62 Old perve`s 2

62 Old perve`s 262 Old perve`s 2Well a week passed nothing having been said and the following week on the Tuesday I was back at Teds, and we were working on the new loco together out in the workshop, when he slipped into the conversation that she had said she enjoyed the adventure and for him to arrange the next one as soon as the wounds had healed. That he said was now as she had had a weeping hole in the left breast but it was now fine, so when would be convenient?Matron had made noises about going to the daughters again, and on to a music club so she was to stay over on Saturday night, so Saturday was agreed on, we trooped into Ada`s kitchen and found her and matron having tea. They poured us each a mug and we sat chewing over the state of parliament, the price of fish nowadays and most other equally interesting topics as folks do, when Ada suggested I ate with them on Saturday as matron was off to her daughters.I managed to keep a straight face and thanked her as you do and Matron asked if I was ready to take her to the shops, I had forgotten about that and was midway through a painting job on part of our loco, so Ted being Ted, and needing some rivets anyway offered to take her. They were soon away and Ada knowing I wished to talk to her poured another mug of tea.“Thanks for not giving me away to Ted the other day” she said “I have never told him nor of course my late hubby about my other life at ‘the club’, hubby didn’t understand those sort of things, to him sex was a Saturday night duty!”I asked how she had disguised it all those years, saying was she never chastised, marked, scars that sort of thing?She said “she had convinced him it was a church gathering on Sunday night`s, he not being religious let her go regularly, happy not to have to be part of any religious setup and she then had till next Saturday to get rid of the marks, he never noticing and she changing in the bathroom” she smiled wistfully then said that “he did once see a set of marks on her back and she had convinced him it was a scourging by a visiting priest driving out the devil.” He had said she must have deserved it!We laughed at that and I asked her about ‘the club’?She said “there had been four regular couples, herself and two single men, each of the women loved to be used, and the couples always swapped every time, the women each got a red arse and a good screwing by home time! She said they loved it, occasionally one or the other would have a special event, such as the needles, or waxing or some-such especially if the woman had done something very wrong that week, but usually they drew straws to be the one used each week!”I said I would bring over the pictures if I could get them done without matron catching me and she laughedI agreed not to say anything to Ted as it was down to her, I then mentioned in passing that I hated going behind matron`s back! It was a tactical blunder on my part as with a mischievous smile, she suggested “should we not include her or at least let her know somehow?” I laughed at that and said “I doubted it she`s not terribly sexual nowadays but it would ease the situation for me if she did know as I hate lies!” Anyway I went back to working on the loco and the moment past.Well the work on the loco was progressing well, and we were putting in the hours to get to the club track for a special meeting at the months end, so I was spending a lot of time at Teds, Matron and Ada grass widows becoming bosom pal`s, coffee mornings, afternoon tea, knitting patterns, the full nine yards, there was a lot of laughter betwixt them as well, but unsettlingly Ted and I noticed whenever we entered a room the silence deafened, we knew something was up.It was the Friday night in bed when matron mentioned the last weekend away, saying “she hoped I had been of help to our friends”…woops dodgy ground, warning bells, careful what you say Edd,“Erm in what respect my sweet.”Her face a mask, she said that “Ada had said they had had you help with a problem” “oh?” “Yes she said your presence was a godsend” another non committal “oh” “Is that all you can say Oh?”“Erm well dear I just stood about and made the odd comment, just to see fair play!” the dammed woman should play poker, “Yes she said you rather refereed, well whatever you did she was glad of your intervention and suggested perhaps you could do it again sometime!”A glint in her eye told me she knew more than she was letting on, so I changed the subject to the new loco, but she wasn`t to be diverted, and asked if “I liked being a marriage councillor?” she didn’t wait for uşak escort a reply but went on “did I know Ada was kinky and loved pain?” if the warning bells rang before the imminent collision bell was ringing now…“Really love, Teds not mentioned it and it`s rather between them isn’t it?” That broke the dam, she accused me of being a lying old git that I knew full well and that Ada had told her everything, showing her the nipple with the weep, then she amazed me, now I thought I knew this woman well we`ve been married near half a century, but she shocked me by saying “Ada had said you had not touched her or whatever during the session saying it would have been a betrayal of our marriage, but you had had just the job of referee to stop Ted losing his head and that you were a perfect gentleman!”bloody hell, she was ok with it! She went on to say; that Ada had said she wanted me to become involved….”wow!”Jaw now dropped as she said “she understood my needs and that as she no longer did the sex thing as long as it`s kept quiet and does not involve anyone else she could see no objections! Gobsmacked is not the word…Then she said “anyway with that floppy thing you’re not going to do a lot are you” what a downer! She said “she would explain things to Ted” and “we would see how things progressed!” she then kissed me and turned out the light.I spent a restless night, she snored.Saturday morning and we ‘popped over’ and I went out to the works to get into my overall while matron had some quiet words with them both as she made the tea, now I still don’t exactly know what was said but Ted looked