3 Heather


3 HeatherWe headed back to mine after our afternoon by the seaside and after showering to get rid of all the sand we were sat on the settee watching TV in our dressing gowns. “So what do you fancy for tonight then?” I asked Lisa “I don’t mind visiting your local if that’s where you’d normally go” she replied. “But before we go I want to know something” “Go on” I said “Do we have a future this time, or are you just gonna sail off into the sunset again?” “I don’t have the k**s to think about so much now” she continued “Emma’s always at her dads and is off to uni soon any way and I’m pretty sure Sophie’s gonna move in with Paul, just as soon as she plucks up the courage to tell me” “So what you’re saying is you could move over here?” I asked “That’s the basic idea” she said “I’m pretty sure I could get a transfer at work and I’ll rent out the house in Preston, unless Sophie or Emma wants to live there” “So what do you think?” she asked. “After I got divorced I always said I’d never live with a woman again – and for the last fifteen years that’s been the case, nobody’s ever stayed more than a few days but right now I don’t want you to ever leave” I replied. “I’ve fancied you since the first moment I saw your picture all those years ago on Yahoo, what happened the first time we met almost seemed like a dream and I thought you’d gone forever until you called again the other week and I don’t wanna lose you again either” Lisa burst into tears “Hey what’s up” I asked “Nothing I’m just happy” she said smiling at me through her tears “I was praying that you didn’t just see me as another fuck buddy that you’d get bored with and move onto the next one” “If that was the case I certainly wouldn’t have brought you all the way over here” I replied. “Anyway are we gonna get ready and head on out?” I asked “What am I wearing scruffy, smart or sophisticated?” she asked “Let’s knock ‘em dead babe – get your glad rags on “I said with a smile.Thirty minutes later she was ready and when she walked into the living room all I could say was “Wow”. Short black dress, sheer black stockings with black high heels and a plunging neckline with a push-up bra that really showed off her assets. She even had time to style her hair, which fell in waves over both shoulders. “You look utterly gorgeous” I said “You don’t scrub up so bad yourself” she replied. Offering me her arm we set off on the five minute walk to my local. I gave Lisa a quick lowdown on the place as we walked along “It’s just your typical estate pub” I said “Lots of regulars plus a fair number of the lads I’ve grown up with, usually fairly quiet through the week and it’s rare you get somebody coming in you don’t know but it gets a lot busier at the weekend – especially if they’ve got live music on.” “So will everyone be looking at me “said Lisa sounding a little nervous “Probably but you look that good you’d turn heads wherever you went” I replied “If you wanna go somewhere else we can do” “No, no – I can find out all your guilty secrets from your mates” she said smiling “Yeah that’s what I’m worried about “ I said.As we walked into the pub Lisa veered off into the Ladies room (why do women always do that?) and as I walked into the lounge I got the usual good natured abuse from the regulars and a smiling welcome from Jay the very buxom barmaid (me & Jay had a bit of a fling a few years previously after too much to drink at a Christmas party and she’s told me on numerous occasions since that she’d like to repeat the experience – subsequently she’s got married though and my one golden rule is NEVER fuck about with another blokes woman behind his back – causes way too much heartache). Ordered my usual beer and a white wine & soda for Lisa which got me a quizzical look from Jay, just as Lisa joined me “Ahh” said Jay “I wondered who the drink was for – I thought you were buying me one” I made Lisa very pleased (so she told me later) to be introduced as my girlfriend. She’d received one or two wolf whistles when she’d joined me at the bar but they soon dried up when they realised she was with me. Headed straight for my usual haunt in the big bay window at the side of the pub (it’s right next to the emergency exit so is easy to nip out for a smoke) and there were only three of my mates in residence this evening. Made the usual introductions and got the expected barrage of questions and dodgy innuendo – Lisa gave as good as she got and when one of the lads (Stu) asked if she had any daughters Lisa showed him a picture of Sophie – he was instantly smitten -, however as I pointed out Sophie was way too classy for the likes of him. Later in the