A Beauty Treatment With A Difference


A Beauty Treatment With A DifferenceHi SusieI really had to write to you to tell you about the most amazing sexual experience I had yesterday, so mind-blowingly wonderful that I felt as if I had died and gone to heaven. My pussy is still tingling nearly 24 hours later, and just thinking about it I gives me a mini orgasm. In fact, when I was at work today I could hardly concentrate, and as soon as I got through the door this evening, I rushed upstairs, ripped off my clothes and masturbated for the next two hours with this stupendous new toy I was given. God, it was sooo fantastic.But I am getting ahead of myself, and you must think I have gone stark staring mad, so I will go back to the beginning. It all started totally by accident a week ago when I was in town running errands. I was coming out of the supermarket when I remembered that it was time for my regular beauty treatment and waxing. I was on my way to the beauty parlour when I spotted a new shop on the High Street, which was so seductive that I just had to pop in. It was obviously a new beauty parlour, but quite unlike any beauty parlour you have ever seen. As you know they all look rather stark and clinical, with the beauticians in white coats like doctors, but this one looked more like the entrance to Wonderland. The window display was almost entirely made up of photographic blow-ups of beautiful women — head and shoulders only — who all looked as if they were in ecstasy, against a background of crimson and rose pink silk d****s, below which were a number of expensive looking beauty products on crystal pedestals surrounded by a sea of rose petals. The name of the place was also different — Promise of Heaven — and a sign on the door said ‘Enter the gates of paradise for a totally transforming experience at the hands of our highly trained and sensitive staff, total discretion guaranteed’.Inside, the walls were entirely d****d in dark crimson silk, and the only furniture was half a dozen comfortable chairs covered in dark pink silk arranged around a glass coffee table. There was vaguely Eastern music playing quietly in the background, and the air was scented with a very subtle and seductive perfume. At one side there was a simple reception desk with a telephone and computer terminal, behind which sat a beautiful Asian girl dressed in a flowered sari, and at the rear was a door with a sign saying ‘Entrance to Paradise’. The receptionist looked up as I entered, and asked if she could be of any help. When I said that I would like to book a beauty treatment, she asked whether I just required a facial, or something more exotic. I asked what she meant exactly, and she replied that they could offer a full body massage, waxing, and what she called a very special toning service. When I asked about the price she gave me a leaflet, but said that she could recommend the full treatment, and that she was certain that I would not be disappointed. I must admit the full treatment was rather expensive, and much more than I normally paid, but then on a whim I thought “Why not, a girl needs to be pampered sometimes,” so I booked a four hour session for 11 o’clock yesterday.I was a few minutes early arriving yesterday, and after I had told her my name, the receptionist — a different but equally beautiful girl — asked me to take a seat and asked me if I would like a glass of wine while I was waiting. I said that that would be very nice, and after she has served me from a bottle beneath her desk, picked up the phone and spoke very quietly into it for a few seconds, and then said that one of their beauticians would be with me shortly.On the stroke of eleven, the door at the rear opened and the beautician entered and walked towards me. Susie, you could have knocked me over with a feather. Instead of the young woman I expected, I was shocked to see a very attractive young man with olive skin and longish dark hair tied back with a scarlet silk ribbon. He was dressed in a pair of loose white silk trousers and a deep red sleeveless silk tunic which showed off a pair of smoothly muscled arms ending in strong bahis firmaları hands with perfectly manicured tapering fingers. When he reached me, he bowed slightly and offered me his hand, which he touched lightly to his lips.“Good morning Madame. My name is Raoul, and I have the privilege to be your guide to heavenly beauty today,” he said in a slightly accented deep voice, “if you would kindly like to follow me we can begin your treatment, which I am sure you will find exceeds all your expectations. I promise that you will leave here as a completely new and fulfilled woman.”Once we had passed through the door from which he had come, we entered a short corridor with two doors on each side and two further doors at the end. My guide opened the first door on the left and ushered me into a small dressing room decorated in a similar fashion to the outer foyer. Inside there was a single bed and a small closet for clothes on one side, and on the other, an alcove leading to a small bathroom with a toilet, shower and wash basin.