8 Seven Up

Double Penetration

8 Seven UpSaturday morning I woke early as usual and knocked up some breakfast for the two of us, Lisa must have smelt the bacon frying ‘cos she appeared behind me in the kitchen just as I was about to dish it out. We tucked into the food and I asked Lisa what she fancied doing today “I really don’t know babe – but whatever we do can we do it just the two of us please” she said “Yeah of course” I replied “Is there something wrong” “No – it’s just I love all this group sex, new partners, exhibitionism and playing out so many fantasies I’ve had for years – but I feel like I’m neglecting you sometimes” Lisa explained looking a bit shame faced .”I don’t feel neglected at all” I said “but I do enjoy those times when it’s just the two of us – although the group sex is good too – I feel like a k** at Christmas sometimes – making love to you and fucking all these other lasses too” “Speaking of which” said Lisa “What we doing tonight?” “I dunno” I replied “I need to speak to Rob” “I was just thinking, it might be nice to invite Dan & Ally along” said Lisa “Ahhh” I said “You do fancy getting better acquainted with his cock” “Well maybe” she replied “I mean they must be into that sort of thing ‘cos they invited us over last night” “Anyway” I said “fancy going to the coast for the day?” “Yeah I’d love that” she said “but before we go anywhere, bend me over the table and stick that fat cock of yours up my pussy” Lisa stood briefly, whipped off the baggy t-shirt which was all she’d worn to come downstairs and bent over the table, legs apart. I stood behind her and made her shudder by running my fingers along the length of her pussy. Dropping to my knees I made her shudder again by sticking my tongue into her already damp pussy and then running it around her outer lips before a quick exploration of her clit. “Mmmm that feels wonderful babe – but I need cock” moaned Lisa. I was happy to comply with her request and standing eased my cock all the way into her pussy. “Oh yes” moaned Lisa “that feels so good” Started with the long, slow strokes that I knew Lisa loved but she was moving her own hips and I could tell she wanted it harder and faster so I quickened the pace and really started slamming into her. Lisa was squeezing me with her internal muscles which was often the prelude to an orgasm and sure enough she had a big orgasm moments later. “Oh, my legs have gone all wobbly babe – pull out for a second” she begged I took a step back and she spun around and dropped to her knees in front of me “Now I’m gonna drain you dry” she said, pumping my cock forcefully in the direction of her open mouth. I was expecting the usual deep throat treatment but instead she took just the head of my cock between her lips and swirled her tongue around it, it felt wonderful and I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer. Lisa must have sensed it too as she again started pumping my cock “Cum on my face” she whispered looking up at me with her big brown eyes. I was in no position to object and I exploded – one big jet of cum coating the left side of her face, another to the right and a third falling onto her tits. “Take a photo babe – I’m gonna use it as a profile pic on that webcam site” I grabbed my phone off the side and took a few pics of Lisa including a couple of my rapidly softening cock buried in her throat. We went upstairs to get showered and dressed and were ready to leave half an hour later, due to our early start it was only just after nine – I aimed the car at Whitby but driving along the West Cliff it looked very busy “Fancy Scarborough instead?” I asked Lisa “I’m easy” she said and anticipating what I was about to say continued laughing “and no not in that way” The coast road was surprisingly quiet and I was lucky enough to get a parking spot in the underground car-park on the sea-front. We walked up the hill into the town, had a wander around the shops then strolled down the long hill back to the sea-front. We grabbed a bite to eat in a local pub and then made pigs of ourselves with Knickerbocker Glories in the famous Harbour Bar. I’d sent a text to Rob earlier asking what we doing that evening and he called back while we were walking back along the sea-front. “Where we going tonight mate?” I asked “How about 10-pin bowling and the casino afterwards?” he replied “Hold on I’ll ask Lisa – yeah she’s fine with that plan and she wants to know if we can invite Dan & Ally” “More the merrier” said Rob “Are you in Scarborough? he continued “Err yeah” I replied “how do you know that?” “Cos you’re about a hundred