A Cruising Life Ch. 07


A Cruising Life Ch. O7

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After being in Louisville for about three years, work caused me to move again. This time the destination was North Carolina. Specifically, the area around Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem.

If the Louisville and Southern Indiana area was a fertile environment for cruising arcades and theaters, North Carolina was the exact opposite. So far in my cock sucking career, the only way I had to get my fix was through these places. I discovered quickly that my options were going to be severely limited in my new home.

So, even though I would wind up living in North Carolina for six years, my experiences were not nearly as many as in my three years in Louisville. And, they were generally not nearly as remarkable.

The first place I found, was on a street called High Point Road. It was in Greensboro, not far from the Four Seasons Mall, which was shopping central. A trip to the mall is how I found this place, but I probably passed it up a few times because it was small and tucked in between a couple of other businesses.

I don’t recall the name but like I said, it was small. The bookstore area was crammed with stuff in a very tight space. The arcade started with one short hallway to your right and a longer one if you went straight. The longer one widened into two rows with booths down the middle and on the sides.

In all my experiences in South Florida and in Louisville, the booths had been constructed of framing and plywood. In this place, and everywhere else in the area, I was first introduced to what seemed to be prefabricated units, designed for this specific purpose. They appeared to be the kind of things that would just be put together on site.

Another first for me was that the doors and walls didn’t go all way to the floor. They stopped about twelve inches from the floor, all the way around.

The hallway to the right only had booths along one wall. The booths in the middle of the two aisles in the back introduced me to something else new, the Buddy Booth.

In case you don’t know, the Buddy Booth is a rectangle shaped window in the wall between two booths. The glass is opaque so nothing can be seen on the other side. Once you are in a booth and have dropped some tokens, you have the option to clear your side of the glass. If the person on the other side also clears the glass, you can see each other from about the stomach area down to just above the knees. No faces can be seen unless you bend down or squat to get your head at that level.

Keep in mind that before you clear your glass, you have no idea if the person on the other side has already cleared theirs. You could still be looking at nothing, or you could immediately be looking at some guy stroking his cock. Over the years, I’ve experienced both, and a little more.

While the Buddy Booths were interesting and could add to your horniness, the downside is there were no glory holes. I remember wondering if the booths were even large enough for two people. I would soon find out they were, but not by much.

I mentioned tokens and this was one of those places where twenty was the minimum purchase. One drawback to the arcades in those days was those damned tokens. Twenty tokens equal a lot of weight to be rattling around in your pocket. I usually wound up carrying them around in my hand and looking for a place to sit them while in a booth.

The first few times I visited were completely unremarkable. There weren’t very many people in the arcade, and most of them were in the booths lining the walls, meaning there was probably no one next door if you were in a Buddy Booth. There was a little cruising going on from time to time, but you couldn’t leave the door to your booth open or cracked to invite someone in. The movie wouldn’t play unless the door usually jacked off and went home.

Finally, one night I went in, took a booth in the middle, dropped my tokens and my pants, cleared my side of the Buddy Booth screen and went to work stroking my cock. I sat down on the little bench that was a built-in part of the booth and propped my feet up on the wall on either side of the screen. This allowed me to stroke and gave me access to finger my ass.

I hadn’t been there very long when suddenly the glass canlı bahis cleared. On the other side was a very hard and very nice-looking cut cock being stroked by the owner. I kept up what I was doing, and the other guy moved to position himself where he had a better view of me fingering my ass.

As this went on for a few minutes, it started to be pretty much of a turn on. I was oozing precum and using it to help my hand slide up and down my cock. The other guy was doing the same. Eventually, he started stroking faster. I wasn’t sure how I was going to react, but I was pretty sure I was about to watch him cum.

He then turned so he was directly facing the screen on his side, only an inch or two away. A couple of strokes and he shot his load, all over his side of the screen. I admit that it was hot watching him splatter cum all over the screen.

What happened next was even hotter. He stood there for a second then dropped to his knees and started licking his cum from the screen.

This was all it took to send me over the edge, and I blew a big load all over my chest and stomach. Still squeezing cum from my cock, I scooped some up with my fingers and licked it off. I repeated this until it was all down my throat and, while I wasn’t necessarily clean, I was clean enough for whatever was next.

The guy next door fogged his glass but not until he gave me a nice look as his still semi hard cock being stuffed into his pants. I heard him unlock the door and walk away.

I’ve always enjoyed a good jerk off session and cumming like that is certainly fun, but I was still ready for more. I decided to stay where I was and see if anything else happened.

