431 After the passing pt2

431 After the passing pt2431 After the passing pt2He stared hard at the images, flipping the pages, checking each image carefully Ann of Hull, Sarah of Liverpool, and Tina of kings-Lynn all leered at him as he turned the readers wives pages. That took about two minutes as laughing he picked her easily, her face more youthful and smiling but recognisably her, he then looked at the clothed body, now beside him, markedly more robust, but to him still most attractive. She was flattered that he recognised her so easily.“Do I ever get to compare?” he asked grinning, she Laughed said “God loves a tryer…” and handed him the scrapbook. 15 pages of snaps of Maud, in swim suits, in bedclothes and underclothes and a couple of pages in naked splendour, naked but not showing more than tits and arse…! She told him, “you could I spose borrow it but to be careful with it and bring it back next Wednesday, oh and without the pages stuck together too, now run along and I will see you in the morning.” Laughing and blowing her a kiss he returned to his room, the coveted scrapbook in hand.That scrap book was a source of inspiration, the first thing he did with it was to scan it`s pages, page by page into his computer, that at least ensured the book from harm, as he would use the computer images for self-gratification, it was his way, the book confined to the top of the wardrobe till the next chance they would have together…next Wednesday…he dreamed of his aunt, for most of that night, occasionally checking the screen images and taking himself in hand, dragging himself up for school next day, feeling drained in more ways than one. After breakfast and on the bus together, Maud was herself, nothing said about the night before or the pictures, but as he arose to get off, she smiled kissed him and muttered, “Blue today, now there that’s something to look forward to ” dawn broke across his face and he hopped off the bus with a broad smile. Double maths, double history, music, chemistry and a double English dragged, the image of his aunt flashing up in his wayward mind at every opportunity, in fact Maximus the history master complained of his being distant and Miss Prentis the music teacher, sat behind her desk as upright as ever, throwing her chalk at him to gain his attention, when he found his mind wondering to her underclothes, grinning at the thought of blue bloomers stretched on one so well built. The final bell went, what a relief. After a while on the bus his mind went to the women there, their usual conductress`s clothing, hidden by those trouser, or the old girl sat on the side seat with that string shopping bag, if they knew he was he wondering about the colour of their knickers both ladies would no doubt have been shocked or at least would have fained shock …! He grinned and wondered if in reality, they might secretly have been flattered.By now ‘people watching’ was becoming fun, most folk in the know avoided this particular bus, it being full of rowdy schoolboys just released from the confinement of school… so there was few women to peruse. At his stop, he got off, blew the regular conductress a kiss, for which he received a grin and a “cheeky monkey “ comment, then crossed the busy road outside the junior school where the crossing keeper, a matronly old lass, smiled at him as she held up the traffic, her STOP c***dREN notice in her hand like a bizarre lollipop, a declaration to Roger of her contraceptive intentions perhaps , he grimaced at the thought that if she knew what he was daydreaming about he would probably have been on the receiving end of her lollipop stick…He was soon home, Beryl his mum clattering pots in the kitchen, “Hi mate how was school?” the usual reply “SSDD!” said it all, sincan escort and she grinned, how many times had she heard his father say that when he got home ‘Same Shit Different Day’… back then a warning that all that day had not gone well and she would be suffering as a consequence… She bent to get something from under the sink, her legs, smooth and silky clad in tan tights caught his eye as the cream skirt rose up her thighs a little, she caught his glance and he blushed. She straightened up, placed the pot she had fetched on the stove, then swung towards him and squatted to fetch carrots from the veg rack, this time he caught a glimpse right up her skirt, pink knickers encased in tan tights, hiding his goal, he was instantly stiff. As she stood, she fixed him with a steady gaze then said “seen enough?” he blushed and stammered he was sorry but then sensing it might lead to more said, “your lovely Mum and I couldn’t resist, as I`ve wanted to see more of you since forever. It was her turn to blush, and she was about to reply when Maud arrived, so greeting her sister and saying tea would be ready in 30 minutes, she turned away to sc**** and slice the carrots. Maud as usual in need of a toilet, went upstairs, Roger too, went to his room and dumped his homework, he sat on his bed wondering what his