yards ahead of us on the sea-front – Liz has just spotted you – stop where you are” he replied laughing. They soon caught us up – turned out they’d arrived about 30 minutes after us and had been to pretty much the same spots we’d visited too. We all set off for home shortly afterwards – Rob & Liz were stopping at mine that night, so Lisa suggested they grab their gear and come round ours to get ready. I’d called Dan & Ally and they were keen to join us too. The lane at the bowling alley was booked for 8pm – Dan only lived a two minute walk from mine so said they’d wander round about seven and we could get a mini-bus over. We got home about four and Rob & Liz joined us ten minutes later, the girls said they were gonna commandeer the main bathroom and we left ‘em too it as we cracked open a couple of beers and watched the tail end of Soccer Saturday on the box. I went up about six to use the ensuite to get washed & changed and judging by the noise coming from the main bathroom Lisa & Liz were getting reacquainted – I stuck my head round the door and sure enough they were entwined in the 69 position licking and fingering each other’s pussies. I was just getting dressed when the girls wandered into the bedroom – both naked and looking a little flushed “Was that you spying on us?” asked Lisa “Yeah – just making sure you were OK babe “I replied “We need cock” said Liz “Either shout Rob up or you can fuck both of us” Dan & Ally are due in 40 minutes” I said “It won’t take that long babe – we’re both so close” said Lisa. I shouted Rob and when I returned the girls were knelt on the bed, arses in the air, gently fingering their pussies .Rob was soon stripped and ready for action – the girls gave us some oral attention to make sure we were hard and then we each slipped into our respective partners pussies – both of whom let out long sighs of satisfaction. The girls weren’t lying – after just a few strokes their orgasms were approaching rapidly; Liz came first with Lisa just a few seconds later. I pulled out of Lisa and laid beside her, while Rob continued to thrust deep into Liz’s pussy “You’d better have plenty left for later” Liz warned him but I guess Rob was too far gone to care. Liz experienced a second orgasm before pushing Rob off, turning him around and taking his cock deep into aksaray escort her mouth. It didn’t take long for her lips and tongue to work their magic and Rob was soon shooting down her throat “Mmmm tasty” said Liz licking the last traces from her lips and Robs cock. “C’mon then guys & gals I think we should probably think about getting dressed” I said. We’d just about finished when the door opened and Dan & Ally strolled in. Just a quick word about these two – Dan’s probably my oldest friend that I’m still in regular contact with, although that contact can be somewhat erratic as he’s a brickie by trade and spends a lot of time working away, although for the last 18 months he’s found plenty of work in the north-east so has spent more time at home. He’s a month younger than me and about an inch shorter but far broader with a deep perma-tan – the result of spending most of his time chucking bricks around building sites. He’s had loads of women over the years but never managed to hang on to them for long due to the fact that he’s always moving about. His latest girlfriend Ally has stuck around though and moved in with him last year – Ally moved up to this area from the midlands about three or four years ago – we were never very sure exactly why – but she was, apparently, something quite important in the banking world. One of her former work colleagues was a friend of a friend and somehow Ally ended up in our social circle, she had a bit of a thing with Rob for a while but has been with Dan now for close on two years. She’s a tall slim girl, very attractive with long, dark hair and large brown eyes – small, pert B cup tits, long toned legs and a lovely arse. She did some modelling work when younger, where she used to live and ‘stared’ in a few catalogues. She’s a few years younger than the rest of us, only hitting 35 last year. It was her that first suggested they have sex live via the webcam, something she’d done before apparently and was, according to Dan when they first got together, a ‘right kinky bitch’ – although he’s never elaborated on what he meant – although I do know they’ve visited a swingers club more than once and this wouldn’t be the first time they’d done a little partner swapping..After a quick drink I called a mini-bus and we went to the local bowling alley. We had a fun 90 minutes or so flinging