432 AFTER the PASSING 3432 AFTER the PASSING 3It was Monday soon enough, together they had shopped on Saturday, and done little on Sunday, Oh young Roger had hinted but mother unknown to her son had been ‘on’ one of her last periods of the change, and Maud had a headache, bordering on a migraine all day. The bus was hot stuffy and noisy and Roger as he left her, said he would be at her works before five, to which she had just nodded. The day rumbled on, after school he caught a different bus into town. He was a little early, so he sat diplomatically in the bus shelter opposite the warehouse watching and waiting for the other staff to go. The last was old Derick whose wife, driving a tiny fiat, collected him from the car park outside the ancient Victorian building.He crossed the busy road and entered just as his aunt was securing the doors, she thanked him for his discretion then led him up through the big eery building, his eyes taking in rack after rack of sex toys, clothing, games and porn films, at every level. Her office, shared with Anne was on the third or top floor, she took her seat and he at Anne`s desk, the kettle soon singing, just then the phone went, so he made them coffee, and started on his homework. The order taken she sat, asking about school, Time passed slowly, he did his homework, all of it meant to be done throughout the whole week, to his joy, working steadily he managed to finish all of it. He now being free of homework till Thursday when he knew `Parks’, the energetic English master would add another great wodge that he would need to finish before his next session with the old misery on Tuesday. The toilet was a floor down, his aunt busy with incoming orders, he excused himself and wandered downstairs it being October and the light having faded, the gloomy old ill lit warehouse was silent and shadowy so he could see her point about the big rambling building being scary. Having used the facilities, as he made his way back, he passed away a moment scanning the long shelves of videos, all suck and fuck movies, lesbian, bondage, mother and son, even k9, the range was endless, he itched to borrow a few, but being an honest lad, decided to ask first. He returned to his aunt, who now was filling in yet another order form.“Erm aunty, any chance of a squiz at some of the videos?” she looked up laughed and said, “what about your moral welfare…I can`t go corrupting your mind can i!” then as his face fell, she burst out laughing, she was taking the wee-wee, he looked relieved… “look, in that box over there its unlisted samples, you can borrow from there, but not off the shelves, that miserable shit of a leading hand would know and would report esenyurt escort it and my job would vanish, or he`d want to screw me to keep him quiet and I don’t fancy that! You can borrow a couple, oh and pick me two as well, we can swap them with each other mid-week, all the staff do that… and she grinned at his questioning look, yes… ok… me too…” she chuckled, “one was on last Wednesday but you didn’t notice…” He didn’t notice her smile either as he dived into the big old box, to him it was a treasure trove! He asked her, “what sort she fancied?” In answer she threw him two brown paper bags, chuckled “you choose, we can swap midweek if you like, but don’t you breathe a word to my sister… or anyone else come to that…OK?” nodding he spent the rest of the time checking out the titles.The choice made, two mom and son for her and he popped the pair, in the paper bag into Maud`s handbag, another bag of two for him as well including one on bondage into his own duffle bag. The phones had gone quiet now, and they tidied up, then switching off the lights together, before setting the alarms and locking up.On the bus she paid, and when they got off collected sausage and chips from the chippy. They were soon indoors, the meal eaten and after a quick word with his mum, then a shower, it had him in bed and the video on in under half an hour. Twice he filled his hand before dropping off, thinking this was more like it, hand sex, maybe but an inexhaustible supply of videos too, all for sitting with his aunt!Things went on like this for the next few weeks, the only difference being he would fetch the chips with him at 5when he arrived, collected from a very convenient chippy just around the corner from the warehouse, they having found hunger a problem with a late tea. Beryl had said or done nothing to encourage the lad sexually, well neither had Maud come to think, and he was managing, just… to keep his urges in check, while furthering his education by watching porn each evening.That was till his mother was cleaning his room one morning and found a video not tucked away. Now his usual hiding place was on top of the wardrobe, but this one had been overlooked, and considering the label in rather bold and lurid -red lettering said “fucking mum” it rather showed it was no western! The picture too did not look very educational, the lady concerned being ridden on a table end by an energetic lad! A label on the end of the box exclaimed it was the ‘property of night vision limited,’ a subsidiary she knew of the company her sisters worked for! 2+2 rapidly made 4 and the video went down the stairs with mother. Her anger at her sister came on and eased avrupa yakası escort away like waves on a beach as the afternoon went on, till with afternoon coffee her nosiness got the better and the video