mother would have said if Maud hadn’t arrived. He heard the toilet flush and the door clatter, immediately followed by his own door being knocked, he called “come in and a hand sneaked round the edge of the opening door and threw something in the direction of his bed. The anonymous hand retracted and the door closed once more. He knew it was his aunts hand and it was one of her thongs, it was today`s, it was blue as promised and it was damp and it was still warm, he quickly collected it and after a quick but deep sniff, secreted it under his pillow, he was instantly stiff once more, her scent, attar of roses, like some strong aphrodisiac. Jacket and tie off at last, he went down to the kitchen once more, his usual practise, though this time he slid in behind the table a quickly as he could to hide his semi-stand. Mother looked in his direction and said “cutlery then…” he stood rather reluctantly and she instantly saw the tent in his trousers, turning from him to tend the meal glad of the excuse, but amazed at that tent-pole and its size, it having been a while since she had seen it and then never rampant like it was now. Should she be flattered, or annoyed she wondered, never dreaming Maud`s thong had been the cause this time. She began to serve the food as he laid the table and slid gratefully behind the table once again, Maud arriving at that moment and the two women were soon chatting, distractedly about events at the warehouse. The staff having been warned that they would soon have to do overtime as the phone lines were to be manned till seven each weekday! The embarrassing swelling, to his relief, subsided before the sweet had gone, and it being his turn to wash up, he was able to set his mind from the blue thong and his mother`s gusset to pots and plates. The job over he went upstairs, supposedly to do his homework.The next day was Friday, on the bus his aunt whispered, “had he found blue stimulating?” he nodded and she said, “pink today…” he grinned and said, “That was mums yesterday,” which drew a puzzled look from Maud, though this was not the place to discuss how he knew. Realising she was wondering just that, he grinned said goodbye as he hopped lightly off at his stop.School was just as he had said, SSDD, and it dragged. For Maud it was slightly better as it being Friday, for her, on alternate weeks she and her opposite number Anne, finished early, it being, in escort sincan Anne`s words; ‘poets day,’ {Piss Off Early Tomorrows Saturday} thus when the bus arrived she was already on it keeping him a seat. He showed his pass to the same Conductress who grinned at him remembering yesterday and the blown kiss but saying nothing as his aunt was present.As was their normal habit it being Friday it was a chip meal, which Maud always collected from the chip-shop by the stop. They were soon indoors, Beryl having cutlery, warm plates, salt and vinegar on the table ready. For them the weekend started here. Beryl announced that, “She and Anne were now going to do overtime one day each a week, her on Mondays, Anne on Thursday`s the two store-man , a pottery old lad called Derick, the younger Keith, and the sly Morris the leading hand, covering Tuesday`s, Wednesdays, and Fridays and though she said the extra two hours would boost her pay, she found the big warehouse spooky when she was alone and she really hated being alone in it.” Roger ever helpful said, “ he had homework on Mondays, so what if he came to the warehouse to her, he could do the homework there and they could come home together if it would help, but she would need pay his fare as the bus pass didn`t cover evening trips.” She said, “he was a kind lad, and that she would appreciate that a lot and would be happy to cover his fares!” The meal was soon over and with minimal washing up to do they went their separate ways, Maud to watch her soaps on the telly, and Beryl for a bath. With no homework, Roger once he had changed into joggers and a tee shirt, joined his mother to discuss which subject, he should take next term.He found her sitting, on the sofa, Emmerdale, her favourite soap, just having finished, he sat opposite her, flopped in an armchair, as they thrashed out his wants and needs for his future, which subject and the like, his school needing to know his preferences. His mother sat casually one leg tucked under her backside her smooth nylons rustling as she moved. She had been aware of his interest under her dress in the week and wondered if it was just an opportunistic thing, she became determined to find out. Faining interest in which course, biology or chemistry, would be more use in later life she swung herself casually to face him then nonchalantly, raised her knee wrapping her arm around it, it was done so casually and subtly, the `inadvertent’ move giving him a view up under the skirt she was wearing, his eyes latching on instantly and she noticed his trouser front disturbed by some movement. Their chatter faltering for a second, then picked up once more.She moved