A Camping Anniversary to Remember


Stepping out of the air conditioned station wagon, Al and Kim felt waves of summer heat scorching their skin. After driving for three solid hours, he stretched and took in the deserted, dusty campground – some twenty tent sites vaguely partitioned by straggly-looking shrubs, and a few larger RV spots with electrical outlets. But at least the lake looked deep enough to swim.

Why the hell did Kim’s family pick this place for their reunion, he wondered. Was it nicer when they came here thirty years ago? And why this particular weekend, when we could have been celebrating our anniversary alone at a nice hotel?

But as often happened, Kim had a different perspective.

“This feels just like when I was a kid,” she marvelled. “Mom and Dad would bring us here at the start of July, and all our cousins would be camping too. Look at the lake – we’d have such a blast for a whole week out there, swimming off the dock, gorging on hot dogs. I can’t believe we’re all doing it again.”

Watching his buxom blond wife wax enthusiastic about the reunion, Al went along with her.

“Yeah, it’ll be fun when everyone gets here on Friday,” he said, trying to sound like he meant it. “Too bad Jackie decided to spend this time with her university friends at that music festival.”

Kim shrugged at this, and then flashed him a wicked grin. “Kids grow up, darling, even ours. And think of it this way – I know you wanted some anniversary time. Looks like maybe we have two days here alone. And I promise to keep my phone turned off, swear to god.”

Well, Al was realizing, this might not be so bad after all. His mind began to wander to the possibilities of two days alone with his wife, wearing her hot new bikini, the one with the cutouts on the bottoms. Kim might have put on a few more pounds, he thought, but she still looked great with a wider behind and bigger boobs.

Now he could see starting the afternoon with a sandwich and a cold beer on the beach, rubbing sunscreen into Kim’s back and legs. Maybe he could even cajole her into tanning topless like she did that time at the resort in Florida. That would prime the pump for some after-dark action in their big new eight-person tent. Nothing like a vacation to get the juices flowing, he decided, especially after twenty-one years of marriage.

“Hey, get busy there, buster,” she yelled. Startled out of his daydream, Al saw that Kim was already hauling gear out of the wagon. He jumped into action, helping to dump everything into the closest campsite. Before long, the tent was up, the suitcases were inside, the air mattress was pumped up, and Kim was happily stripping out of her travel clothes.

Al felt his dick stiffen as he watched Kim peel off her white granny panties. When she bent over to grab the bikini, he could see her pussy lips, set off nicely by a few wisps of blonde pubic hair. Kim had never even trimmed her bush – why bother, when it wasn’t dark or thick enough to hide anything?

“How about a little nap time, baby?” he suggested, taking his own cargo shorts and briefs off.

He could see that Kim was tempted, tentatively eyeing his cock as she pulled on her bottoms. Holy fuck, he thought, she looks so good standing there with those big tits on display.

But after a moment, she shrugged off the suggestion. “I’m so hot and sweaty after that drive, honey,” she said. “Let’s cool off in the lake first. Then maybe we can have some fun before supper, OK?”

No point in complaining, Al figured, putting his own suit on. But may as well push the envelope a bit while he could.

“Sure, Kim. But do your poor hubby one little anniversary favour. This place is deserted today, but maybe not tomorrow. How about you leave your top off and work on that tan for a couple hours?”

“Now that sounds like fun! Let’s grab the floaties and hit the water.”

Al’s jaw dropped as Kim unzipped the tent fly, stepping outside completely topless. She hadn’t acted like this in years, he thought, remembering to grab sunscreen and towels before she changed her mind. But Kim was already jogging down to the shore, tits bouncing around, giggling like a kid. It took him a few minutes to catch up, hauling loungers and umbrellas back and forth. By then, she was way out in the water, up to her waist and splashing around. He took a moment to grab the waterproof disposable camera he’d picked up earlier, snapping a few photos of his spouse at play. Golden memories, he thought; I’ll be jacking off to these babies someday when we’re older.

He managed to convince Kim to put on some sunscreen, thoroughly enjoying his part in the process. For the better part of an hour, the couple frolicked in the lake, swimming out past the old wooden dock to a raft anchored a hundred yards from shore. It wasn’t much of an athletic feat, since the lake was so warm and shallow, but the exercise was great after the long trip.

Then it was time for that cold beer while they dried off back at the loungers. Thirst quenched, Al took a few bahis firmaları more photos, feeling his erection pop back up as he framed Kim’s boobs for each shot. She didn’t say anything, but she was studying the tent in his swimsuit with renewed interest.

