A Brief Encounter


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Our eyes lock and everything else fades away. I’m momentarily frozen in place. I feel my heart quicken and a rush of warmth between my legs.

You flash a half grin and I swear I can see your eyes dilate as they move over my body hungrily, even from across the room. I gently chew the corner of my lower lip as my own eyes caress your form.

Your tongue flicks oh so quickly across your lips. The thought of other things that soft pink tongue could do elicits a soft moan and my eyes flutter closed for a long, delicious moment. The brief blink breaks our sexually charged stare down, and my legs suddenly remember how to move.

I take a small step toward you, but the almost imperceptible shake of your head stops me. I scan your face for a sign, your smile spurs my confidence and I glance quickly toward a dimly lit corridor before I turn and walk towards it. I know you’re following; I can feel your eyes taking in the sway of my hips.

I turn a corner, leading us deeper into the cloaking darkness, seeking an appropriate location for our encounter. As I move into a small recess in one wall, I feel you suddenly behind me. Your warmth washes over me, raising goosebumps on my heated flesh.

You push me gently but insistently into the wall placing your arms on either side of me, your hands resting slightly above my head. My palms and forearms lay against the cool plastered wall, you press into me and I feel your breath on my neck as you brush my hair aside and place a soft kiss where my neck and shoulder meet. I exhale quickly, releasing a breath I’d been holding since feeling you against me.

Your hips grind slowly into me and I gasp at the feel of your impressive erection before you take a small step back, allowing me to turn around within the circle of your arms.

Emboldened by the lust blazing in your emerald eyes, I wrap one hand around your neck bahis firmaları and grasp some of your silky hair in the other, pulling your face to mine, perhaps more roughly than strictly called for. Your lips are soft and firm against mine. I lick at the seam of your mouth and you open to me, my tongue finds yours, asking it to dance. You oblige with a swirl of your tongue on mine. Your moan matches mine and our hips meet in an erotic dance of their own.

I pull away, or maybe you do, to catch my breath. Our eyes find each other again, each of us unable to look away. You lean in slowly, brush your lips ever so lightly on mine. This kiss is gentle, we explore and learn one another. Your taste is intoxicating. We both pull back slightly, your palm cups my face, your other hand at the small of my back tracing lazy circles. My hand pressed against your heart finds its rhythm matches my own’s, the other holds you as close as possible.

With a gentle kiss to your neck, I slide down your body, quietly desperate to taste the iron hard length that has been trapped between our joined bodies. I can feel my pussy practically begging as I release the button and unzip your pants. I pull down your boxer briefs and reveal your beautiful cock. You’re so hard that it jumps and slaps gently against your stomach.

I can’t wait, so I don’t. I lean forward and lap eagerly at the pre-come pooled in your slit. The sweet salty slickness coats my tongue and I’m not sure if it’s me or you or both of us that moans as I take your flared head into my mouth. Your skin is impossibly soft between my lips. As I move up and sown your length, bobbing my head, I smile at the sounds I’m causing you to make. Your legs are shaking slightly and you wrap your fingers in my hair, beginning to thrust into my mouth as you brace one arm on the wall.

A distant voice bounces down the hallways around the corner from where we are ensconced, the thought if being caught sends a new rush of wetness to dampen my panties. Then, your kaçak iddaa voice reaches me, and everything else is forgotten.

“Fuck… Too close…” An almost pained sound from your lips, and you pull me up to kiss me hungrily. Your hand, the one not still tangled in my hair, traces down my side, squeezes my hip gently, then glides down and around to knead my ass, lifting me to wrap my leg around you. My pleasured gasp seems to spur you on and you continue down to lift my skirt and your other hand releases my hair to snake its way between my thighs, teasing my slit through my soaking panties. I groan against your mouth, a protest, imploring you to enter me.

Your self satisfied smile briefly breaks our kiss and I feel your teeth on my lips before you nip at the bottom one. Your playful nip distracts me as your long, thick finger finally pushes into my aching pussy. It’s so incredible, I momentarily can’t breathe. I throw my head back, narrowly avoiding hitting my head. As your thumb grazes my clit a second finger joins the first you find my g-spot with your talented digits. Wrapping both legs tightly around your hips, I can’t help but thrust against them, fucking myself on your fingers in tempo with your movements.

My orgasm is almost a surprise as I come, a rush of fluid coats your hand. I sigh regretfully when you pull your fingers away. You lift them to your lips and suck gently; we both groan and you offer them to me, as I taste myself your dick twitches against my thigh. Pressing my mouth to yours, I push my tongue into yours and we share the last bit of my juices.

Greedily, I reach for the heavy weight pressed to my leg and guide it to my entrance. It throbs, hot and pulsing in my hand. I push down as you thrust up to meet me. Your cock slides into me, aided by my moments ago orgasm and your steadily released pre-come. You fill me perfectly, and it feels so right that I sigh; I hear your own relieved exhalation as we both revel briefly in being joined. I rock against you, silently kaçak bahis telling you to move.

We quickly find a rhythm, starting slowly. The head of your dick glides torturously gently across my g-spot, your balls tap at me gently as my ass meets your thighs. You shift, bracing me against the wall to free an arm; you move your arm between us and tease my clit with your thumb. We’re both panting too much now to allow for more than a brief kiss as our pace quickens, both of us desperately reaching for orgasm. I bury my head in your shoulder as you nuzzle yours into my hair, nipping at my neck.

A whimper escapes me as you start to lick at the shell of my ear, when you nibble my ear lobe I have to bite into your shoulder to keep from screaming and announcing our liaison.

“Now.” Your softly growled command triggers my release, and as I trip over the edge headlong into a toe-curling orgasm, I cling to you like a woman possessed, almost afraid if I let go I’ll fly apart. My clenching spasm must signal your own orgasm, as your balls tighten I feel them draw away from me. Your thrusts grow more frantic, not quite allowing me to calm. As your cock pulses inside of me, your come flooding me, I come again. The chorus of our combined cries, only slightly muffled by a renewed kiss, is so much better than the music from the club that is only now starting to creep back into my awareness, having been pushed to the edge of my consciousness since the moment our eyes connected.

“God, baby, what you do to me.” you mumble into my hair as I slip my legs from around your waist and you lower me to the floor. I smile and kiss your lips as I reach down and fasten your pants. We spend a long moment embracing and calming each other with soft kisses before moving slightly apart to smooth clothing and hair, a mostly pointless attempt to look less like we just fucked in a dark nightclub corridor.

One last kiss and a mutual caress or two, we step further apart, smiling.

I cup your lightly stubbled cheek.

“I love you too babe. See you at home.”

A quick peck on your cheek and I turn and walk back toward the sound of the DJ’s best efforts to entice dancers to the floor. I know you follow me.

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