A Baby Girl is Born Ch. 05


The A Baby Girl Is Born series is dedicated to my daddy…the man who knows me best, whose words make my hips wiggle, and who this baby girl was created for. For him I think and plan.

A Baby Girl Is Born: Shopping With Daddy

He was a local author and business owner, powerful, intelligent, and looking for a young woman to share his life and his bed. He had met hundreds of women and none of them were the right fit. He had a taste for the taboo daddy/daughter type relationship, but the modern emancipated women he’d met were not willing to play that role. They didn’t want to give over any power in a relationship. Until one day…

Previously on daddy’s living room floor…

They lay together on a pile of soft pillows, him spooning her with her head resting on his arm. In a drowsy haze he told her how much she meant to him and how he never thought he’d ever find her. She turned to face him looking into his eyes, kissed him and declared her heart to him. They kissed again and she snuggled into his chest, “Good night daddy…I love you.”

“I love you…my very special baby girl.” he sighed. “Tomorrow we will go shopping for your new dresses and we’ll begin the breastfeeding schedule.” and with that he drifted off to sleep with a satisfied smile on his face.

Before she fell asleep… He loves me she thought. We start the breastfeeding schedule tomorrow. Tomorrow he will be sucking and massaging my nipples all throughout the day…and night. How are we going to keep that schedule if he’s taking me shopping?! …out in public!

She remembered his words from earlier, “I’m going to have so much fun making you cum when we’re out.”

The couple slept the night away, tired after their first day of playing, warmed and lulled into a restful slumber by the crackling fire before them. She awoke suddenly as her orgasm hummed through her body. He had awoken earlier and began suckling her luscious nipples and the sensation infiltrated her dreams. He began suckling after placing a brief series of kisses on and around her full breast and only after hearing her soft mew he latched onto her nipple and began their breastfeeding schedule. She was dreaming about being at the library with her daddy’s hot hungry mouth tugging at her sensitive nipple while she straddled his lap in that conference room where she first became his baby girl. She could swear she felt his thick throbbing cock pushing, stretching her aching pussy open when her orgasm hit her suddenly waking her up. “Ooooh daddy!” she groaned her mind still in a sensual fog from her dream.

When he first woke up they were facing each other and he only needed to lean in and he had full access to her bountiful breasts. As he kissed and began suckling he was enveloped in the scent of her skin, the softness of her nipple on his tongue, and the intoxicating sounds of her sighs and mews. He nuzzled her warm full breast feeling her nipple grow under his lips and tongue and felt her hips gently grind up against his own growing hardness. His strong hand pulled her hips tight against him pulling her thigh up over his allowing his hard cock to slip between her sweet pink pussy lips. He started slowly sliding his hungry throbbing daddy cock against his baby girl’s wet little peach until he heard and felt her cum awake.

“Mmmmmm (he groaned against her nipple) good morning baby girl. Did daddy wake you?” he grinned up at her flushed face.

“Mmmm…yes you did daddy.” she cooed. “I was dreaming about you doing this to me and then I came and it woke me up! You can wake me up like that all the time daddy.” she blushed.

He lifted his mouth from her swollen nipple, “Oh I will baby girl…I will.” he grinned latching onto the other nipple and began suckling.

“Oh!” gasping at the heat of his mouth on her aching nipple. “Good morning daddy. Did you sleep well?”

She groaned as he hummed his yes against her breast, feeling his hot swollen daddy cock rubbing her sweet slippery wet pussy lips. “Daddy you’re making me wet. Baby girl’s little kitty is getting hungry too.” she mewed.

He kept sliding his growing cock between her chubby pink pussy lips and she started grinding her swollen clit against his hot shaft making him creamy wet with her slippery juices until he reared back and squeezed inside her hot hole. “OH daddy!” she gasped and closed her eyes at the full hot invasion of his thick hungry cock. He held himself tight and deep inside her only flexing, still suckling on her swollen sensitive nipple. She could feel his hot pre-cum wetting her warm velvety cunny and that familiar pleasure knot building up slow and sure.

Suddenly it overcame her and she squirted hard on his insistent cock, “FUCK DADDYYYYY!” She bucked up against him, her body quivering and shaking and he held her to him, pushing deep and suckling hard. She covered his cock, balls and pelvis, along with her own corresponding parts with her sweet slippery juice.

