A Conversation with Alfred



(I got a feedback to one of my Conversations, from a young man in the United States. It needs no explanation from me!)


I’ve fantasised about my mom for over a year now and wondered if you’d be willing to help me in seducing her. Any help you can provide would be awesome.


Hello Alfred

Why only this last year? What happened to make you notice her in a sexual way? Tell me more about you and your mom, with ages and pics if possible. The relationship between you is very important. Are you close? Is there a father around? So, do tell me more and I’ll try to see what your chances are.


Hello Sarah

It started this year because I started becoming aroused when I would see her in her skimpy morning clothing. When she would make breakfast and I would see her tits jiggle around I wondered what they would taste like if I were sucking on them. That’s where it started. Sometime afterwards instead of my dad giving me the sex talk, it was mom. I remember becoming aroused when she told me, “Now when your penis gets hard and the woman likes you the same, you’ll get a chance to gently put it in her.”

Ever since then all I could think about was what it would be like to put it in her. I just turned 18 recently and mom is 34, I wish I had photos of her to send, and I’m a little shy to send photos of myself at this moment, but that could change in time I believe, if that’s okay. My fantasies began before this of course. I would imagine her coming up to my room while I was laying there, and telling me dad wasn’t good enough in bed, but that has yet to happen. Ever since our birds and bees talk, she’s all I’ve been able to think about.

My father is around and they’d been married since I was a child. Mom and I are pretty close, she’s always there to help me with my homework and asks if I’ve been seeing any girls at school and things. As I said, my mom is 34 years old and has size C cup size, I know this as I’ve rummaged though her dirty clothing a few times to so I could inhale her scents and wonder what the real thing would be like. If you have more questions ask away.

I’ve read a few of your stories online and seen how you’ve helped others in my situation and hope you can do the same. Thank you


Hi Alfred

It sounds as though your mom would be quite happy for you to share sex. Look, I’m going to be away for several days, but in the meantime, read some of the advice I gave to other young men wanting their mom. Try Tony and Shirley for example, but there are others in there. Let me know how you get on for when I get back


(A few days later, when I got back, I checked out how things were.)

Hello Alfred

Well, how are things progressing? Have you come across any useful hints on how to seduce your Mom yet? I think she might be happy to masturbate you – have you tried letting her ‘catch’ you doing it? That often triggers off a response.


Not a whole lot, Sarah. What would you suggest?


Well Alfred,

You need to get a bit more physical and flattering. When you hug your mom, grasp her bottom lightly and let you kiss linger. If you have an erection press it against her belly – but not too obvious – as though it’s a mistake. Then pull away and apologise. Tell her how attractive she is and how it ‘sets you off’. If you can arrange to let her hear you masturbating, she might show some interest – particularly if you’re masturbating into a part of her panties. She’ll be flattered I think.

Your mom has already mentioned masturbation to you. Try to get it into conversation – ask if ladies do it as well. Sexy discussion often leads to a little groping, admiring her body. Touching her arm, her shoulder, her bottom.

Tell me how you get on.



I took your advice. I took a pair of my ma’s panties she wore the night before into my room. I started sniffing and licking them. They tasted very good. When I started moaning “Oh mom, oh mom,” she was actually walking by my room and asked me if I needed her help. I began telling her that my stomach hurt and that was why I was yelling for her. She asked if she could come in and check on me and I said I just wanted her to talk to me until the pain went away.

I began licking her already soiled panties from the night before and jerking myself and I kept saying “Oh mommy,” and she would respond. “Are you okay?” I was telling her my stomach felt better the more I rubbed it. She would say “Alfred rub it good and you’ll feel better. Are you sure you don’t want me to come in and rub it for you?” I would tell her no – because I didn’t want her knowing I was using her panties yet. “Oh momma” I moaned, and she would again say “rub it good and hard Alf, rub it good for mom and it’ll go away.”

At the end I moaned really loud “Oh fuck, momma … yes momma,” as I was blowing my load into her panties. She asked if that stomach bug went away, I opened up the halkalı escort door and she walked in to see her soiled panties with my still wet cum inside of them. After studying them for a few moments, she told me we’re going to have a talk when I get out of school.

Thank you Sarah

Hi Alfred.