“Madame,” he said in the same polite way as his greeting, “if you would care to remove your clothes now — they will be perfectly secure — and after you have used the toilet and showered, just press the bell push by the door. There is a robe in the closet which you may put on, although for most of the treatment it is essential that you are naked. There is no need by the way to dry your hair. For the first part of your treatment I will wash your hair and massage your scalp. After that I will give your face and neck a deep cleansing massage, and finally I will apply oils and creams made from special herbs to your hair and skin which will feed them and will enhance your natural beauty many fold.”At this point my mind was in a turmoil, but Raoul was so professional and formal in his manner, that I felt totally safe, and determined to enjoy this experience to the full. I have also got to admit that Raoul was extremely attractive, and I felt the first small stirrings of desire.When I was ready, I pressed the bell and Raoul appeared immediately and led me through the left hand door at the end of the corridor into a small room that was very like that in a normal hairdressing salon. This part of the treatment took about half an hour during which I put myself entirely in Raoul’s hands, and what wonderful hands they were — strong and sensitive at the same time and many times more skilled than any hairdresser or beautician I had known before. By the time he had finished massaging the unguents into the skin on my face and neck I was in a dreamy state of utter relaxation, and my body was beginning to tingle at the thought of what might follow.Raoul then led me by the hand into the second room with mirrors on the walls and ceiling. Inside there was a normal massage table, a chair with stirrups like a birthing chair, and a piece of electrical equipment on a stand. When I looked questioningly at the electrical apparatus, Raoul was quick to sense my alarm.“Madame, please don’t be frightened. We use a revolutionary piece of apparatus for toning the muscles of your pelvic region and your rectum to bring them to a peak of perfection. The process uses vibrations over a range of frequencies from a few Hertz right up to the ultrasonic to achieve remarkable results and I’m sure that your husband will fully appreciate the improvement.”(I didn’t think it necessary to tell him that I rarely saw my husband, who spent months at a time trying to capture on film sound obscure a****l or bird in a remote location far removed from civilisation. And when he was home he was usually too exhausted to give me the satisfaction I craved. I was also pretty sure that he was screwing that bitch of a producer who always seemed to be in his team — when I challenged him he would come out with some nonsense about the vital relationship between producer and cameraman.)Raoul went on, “First of all though, I must remove all the hair around from around your rectum and between your legs using a combination of a vibrating disposable razor and waxing strips. This is a very kaçak iddaa intimate process, and I will need you to trust me entirely. So please remove your robe and sit in the chair with your legs in the stirrups so that I can have complete access to your entire pelvic region.”Susie, I don’t need to tell you that waxing can sometimes be rather painful, but in Raoul’s sensitive hands it was a wonderful and arousing experience. The gentle way he caressed my mound and parted my lips so that he could remove every last vestige of pubic hair sent me into territories of sensual pleasure that I hadn’t hitherto known existed. I wondered if every client was dripping wet by this stage, because I certainly was and I could feel my juices running down to my little puckered flower. By the time he had finished to his satisfaction I was beginning to tingle all over, and every nerve ending was alive in expectation. His touch was exquisite, and when he bent and kissed my little rosebud and all the way up my slit from my vagina to my clit, I really was in heaven.“Now we can begin the toning process,” Raoul said, “but first I must show you the apparatus and explain how it works.”He then opened a small cupboard in the electrical console and took out a metal device. The base was about nine inches long by three wide and subtly curved in such a way that it would fit intimately over the area between rectum and pubic mound. At one end were two probes one in front of the other. The rear probe was about three inches long by an inch in diameter, the other was about six inches long by an inch and a half in diameter. There was a cable attached to the device which Raoul plugged into the console.Raoul then explained how the device worked, “this device is state of the art and is made of titanium which is light and strong and feels warm to the touch. The two probes fit into your rectum and vagjna, and the base presses against your pelvic area and covers your clitoris. Each section can function independently and it contains sensors to measure the response of your various muscles so that it can adjust the level and frequency of the vibrations as necessary. It is also applies lubricant through small holes in the surface of the metal. It may feel a little uncomfortable when I fit it in place, but once it is operating you will find the sensations extremely pleasurable, and I expect that you will experience a succession of orgasms.”Although I was very wet with my juices Raoul applied some special lubricant to each of the probes before fitting the device to my pelvic region and holding it in place with straps. Next he put a metal clamp on each of my nipples and then switched the device on and stood back. Within seconds I felt the most wonderful sensations in my rectum and vagina and over my clitoris, and waves of exquisite pleasure began to radiate throughout my whole body. I closed my eyes and abandoned myself to my first climax, followed by another and another of increasing intensity until I was in a state of almost permanent orgasm. I lost all sense of the passage of time such was my state of ecstasy, and I was only vaguely aware of my moans and screams as I mounted from peak to peak of pleasure until I entered what can only be described as sexual paradise.At some stage I felt the chair tilting backwards and opening my eyes I saw Raoul standing naked at my head. His penis was long and erect with a shiny bulbous head at the end of a slightly curved shaft, and his heavy balls were dangling just above my mouth.