night an ex-girlfriend of mine Heather called in with her latest bloke – I introduced her to Lisa and they seemed to get on well – accompanying each other to the toilet as women do. I was busy talking football with a couple of the lads when Lisa interrupted “What time we getting up in the morning?” she asked “I haven’t got the foggiest – what time are you making breakfast?” I replied – the latter remark getting me a kick in the shins. “Heather wants to call round to get those CDs you were copying for her” said Lisa “Oh right – about 10ish?” I suggested. We were gonna leave fairly early and have a meal at a local restaurant but Lisa was enjoying herself and asked if we could just get a take-away later which I was quite pleased to agree too.By the time we did leave we’d both had a drink or two more than we probably should have. Fortunately it was only a short walk home, we fell through the door and I was about to order some food when Lisa decided she wasn’t hungry anymore and could we just go to bed? Lisa was most taken by my king-size double bed, stretching out in the middle of it, still wearing her underwear. I joined her and elazığ escort we just kissed for several minutes before coming up for air. “Mmmmm” murmured Lisa “sometimes kissing can be as good as sex – now eat me” she commanded “Just like the first time we met – make me cum” I’m always happy to oblige when a lady wants to cum so I moved down Lisa’s body, unclipping her bra and exposing her breasts. Her nipples were already hard but I still spent a minute or two licking and caressing them – causing Lisa to start squirming due to her need for a more intimate contact. I moved lower and slid her knickers down before flipping her over onto her stomach and then raising her hips off the bed. I started licking and caressing her pussy and arse from behind – every time my tongue made contact with her arsehole she would gasp with pleasure. “Oh God” wailed Lisa “I need it now” “Need what – an orgasm?” I asked “No – I need that big fat cock in my arsehole” Lisa asked me to pass her ‘toy-box’ that she’d shoved in the bottom of the wardrobe when unpacking earlier. Clicking it open she passed me a butt-plug – “Lick my pussy and work that into my arse” she requested “And then once you got me well-stretched shove your cock in” Well what bloke could refuse a request like that? She got back on all–fours and I slowly pushed the butt-plug into her pussy for some lubrication, Lisa sighed deeply as I pushed it in and out. Then I positioned it against her arsehole and with only the gentlest of pushes it was buried to the hilt “I’ve been practicing” she said with a smile as she looked over her shoulder. I slowly worked the butt-plug in and out of her arse whilst licking all around her pussy and clit – I could tell by the guttural moans she was making that her orgasm was fast approaching. Judging she was about ready I eased the butt-plug out and pushed my cock into her arsehole – it was still a tight fit but certainly much easier than it had been previously. As I sank to full-depth Lisa reached beneath herself and started rubbing her clit. I began long slow movements in her arse, slowly building the pace as her orgasm approached. She was gasping and panting with pleasure and suddenly began shaking and screamed “I’m coming “arching her back and almost rolling over. I was about to pull-out but she stopped me “I want you to come in my arse babe – so keep fucking me” I did as I was asked – her arse felt wonderful. Normally if I have a good drink I last ages before coming – but this girl turned me on so much I knew this wasn’t to be a marathon session. “Mmmmm I love it” murmured Lisa still caressing her swollen clit. “I’m gonna cum soon babe “I said “Fill my arse with your hot cum” she demanded and a few strokes later I did exactly that. I pulled out and flopped down beside her – Lisa was still teasing a second orgasm out of her clit and moments later she succeeded. “Mmmm – thank you” she said, kissing me softly. I wasn’t sure what she was thanking me for but I always take any compliments I can get.As we both came back down to earth we relaxed with a cigarette. “What’s the story with inviting Heather round in the morning anyway?” I asked Lisa. “Erm honest answer?” said Lisa “That would be good “I replied “I fancy her – there was like an instant attraction earlier” she admitted “There have been one or two other girls I’ve slept with apart from Liz you know” she continued “Yeah but Heather’s straight” I replied “Well she might have been once over but she isn’t anymore” said Lisa with a glint in her eye. “So she calls around in the morning and you’re gonna