A black plumber in our bathroom

Cock Slap

A black plumber in our bathroomEarly morning my loving hubby had woken up early and he was getting ready for his office. I went to the kitchen to prepare a nice breakfast.Our pleasant chat was suddenly interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell.Victor went to answer the door.A minute later he came back, followed by a tall black man in overalls who stood a pace behind my husband.It was the plumber, he announced and I asked if something was broken.Victor said one of the pipes of our bathroom needed some attention.Then I went with them to the upstairs bathroom. As we get into the bathroom, Michael, the plumber, made my hubby step back and he entered behind me. Then he closed the door, leaving my hubby alone at the alleyway.I looked at this black man and he smiled with an evil grin in his face. “Your Master Jerome told me I could come here whenever I wanted…”So, Jerome again was sending another huge black man to fuck me…Then he suddenly unzipped his overall and he took out a very huge black cock. It was very thick and long. It was now almost fully erect.I could not believe my eyes what was happening at home. I opened my mouth to yell, but this black man put his hand onto my red lips and my cries for help sounded barely muffled…He made me turn around to press my belly against the lavatory.Then he hiked up my skirt and pulled bahis firmaları my thong down to my knees.With one hand still covering my mouth, this black bastard started to slid his huge cock into my wet cunt. I gasped, but he slid easily into me.I felt my cunt very well lubricated and he pushed in just one quick motion.He thrust in and out of my wet cunt in a steady pace; suddenly the door opened and Victor watched at us from the alleyway. I saw his red face in the mirror, as the black guy pumped with no mercy his huge cock in my cunt.“Sorry, honey…” It was the only words I could mutter to my husband…Now Michael had slipped his both hands to my hips and he was pumping my body with powerful strokes; as he looked at my hubby through the mirror.“You are a lucky man… your slutty little wife loves my black cock…”And the bastard was right. I loved his huge black cock buried to the hilt inside of my hungry pussy and I wanted him to fuck me even harder.“Fuck me, Michael… fuck me harder… my cunt is yours…” I whispered.Then I felt him slamming his thick dick harder and faster, very deep in me.“Love my black cock?… Say it, bitch!” And the bastard stopped his strokes. “Noooo, please… keep me fucking, you, nigger bastard…” I cried…Michael laughed and he resumed his wild attack on my back.He made me cum. A shuddering orgasm kaçak iddaa washed my entire body from my cunt and I tried to avoid showing my pleasure to Victor; because I did not want to humiliate him in front of this brute black man…But Michael noticed my juice onto his cock and he laughed at my hubby.“Your white bitch had come on my black cock already… and she loved it”He announced, as he kept pumping his huge rod into me…Victor then turned around and he went downstairs. Michael redoubled his attack on my cunt, hitting me with long hard strokes.Now I cried out loud, feeling pain and pleasure at the same time.His thick black cock was killing me; it was stretching me like nobody had ever done before; but I loved the burning feeling on the walls of my pussy. He made me came two more times on his dick, before I could sense a real burning sensation when his lava type semen hit the bottom of my wet cunt.Michael slipped out slowly and he whispered in my ear I was the best white married slut he had ever fucked so silly in front of her own cuckold hubby.He grabbed my tits from behind and laughed as he massaged them between his heavy black hands… Now it was my turn, he announced.Then he grabbed my hair and made me get on my knees in front of him.I saw closer this giant dark rod that had been stretching my cunt so good.“Suck kaçak bahis me, bitch… show me your appreciation for fucking you so good…”Michael said, as he shoved his cockhead between my red lips.He made me gag on his dick, but then I found a steady pace to suck and lick him until it was clean again.Michael suddenly grunted and he came in my mouth. His salty semen drove me crazy and I wanted him to fuck me again. I begged him almost in tears.But the bastard smiled and said he was done for the day.He added my husband should enjoy my asshole tonight, since my cunt had become very stretched for his tiny white dick…When I went with Michael to the front door; my beloved husband had already left for his work. I called him; but he did not answer the phone.I enjoyed a warm shower and fingered myself again to orgasm, thinking it was Michael`s black cock buried deep inside of my horny cunt. Later at evening I waited for Victor’s arrival. I put on a seductive transparent black gown and just a couple of sexy high heeled sandals; nothing else.My husband came home and found me dressed like this, lying on the sofa.He got me in his arms and carried me to our bedroom upstairs.He threw me onto our marital bed, facing down and told me to lay there quiet. Then he undressed in less than five seconds.I felt his weight onto my back and his hands spreading out my buttocks.Then I told him my cunt was really sore from Michael’s attention.Victor just laughed:“I thought all day about fucking you in your nice tight ass…”Then I closed my eyes and started to feel pain…

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