Words could not describe the pleasure he was feeling as her tight little cunt bahis firmaları held it’s vice grip on his throbbing cock. He rode out her orgasm trying to hold back his own but he was fighting a losing battle. Finally his natural fatherly instinct kicked in and he started plowing his baby girl’s pussy through her spasms and when she squirted again he gave it right back to her. Unlatching from her delicious nipple as he began unloading his nut deep inside her fertile cunt he growled with each creamy, daddy seed-filled shot, “That’s it baby girl…take daddy’s seed! Take it all like a good cum slut! That’s right… you love cumming on that cock don’t you. You’re such a good slut for daddy’s cock. Mmmmm! That’s my baby girl!”

“Oooooo…yes daddy! I love your cock! I can feel it swelling! OH! Daddy! I can feel it! It’s so hot!” When she squirted the last time all she could do was sob, shake, pant, and moan.

He held her to him until her luscious curvy body relaxed and she melted against his hard frame. She felt safe, satisfied, and loved in his strong embrace. Their hearts slowed as they caught their breath, he placed a tender kiss on her forehead and she tilted her head up to look at her daddy’s face. He was flushed and his eyes still held all the love and passion the two had just shared. They both leaned in for a tender kiss. He noticed for the first time that her kiss after cumming was more sensual. Now she was taking her time, leisurely tasting, touching, and exploring him with her little soft, sweet tongue…not like the rush of carnal lust at the beginning when she hungrily met his oral ravishment of her pink pouty mouth.

“Mmmmm…you taste so good baby girl I could feast on your sweet tender flesh all day. As a matter of fact that’s just what I am going to do.” he declared with a naughty smile. “We just had our first breastfeeding session but we will be having many, many more today…every three hours should be a nice start.”

“Yes daddy. You said we are going to shop today for all the things I will need, when will we be going? We kind of made a mess already (she giggled) and I figure by the time we get cleaned up, eat breakfast, and head out it will be time to feed you again (she blushed) while we are in the first store.”

He grinned even bigger, “Yes I know. Now let’s get cleaned up and get some food in us. We have a big day ahead of us.” He looked back at her after helping her to her feet, “…a very big day.”

She blushed and followed him into the bathroom. They showered together, soaping each other like before and he still gently kissed every part of her body he dried and she did the same. They carried their clothes with them and sat at the butcher’s table in the kitchen. She was famished and ready for food but loved watching her daddy moving about the kitchen, putting together a satisfactory meal for them both. He placed a glass of orange juice in front of her and a bottle of daily vitamins made especially for women who are trying to get pregnant. “Take two of these and we’ll pick up the herbs later today.” Being daddy’s good girl, she took the vitamins no questions asked.

They ate the delicious breakfast he had prepared, got dressed and headed out. He took her to a local nutrition shop where he had her wait in the SUV while he ran in and picked up the herbs he had called ahead for, taking the bottle out he handed her one. “Here munchkin, take this. There’s some cold water bottles in the glove box…it’s a cooler.” he grinned.

“Thank you daddy, you think of everything.” she smiled and took the herbs. “Where are we going next?”

“The boutique so we can get you enough wrap dresses to suit you for a couple of weeks. I want my baby girl looking stylish when she brings me lunch at my office.” He winked at her and loved how easily he could get her to blush.

They found the boutique, parked, and headed into the store. A middle aged woman greeted them and offered her help. He asked to see all their wrap dresses and after sizing her up the woman gathered about eight dresses and placed them in a large changing room. She headed into the changing room and he followed close behind. “Um…excuse me sir but there is a seat right here for you to wait for your daughter.”

“That’s okay, I always wait in the changing room with my baby girl because if I didn’t I’d never get to make sure she was properly covered. You know how these kids are today.” he joked.

He closed the door behind him and whispered to her, “Now let daddy see that luscious naked body of yours baby girl.”

She slipped out of her clothes while he chose a dress. She stood naked before him and smiled, raising her arms up so he could slip the dress over her heard. “Such a good girl to remember how daddy wants you dressed.” He stepped closer, with the dress over his shoulder and brought his hands to hers, running them down her arms, over her back, down her hips, pulling her against him and planting a kiss on her pouty lips. She could feel how hard his cock had gotten and sighed into his mouth. He slipped the dress over her head kaçak iddaa and smoothed it down over her full curves then turned her around so she faced the mirror.