balls at skittles before heading down the road to the local casino. We had something to eat before hitting the tables – we gave the lasses twenty quid each to go play with, whilst we got down to the ‘serious’ business on the blackjack tables. Twenty minutes and fifty quid lighter I retired and went to see how Lisa was getting on. She’d gone for the ‘s**tter-gun’ technique on the roulette – just flinging chips all over the place – however judging by the small mountain of chips in front of her she wasn’t doing too badly. “How much you won babe” I asked her “I’ve no idea” she replied. I had a quick tot-up whilst she was playing and there was something like two hundred quid in cash chips plus she had three or four stacks of coloured gaming chips. “I think you’ve got about £250” I told her “That’s if you don’t lose it all again” “Take £200 babe and change it for me – then I can’t spend it” she asked. Liz and Ally were on the next table – they were playing a little more cautiously than Lisa and both were showing small profits. Rob came over with some drinks for them – he’d blown fifty quid on the blackjack and given up too. I cashed Lisa’s chips in for her and shoved the money in my wallet so she wouldn’t be tempted to try and spend it again. By the time I got back Dan had joined the rest of us – he’d lost forty odd quid on the blackjack and then won it all back so quit before he started losing again. We returned to the bar area for a break from the tables but after a couple of drinks the lasses said they were getting a bit bored and wanted to move on elsewhere. We cashed in the chips we had left and phoned for a couple of cabs and since it was a nice night went outside for some fresh air and to wait for them turning up.First cab arrived and we got Dan to go with the lasses (to keep them out of trouble) whilst Rob and I waited for the next one. I asked him about him and Liz “So is it serious?” “I dunno” he replied “She’s a nice lass and the sex is fabulous but I’m not sure if she’s happy just being once or twice a month fuck buddies or if she wants more” “Well have you asked her” I enquired “No not yet” he admitted “ and I know she’s going home tomorrow, it’s just picking the right moment” The arrival of the taxi cut short our conversation and we were soon reunited with the rest at one of the larger clubs in town. The lasses dragged us onto the dance floor but soon realised that none of us were particularly good movers and were quite happy for us to retire to the bar and just watch. The three suddenly became four as they were joined by Heather who wasted no time in embracing Lisa and sharing a long, lingering kiss. It wasn’t long before the girls decided they’d had enough and wanted to head back to mine – nobody was in the least bit surprised when Heather decided she wanted to come along. I grabbed Lisa just before we left “Where did she appear from?” I asked “she was out with a mate – she pulled but Heather didn’t fancy his mate so was gonna head home when she spotted us “Lisa replied “She does know what we’re likely to be doing doesn’t she?” I continued “I think that’s the main reason she’s tagging along” laughed Lisa. Once back home everybody was stood around the living room looking a bit awkward “Right” I said “We can’t all fit on one bed so I think we’re gonna have to split up – at least to start with” “Good idea “ said Dan “ and it should really be with someone you’ve not slept with before – which means I get the lovely Liz, Steve’s with Ally and Lisa gets Rob – Heather can join whichever couple she fancies” “I fancy you all though” laughed Heather “And don’t forget guys – No means No” warned Dan, a trifle unnecessarily I thought, as he led Liz upstairs. Ally joined me in my bedroom “How do you want me Steve?” she asked smiling “How about naked on the bed” I said “That suits me” she replied as she dropped her dress to the floor and her braless tits came into view closely followed by her bare arse as she slid her knickers down her long legs. ”Very nice” I complimented her as she stood before me. It took me only seconds to remove my clothes and I joined her on the bed, my cock already erect purely in anticipation. We embraced and kissed deeply, our tongues wrestling with each other as I explored her lithe body with my hands, my first touch near her shaven pussy bringing a sharp intake of breath from Ally. I broke our embrace to lick and suckle on her nipples, which sent a shudder through her “My nipples are so sensitive” amasya escort she moaned “ and that drives me wild” I drove her even wilder a moment later when I slipped two