22 Ch. 02



I looked down at teats which were too 22 still breasts. Hidden mounds, the second most private part of her body, something that the norms of society agreed must be kept away from the eyes of the society she moved within every day. I was about to change that rather dramatically in the next few minutes.


“I feel that the best way to start you on the way into the Hu Cow program is to allow you the use of your own clothing. Some Facilitators have a sow stripped as they walk in the gate; but I myself find that human clothing in the early stages will enhances a sows teat development.”

I lifted my eyes from the teats and watched the emotions rush across the face. The potion slowed the brain and I had all the time in the world to fit the sow with soft, padded wrist cuffs and run a light chain through the ring on the back of its collar to hold the now cuffed wrists at the top of the head.

Two totally vulnerable mounds awaited my attention.

* * *

A Facilitator facilitated and this is what I did now as I observed the slowed brain of the sow catch up with its new reality. Hands now restrained and no way of covering the teats.

The word “Hu Cow” ringing in the mind along with “22” but from past experience it would be the thought of being “stripped” that would be starting to cause concern and then suddenly the words “human clothing in the early stages” cleared the face of all concern and the sows face, mind and body relaxed. I started my routine.


The face quickly as alert as the slowed mind allowed.

” Focus. Look into my eyes,” I said knowing the first thing it would be aware of was that my eyes moved to its teats.

“You must decide 22 if you wish to continue to wear human clothing or not? If you decide to remain clothed then the only clothing we have that will fit you is the clothing that you have bought with you and that will need to be modified. Do you understand?”

It didn’t understand in the least of course because the mind had only one thought and that was to remain clothed. Once again it took some time to receive a response from the sow as it was experiencing some mental difficulties due to the potion. I saw something that I took as a positive response from the eyes and then started back into to my routine.


“We are going to modify your clothing so that your teats will be always be bare,” it flinched;”listen, your teats will be bare from now on. Do you understand?”

Repetitions, over and over till 22 understood that her clothes were to be modified, her teats bared. I could see it in the eyes at last that the message had been processed by the altered mind and finally understood. To work then I said to myself.

To me, it was this stage that started me on the road to winning ribbons at the fair because the sow was much less traumatised with the potion and had decided in its much reduced mind that its teats were to be bared and the clothing bahis firmaları it had bought with it modified. After all it seemed such a little thing because it was in a comfortable human bed, it itself was comfortable, what could go wrong?

Well me and my scissors actually because I was about to cut away the pyjama top and bare the sows teats and because of the potion the sow had no idea that this was about to befall it. I like my work as you may have noticed and I like winning ribbons.

Speaking quietly I maintained my slow approach and with the sows permission I adjusted the pyjama covered teat and then started to cut away the cotton fabric that was covering it, all the time reinforcing the decision it had made to modify its own human clothing.

As the cloth was cut away from the left teat, for the first time my hand and fingers came in contact with the teat flesh. Soft, young, subtle and although it was hard to tell in its present flattened state it seemed a perfect vessel for milk production. I was glad.

The pyjama top had a set of buttons down the front and with the freeing of the sows left teat this took a lot of strain off them. I started on the right one while the sow had only eyes for her bare left teat.

* * *

The top pasture in these new times had in the old times been known as the kitchen garden and this is where 22 had spent its morning in tears as the potion had somewhat worn off and it had become aware of the collar, the hobble and its bared teats.

If that wasn’t enough the horror of having to modify its human clothing to reflect its new Hu Cow status had at first balked it. This problem had been easily fixed with my announcement that if the alterations weren’t finished by noon it wouldn’t matter as a nude sow presented no awkwardness to me. The sow and her scissors had been busy ever since.

I know that it was a ritual of humiliation but it was also a passage marker on the journey to lactation and milk production. From now on the teats would be bare and the sow was busy snipping away material to make sure this was so.

She had travelled lite and had only two bras, a shirt, a chemise and a dress that needed to be modified. The bra modification was interesting as it allowed the teat support at the base of the mound but with the rest cut away the teat spilled uncontrollably away from the chest. The sow unconsciously kept trying to adjust her modified pyjama top but to no avail as I had cut severely and there was no material spare to cover the large teats that were now on display. They would be good milkers.

When the sow had finished ruining her clothes for human wear I had her follow me to the barn and her new sow pen. The girl who did for me had transferred the sows belongings from the guest room to the pen and when we arrived I had it pass everything in her valise into my hands. It wept again most pitifully is the last shreds of her humanity were taken from it. Brush, toothbrush, kaçak iddaa jewellery, watch, brooch, hair ribbons and glasses. The sow sagged when it found that the only things left were the modified clothes it had worked on all morning. I had even taken its shoes. What need shoes for a Hu Cow?

