382 woodland incest (G)


382 woodland incest (G)382 woodland i****t (Part g ) They slept well that night, cuddling into one another, in a way that said both that they loved one another and there was no hard feelings about the pain he had inflicted, it was, if anything a step closer for them.After breakfast, the day being splendid they decided to take the dog for a walk, Wally having drawn a card or two, he quietly filled his shoulder bag with a couple of items before they left, our gamekeeper strangely without his usual gun under his arm, her arm linking his, like lovers and Sam glad to be out, foraging ahead of them as they wandered along, the sun beating down warmly on their backs. Their feet took them to that hidden glade, they regarded it subconsciously nowadays as their personal play-ground and it was now known to them now as `film clearing’, Sam his memory keen, realising where they were bound, and perhaps hopeful of having his mistress once again soon led them into the clearing, where a rabbit caught his eye and momentarily reverting to type, he rapidly set off in hot pursuit. The siblings sat together on the fallen tree, and he explained ‘he was sorry she had not had time to get over the wax yet, and no doubt she would think him a sex maniac, but please, as this was the last day of their holiday and from next week he would not have this amount of time, he wanted to have her again, today. He explained that this morning selection of a card had brought her had been a two, the scenario, a breast hanging, so it would not be hard on her wrists his time and would she mind terribly, removing her clothing and indulging him here once more!’ Laughing she said “I have never felt so alive as I do when you are abusing my body, it matters to me not a jot if you wanted me every hour of every day, in fact I find that flattering and if you are a sex maniac, so what I must be by far worse than you brother dear…” They canlı bahis kissed and she shed her clothing in but a few seconds, standing naked for his camera, magnificent in the sunlit glade as he took a series of pictures of her, saying that they would always help him remember her here, today, and so very available just for him. He explained that though they were deep in the woodland, he didn’t wish her to make any noise, as walkers and the like might hear and send for the police, which they didn’t want did they? She nodded, pouting a little and said “she would try, but it was part of her excitement being able to scream and she knowing he loved to hear her crying out added to the game, but she did understand!”Walley had her bend forward with her hands on the trunk so that her breasts hung free, then quickly wrapped each lovely orb with coil upon coil of cord, almost as if he was wrapping each of her attributes to protect them from the weather. The job over and two bound breasts found themselves starring in a picture both with Alice bent forward, then after, proudly displaying the fast-changing colours of her secured orbs. The two tied off tails of either rope were now tied together, and a third rope thrown over a convenient branch its end tied to the now linked breasts ropes. Finally, her wrists were secured behind her and at a nod from her, her brother hauled her without gentleness or finesse, up from her feet to dangle under the old oak tree, toes just off the solid ground, lifted by her breasts like a sack on a hoist.Her face contorted as the weight came onto the areas so unused to such misuse, her face contorted, and she let out a whimper as the initial pain came on. Walley sat on the bough, enjoying in a sadistic way his little sisters agony, he had come far since they had first played together sexually, shy reclusive and in some ways timid with women only a few months bahis siteleri before, now here he sat enjoying her pain, revelling in her every twitch, loving her subservience, and holding his camera while taking pictures to enjoy later, as she desperately tried to come to terms with this fierce pain! His tool, stiff as a ramrod, called for some attention, but other than opening his fly and getting it and his balls into the morning air, he didn’t touch it at all, knowing that the slightest touch would have him spitting cum on the floor instantly and that then these feelings would change towards his victim, also knowing that he had a twist to add to his sisters plight.Her eyes looked at him as if willing him to let her down and have her sexually, release her from this immense pain, but he grinned and said that “I drew two cards today, to choose the better one for enjoying outside, sadly the second was for asphyxia, and I am now am going to strangle you till your u*********s…!” A look of shear panic ran across her face and she almost cried out, but she knew it was one of the cards, her suggestion, and that she had said he was to surprise her with it when ever she was available in bondage, so she couldn’t complain could she!Her mind reeled, she wished she had asked for a gag, the temptation to scream or beg for mercy was so great, but she had given her brother her word to stay silent, and silent she was determined to stay. Her eyes fixed on him as he rose from his seat and agonisingly slowly raised his hands as if in slow motion, to her shoulders, it was a caress, a loving tender touch, but it was like an electric shock, as there eyes met, she knew he was loving her, it was his way of showing her he cared, even if he killed her, it would be from love, not hate, perversion or sadism but love. At that moment they understood one another more than at any time before, they were one, bahis şirketleri a couple, lovers, and she gave herself too him, by some invisible link, by some deep eye contact, or by telepathy perhaps, but they knew it was now…His hands slid up her neck till his rough clawing fingers encircled her throat, she nodded, and he began to squeeze cutting off her airway, not completely but enough to restrict the supply. Her face reddened rapidly, the breast pain became as nothing, forgotten in the intensity of the moment, her eyes bulged a little, and desperate for that life-giving oxygen every living a****l needs so badly, her feet began to kick out in a convulsion.It lasted seconds, just seconds, for Alice a lifetime, as she began a massive orgasm, brought on by the situation, and overloading the bodies senses to the point of u*********sness, a wall of darkness overtaking her at the height of her sexual overload. Walley too found that he was cumming like a waterfall, his seed splashing on her flailing legs as he released that restricted throat. It took him a second or two to regain his rationality, then he sprang into action lifting the weight of his slumped sister onto his shoulder and releasing the lifting cord. He lay her on the soft ground and was undoing her wrists as she came too, he rolled her over and kissed her passionately, her arms hauling him too her in a hug that said, it was OK, and that her orgasm had been out of this world, for her quite literally.Together they unbound the now purple breasts, her releasing the left, he the right, the pain as the blood refilled the restricted veins immense, but his smothering kisses, and her promise, keeping her from crying out. A movement caught their eyes under the trees, the instant thought that they were discovered ran through them both, but relief followed, it was Sam, his faithful hound, having a scratch as he waited his masters pleasure under one of the trees, sat patient as always while these silly humans played their games. They began to laugh, almost hysterically as she slowly dressed, and together hand in hand, dog at heel returned to the real world.

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