“Time to take that nap now, maybe?” he suggested, squeezing his cock suggestively. Kim sat up and gave him an agreeable smile, tugging on her nipples to see his reaction. He nearly dropped the camera.

And then they both heard it: the cough and whine of a wheezing engine. Damn it, Al realized. Somebody else is actually driving into this dumpy little campground, just when Kim is feeling frisky. To his dismay, she grabbed the bikini top, tying it behind her back before anyone could see her topless.

Around the bend came a rusty orange Toyota Corolla, sounding much the worse for wear. It shuddered to a stop beside a campsite, and after a few moments both doors opened.

“Hi there, neighbours,” shouted the driver, giving a friendly wave. “Looks pretty quiet here today. Sorry to disturb the peace.”

“No problem, buddy,” Al called back, cursing inwardly. “Sounds like you have a little car trouble.”

The driver frowned. “Yeah, it’s not good,” he said, walking down toward the beach. “I’m Terry, this is my wife Annette,” he added, redundantly pointing to the slim redhead sizing up the campground with an anxious frown. The young couple looked to be in their early 20s, Al decided, and this Annette was a total knockout – peaches and cream skin, big blue eyes, long shapely legs. Not much of a bust, he guessed, but she would look pretty sweet laid out on a beach lounger.

Poor Terry related their tale of woe. On their way to camp for a week at Pleasant Pines, the big regional lake two hours further down the highway, the red engine light of their Toyota came on a few miles back before the closest town. They pulled into the local mechanic, who found the source of their cooling system trouble with no difficulty. The problem was, the replacement parts wouldn’t arrive until tomorrow afternoon. Unwilling to break their limited budget even further for a night in the town motel, Terry and Annette had decided to refill the radiator and get as far as this campground.

But there was more to the story. Al felt his spirits wilt as Terry explained that their plan was to pick up a tent at the WalMart closer to Pleasant Pines. Everything else they needed was in the Toyota, but they’d be sleeping under the stars tonight.

“Don’t say it, baby, don’t say it,” Al mumbled, too low for anyone to hear. But of course Kim, in the race for the world’s nicest woman, didn’t even hesitate.

“You can’t do that,” she cried. “The mosquitos would eat you kids alive. We have that great big tent, there’s plenty of room to set up your air mattress and sleep there for one night. And I won’t take no for an answer.”

Al knew better than to challenge his headstrong wife. He’d just have to make the best of it.

“You sure?” Terry asked. He looked over at Annette, who looked deeply relieved at the offer as she nodded yes.

That clinched it. Before long, the young folks were all fixed up on the other side of the tent, and Kim was busy talking about supper options. Al and Terry did some perfunctory man-talk about the weather and the hazards of prairie driving, and Annette popped back into the tent to change for a pre-supper dip. When she emerged, Al gulped and tried not to stare. The redhead was wearing a green thong bikini that left little to the imagination, and at first glance, she appeared to have a genuine all-over tan.

“Terry, maybe you should put some sunscreen on my back,” she said, holding out a big tube of water-resistant SPF 60 to her husband.

Al did his best to act nonchalant while Terry dutifully rubbed the cream carefully across her back, then into her butt cheeks, framed beautifully by the skimpy thong. Then he casually watched Annette skip down towards the water, followed a moment later by Terry, who stopped just long enough to drop his cargo shorts and chase his wife, dressed only in colourful tight briefs.

“Oh my god, Al, aren’t they a couple of sweethearts,” said Kim. “Kinda makes you frisky, doesn’t it… I know I feel that way!”

Al had to laugh. Terry was a good-looking guy, tall and well-built, with dark curly hair, and quite the bulge in those briefs. He knew from their occasional porn night at home that nothing got Kim wet faster than looking at a thick cock.

“You got us into this, honey,” he replied, slapping her ass. “We might as well enjoy the view. Look at that tiny little bikini. Do you think she does the full wax, or does she keep a little landing strip?”

“Oh, she’s really got you going, you dirty old man,” Kim laughed, punching his arm in retaliation. “I’ll try to find that out, right after I see how big Terry’s cock is.”

The banter went on while Kim fired up the grill to barbecue burgers and foil-wrapped veggies, slapping Al’s hands away when kaçak iddaa he tried to untie her top.