a little, stretching her leg and muttering about “stiffness and getting old!” he grinned leant forward and collecting her ankle began gently massaging her calf muscle. Her eyes closed and she lay back, saying “that is nice Roger,” and “You are kind, I do miss your dads touch that way!” she swang herself round placing her left foot on his lap beside its mate, he took the hint and worked on both calves, slowly working up to her knees, the smooth nylon strange to his touch. Her eyes tight shut her fingers plucked at her skirt hem, revealing her legs still more. The hint there that he should perhaps massage her lower thighs, he was not slow to take advantage, easing and slithering his hands over both the top and the underside of her legs in a soothing and smooth way that had his todger stiffening under her feet. He knew she must be able to feel his errection, but she said nothing just let out a groan of satisfaction that made the stiffness even more urgent.This went on for a few long minutes, his gaze centering on the tiny bit of her gusset he could sincan escort bayan glimpse under the hem of her skirt, white knickers under the tan tights, his eyes wishing the skirt away. He suddenly became aware she was watching him, her eyes fixed on him, wide open but not hostile as he had expected, he coloured up.“I miss him, miss his touch, I never thought I should say that but I do, I know he was a tyrant and a bully, but the sex was out of this world, and I do miss that side of my life mate, I thought I could cope, but “…she trailed off looking wistful.Sensing his chance, he exclaimed, “can I help mum, is there anything I can do I don’t know much about it, that sex thing, but I would love to try to help…!” a look of sudden brightness passed across her face, then vanished like a sun-shaft on a cloudy day, “yes I can feel that under my toes, but the law on i****t…” again she trailed off then moving her feet to the floor she leant forward and kissed him a real toe curling full on kiss, her hands holding his head. She eased back and regarded him with a look of deep thought.Tension like electricity ran in the air and then, as if making up her mind, she asked about his sex life, which he professed was “absolutely non-existent as he didn’t know enough and met few girls!” “Dad didn`t tell you then?” “No mum, not a jot!” he tried to look pathetic but she laughed, then slowly said, “it`s down to me then…But, Look no-one must find out, no-one do your hear me, not even your aunty, if I do show you, and explain things to you, well…it`s between us… understand… just us!” he swore that no one would find out from him, then whined “please mum” and she smiled then kissed him again this time on her knees in front of his chair. “let me see what you have then?” instantly he was up and the trackies were going down, his rampant, if thin tool springing into sight through his ‘y’ fronts, “Wow you are eager, do you use your hand quite a lot?” he admitted it was twice a day or more job, and she smiled “and do you get a handful at the end ?” By now he was as red as a plumb, and stumbling over his words “mmm yess,” she kissed the end of it and eagerly it bounced upwards a good inch more, she uttered the one word, “pants”, it was a request not a command but it had the things falling down his legs rapidly, her gentle hands found and fondled his balls and the effect was instant. With a grunt his cum splashed her blouse, his face a picture of shock, but to his amazement, she grinned and said , “well it works I can see that…” tissues from the box on the coffee table wiped away the evidence, and she looked up at him with her soft smile and said, “shall we try again a bit more slowly!”. This time she took the helmet into her mouth, he could feel her tongue hot and soft under him, feel her lips on the shaft, and most of all feel her breath against his pubes. His recovery rate phenomenal, he was stiff again in seconds. Her hands held his buttocks stopping his retreat, it was strange to the lad, beyond anything he had expected. He told her he was near, then as she changed nothing, he unable to stop spewed his juice into her mouth, which she swallowed with a broad smile then released him to collapse in his chair gasping “wow mum, your something else!”She retook her seat, smiled and said, “you can thank your dad for that technique, he would demand that most days when he got home… well if he had had a good day, if the day had turned to crap…well let`s say it was me that took the brunt!”He regarded her with interest then asked, “Was it bad mum?” she looked distant then said, “Sometimes it was terrible, He could be a bastard, a real sadist sometimes.” She brightened up then said, “look that’s enough tonight, you should at least sleep well…adding “perhaps another time…” not wishing to push his luck or outstay his welcome he quickly dressed and clutching his shoes and kissing her, his thanks ringing in her ears, off he went back to his room.

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