take her to bed?” I asked “Well I thought you might like to join in too babe – she still fancies you ya know” Lisa said smiling at me “Yeah I guessed that when she left them CDs for me to copy – she dropped some very heavy hints that she wanted me to shag her – so what’s her new fella gonna do – sit in the car and wait” I continued “Oh that was a first date with some guy she met online – there isn’t gonna be a second one she says” replied Lisa “What’s the story with you and her anyway?” “Full story or abridged version?” I asked “Oh come on give me all the details” she replied “Well I went out with her when we were much younger (about 17 or 18 I think) for probably nearly a year, took her virginity and then she buggered off to Leeds to do her nurse training and came back a couple of years later. We hooked up again but just on a sort of casual basis then she met this guy, got married and moved away. She came back about the time you got back with Pete – remember me telling you an old girlfriend had just moved back?” “Oh yeah” said Lisa “Well that was Heather and we went out together for about six months – only problem was she wanted more commitment than I was willing to give her – so we split up but still slept together now & then – usually ‘cos we were drunk” “ Not recently though?” asked Lisa “No, not for a couple of years or so – I think she was living with some guy out in the sticks for a while quite recently ‘cos we never used to see her in the pub very much” I said “I hope she has got some bisexual tendencies and this ain’t just a ploy to get me into bed again” I continued “Well she kissed me and shoved two fingers up my pussy in the ladies earlier” I tried not to look too shocked I knew how outrageous Heather could be and I was rapidly finding out about Lisa. “In any case if you’re a women you can spot lesbians and bisexuals, often before you even speak to them” she continued ”Well she is a real dirty cow, I know for a fact she once had three blokes at once – and I mean all at once – arse, mouth and pussy” I said “How do you know it’s true” queried Lisa “Well firstly ‘cos she told me all about it and secondly ‘cos I know two of the guys erzincan escort involved and they confirmed it” “So are you planning on making Heather your little north-eastern female fuck buddy like Liz is back home?” “Oh I dunno” said Lisa “Me & Liz normally only get together when we ain’t got a bloke – and I got one now – haven’t I?” “Who’s the lucky fella?” I said smiling. That got me a dig in the ribs, before I pulled the quilt over us and we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.Following morning I woke before Lisa – for some reason I always wake early when I’m in my own bed – and after a quick shower in the main bathroom (rather than the ensuite so as not to wake her) I had a quick look in the fridge to see what I had in the way of breakfast food. Plenty of bacon but not much else – so I woke Lisa about 15 minutes later with a pile of bacon butties and a pot of coffee.”So how you planning on seducing Heather then” I asked Lisa “I dunno” she replied “You got any bright ideas?” “Well I thought I might just play it cool – tell her the CDs are all in here and when she comes up she finds you naked and playing with yourself – then see what happens” I said “Yeah that might work” Lisa said “I’ll nip in the shower before she gets here” There was a knock at the door just after ten and I found Heather on the doorstep so I invited her in. Heather’s a good-looking girl, about 5’7”, dress size 12, nice very firm C cup tits but a bit of a big arse (for my taste anyway) – naturally blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, a ready smile and an infectious laugh. She’s one of my oldest female friends and knows how to have a good time. She’d dressed for somebody’s benefit today with a short miniskirt and a t-shirt that showed just a hint of tanned belly. If Lisa hadn’t been upstairs I could have quite happily taken her to bed myself. I could see she was looking around to see where Lisa was and I got a feeling she might have twigged something when I told her the CDs were in my room.I told Heather to go help herself and she disappeared upstairs – now obviously I don’t know what happened for the fifteen minutes or so until I joined them but Lisa does so I’ll let her tell you what transpired: I was laid naked on the bed slowly getting myself aroused with gentle caresses of my boobs and pussy when I heard the door go and a minute or so later Heather appeared in the door-way. She gasped when she saw me and I made a modest attempt to cover myself up. She never said a word but just knelt on