Half an hour later, they were all sitting at a rickety wooden picnic table, topping off the meal with ciders from Terry’s styrofoam cooler. By now, Al was feeling no pain, savouring the view – Annette with most of her boobs and bum on display in that skimpy suit, and his own wife with her big cleavage and ample backside. Kim was also getting a kick out of the situation, judging by the nipples poking at the fabric of her swim top. She seemed especially interested whenever Terry got up help flip the burgers or pull another cold one out of the cooler. Meanwhile, Terry had a big goofy grin on his face whenever Kim walked around or bent over. Annette was as cute as they came, Al thought, but most men married to a size 6 woman love to see a big gal too.

Eventually the temperature began to drop, and the mosquitos came out, forcing the women back to the tent for bug spray and more suitable evening wear. Too good to last, Al knew, as they bent over to step carefully through the tent flap. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Terry lick his lips and take another long sip of cider. Which woman is he staring at, Al wondered. For himself, he’d take Kim’s plump bottom and tits any day, but Annette was a gorgeous girl – a bit on the skinny side, but he wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers.

“Look at the time,” the young woman was saying a bit later, snapping Al out of a pleasant fantasy. “You folks have been so great to put us up and give us supper, I hardly know how to thank you. But I think it’s time for a quick shower, right Terry?”

As Kim began explaining the campground’s rather primitive shower arrangements, Al was contemplating joining her for a bit of soapy adventure before they hit the sack. He could almost see himself easing a middle finger into her slick bum to make sure it was squeaky clean…

But much to his consternation, Kim had her own ideas about the pecking order for access to the campground’s only shower room. “Me and Annette first,” she announced. “You guys can watch the stars for a few minutes while us ladies clean up.”

The women disappeared into the tent for a few minutes, longer than seemed really necessary. Finally, Kim emerged, carrying her towel, soap, and toothbrush, and flannel pajama shorts and tee.

Taking her aside for a moment, Al whispered, “If we were still alone we’d be showering together right now.”

“I know, I know,” she whispered back, touching his arm and giving him a wink. “But trust me on this one, honey. You ready, Annette?” she called out.

“Ready, Kim, show me the way,” Annette replied, stepping out of the tent with her own towel kit and nightwear. The women headed off into the evening gloom, following a well-worn path towards the light outside the shower building. Al could hear their quiet murmurings for a few seconds, then just the chirp of the crickets.

“Well, I hope tomorrow goes better for you two,” he told Terry, trying to make small talk while they waited for their wives.

“Mmmm,” came the reply. “Oh, oh yeah, totally. But today was really good in the end, you know? You guys have been lifesavers.”

Nodding agreement, Al replied, “Glad to help. And Kim and I still have a day to ourselves before the outlaws all arrive.”

The two men sat in companionable silence, draining the last sips of apple cider and gazing up at the Milky Way. Before long they heard footsteps on the path, and some muffled giggles.

“Your turn, guys,” Kim called out. “We’ll warm up the sleeping bags for you!”

Al waved Terry to take the first trip to the shower room, and then it was his own turn. Feeling clean again, he zipped the tent flap closed and snuggled into bed. Once again, Kim had a surprise for him. There was no sign of the flannel pajamas; she was simply naked inside the double sleeping bag.

“It’s still pretty warm,” she explained. “Don’t you think so, baby?”

And with that, Kim pulled Al closer, giving him a slow, deep kiss. Then she was nibbling on his ear, and one hand was exploring inside his sleeping shorts. Al sighed happily, relishing the attention – until he suddenly recalled where they were.

“Quiet, honey,” he whispered. “We have company, remember?”

Licking his ear again, Kim whispered back. “Oh I remember, big guy. And I also remember seeing you get hard checking out Annette’s bum.”

Al was about to defend himself, but she hushed him with a finger to his lips. “Hey, who could blame you? Not me. I was sitting there wondering if Terry’s cock is as big as it looked inside his briefs.”

Holy fuck, Al thought. He hadn’t seen Kim this turned on in years, not since that Florida trip. That happy memory was interrupted as Kim wrapped her fingers around his cock. She gave a gentle squeeze, and Al felt a moan arising from his throat. Or was that Kim moaning?

Suddenly he realized that Annette the one was making most of the sounds inside the kaçak bahis tent, and the thought made him rock hard.