Mom didn’t sound too put off, seeing your cum in her panties. What did she tell you after school though? Did she offer to masturbate for you? Tell me more. Now she knows you cum into her panties, mom should be getting horny.

Sarah xx


I was nervous about getting home, I wasn’t sure what she wanted to talk about exactly. I had gotten home and mom had told me, “Alfred. Glad your home, honey. Remember earlier today when you had your stomach bug, are you feeling okay still?” I told her I feel pretty good still. She seemed a little tense, “That’s good, I still want to have our talk okay? Your dad will be home soon, we’ll discuss this later”.

Dad came home we ate dinner you know the usual. It was 10 p.m. when my parents went to bed, and I went to my room. Later that night she came into my room after knocking to see if I was still up. She came in and started speaking while we were sitting on my bed. “I found a pair of my panties in your home hun, can you tell me how they got in here?”

I told her they must have been in my clean laundry she left for me. “Alright, well I’m going to cut to the chase. I went into your room and found the pair I wore yesterday with semen in them.” I told her I was sorry and I begged her not to tell my dad.

“I’m not upset and unless you want your dad to kick you out, you better not let him find you with them.” I let her know I wouldn’t, and this was the first time. “Do you just like the feel of them? Is that why you cum in my underwear?” She said as she put her hand on my lap.

I told her “I was curious, what a vagina smelt like and since I haven’t been with a girl yet, I went through your laundry bin.”

“I didn’t know you were still a virgin hun. That’s okay. You’re saving your first time for a special female.”

I lastly asked her how it feels to have sex? “Well it’s getting late and your father will be wondering where I am, I’m sure. We can talk again later this week baby, get some good sleep.”

Sarah It was so crazy to talk to her about cumming in her panties.

Talk with you again soon.


That’s great Alfred.

I have a feeling you’ll soon have your mom masturbating you – possible even sucking you off. That will be mind blowing – to see your mom’s mouth round your cock, sliding up and down. You’ll explode! Do please let me know what happens next. It’s all up to your mom to make the next move.


What do you think I should say to her to have her possibly suck me off? Do you think she’ll let me have sex with her at some point? I’d love to have my cock sucked on. Do you think having my dad around is going to be a big deal or no?


Hi Alfred.

Leave it to mom. She’ll want to suck it, I’m sure. Dad’s a problem. Obviously, Mom doesn’t want him to find out! Once mom has got used to the idea of sex with her son, she’ll probably want to fuck you. Keep me posted!


Hi Sarah,

Today I woke up to the smell of breakfast being cooked. I walked downstairs to mom cooking and dad in the living room watching the t.v. All last night I was thinking about what you had said, and what mom and I discussed. I was up late playing with myself wishing she would come back to my room. I imagined myself putting my cock into her from the back and riding her plump ass. Alas, I came hard all over my stomach. But it was only a fantasy and this morning I was really hoping to at least talk more with her about sex.

I walked into the kitchen mom was cooking at the stove. I was wearing my pj’s and mom wearing hers. She has this long black hair, almost down to her ass. And I already mentioned a nice ass and tits. I walked and gave mom a hug from behind.

“Hi honey how was your night?”

“Good Mom – thanks for asking.” I’m still holding on to her at this point, when I hugged her I held her close. My arms around her stomach and my cock mushed against her round ass. I asked her “Can we continue our talk about sex today momma?” As I said that I looked to make sure dad was still in the other room. With that I started nudging myself against her, slowly becoming hard.

Once she felt my cock harden against her she said, “Alfred, what are you doing? Get that thing away from me right now, mister.” I shamefully walked away confused, I wasn’t sure why she said that to me. Mom called dad to the table we ate and I went to my room. I was already really horny, but now upset. A little later Mom knocked at my door and asked to talk. I told her I didn’t want to talk, I guess I’ll figure it out all on my own.

“Alfred your dad just left, if you want to talk and let me know what’s puzzling you let me in.” I told her no, I needed to think şişli escort I’m sorry. She left my door as she did I pulled out my lubricant and let my mind fantasize about what just happened. As I started to jerk myself I heard my cell phone ring. Curious as to who it was I checked. My Mom sent me a text.