The dress clung to her breasts and hips emphasizing her curves. He stood close behind her as she turned this way and that and finally he could no longer contain himself and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulled her against him and nuzzled her neck. She mewed and melted into his heat. His strong hands slid up to her breasts, squeezing and groping then (grabbing the neckline) pulled the dress to the side exposing her voluptuous breasts and whispered in her ear, “Daddy’s hungry baby girl. It’s about time for a feeding.”

He sat back on the bench pulling her with him and latched onto her erect nipple immediately. She gasped at the heat of his mouth and remembered where they were. The sudden noise cause the shop’s employee to give a little knock on the dressing room door and ask how things were going. “Fine…um, just fine. I just sat on the cold bench and it surprised me.” He kept suckling but while she was talking to the nosy woman he had pulled the skirt apart and began teasing her naked chubby pussy forcing her warm thighs to open allowing him better access to her creamy treasure.

“Oh!” she gasped as his fingers found her swollen clit just as the woman asked if she liked anything she had tried on. “Oh! Yes! I really like the green one.” trying to cover up her verbal outburst and blushing like mad.

“Oh that’s a pretty one and what does daddy think? Does the dress cover her appropriately? ” the woman chimed in.

He hummed the affirmative answer while suckling on her exposed tits and fingering her naked snatch. “That’s good. Then I’ll just leave you to try on the rest. Just give me a little shout if you need anything. And I must say you are a very lucky young lady to have such an understanding father. Most men don’t get that involved with their daughters nowadays.”

“Yes, daddy is very involved with me.” she almost giggled.

He let her swollen nipple pop out of his mouth and pulled his fingers from her juicy peach, licking his baby’s sweet nectar from them. “Mmmmm…now daddy needs to finish feeding so let’s get you into a better position. Let me sit in that chair and now straddle daddy’s lap. I want to feel your soft hands stroking my face and hair while I’m suckling that luscious rosy nipple. Feed your daddy baby.” And with that he kissed and then latched onto her nipple with his strong hands holding her hips tight against his growing hardness.

She was overwhelmed with his hot hungry mouth pulling and teasing her sensitive nipple, looking down at his warm brown eyes and the desire and love he had for her. It was as natural as breathing to sink her fingers into his hair, to stroke his face, and to curl her fingers at the nape of his neck, forgetting everything around them and moaning her pleasure.

“Is everything alright in there? It’s been about 20 minutes and I haven’t seen you in anything yet.” the woman’s voice came from outside the changing room door once again.

The abrupt interruption startled her out of her dream-like state and she blushed deeply thinking this woman had just heard her moaning. What must she think?! “N-no…um. I was just taking my time. I want to make sure I really like the dress before I decide what ones to get.”

“Why don’t you let me see how you look in the dress you have on right now and I can tell what I think. I have very good taste.” she offered.

Her daddy just smiled and suckled all the harder making her clit tingle with the thrill of getting caught. She blushed as she looked at their reflection in the mirror with her straddling her daddy’s lap the skirt part of the dress pulled apart and her breasts bursting through the top half with her daddy hungrily suckling her nipple. She could only imagine what the woman would think or say if she could see them. “Thank you but I’d rather not. Daddy and I have a firm grasp on the situation and he has very good taste too. We may be another 15 or 20 minutes before we’re done.”

“Do I have a good taste daddy? Do I taste sweet on your tongue?” she whispered the last question. He swirled his tongue around her nipple in response which made her gasp, “Thank you daddy. I like this one too.” She was embarrassed at first but now she was beginning to love this little public game.

They finished this session and he pulled the dress back over her aching breasts, kissed her on the forehead, and swatted her butt, “Is my baby girl feeling naughty? Your nipples are nice and hard baby and they look so beautiful straining against the material of that dress.” he rubbed his thumbs over them as he spoke.

She could feel his warm breath on her skin and missed the feel of his hot mouth on her nipples, “Daddy I want you really bad right now. My kitty is hungry and needs to cum.” She desperately wanted to grind her hips against his hard bulge and have him swat her ass again but he made her stand up and then he kissed her deeply.

“Not yet kitten. We have a kaçak bahis lot more shopping to do, but don’t worry. Daddy will make sure your hungry kitty gets fed her cream too.” She pouted but he added, “Daddy has more to teach you and one lesson is all about control. I’ll explain when the time is right. Trust me baby girl?”