replaced her usual, mid-summer murders on telly. It had the strange effect of rapidly turning her on, (surprise, surprise,) and her imagination soon had her beloved son in the role of the youth, as she and her fingers hit the high spot! She had barely regained her composure when Roger breezed in as usual, spot on time, and all unsuspecting. Nothing was said and he went off to do his homework. Maud arrived, again on schedule and walked into find her sister sitting watching the film once again. She knew immediately they had been sussed. She blustered, even apologised, but her sister said nothing for a few minutes. Then came the single word “WHY?” Maud sat down, thought, shrugged and said, “look sis, that lad is frustrated, he knows very little of girls or women and is pretty ill equipt to deal with life, he`s made suggestions to me at times, and I suspect you too, and he plays I spy at every opportunity, so I thought it was a way of repaying him for sitting with me at work in that frightening old warehouse, and a way of educating him a little, thus saving us both embarrassment! “Beryl`s jaw dropped a bit then she said, “so he`s tried it on with you too?” smiling Maud said, “Well only verbally, but he would if he was given half a chance, oh and he`s daft about you too, that much I do know!” she added, “he needs educating and that’s a fact, but it`s hardly my place though I wouldn’t mind a male taking a bit of an interest, it`s been a long time without sex… you`ll see… you`re now in the same boat but it`s not sailed far yet with you has it!”There was a long silence, then Beryl said, “oh, Maud, he`s a lad, lads get like this, and I won`t say I`ve not been tempted, he`s a virile youngster who I`m sure could fulfil both our needs, god knows what it must be like for you but I am already missing my ration…but can we trust him to be quiet, its i****t when all is said and done, at least in my case”Maud smiled then said,” Look I have been here since the funeral, and he`s been after me ever since, he has tried hard belive me, to get me to ease his problems, and he`s admitted his lust for you… to me, but he`s not mentioned me to you I suspect, or you would have said, so he can keep a secret your boy, and this could be an answer for us all!” by then Maud was busting for her usual arriving home pee and had to go urgently, so she excused herself and left her sister to mull over what she anadolu yakası escort had said…Her sister finished the meal, and the three sat down together. The older sister not having any idea of her sisters decision. Roger of course still believing the video to be up on the wardrobe top. But even he could feel a little tension in the air, but cottage pie called so he ignored it and in silence they ate the first course.She fixed him with a stiff gaze as she dished up the crumble and poured the custard. Then said, “You boy are a lucky lad, today I unearthed one of your grubby little secrets, and I was mad as hell, but your aunt spoke up for you, and I can now see her point.” The lad had no idea what he had done or which grubby secret, but fortunately said nothing, as she went on, “your aunt has got you some mucky movies!” he gulped and shot a glance at Maud, Beryl went on, “Oh, she didn’t tell me, it was you, you were silly enough to leave one out today, and I have watched it before you ask, and I want you to be really honest with us…ok? The lad nodded, a touch bemused as she went on, “Your aunt says you can keep a secret, so I need you to promise what happens in here, in this house, it stays here with just us three. No secrets between us …OK?” He promised and was so sincere that he was near to tears. So, she went on to say, “Look you’re a virgin, is that right?” he said, “Yes mum, all bar the blow job you gave me!” Beryl blushed and her sister broke into a very wide grin! Beryl sputtered as Maud said, “No secrets you said…” and the tension gone they all laughed loud and long. When next they could speak, his mum said, “Well your aunt and I, well we, were both used to having sex, both regularly and in my case painfully hard, and we still would I suspect if our husbands were still here….love them or loath them they were both good at sex and well…truth to tell we both miss it in some form!” he nodded his partial understanding, and she closed her eyes and gushed, “so we have come to the conclusion that you perhaps can help us out, and in turn we can educate you in that way if that’s what you wish.” His face as he looked first at one then the other, it was a picture of joy, in his eyes, and in his mile-wide smile as he said … “please oh please…yes, yes, yes your all my fantasies at once, the both of you, wow yes, oh yes” together they laughed, and then three elated folk began on the cooling near forgotten crumble. He hardly able to contain himself!He asked “when can we start? which had the women exchanging glances and grinning at his eagerness.His mother, said, “as your so keen, well tonight suppose, I will share my bed, and take your virginity, and each night for a while or so we will alternate, your aunt and I, we are not so young as you and will need our rest…but homework doesn’t get left, and the usual chores must get done, then after that… well, we shall see. Within seconds the table was cleared, the dishes were clattering in the sink, and the amazed women were laughing fit to bust at his eagerness

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