It took a while, but I heard someone enter the booth next to mine and lock the door. I heard tokens drop and was eagerly waiting for the glass to clear. At this point I had a fully erect seven inches I was very proud of and wanted to show someone.

However, there was nothing but fogged glass on the other side. I assumed he was sitting there stroking and not ready to be see and be seen. I know that sometimes even now when I first enter an arcade or theater, I’m not immediately ready for intimate contact.

After a little longer and the glass still fogged, I began to think he might not know how the Buddy Booth worked. If he just wanted to jerk off alone, he could have chosen a booth along one of the walls. Why was he wasting a perfectly good opportunity for a little voyeuristic and exhibitionist session?

I decided to quit obsessing about it and went back to stroking my cock, fingering my ass and watching the movie. I guess I got very interested in the movie because a little later I noticed the glass had cleared, but I wasn’t sure how long it had been this way.

As I looked through the glass, I saw another nice, cut cock. This one was very similar to mine in size and shape. The guy was standing, facing the glass and very slowly running his hand along the shaft. Precum oozed out the silt. I quickly forgot about the movie, concentrating on my new neighbor.

Every now and then he would stop stroking, grab his cock and smear his precum on the glass. This was getting me very hot and bothered. I was desperate to have his cock in my mouth.

Then I hit on an idea. I put my legs down and stood to face him, stroking my cock the same as him. The next time he stopped and leaned towards the glass I dropped to my knees and got as close to the glass as I could without touching it. I positioned my mouth right where he had his cock, stuck out my tongue and licked my lips. I reached out my tongue as if was trying to lick his cock.

The next thing I saw was his other hand drop down to the level of the glass and him use his finger to motion me toward him. I thought he wanted me to get closer, maybe even touch the glass. This was something I wasn’t sure I was ready to do.

He must have figured out that I wasn’t picking up on his intention because he motioned me with his hand, turned sideways and pointed to the door of his booth. He wanted me to join him in his booth! He didn’t have to ask twice. After a long dry spell, I was finally going to get to suck a cock again.

I yanked up my pants, grabbed my tokens and slipped out of the booth. Not wanting to run, but deep down really wanting to run, I made my way to the end of the row and back around to his booth. I knocked bahis siteleri softly and he unlocked the door.

As I entered the booth he immediately dropped to his knees and started to unfasten my jeans. Once he had them around my ankles he literally dove onto my cock. He was very hungry, and very good. I figured it had been a long time for him, too. Knowing that I could cum again and still be ready for more, I decided to let him continue as long as he wanted and was prepared to give him my second load of the evening.

I leaned back against the door and was just about to close my eyes when I noticed that I could see through the glass into the booth next door where I had just been. The glass was still clear because my tokens had not run out yet and my new friend had not bothered to fog the side we were on.

As soon as my time ran out, the glass on the other side fogged. I was leaning back enjoying a very fine blowjob. I was getting close and, thinking it a decent thing to do, warned him I was about to cum. He went down a couple of more times then stopped. He stood up and asked me to suck him for a while.

I’m pretty sure he was worried I would bolt as soon as I shot cum down his throat. Rather than explain the situation I just reached down and stroked his cock while I licked and sucked on his nipples.

He moved slightly back into the booth and was leaning against the back wall where the bench was. I knelt in front of him and started licking around the head of his cock and slipping it between my lips. He was in just as much of a hurry to get sucked as he was to suck and shoved his cock into my mouth.

I was trying to go slow and give him as much pleasure as possible, but he began to thrust his hips faster and faster, literally fucking my mouth. This isn’t as pleasurable for me as allowing me to control the action when I’m sucking, but I figured it was his orgasm so why not let him do it his way.

At about this time, I realized that the glass had cleared. I glanced over to see a guy sitting on the bench stroking what had to be nine hard inches of cock. I assumed that he was watching me take this cock in my mouth. At least I certainly hoped he was watching me and not the movie.

Thinking I was being watched really turned me on. Somehow it was different than being watched in a theater and I thought about how hot it made me when I realized a guy watched me with the guy and girl in the booth in Indiana. I was getting more comfortable with the idea of being an exhibitionist.

About now my guy told me he was close and asked where I wanted him to cum. My normal position is that it should be his choice, but I had another thought. Since we were putting on a show, I told him to pull out and shoot it into my mouth.

He went a couple of more thrusts and pulled out, pointing his cock at my open mouth. He stroked it once and a thick, creamy rope of cum landed between my nose and upper lip. This was followed by several more spurts. I caught a lot of it, but some splattered on my cheeks as well.

I took his cock back all the way into my mouth, sucking and cleaning the best I could. He shuddered when I had it all the way in and swirled my tongue around the head. He grabbed my head, I think just for something to hold onto to, but he held me there for a long time, until his cock began to soften.