the edge of the bed, kissed me gently on the lips and then equally gently suckled on my already erect nipples – she knew what she was doing alright and I could already feel my pussy dampening further. When her fingers gently traced around my pussy lips it felt like an electric shock and when she bent to lick around my clit I thought I was gonna explode. “You gonna get naked too?” I asked Heather smiled and pulled off her t-shirt to reveal her surprisingly firm braless boobs and then stood before slipping off her skirt to reveal that she was also knickerless, her shaven pussy almost glistening with dampness. She got back on the bed and we embraced and kissed properly for the first time. I pushed two fingers into her pussy and she did the same to me, both rubbing each other’s g-spots. “Give me more please “groaned Heather “More fingers?” I asked “Mmmm yes” She said. I slipped a third finger in and then when she didn’t flinch a fourth. “Oh that’s good” she moaned. Heather then broke our embrace and moved down the bed to eat my pussy. As she licked around my clit she pushed one, two and then three fingers into my pussy. I could feel my orgasm building and I wanted her to cum too but she was determined to get me off first and I felt a fourth finger enter my pussy. I’d never had four fingers before but I was so wet that there was no pain just waves of pleasure. Then as the pressure increased I realised she was gonna try and fist me – the thought both terrified me and made me quiver in anticipation. She must have felt me tense up a little as she whispered “just relax you’ll love this” The pressure peaked and then suddenly eased as I realised she had her hand in my pussy. She opened and closed her hand, stretching and caressing parts that had never been stimulated like this before. I could feel a huge orgasm approaching, that I tried to hold off but it was like trying to stop a freight train with a thread of cotton it just rolled over me. I felt it deep, deep inside and I think I blacked out for a second or two it was so intense.As I came back to my senses Heather gently extracted her hand and in a very erotic scene licked my wetness off each of her fingers in turn, then she laid beside me and we embraced and kissed once more – I could taste myself on her lips. “You never been fisted before?” she asked “No never” I replied “But I loved it – would you like me to return the favour?” “Mmmm yes please” said Heather. I was only too happy to oblige but not certain I could do it as well as her. I licked her clit which made her moan loudly “You should probably put a towel on the bed” said Heather “I’ve been known to squirt occasionally” I grabbed one from the ensuite and put it under her bum and started to finger her. Four went in easily and she was already squirming and panting hard. “More” she panted her orgasm getting close. I tucked my thumb in and slowly eased my hand into her pussy. She was thrashing from side to side and her pussy was soaking, I suddenly realised we weren’t alone and I’ll let Steve take over the story.I was sat downstairs and could hear the unmistakable sound of Lisa experiencing a huge orgasm. I was actually quite surprised – I still wasn’t convinced that Heather was bisexual – I’d known escort bayan her years and there’d never been a hint that she was also attracted to women. I decided to go investigate and padded silently up the stairs and eased the bedroom door open. I was greeted with the site of Heather laid on her back with Lisa knelt between her legs licking furiously at her clit with what looked like her entire hand buried in Heathers pussy. Heather was loving it and I could tell was close to her orgasm, I dropped my dressing gown and laid on the bed next to Heather and massaged her firm breasts before pinching her nipples between finger & thumb – I remembered from our time together that she liked it rough and increased the pressure – I don’t believe I made that much difference but she experienced a shuddering orgasm seconds later and as Lisa withdrew her hand from her pussy I was pleased she’d put the put the towel down as Heathers juices dribbled out of her gaping pussy. “That was wonderful” said Heather quietly “Thank you” “Do you need some attention now babe?” said Lisa to me “Yeah too right” I nodded. Lisa grabbed my semi-erect cock and gently caressed it to full length. “Mmmm I’d forgotten how fat that fucker is “said Heather looking intently at my cock. “Can you do this?” said Lisa as she bent over and took my entire length down her throat. “Oh wow” said Heather “I can’t manage much more than half of it without choking – and it makes my jaw ache ‘cos I’ve only got a little mouth” As Lisa came up for air Heather followed her lead but just took the head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it – something that she knew always drove me wild in the past. “Do either of you want fucking” I asked hopefully. “Do Heather” said Lisa “Oh yes please” said Heather “How do you want me – shall I just climb onto that hard cock?”