was about to cum right away güvenilir bahis and I think he knew that so he said you want to give it a try? I didnt even respond I quickly put my lips on his throbing cock, It had been a long 4 years of looking at his cock. I wanted to do this so badly. I have never seen a dick this big before and I couldnt fit the whole thing in my mouth. He couldnt hold back the cum and finished in my mouth. He said let me have your cum now, he put his lips on my dick and made me cum in a minute. Once I finished we both pulled up our pants and we kissed for a little bit and when downstairs. before I fully got out of my room he pulled me back and said I want to fuck that ass next time and kissed me one last time. we have now been secertly seeing eachother every weekend and we have fucked everytime.

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