Here is the text she sent me: ‘Honey I apologize if I mislead you, but what you were doing was wrong. I’m your mother Alfred. I love you more than you know, but jamming your hard penis against my behind is really wrong.’

I replied to her and I continued to stroke myself. Here’s what I told her: ‘Mom, I don’t think its wrong, I love you too. I like the smell of your panties and want to still learn more about sex.’

I continued to stroke myself. Mom’s reply: ‘I’m flattered you like the scent of me. What would you dad say if he knew you enjoyed the smell of my vagina. He’d flip out. From the way your acting, you make me think you want to sleep with me.’

I replied to her: ‘I would like to. I won’t tell dad I promise.’

Her last reply: ‘Do you realize what your asking? You want to stick your penis inside the womb you came out of. I don’t know what to tell you.’

I haven’t talked to her the rest of the day. Do you think I’ve lost my chance? I think if my dad wasn’t around there wouldn’t be a problem. Today it felt so wonderful to have my cock right snuggled to her ass, it felt so right. She’s all I think about, Sarah. I need your guidance. I patiently wait your reply.

Thank you!

Hi Alfred

I think you’ve pushed it as far as you can for the time being. Don’t rush. Let mom get used to the thought of having her son wanting to fuck her. You’ve given her a lot to think over. If the subject comes up again though, you can tell her that it is not unusual for moms to want sons, and sons moms. You could mention me, and leave her to think about it.

Just keep a pair of her panties around for you to cum into!



I’m happy to say there has been progress. The other day I went into moms laundry bin and plucked out a recently used pair of really sexy panties. They actually felt damp, and the scent was very distinct. Made me curious if she had gotten a little turned on while wearing them or something. I brought the pair up to my room and started jerking it when I heard a car pull up. Mom had arrived after getting groceries and called me down to help put them away. I stopped what I was doing to help her.

While putting away the groceries, mom asked about what I planned on doing for the weekend and I told her I wasn’t sure yet. After putting them away she apologized for being so upset at me for the way I was acting and that she was young too, and understands raging hormones. I thanked her for understanding as I went back to my room. Later in the day she started on her laundry as I heard the washer going.

She came to my room and knocked. “Alfred can I come in hun” I opened the door and she came in. I could tell that her nipples were hard as soon as she came in. She asked “I noticed a few pairs of my underwear missing, I would like to wash them.” I told her where they were and grabbed them from under my mattress.

One at a time, she grabbed them, looking at the mess I made of them. She actually giggled and said “looks like you’ve been busy”. I told her yeah well its probably nothing like the real thing. She told me “No, there’s nothing like it. At least that’s what your dad says.” I started to feel blood rush to cock a bit. “Oh, I almost forgot.” She then hands me a pair of her lace panties before leaving my room adding, “these should feel real nice against your bulge,” as she looked down to see what I was trying to keep under wraps. She smiled at me and left my room.

I feel like I’m getting mixed signals from her now. Your advice always welcome!


Hi Alfred.

You see – your mom’s been thinking a lot about it, having overcome her initial shock and embarrassment. Her raging hormones is a hint that she’s interested in sex, but in her own time. You might encourage her by letting her see and feel your hard cock. Her signals are not mixed really – they are saying that she’s keen, but needs to play it cool! If you can let her see you masturbating into her lace panties, that should be good. She gave them to you so that she could see the result, if not actually watch the act!! You might ask her if she’d like to watch. Don’t rush it Alfred. Let mom take her time. Just give her as much encouragement as you can without overdoing it.

I get the impression that she is a masturbator herself. If she sees you doing it, she’ll probably let you watch her. Patience!


Hi Sarah.

I got your message today, and I’m doing my best to follow your advice. When speaking with her I try and put your plan in action, but it takes a little time to get there. Now when I’m with mom, I’m starting to feel butterflies in my stomach before I’m about to ask her sarıyer escort things about sex, and I like it! When dad told me he was leaving for the weekend for a business trip, I almost jumped out of my chair. He told that even though he’d be gone he was sure Mom and I would have fun without him, I was really hoping so.

About an hour after telling dad I would miss him, and Mom doing the same, I went up to my room. I was talking to a friend on the phone when I heard her walking towards my door. Knock, knock. “Hey its Mom” she said. I told her to come on in. She started to ask me what I had planned for this weekend, and I told her I was planning on staying at Mike’s house on Sunday if that was okay.