With that I had her follow me into the treatment room which was next to her pen and had her step up to the cups. It was bewildered and really had no idea really on where she was or what was about to happen, the confiscation of her glasses not helping any.

The sow needed to be calmed during this process and I spoke as I secured her into the device.

“You will spend some time here as I need to start modifying your nipples today and I won’t lie to you it will hurt for a while but first are you comfortable?”

I looked over the sow before starting work. The sow stood on a raised block with her feet spread out to the width of her shoulders, in fact to the length of the hobble. The sow had somewhat hairy legs that disappeared under the pink pyjama bottoms which finished just above its knees. They were well formed and tapered nicely into the hips which were full and fully covered by the pyjama bottoms.

A belt had been fitted to the stomach and this was secured to a post that arose from the floor behind the standing sow The stomach was flat and a bit of midriff peak out between the pyjama top and bottom. Hair flowed upward out of the bottoms to the navel.

The top was short sleeved, buttoned in the middle and no longer gave covering and dignity to the large teats that were now held by the cups that I had swung into place. I had sets of different sized cups and was proud that I had sized the teats correctly. The cups were stainless steel half shells and had been swung into place and gave support to the two beauties they now held. Being half shells the cups gave support but also more importantly total access to the trapped teats and nipples.

The sows wrists had been placed in a cross piece that held them straight out from the shoulders and it was hard to see anything else for a band had been placed around the head this being used to hold a feed and water teat in the sows mouth and the now freed hair had spilled across the face.

Eventually there was some sort of grunt which I took to be assent that the sow was comfortable so I left the sow and let the feeding teat start its work. As I left the treatment room I wondered what thoughts were going through the sows mind?

* * *


I didn’t seem to be able to focus and hold a thought any more as whenever I grabbed one, no matter how hard I tried to hold it, it seemed to just drift away like a cloud.

There was the sound of some sort of pump in the back ground which seemed to relate to the liquid that was being dribbled out of the feeding teat that was now filling my mouth. The taste of the liquid seemed to have a cherry flavour. I liked cherry and this seemed to fill my kaçak bahis mind as for some reason I started to fill with a sense of calmness and well being. I might even have dozed for a while for when I started to become aware of my surroundings again I felt my nipples being massaged and starting to grow and swell. For some reason this didn’t bother me, in fact it felt good.

* * *

Miss Robbins

I returned to the treatment room in about twenty minutes to find the sow relaxed and dozing. Donning some gloves I dipped a finger into a pot of cream and started on the left nipple until it started to grow. The sows nipples were not prominent like some but with the aid of the cream and my expert fingers they started to swell and move out and away from the areola and the teat.

When both nipples were engorged and protruding a half inch from the teats I used a different cream and started on the pink areola, slowly massaging to get the blood flowing in preparation for the injections that would soon be coming there way. Within a few minutes both areola had become somewhat puffy and if anything the nipples seemed engorged even more and now seemed to pulse in unison with the sows heart beat. Good they were ready. I turned and prepped the needle then started from the top of the left areola and proceeded with a set of injections around the circumference of the areola. When both had been injected I stood back to see the results of my work.

The areola were both now somewhat puffy and slightly swollen but it was the now large nipples that captured the eye. They were now a dark red and were engorged to their maximum, standing out from the teat like two sentry’s at attention. The sow was less comfortable now as the serum went to work and I felt that was enough for a first session. I left her cupped and went back to the cottage, the area was full of audio and visual so I would monitor progress from the library as I wrote my report for the Milk Board.

* * *

. . . . . to be continued.

* * *

. . . a little taste of the next chapter dear reader? Thank you for your comments and a big thanks to 21anna and dinkus36 for making the story a favourite.

* * *

Miss Robbins

The sows mind had slowed but there was still more than enough to handle simple tasks like resewing and hemming her clothing. The sows pen had French windows that lead into a small secluded rose garden that was now known as the Sow Meadow. It seemed happy. Its hands never stopped moving fore if they weren’t sewing they were massaging the still sore nipples.

I had released the hobbles for a short time and the bottoms had come off and had been replaced by panties and the dress.

The sow had been directed to lift her dress and seat herself on a large beach ball. In the hobble, it was hard to maintain a balance so that body was always in motion. The spine was forced straight perfectly displaying the teats and the constant motion was toning the muscles that would soon be needed to support the heavy milk filled udders.

The teats swayed in time with the gyrating hips and I allowed myself time out from the day to appreciate their flowing beauty.

* * *

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