He pulled out and slumped down onto the bench. I was wiping cum off my face and licking it from my fingers, using a little for lube to finger my ass as I continued to kneel in front of him. As he caught his breath he smiled and told me how great that was.

I told him I had very much enjoyed his mouth on my cock as well and that he almost got my load earlier. He thanked me, but then told me he was sorry but that after cumming he loses all interest and would not be returning the favor.

As disappointing as these situations are, I’ve learned over the years that most guys fall into this category. I know that if they would just stick with it, they’d be back in the groove in a few minutes, but they almost never do. I told him it was no big deal and thanked him for a very nice load of cum.

I gave the head of his cock one last tongue bath as he put it away and I watched as he dressed and left the booth. I took the position on the bench and went back to stroking. That’s when I remembered the guy in the booth next door.

I bahis şirketleri looked through the glass and he was still there. Not only that, through watching me get cum shot all over my face, he was still rock hard and oozing precum. I decided to follow the other guy’s lead, so I stood facing the glass and motioned for the guy on the other side of the glass to come over. He wasn’t a novice like I was and got the meaning right away. In just a few seconds, he was at the door to my booth.

I unlocked the door to let him in and reached for his cock, only to find it still hard and sticking out of his pants. The guy hadn’t even put his cock back in his pants for his trip through the arcade!

He wanted to know what I liked to do, and I told him to suck and be sucked and that I always swallow. I decided now was the time to let him know that I’m still ready to go after cumming. He smiled and dropped to his knees.

Unlike the last guy, this one was into making love to a cock. He licked it all over, ran his lips over it, rubbed it against his cheeks and slowly stroked it. It seemed like forever before he actually put it into his mouth and started sucking. When he did, he was good. I was standing, tweaking my nipples and looking down as my cock eased in and out of his mouth.

Then, I felt his finger sliding along the crack of my ass. He put it in his mouth to wet it, then went searching for my hole. I was more than ready for this and reached back to spread my ass cheeks, making it easier for him.

When he got there, he eased his middle finger in just far enough, then slowly withdrew. He repeated this in rhythm with his sucking. I was lost in pleasure and wanted this to last all night. Somehow, I knew it wouldn’t.

I was back to tweaking my nipples and very slightly thrusting my hips in time with his head bobbing. I desperately wanted to cum but didn’t want to disrupt his rhythm. As I started to get that tingling feeling in my balls, I told him I was close and asked if he was ready. He never stopped. He only moaned something that let me know he was and wanted it.

No more words were spoken as I let out a load moan and unloaded into his mouth. It was a very large load considering I had cum earlier and he gulped to swallow the first couple of blasts. He pulled off but kept the head on his tongue between his lips. Then, when I stopped shooting, he went all the way back down on me, taking it all in one more time. I’m pretty sure I shuddered just as the guy I sucked off had.

He stood up and we somehow managed to maneuver in the booth so he could sit on the bench. He pulled his pants all the way off and spread his legs wide as I knelt in the position of worshiping his cock.

Like is said in an earlier chapter, I don’t carry around a tape measure, but I know I’m seven inches and he was at least two inches bigger. I took it in my hand and slowly ran up and down the length while giving it an adoring look. It was beautiful.

I leaned in, reached out with my tongue and bathed he head. When I put my lips around the head he moaned and raised his ass off the seat to try and get more into my mouth.

This gave me an idea and I reached around grabbing his ass and pulling him to the edge of the bench. I then took one of his left leg and raised it over my right shoulder. Again, he caught on to my intention and put his right leg over my left shoulder. Instead of resting his legs on my shoulders, he put his feet on the wall on either side of the video monitor.

By doing this he gave me the freedom to move and great access to his cock, balls and ass. I’m not sure what made me do it, but I started running my tongue down towards his crack. This guy smelled very clean, like he had showered and come directly to the arcade.

I reached in and spread his cheeks giving my tongue an easier way to his hole. I had rimmed one girlfriend before, so I knew that rimming was not like eating pussy. I started slathering his hole with my tongue, making him nice and wet.

He reached for his cock and was stroking it slowly and moaning. I didn’t want him to shoot his load anywhere except my mouth, so I replaced my tongue with a finger in his ass and engulfed his cock all in one motion. I was doing my best and it must have been good enough because in no time at all I got that gooey blast filling my mouth with hot, creamy delicious cum. I sucked until he began to soften and cleaned him up as well as I could. As we were both getting dressed, I noticed someone on the other side of the glass watching us. Maybe North Carolina wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

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