fingers into her pussy – she was wet but very tight. “Would you eat me out please Steve – I’ve heard you’re a bit of an expert” she said “I was going to anyway” I replied “but seeing as how you asked so nicely I’ll do it now” I moved down the bed, grabbed a pillow and bunged it under her arse so she was fully exposed in front of me. I licked all around her pussy lips which swelled as her arousal increased and then slid two fingers back into her pussy before tracing lazy circles around her clit. Ally was breathing heavily now and quietly moaning and it was fairly obvious that her orgasm was getting close. I began to concentrate on her clit and this sent her wild murmuring “Oh God, Oh God” over and over again.I brought her to the brink at least twice before I made her cum by sucking on her clit and shoving a finger into her arse. She screamed as she came which no doubt was heard by the other occupants of the house. “Fuck that was good “she murmured as she got her breath back “Are you gonna fuck me now” she asked looking at my cock lustfully “Yeah sure – how do you want it?” I asked “Just like this would be nice to start with” she replied. I got on top and eased my cock slowly into her tight pussy “Jesus that’s a fat cock” she muttered as I sank to full depth. “Take it slow please Steve” she continued “I was going to anyway” I replied “Your pussy feels wonderful” “Nicer than Lisa’s?” she asked mischievously “Different to Lisa’s” I replied diplomatically I started with the same long, slow strokes which I knew Lisa loved and was fortunate to find that Ally liked them just as much. “God this feels wonderful” she moaned “Makes me feel so full” “A little faster” I asked “Mmmm yes please” said Ally. I picked up the pace as Ally writhed beneath me moaning in ecstasy “You’re gonna make me come again you bastard” she muttered as she wrapped her long legs around my back to pull me even deeper. I couldn’t thrust as fast with Ally’s legs around me but it didn’t matter as she shuddered in orgasm once again. “Fuck, you’re good” said Ally once she’d got her breath back “Do you want to come yet?” “No it’s OK” I replied “Why don’t we have a smoke and then see what’s going on elsewhere” “OK” said Ally “But I want that cock up my arse before the night’s out” We laid back on the bed and had a smoke and were about to go for a wander when the bedroom door opened and Lisa walked in “Hi babe” she said “Thought I’d come and see if you had room for a little one in here” “Always room for you babe” I replied “I need a good fuck” Lisa added. “What’s wrong with Rob?” I asked “Oh nowt” she replied “Me and Heather had a 69 while Rob was fucking her, then we fisted each other while I gave him a blow job and then he came in my mouth – Heathers trying to coax him back to life – but in the meantime I need some hard cock” Ally had listened intently while Lisa was telling us what she’d been up to “Mmmm fisting” she muttered “Oh are you a fan?” asked Lisa “I’ve always fantasised about it” said Ally “but never actually tried it – and Danny’s hands are like fucking shovels “ she continued smiling “Are you bi?” asked Lisa “’cos I’d be happy to fist you” “Yes very” Ally replied “Although recently it’s been as part of a couple, not on my own – but I’d love you to try” “If you go in the bathroom cabinet there’s a bottle of lube – if you go get it I’ll fist you after Steve’s finished fucking me” said Lisa to Ally “OK” said Ally as she trotted off. Lisa turned to me “Take me from behind babe -I wanna feel that fat cock in my pussy” I did as I was asked and eased my cock slowly into her pussy “Mmmm I needed that “ moaned Lisa. Ally returned with the lube and started slipping fingers into her own pussy, getting it ready for Lisa. I must have been a little distracted by the view ‘cos Lisa started bucking against my cock “C’mon fuck me harder” she demanded. “Sorry babe” I said and really started slamming into her making her gasp with every thrust “Oh God it’s good” Lisa moaned “You’re gonna make me cum” she continued. Her internal muscles started to clamp down on my cock – always the first sign that she was about to come and moments later she did and collapsed in a heap on the bed. I was almost at the point of no return myself as Lisa came and I knew I couldn’t last much longer “I need to come girls – who wants my spunk” I announced “Go on Ally – suck him off” said Lisa “I’ve had one mouthful already tonight” I lay back on the bed with Lisa beside me as Ally came across on all fours and leaning across Lisa took my cock deep into her mouth. She couldn’t deep throat me like Lisa