“Yes daddy, I trust you.”

They gathered up all the dresses with the exception of the one she still wore and her clothes. He openly picked up her panties, held them to his face and inhaled deeply while gazing at her with a primal hunger that made her heart beat faster and her pussy ache, then he placed them in his pocket before they headed for the checkout. “We’ll take all of them but I want her to wear this one now.” He paid the woman and thanked her for her assistance. They loaded the bags into the SUV and headed for the next store.

While driving to the next shop he casually reached over, running his hand over her knee and up between her thighs so he could pet and play with her naked, wet little kitty sliding two fingers inside her aching cunt while using his thumb to circle her swollen clit. “My, my, my but my baby girl’s peach is just dripping with nectar isn’t it?” They pulled into the parking lot and he pulled his hand from between her thighs, lifting his fingers up and sucking them into his mouth, “Mmmmmm…so sweet too. Taste yourself baby.” He held his thumb up to her mouth where she eagerly pulled it into her mouth with her tongue, sucking her sweetness from him and nipping it just before he pulled it from her lips. “That’s my girl.” his deeply masculine voice intoxicated her.

He came over to open her door and she adjusted her new dress to cover herself before exiting the SUV but not before giving him an ample view of her sweet treasure. “You look beautiful in that dress munchkin. Now daddy thinks you may need some appropriate lingerie for when you’re not wearing your new dresses.” he helped her from the SUV and escorted her into the shop.

They approached the counter and he explained that his daughter needed some pretty nursing bras, and once the woman had placed a number of bras in the changing room he dismissed her and followed his baby girl into the changing room, leaving the shocked attendant behind. “Daddy!” she giggled. “What must she think about us?”

“That we are a very close family.” he teased as he pulled the dress over her head. Standing there naked she tried on the first bra and once it was in place he wasted no time unhooking the cups to reveal her luscious breasts topped with her swollen nipples, rosy from his earlier feeding. He kissed and nibbled each one making her gasp, murmuring against her skin, “Daddy’s still hungry.”

His deep husky confession made her hunger grow too. “Daddy (pulling away and kneeling at her daddy’s feet) your baby girl is hungry too.” She started to unbutton and unzip his pants and reached in to pull his thick cock out.

He looked down at his beautifully curvy baby girl, naked except for the bra that eagerly displayed her breasts, her small warm hands pulling his huge daddy cock out from his pants so she could feed herself. “What a naughty baby girl you are.” he teased. “So hungry that you just have to have daddy’s special man milk…OH!” All the while he was whispering to her she was stroking his growing cock until she opened her little pink lips and suckled his sensitive cock head causing him to gasp for a change.

The heat from her mouth, the suction of her tongue under the ridge of his cock was almost enough to bring him to his knees but the vision of her pink pouty lips wrapped around his fat daddy dick, her chin slowly getting wet with his pre-cum and her saliva made him groan loud enough to raise suspicions from the shopkeeper. “Ooooo…baby girl. I think we better save this fee-eeding for laterrrr.” he whispered in a husky growl.

She dismissed his words and pulled his cum-filler balls from his pants. With one hand she gently squeezed them while holding a firm grip on the base of his rock hard cock, her fingers not quite making it all the way around his throbbing shaft. She was hungry and wanted her daddy’s man milk now, so she started jerking her little hand up and down his shaft while swirling her soft pink tongue around the head until she felt his hips thrusting toward her.

He closed his eyes and tilted his head back because he was too far gone to try and stop her. It felt to damn good. He could feel his balls tighten up and knew he’d be busting his nut into her hot wet mouth soon, “Baby! Daddy’s gonna cum!” He opened his eyes and looked down at her luscious body, her huge breasts jiggling wildly as she worked hard on his throbbing daddy cock. “Fuck baby! Ooohhh fuck!” he groaned as he pumped shot after shot of his hot daddy cream into her hungry mouth.

She continued sucking until she swallowed every last drop and when she was done she sat back on her heels and smiled up at her daddy with a shiny wet chin. She was never more beautiful to him than at that moment. Her eyes glowed with a mischievousness, desire, and love as she got to her feet, pressing her body into his and bringing her arms around his neck to kiss him deeply. “Thank you daddy, I was getting really hungry.” she mewed against his lips.

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