“It is now necessary to test your osculatory abilities,” he said, “so that we can devise a training programme to hone them to a peak of perfection. When you leave we will give you a training device shaped like a cock which you can use in all three of your orifices. There is a small computer in the scrotum to control a number of motors in the shaft, and sensors to measure your responses. We will also give you schedule which your should follow daily until your next appointment.”Raoul then lowered his balls which I suckled eagerly, while the vibrations from the device between kaçak bahis my legs increased in intensity again until I entered an even higher state of paradise. He then tilted my head back and slipped his cock between my open lips and a started to fuck my mouth slowly and insistently while tweaking the nipple clamps in time with his thrusts. He felt so good in my mouth, his shaft throbbing and quivering as I sucked him deeper into my throat in total abandonment to sexual pleasure..After a while Raoul withdrew, switched off the machine and allowed me to float slowly down from my state of divine euphoria.“You have done very well,” he said, “but after a few weeks of treatment you will attain a state of unbelievable ecstasy when you are making love. It is necessary for me to assess your progress now, and I can only do that by inserting my cock into your vagjna and fucking you. This will help me to feel how good your muscular control is as well as the speed of your response to stimulation. I will then repeat this after I have given you a full massage when I will take things to the ultimate level and ejaculate inside you, which should trigger a further climactic episode. Unfortunately a complete assessment is only possible if two cocks are inserted simultaneously in your rectum and vagjna, but I will have a good idea of your sexual functioning by the end of this session. However I would like you to book the full treatment plus bonuses for your next appointment.”Tilting the chair back to a more upright position, Raoul stood between my wide open thighs and slid his cock between my swollen lips deep into my vagina and began to fuck me in the same deliberate way he had fucked my mouth, gradually increasing the rhythm of his thrusts until I re-entered a state of rapture as another orgasm ripped through my quivering flesh.Raoul allowed me to come back to earth before helping me out of the chair and instructed me to lie face down on the massage table. With strong firm strokes he massaged my back and shoulders followed by my feet and legs. He then gave his attention to my buttocks, kneading and parting them before finally probing the muscles around my anus, slipping a finger of each hand into my rectum to stretch the sphincter while telling me to alternately squeeze and relax so that I could learn how to gain complete control over the sphincter muscles. When he was satisfied he told me to turn over so that he could massage my breasts and pussy. His fingers appeared to possess an intelligence of their own and with subtle changes of pressure he kept me on the edge of ecstasy for many minutes until I could stand it no more and begged him to fuck me again, and fill me with his seed.When he did fuck me, it was with a savagery that had been absent before and when he stiffened and started to pump his hot cum deep inside me I convulsed in another orgasm of unbelievable power, totally abandoned to extremes of sexual pleasure so great that I lost all conscious awareness of my surroundings, my whole being subsumed by the sensations in my cunt and clitoris.When I was able to stand with his aid, Raoul led me back to the dressing room and told me that after I had showered and cleaned myself of sweat and cum, I could rest as long as I needed until I felt able to drive myself home.Susie, yesterday was a life changing experience. I had no idea that sexual pleasure could be so intense and wonderful. I have booked a further five sessions and I will be using the training device several times a day. And what a device it is. It may look like an ordinary dildo but it is far more realistic — you know how the scrotum at the base of the shaft is normally just a rigid lump of plastic, well these balls move like the real thing. And the sensations are just unimaginably stimulating; once you have slid it into your cunt, you just can’t stop coming, better than being fucked in some way — and it never gets bored or tired.I must dash now for another appointment with my hot little friend, and my cunt is already tingling in anticipation of another hour of delight. You really must book a session for yourself as soon as possible – you won’t regret it, and you will discover for yourself what it is like to enter heaven — not the promise of heaven, but paradise assured.Hugs and kissesYour best friendLinda

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