1994 New Year’s (Keela)

1994 New Year’s (Keela)This a story, and no more than that!I could not go home for the winter break due to tons of things to do about my college thesis, so I stayed in my adopted town in the Pacific North west, so Keela my running teammate. She had the same problem, she was writing her thesis as well.Christmas went by and I spent it in my apartment by myself and tons of papers everywhere, I had chinesse take out.New Year’s eve came along and I decided to call my friend to see what she was planing to do. It was a lot of snow on the ground and I really did not want to go downtown to celebrate.”Hello.” she answered the phone with that lovely and think Irish accent.”Yo, it is me, how are things?””I am so bloody tired, I can not read anymore biology I can not even think straight, what are you doing tonight? Do you have any plans?” She asked.”I was going to ask you the same, I really dont want to go downtown and I also need a break.””Why dont you come over, we have dinner at my place, my roommates left and I am by myself,” she told me.”Ok, I will stop by the store and grab something that we can prepare and get some alcohol, see you around 7.””Sweet, see you here, I will make some salad and some bread, see you here.” We hang up, went to my room, put some decent clothes on and bundled up, it was super cold that night. I walked to the store, picked some pasta ingredients for my dinner with my teammate.Keela back then was an 800mts runner, 5 11 slim, very strong, lovely butt, long legs, and barely some boobs. She is a natural redhead, I found out couple of months earlier when I walked on her while she was pulling her panties up after peeing in a party. Nice red triangle of doom, we were drunk and did not make a big thing about the incident. She does still to the day have that accent that makes you fall into a spell just by saying hello.I got to her house, took my boots off and rang the bell. She used to share this petit house about 4 blocks from college. Three roommates shared the 3 bedroom one bathroom place. There were 3 roommates from 3 different countries, and the three absolutly gorgeous.Keela, opened the door in her slacks, very comfortable, a tee shirt, no shoes, just barefoot. Her long red hair was in a pony tail and she had her glasses on. “Wow, well, hello, please forgive me for not dressing up but, I am just too tired, what did you bring?” She commented.”I think I am going to cook some pasta, tomato sauce and aydın escort some meatballs, since is the only thing I know how to make.” I laughed.She gave me a kiss in the cheek and took one of the bags to the kitchen where she already had finished chopping the salad and the bread was in the oven.Put the bottles of wine in the table and one tequila bottle, just in case, we probably were going to be over just past mid night and finished in our own beds. I was wrong.We did had a lovely dinner, we talked about everything and nothing while drinking wine. We cleaned up, left the kitchen so clean, I could not believe we were drunk already. We sat at the table, opened the tequila bottle and served to shots, one for my friend and one for me. The clock marked midnight and we stoop up, gave us a nice little kiss in the lips and a hug.”Why dont we play a game?” Keela asked.”Why not?” I replied.”It is called… I never…. done something…. for example…. I never have had a cigarette…if you have done it, you have to drink… do you understand?” She said.I nodded in acceptance to the challenge, ” I think I do.””Lets try, well I have never drunk alone.” We looked at each other, we took a tequila shoots and drank them. We looked at each other and smiled.”I like this game, my turn, I have never stolen from a store.” We look at each other and smile and took another shot.Keela looked at me thru her eye glasses and turned the question volume a little higher. “I have never kissed in the lips a person of my own sex.”Wow, we looked at each other again and she took a shot, my head started spinning with the vivid images, “may I asked whom?””Last party I kissed Jody, she is not a bad kisser at all.” “Nice, Jody does kiss good, I kissed her last summer, nothing more; my turn, I have never touch someones intimate parts without permission.” We both drank.”I have never cheated on my significant other…. cheating using sex.” We both drank, I did not know that about my lovely friend and sure enough I was not going to tell.She fixed her hair again bit her lower lip and “your turn, then I am going to open the whisky bottle for special occasions.”I have never had sex with a stranger.” No drinking, oh well I wanted to know.My friend got up, changed our shoot glasses for scotch glasses, now it was going to be the real drinking. “My turn, I have never worn the other gender undies.” She drank, and she looked at me in surprise. ” I really escort aydın believed you had done it before, with that slim body of yours, I bet you would look