shocked when he joined me, shaking his head he muttered “he didn’t belive it” a couple of times then got busy on the lathe.Anyway till dinner time we worked on the loco, then I collected matron, who by now was at home and set out for the daughter`s place,.I said “I don’t know what you said to Ted today but you certainly shook him!”She smiled and then she said “she wanted chapter and verse on next Sunday night, so think on!” then she shut down and just kissed me as she hopped out at the house. If you knew the matron as I know the matron, you like me would have been shall we say ‘unsettled?’I decided I might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, never to look a gift horse in the gob and to go with the flow!Due to a hold up on the ring road it was 3 before I arrived back, Ada made tea, and the three of us sat over a slice of Ada`s fruit cake, and I asked Ada what she had said, and what matron had said this morning. Neither were very forthcoming, but Ada said “Basically you`re no longer referee your to be included if you want to be and, with a nod at my cock area, if you can!”…I thought; it`s my birthday and Christmas, and…Wow! Matron? Really!We sat; me with a Cheshire cat grin no doubt, and Ada asked “what do you boys want to do to me today.”Do you know here we were with a lady who wanted pain and sex, two rampant old males suddenly confronted with this question and instantly not a clue between us our mind`s blank, we both knew we wanted to take advantage of the lady but specifics…Then Ted said he wanted to make a plaster cast, not something that would immediately have been in my mind that, but he`s always been a bit eccentric! I suggested a hot wax treatment. And Ada bless her suggested she wanted her body whipping ‘properly’ as she no longer had to hide the aftermath from matron. She also suggested we only held these meetings once a month as we needed to recuperate, or at least she did and it would be a “treat” and it would give us each a little more time to think up some fun.She asked about the cast he wanted, and he said it was to cast, a ‘bust’ of her sex! She asked what it involved and Teds candid reply made her laugh, we trooped down the cellar steps to the little room below, immediately I noticed the new hooks in the concrete ceiling, two small engine lifts hung in the corner and a new steel locker had replaced the old wardrobe.” been busy then? I said, Ted smiled and said nothing as he took two leather cuffs from the new cupboard and then said , “you lay her on the couch and lift her legs, I will go mix some plaster and don’t get that pussy flooding it needs to be fairly dry” and with that he trotted off back up the stairs.Ada shrugged then helped me move the old couch, together we placed the lifts on two appropriate hooks then she turned to me and said “go on then, strip me, matron said you love to unwrap parcels!”I was like a k** in a sweetshop, stripping another woman with matrons blessing, blouse uşak escort bayan first then skirt, bra and knicks, as she stood passively allowing me to savour the moment.I kissed both nipples, and then placed the leather cuffs on either ankle, she lay back onto the couch and I lifted her legs for her attaching each to a lift. She sent me to the kitchen to fetch a towel and candles from under her sink, Ted and I returned simultaneously, he with a bucket of fine fast mixed plaster.I dried the wet pussy, and then we lifted her clear of the couch moving it back. Her arms and hair just dragging on the floor because of the ceiling height she hung inverted her legs open her sex bald gaping and large, Ted worked quickly working handfuls of the plaster into every crevice, her monster clit became erect and was duly smothered, then a layer placed down to the puckered arsehole and the whole lot reinforced with the remains of the bucket Ted then went off to wash the bucket and his hands saying “ten minutes and don’t dare move”Isn`t ten minutes a bloody long time if your waiting for something, She chatted to me saying that”the plaster was heating up” and that it had been “bloody cold to start with!”I tested the mix and reported “it was going off well”She said “she was dreading its removal” as it felt “stuck round her clit!” I laughed and promised to “replace it in hot wax soon” to which she groaned. She suggested I strip off which I did, her eyes never leaving my toolTed came bustling back, with a little hammer, this he showed her then struck the cast between the holes effectively making it two casts the smaller he eased out from her body tearing the few unshaved hairs from places she had not reached. She squeaked, and then he began easing the second cast from her, me prising the skin from the mould as he gently lifted the replica away, it was perfect, he placed it in the corner then sat saying “she`s all yours mate, make her scream for me I love it.”Now me I hate smoking, neither Ted or Ada smoke so suddenly here I was with candles, a victim and no bloody matches, Ted laughed saying luckily he had the lighter he used for his blowlamp in his pocket, so he lit a number of the candles for me, setting some on the cupboard, red dining candles these, some half used ones from a long forgotten romantic evening, kept in case of power cuts. Her eyes seemed fixed on the flames as I tilted the first above her left breast, Ted turned out the light and the gloom and the flickering candles instantly turned the room from a stark playroom into a medieval dungeon. Ada`s breast while tilted flopping down towards her face meant that the more tender underside was exposed, splash the first drips splattered on the soft skin, she began to moan gently, a candle in either hand now, red blotches each raising a reaction, small but significant, taking care not to overlap so each drip was new and hot. I asked if it was hot enough or too hot, she said it was painful but not unmanageable, so I moved closer. Hotter now the next drips of the molten wax caused her to scream. Ted said “that was so much better!”I did a little more with both candles grasped in the one hand delivering twice the wax, the effect was amazing, and she jerked