She replied “I suppose you can honey, but you’ll miss out on quality time with you Mommy.” And started to giggle. I told her I wouldn’t want to do that now. She asked me if I had been talking to Raquel lately (she’s a girl I dated for about five months) and I told her once in awhile. “She isn’t the girl for you, I think you can do so much better Alfred”. I asked her what she meant by that. She replied “I’m sure there is a prettier girl out there who would love me and to whom you could maybe lose your virginity to”. Well maybe, if there is I hope it happens soon was my reply.

I asked her since dad was going to be gone this weekend if there maybe a chance her and I could discuss how to please a woman. “I think you’ll get the hang of it pretty easily, but I can make time to give you a few pointers hun. By the way,” she said, “have you already made a mess of that pair I recently gave you?”

“Not yet,” I told her, “but I do plan on it tonight!” She started giggling again and so did I.

“Once you’re done, make sure you hide them somewhere in your room, and I’ll come and get them, so dad doesn’t know whats going on.”

I let her know that was no problem, I was keeping them hidden, but would let her know where they would be. Afterwards she asked me a question that caught me by suprise. “When your playing with your cock, if you don’t mind telling me, what are you thinking about?” I thought about that question for a little bit. “Don’t be shy,” she told me, “we all masturbate and think about crazy things. It’s okay.”

“Okay, mum. Well you aren’t going to get mad?” I asked her.

“Nothing you say will upset me baby.”

Alright here we go I thought to myself. “It depends. I mentioned, sometimes I think about Raquel,” and Ma cut me off and said “you shouldn’t be thinking abut Raquel, she’s not good for you.”

I went on, “and on occasion I think about the woman whose panties these are.”

She smiled back at me and put her hand on my lap. “A lot of boys think of their mothers while jerking. It’s completely normal. I’m actually flattered you admitted that.” She then asked what she was doing in my fantasy, as she moved her hand a little closer to my mid-thigh, along with rubbing my thigh.

“Sometimes I think about your boobs and a lot of the time we’re kissing too.”

“That’s really sweet Alfred, I can understand why you’d like that.” (I tried to sugarcoat it a little bit, I actually think about eating her pussy a lot and fucking her with her legs on my shoulders!)

“When was the last time you kissed a girl, Alfred?” I let her know it’d been awhile and that I miss it. “Well, if I’m going to give you pointers, we should start there. Women really like a man who’s a good kisser.”

“Really? You’re going to let me kiss you? “

“That depends sugar. I know you really want to learn from me, but are you sure your okay with kissing your mom?” I told her yes, as I felt the butterflies begin to flutter, and my cock slowly getting harder. “You can’t tell anyone about this, it’s against the law and I could get in a lot of trouble if anyone caught wind.” I promised no to tell anyone. “Okay once we begin, you can’t take it back. I don’t want you to regret this.”

” I’m okay with that.”

With that Mom put her hand on my chin and said, “Let’s begin. When you kiss you want to be slow and nice at first, just a few pecks like this.” She began kissing my lips lightly as I started to readjust myself. “That was easy enough, right?” I agreed with her. (At this point I wanted to start taking her and my clothes off, I was so anxious.) “Um … are you okay with me French kissing you, we don’t have to if you don’t want.”

I told her I wasn’t very good at it and wanted to learn. We both licked our lips to prepare and she joked that we both probably look like two horny teenagers. She started kissing me, then we both opened our mouths and felt our tongues mingle. Again and again our tongues danced as I felt her hand getting closer to my hard cock. The sensation was so mind-bending. I proceeded to put my hands on her back and rub it. I kept going over the part of her back that had her bra clasp hoping she’d comprehend what I wanted.

After a couple of minutes we had stopped. Panting, I asked her how it was? “You’re a very good kisser. Raquel must have taught you well. When your tongue is in my mouth, or maybe your girlfriend’s mouth, you want to keep a rhythm going, if possible. Okay?” She sounded a bit breathless. I glanced down at her perky tits which were all spikey. With that she told me she wanted to start dinner, and she’d let me know when it was ready.

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