great in lingerie.”I turned red, I had had some dreams about it and Keela was telling me this while I was getting pretty buzzed, nice dream.”I want to see you in my underwear,” she demanded as I knew she was pretty drunk but in great control, these Irish girls know how to keep it real.”But first you have to show me you in your own.” She stood up, sipped her whisky and took her pants off and her t shirt as well. Her slim figure, white as a ghost revealed brown satin panties and a white full b cup lace bra that did not coordinate. She modeled it to me and asked me to take my clothes off at once, but my underwear, which was a flannel pair of boxers, very comfy if you asked me.So, the two of us modeled our undies when Keela took my hand and took me to her room, I was behind her and saw those hips working that full satin bikini, “do you like what you see? ” She asked. “I do, and I do a lot.””Wait, I want to see you in my panties, stay here, dont move.” She went to her drawer and picked a white high leg silk bikini for me with the matching bra. She tested it on me, bit her lower lips and kneed down in front of me. In a super fast move she pulled my boxers down and exposed my manhood half hard…. “Hi there, I am Keela and I will see you later,” she touched and said “calm down, I know what to do with you, but first I want to see your owner in my panties, this bloke has driven me bananas for quite some time, now I want to see him in my clothes.”WOOOOWWWW, I never done that and it seemed right to try it. I put the panties on and felt great, my friend helped me with the bra, but the band was too small.”Bollox, now we have to try something else, but before our next trial, I must….” She took her panties off, smelled them and put them aside, she put my boxers on and then took her bra off. “Now we are even, but not completely, I really want to see you in a bra.” She then hit herself in the forehead with a great idea…. “We are going to be bloody naughty.. come” Again rushing to Maria, her roommate’s room, “I hope she did not take everything withe her.” I was starting to see her intentions…. oh dear, Keela opened Maria’s lingerie drawer and found the perfect bra… 34 b, she rushed to me and put it on. White lacy great touch, but not matching set.She aydın escort bayan looked at me, “you look brilliant, my own lesbian wet dreams are coming true.”Turning again to the lingerie drawer she found the matching thong, “dont you move, I am going to change your panties for this lovely thong, OH Maria you sexy whore, I love you,” talking to herself. Now I was in Maria’s lingerie and my friend was in my boxers. Keela took my hand again and took me to the living room, “please model for me, walk from the door to here…mmmmm,” so I did, feeling so good in a thong touching my butthole and a bra caresing my nipples, being observed by an Irish woman in heat.She sipped her whisky one more time, and when I got close to her, she slapped me in my right left cheek. “You are some sexy thing, I love it.” I could see her erected nipples and I could smell her sex, she was getting wetter and wetter on my boxers.”I have another idea,” She got up with her glass in her hand and rushed to her third roommate’s room, Sara, tennis player from Canada, built the same way as Keela, long legs with the difference of chest. After 4 minutes she rushed back wearing this black lace body suit. “Jesus Keela, you look more than fantastic” I said while sipping my whisky and trying not to get hard. She walked around the table as her cat walk, stopped and lean towards me…. “do you feel lucky tonight?”I grabbed her head with my two hands and gave her a kiss on the lips while I was standing up. “It is show time.”No word was said after that, my tongue reached every part of hers, her hands and arms where holding me so intensely I could feel her muscles streaching, while her right leg made sure I could not escape.We move at very fast pace to her room touching every part we could of our lingeried roommates stuff. Once we reached her bed all the work of putting clothes on was gone, now we were two long distance runners in the heat of the moment ready to full fill the act of intimacy.I was on the bottom when Keelah out of the light stand drawer pulled a condom, opened up and helped herself on me. Once on top of me, with the caution of a scientist, she put herself on me. Moving at spectacular slow speed and crying my name, she came for the first time, her sex condensed in repetitive and passive spasms.She laid down next to me, while I was taking the condom off from my fully hard dick.Keela took a breath, got up and her lips found my man hood, the woman knew what to do, she was tired and still had the energy to have her way. One minute late my load came to her and she enjoyed it as much as I did.We stood up as we could, I told her we needed to take a shower, and then go to sleep….

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