“Mmmmm, that’s nice, honey,” whispered Kim. “Let me stroke you a bit.” With that, she grasped his erection harder and started a rhythmic squeezing motion. From across the tent, they could hear louder noises, and then laughing and snickers. Al starting pinching Kim’s nipples, and she stopped to play with the tip of his cock, bringing a finger up to her lips to lick off a drop of pre-cum, something that always drove him wild. Breathing harder, Al reached down between his wife’s thighs, finding them slick with sweat and her own moisture. He slid his hand up a bit, finding her pussy absolutely soaked, and slid one finger in without resistance. Turned on by the sounds of frantic lovemaking from the other air mattress, they were beyond caring who heard what.

“Yes, baby, do it to me,” he heard Annette cry out. “Fuck me, let me have it baby…”

With that, Kim flipped open her side of the sleeping bag. But startled as he was, Al didn’t lose a beat. If anything, he finger-fucked his wife even faster as she went back to stroking his erection. Looking across, he could see in the dim campground lighting that their visitors were also naked on top of their own sleeping bags.

Transfixed, Al watched Annette’s backside on full display, riding Terry. Every time she raised her bum, the full length of his thick, hard cock was revealed; when she sank down again, her butt cheeks spread a bit, offering a momentary shadowy glimpse of her dark rosebud. It was too much to bear. Rolling over, he spread Kim’s legs wide, and plunged his dick deep into her warm, wet pussy. He started slowly, trying to make it last, but before long he was pounding her with long, rapid thrusts.

“Yes, fuck me, Al, fuck my pussy, fill me up, baby,” she moaned, loud enough to be heard across the tent, where Annette was sounding closer to climax. Unable to keep it up, Al gave a loud joyful cry as he climaxed. Kim went wild, bouncing and moaning with her own prolonged wave of orgasms.

Collapsing to the mattress, Al turned to check on the younger couple. Annette was still on top, hands planted on the mattress on either side of Terry’s head. He grabbed her butt cheeks, spreading them wider. Even in the low campground light, Al could see that she was clean shaven, unless there was indeed a landing strip.

The two young lovers were near the edge, oblivious to their audience, or perhaps they enjoyed putting on a show. Annette was getting even louder, and when Terry’s middle finger gently circled the rim of her asshole, she exploded with a powerful orgasm. Terry came seconds later, thrusting his cock deeper into Annette’s cunt. The scent of their lovemaking filled the tent, and Al found himself fingering Kim as they watched this erotic spectacle unfold.

Finally it was all over but the pounding of hearts, as both couples caught their breath in the warm summer night air. The enormity of what had just taken place sunk in for Al; this was the first time that he’d ever watched another couple making love.

“Thanks, baby,” he whispered to his wife. “That was incredible, wasn’t it?”

“And thank you for going along with it,” she whispered back. “When Annette suggested this, I was a little afraid you might freak.”

His eyebrows shot up. “You’re kidding – this was all her idea?”

“Oh, she’s a kinky little thing,” Kim murmured quietly. “Didn’t you see her keeping an eye on you this evening?”

Come to think of it, he did recall catching Annette sneak a peek or two earlier. At the time, he’d dismissed it as the over-active imagination of a horny middle-aged husband.

“Good night, Kim, good night, Al!” That was Annette calling out, followed by the sound of more horseplay as their new friends rolled around, mock-wrestling on the other mattress.

“Good night Terry, good night, Annette,” Kim replied. “I hope you two sleep well after all this exercise.”

That set off more hoots of laughter, but eventually the noise died down. Always sleepy after sex, Al was soon out cold.

He barely stirred until a shaft of sunlight hit his face the next morning, at the same time as the smell of bacon frying. Raising his head to look around, he could see that everyone else was already up, so he struggled out of the sleeping bag and into shorts and a t-shirt. Taking a quick look out the mesh side window of the tent, he was surprised to catch sight of Kim over by the picnic table, wearing the daisy duke jean shorts he liked so much – and nothing more. Now he was definitely awake, and he needed to pee too.

Stumbling out of the tent, he found his sandals and got his bearings. Sure enough, Kim was busy making breakfast, and chatting with Annette. Both women were topless. Terry seemed to be exploring the lakeshore, kicking at some pebbles.

“Morning, honey,” his wife called out. “And stick your eyeballs back in their sockets. It’s gonna be another hot day, and after last night, doesn’t seem much point in wearing anything more than necessary. Unless you have some moral objections?”

“Um, no, no, of course not, good idea,” he managed to blurt out. “Just heading up to the washroom.”

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