“Sounds good to me” I said – Heather straddled me, squatted over my cock and slowly sank onto it – “Wow” she exclaimed “That feels so fucking good” She started moving up & down and Lisa positioned herself behind Heather and was busy caressing her breasts and kissing and nibbling the back of her neck. It was a wonderfully horny scene, fortunately I recalled that Heather used to reach orgasm pretty quick ‘cos she was squeezing down on my cock with her internal muscles and I couldn’t take much of that without coming. Sure enough another few strokes saw her moaning increase in volume and when Lisa reached down and started to rub her clit she reached her peak. She rolled off my cock and laid beside me leaving my cock & balls covered with her juices and then between her and Lisa they proceeded to lick me dry which felt wonderful. “My turn” said Lisa excitedly “How do you want it?” I asked “Take me from behind please babe – I want to eat Heathers pussy again while you’re fucking me” implored Lisa.I let the girls get themselves into position; Heather laid on her back, legs spread and Lisa on all-fours in front of her. Lisa lowered her head and licked gently all around Heathers exposed pussy. Lisa lifted her head and gasped as I slid my very erect cock slowly into her pussy from behind. “Mmmmm – God that feels good” she moaned before turning her attention back to Heathers pussy. Despite Heathers treatment of her pussy earlier Lisa was still wonderfully tight and very, very wet. Lisa’s moans of pleasure were echoed by Heathers and I wasn’t sure who was going to cum first. Heather won the race to climax so I picked up the pace and really started slamming my cock into Lisa – hard and fast as she likes it. Heather had moved around and was fondling and licking at Lisa’s tits and nipples. “Oh God I’m so close” Lisa cried “I’m gonna cum too babe” I said “Ohhh do it, do it, fill me full of your cum” Lisa moaned. I came explosively firing deep into Lisa’s pussy and that was enough to tip her over the edge and she quivered with her orgasm as I slowed my thrusting and pulled my cock of her pussy. “Don’t move” Heather said to Lisa “I want that cum” She stuck her tongue deep into Lisa’s pussy and licked out all the sperm she could reach “Squeeze it out babe “she instructed Lisa. Lisa was in ecstasy as Heather removed every drop she could from the depths of her pussy. Lisa finally collapsed onto the bed and rolled into an embrace with Heather. They kissed deeply and Heather hadn’t swallowed all that she’d removed from Lisa’s pussy so gave her some back – it was a wonderfully horny sight.Lisa and I relaxed with a smoke and once we’d finished Heather called Lisa over to her and whispered something in her ear. I could see Lisa’s eyes widen in surprise and then that horny look that I recognised so well. They headed off towards the bathroom and Lisa beckoned that I should follow. I watched from the doorway as Heather laid in the bathtub and Lisa clambered in after her and squatted over her. Just as I’d figured out what Heather had requested Lisa started pissing all over her chest & stomach. It drove Heather wild and she beckoned me over to do the same to her. I did as she asked although to be honest I wasn’t very comfortable doing it. I think Heather wanted to piss on Lisa but she declined. The girls wanted a bath to sooth their aching pussies so I had a quick shower in the ensuite, dressed and waited downstairs for them. By the giggles coming from the bathroom I was guessing they were doing more than just washing, Eventually they both emerged – both dressed as well surprisingly – I’d put a pot of coffee on earlier so we sat around the kitchen table for a while “When did you get so bloody kinky?” I asked Heather “Not kinky” she said “Just experimental – I try things and if I enjoy it I do it again.” “Like your sudden fondness for women too I guess?” I said “Well I have been ‘curious’ for a few years and then I got the chance to try it and wanted more” she replied with a wink aimed at Lisa. “But anyway I’m gonna leave you lovebirds too it – you know where I am if you want me” she said. She kissed us both, grabbed the bundle of CDs and was gone.More to follow if anyone is interested

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