but she had a wonderful active tongue that was swirling all over the head and shaft of my cock as she worked it in and out of her willing mouth. Lisa was caressing my balls and I could feel my orgasm was approaching. I exploded into Ally’s mouth – by the ache in my balls I knew it was a big load too. She moved up to Lisa and as their lips met I realised she was sharing my sperm with her – a wonderfully horny sight. “I enjoyed that” said Ally as she came up for air “Me too” said Lisa “You ready for some more pleasure now?” “Yes please” said Ally passing Lisa the lube. ” I’ll leave you girls too it – I’m going for a wander” I said “Don’t forget you’ve got a date with my arse” said Ally with a broad smile “Don’t worry I won’t” I replied. I wandered into the back bedroom first where Liz was getting roughly fucked from behind by Dan. “Hi” said Liz and, noticing my semi-hard cock, added “Come here and I’ll see if I can bring you back to life” She was clearly heading for a massive orgasm and as she stuffed my cock into her willing mouth the extra stimulation seemed to push her over the edge as she went rigid for a second before collapsing onto the bed, losing contact with both mine and Dan’s cocks “That was good” moaned Liz from her prone position “Give me a minute to recover before you start again guys please”. “Is Ally on her own now” said Dan as though he’d just noticed me “No she’s playing with Lisa at the moment” I replied “Do you mind if I go and join them?” said Dan “I don’t” I replied, Liz said the same and I added “I’m pretty sure Lisa fancies getting better acquainted with your cock anyway” I replied with a smile. I cadged a fag from Liz and we relaxed on the bed having a smoke. ”Enjoy yourself with Dan?” I asked Liz “I have, he’s ragged me all over, he’s got some stamina and I dunno how many times I’ve cum” “Fancy coming again?” I asked “I don’t think you’re up to it just yet are you?” said Liz with a smile “My tongue still works” I replied winking at Liz “Oh yeah I’d love that” said Liz. She laid back and as I’d done with Ally I positioned escort bayan a pillow under her arse so she was fully exposed to me. I kissed her deeply before moving down to massage her boobs and suckle on a nipple. Liz moaned quietly under my touch as I moved slowly down her body. A finger inserted gently into her pussy ascertained that she was still wet following Dan’s earlier ministrations so I inserted another and then another all three rubbing gently at her g-spot and the roof of her vagina. Liz was already squirming under my touch and as I gently licked around the hood of her clit she shrieked as though electrocuted. “Oh fuck” she exclaimed “You know how to push my buttons” “I reckon there’s a few more to push before I’m finished” I said as I started licking up & down her pussy all the way to her arsehole. Every time I touched her actual arsehole her whole body seemed to tense up. I worked her up to the brink of orgasm and held her there until she was panting for release. A furious tongue lash of her clit and a finger pushed into her arse was all that was required to give her a shattering orgasm which left her in a heap on the bed “I think that’s what they call a full-body orgasm” said Liz quietly when she got her breath back. “Looks like it worked for you too” she added looking at my crotch. Sure enough my cock was hard & erect “Fancy a fuck” I said to Liz laughing “Oh go on then you sweet talking bastard” she laughed back Liz laid back on the bed, legs apart and I mounted her my cock sliding into her pussy with minimal effort. “Mmmm that’s nice” Liz moaned. I knew Liz liked it a little harder than Lisa so I started pumping hard from the start. I picked her legs up and put them over my shoulders – the deeper and tighter penetration this gave sent Liz wild “Oh God what you doing to me” she moaned in ecstasy “I’m gonna cum again” she said followed a moment later with “I’m cummminng” and a long moan of pure pleasure. “Put me down for a minute please Steve I can’t take any more “she asked as her head cleared. I put her legs down, then rolled us over so we were laid on our sides kissing and cuddling with my cock still buried deep in her pussy.Just then the door opened and Rob and Heather strolled in. I kind of got the feeling that Rob wanted to be alone with Liz so we untangled ourselves and I moved out of the way “Cheers mate “ said Rob as he laid next to Liz I grabbed Heather by the hand and dragged her out of the room and into the other spare bedroom. “How the hell did I end up alone with you” I said laughing “Must be fate” said Heather with a