in her bond like a screaming puppet. It was then Ted suggested I did “the other bit”I felt Ada tense as compliantly I moved to do his bidding.The first drips landing on her left inner knee and causing her to gasp, each progressive drip, regular and consistently an inch nearer to the soft sexual cave where we all knew this would end.Gently I raised the candles away from her skin so the wax would be a little cooler, splash, one drip landed in the groove twix leg and body she quivered and groaned, splot another just on her lip edge, I adjusted my aim crossing the chasm, another drop this time on the bottom of the labia, the body shook and she screamed “oh god” but the next was on its way, this one hit between the two holes, the perineum, the tenderest spot on the outer skin, she groaned loudly knowing there was few targets left, a good splash, accurate to the millimetre hit her bull’s-eye, a dart player would have been proud of the aim, her convulsion was something special jerking and twitching as the wax cooled on the tender membrane of her rosebud, her groaning scream, tears falling and Ted clapping, as he stood and steadied her. He whispered to her, “last few old girl” then gently held back her loose skin, opening her sex and nodding to me to finish the job, she was screaming “no, no, no” as just two more drips escort uşak fell, from this time further away still.The first hit her right lip and as she jerked away that jerked my aim, thus the second hit her pink hood with as massive gout of red and splashed over the head of her clit. With an agonised scream her knees tried to close but her weight stopped that her body shook and she cried out loudly her head thrashing as the wax solidified. We quickly lifted her body and slid the couch under her Ted lowering her legs level then jamming his tool deep into her violated sex. flakes of cool wax fell like snowflakes as he rattled her bones, till the climax, which when it came was mountainous, her free arms dragging her husband deep into her as he bit down on her neck. I too was as busy as my limp tool would let me be, chewing on her nipple as my hand worked on my still flaccid cock, together Ted and I took her to her own personal paradise, her back arched legs stiffly against the still secured lifts, her hands gripping holes in the old sofa seat as she spasmed and clawed, even my old tool spewed forth a splash or two, it was, as the colonials say ‘awesome.’Ted lay on her body, collapsed, time stood still as we each recovered in our own way. I the least drained went up and made some tea, by the time I returned they were sat together on the couch, Ada dabbing her puffy eyes on the towel, trying to regain her composure. I began to apologise for my poor aim but she waved it away calling the whole adventure the best orgasm she had had for years. You`ve got to give her, her due she`s a game lassAnyway we stopped for tea, Ted & I cooked, and we allowed Ada to doze off in her armchair till it was ready. Tea over we all dozed in front of the telly for a while till Ada came up with the idea that candle light had made some differences during what she referred to as the ‘afternoon session’ suggesting they invested in some low watt lighting to at least make the place feel more dungeon like, and less daunting. Ted said he would “sort something” before next month, till then it would be the candles rather than those harsh strip lights.I had rather expected that that session in the afternoon was it and Ada would have had enough, having climaxed so heavily but not a bit of it the lady was up for some more! She explained that she wanted to in her words “be tenderised before bed” and then to be used in bed by us both, using hand tongue and if possible stiff dick.We sat watching the box, regaining strength and gently chatting about our hopes dreams fantasies and past experiences, she explained to Ted about the club, saying that the one time she had “Drawn the straw” on a wax night the master figure had just slopped hot wax on her tits, no finesse or care and it had turned her on but not like we had this afternoon. I was flattered, he asked if she had “drawn the straw many times” and she said “she had and had been bullwhipped, caned, tawsed, and not only by the men, women tended to be as bad or worse at supplying pain.”Ted seemed keen to hear more and the evening slid past.It was ten thirty when the candles were lit again, the cuffs were placed on her wrists and her hands secured above her Ted produced a riding crop for me and a leather belt for himself, asking how many strokes she wanted. She said “she wanted nothing extreme, just gentle telling strokes over every inch of her body” by the time we stopped it was to all tingle, if it took ten or a thousand strokes we were to do it, enjoy ourselves and not to stop till she was pink all over and to “please be really thorough as it has been my fantasy for some years.”She requested a gag and something to support her head as she wanted to ‘tingle from throat to foot’, so Ted put a cord to the ball gag and to the nearest hook, she could now neither complain, nor look down. We began at her feet, lifting one leg then the other, alternate light slashes of the crop and belt reddening the soft skin like painting her all over slowly and methodically like the mercury in a thermometer the pink line advanced up her body half an hour`s work got us to the breasts.Ted suggesting we worked down from her chin now finishing with each nipple, one each and much harder. She nodded as best she could, and we started again slowly down over throat, shoulders then back and finally those magnificent breasts, slap tap slap tap, consistent, regular light , persistent slap tap, slap tap, finally at a nod from Ted ‘crack’ the last two arrived on her nipples in tandem, sharp crisp red livid lines across the nipples.We took her down and helped her stinging body up to her bed, true to our promise we used her till the dawn light was filtering into the room and we finally fell asleep.It would be another month before we did it again but that is another story.

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