glint in her eyes “So are you gonna fuck me or what?” “OK” I replied “but let’s go into the main bedroom and join the rest” Walking into the main bedroom we came upon a most erotic sight – Dan with his cock buried in Lisa’s arse whilst she was eating Ally’s pussy. All three were evidently approaching huge orgasms and barely noticed us enter the room. Heather got on all fours next to Lisa and kneeling next to Dan I slid my cock easily into her wet & willing pussy. Heather decided to assist Lisa and lowered her head towards Ally’s pussy. Under the stimulation of two tongues Ally exploded into orgasm just moments later the sight and sound of that happening obviously proved too much for Lisa as her orgasm peaked and seconds later Danny pulled his cock out of her arse aiming it towards Ally – the first jet of sperm hit her face and the rest fell across her tits and stomach – Heather and Lisa made short work of licking it all up. Whilst this was going on I’d continued to thrust in and out of Heathers pussy and when Lisa started to gently rub her clit I knew her orgasm wasn’t far away. “Oh God, Oh God” moaned Heather as her orgasm approached “Don’t stop, keep fucking me, I’m gonna cum” she muttered. I felt her cunt muscles clamp down on my cock, and she shuddered in orgasm with a long, guttural moan. I slowed my thrusting and pulled out of her pussy “That was wonderful” said Heather quietly and turning to Lisa gave her a gentle kiss.“Are you gonna fuck me up the arse now Steve” asked Ally “If you’re sure that’s what you want” I replied “Oh yeah – I love anal – don’t I Dan?” she continued “Well I do seem to spend as much time up her arse as I do in her pussy” confirmed Dan. I reckoned Dan’s cock was an inch or so longer than mine but certainly not as fat and I remembered how tight Ally’s pussy was. Lisa had already started working on her – applying lube to her arsehole and slipping a couple of fingers inside while she was at it. She then turned her attention to me and worked the lube well into my cock. “Can I sit on it Steve?” asked Ally “Yeah sure, whichever you find best” I replied I shuffled up the bed so I was sat with my back on the headboard and Ally knelt facing away from me with her arsehole poised just above my cock. With my hands on her sides and Lisa guiding my cock Ally slowly lowered herself so my cock penetrated her tightest hole. “Oh fuck it’s big” Ally wailed as the first inch or so of my cock stretched her open. “Do you wanna stop?” I asked, a little concerned. “No, no” Ally said “Just take it slow” as she slid very slowly down my cock. Once the first couple of inches had opened her up the rest followed more easily until my entire cock was buried in her tight arsehole. “Fuck this feels good” Ally moaned. Lisa was rubbing gently around Ally’s pussy and clit increasing her arousal. Alongside me Heather was coaxing Dan back to life with her ever willing mouth. Ally had begun to move up and down my cock which sent shivers through both of us, Lisa was now licking feverishly at her clit “Don’t stop, don’t stop” said Ally to nobody in particular as her arousal grew and she thrust herself ever more forcefully up and down on my cock. I knew she was heading for a huge orgasm and I wasn’t far off myself the tightness of her arsehole bringing me to the brink. Lisa shoved three fingers deep into Ally’s pussy – I could feel them working their magic from within her arse. “I’m gonna cum” moaned Ally and seconds later it happened, the muscles in her arse contracted and she screamed in ecstasy before slumping back onto my chest “Oh fuck – that was unbelievable” she whispered “Did you cum Steve” she asked “Not yet” I replied “but I’m really close” “Do you wanna cum in my pussy” said Ally “Yeah that sounds good” I replied. She lifted herself off my cock, shuffled back a little and inserted it smoothly into her very wet pussy. “You’re soaking” I said “That’s down to you and Lisa” she replied with a smile. Lisa was still laid between my legs and started fondling my balls. Dan had recovered and fucked Heather to a quick orgasm and she joined Lisa between my legs. Ally was squeezing me tightly with her internal muscles and I knew I couldn’t last much longer. At the last moment Ally pulled my cock out of her pussy and Lisa closed her lips over it as I spurted down her throat. Ally rolled off me to embrace the still erect Dan and shortly afterwards led him to the spare bedroom. I pulled the quilt over the three of us – Lisa and I in each-other’s arms with Heather spooned into Lisa’s back.

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