A Dog’s Day


It was late summer, and the temperature had been holding in the low 90s. Stripped to the waist and deeply tanned by the sun, I was working in the fields, caring for the native trees I planned to sell when they reached landscape size. It had been dry, so it was imperative that I finish repairing the irrigation system that would provide the water that would carry them through.

I looked up and saw the Honda CRV moving slowly down the road. When I’d returned from town a little earlier, I had passed it and noticed the driver was an attractive woman who looked worried. My first thought was she may be one of those people from Chicago looking for property to build a vacation home as so many seemed to be doing lately. However, that would not explain the look of concern on her pretty face. Wiping the sweat from my brow, I realized that I would probably never know and bent back to my task.

As I worked, I remembered that I had not seen my labs for awhile and looked about. They were running with several other dogs I did not recognize along the edge of the woods, heading for the low area in the back. I yelled, but they were much too full of themselves to take notice and kept going. I did not think much about it because everybody has dogs out here, and — being the social animals that they are — they run together when they can. I wish I had that kind of energy.

Straightening from replacing the last broken coupling, I saw the Honda was back and pulled over to the side of the road. The lady had been looking at me and just then got out of the car and started to approach. As she walked, I took her in. She appeared to be a little over five and half feet tall, maybe 140 pounds. She was wearing a light-pink oxford short-sleeved blouse, a white denim skirt, and — of all things — cowboy boots. She had a good figure: broad shoulders, full breasts, and a nice round bottom. She carried herself well and clearly took good care of her body. As she got closer, I noticed her top two buttons open on her blouse showing a hint of hot-pink satin bra. That brought me to the slight sheen of perspiration on her breast, which made me want to taste her. As she came to a stop in front of me, I looked at her face and found myself gazing into the most amazing blue eyes……

Setting aside the sexuality she exuded and remembering my manners, I asked how I could help her. She explained. She had been on her way to Southwest Michigan to pick up her daughter at church camp. She had stopped a short way up the road to walk her dogs. They had jumped a small deer and chased it into the woods, and that was the last she had seen of them. Her beautiful eyes teared up as she told me she was not from the area and feared that she would not find her pets. Instantly captivated by this charming creature, I told to her not to worry because we would find them. I watched the tenseness slowly drop away from her as she accepted me and realized she was no longer alone with the problem.

I asked what had brought her to this quiet part of the country side. She told me that she had heard how beautiful this area was. Her day was open, and she had decided to take the back roads so she could see some of it. She said, “I was enjoying myself immensely until the dogs ran off.” I asked her to tell me about her dogs. She said, “Honey is purebred Golden Retriever, and Cinnamon is a Golden/Lab/Chow mix, and they are both around 70 pounds.”

“They sound like nice dogs. I’m working alone here today, but if you would like to pull your car up to the house, I think I can find your dogs for you. By the way, I’m Tim.” Her relief was immediate, and I was rewarded with a wide smile displaying the cutest dimples.

“I’m Kristen, and that would be wonderful!”

While she brought her car around, I rode the Mule up to the house and met her at the garage. I opened her door, and as she slid out, her skirt rose up, displaying shapely thighs that served to remind me how desirable this woman was.

We headed off toward the back of the property. I said, “For a city girl, you swing through this tall grass very naturally.”

She smiled. “I grew up on a farm.”

As the ground became more uneven, she took my hand. I enjoyed the closeness as we got into step with each other. We talked about our families and work and quickly developed a rapport. While it was a hot, sunny day, there was a heat developing between us that was not coming from the sun.

As we approached the swamp, I told her about seeing my dogs running with some others. I also said that, while they appeared to be the right size, their coats were fairly dark, but that that might have been due to the distance.

As the ground got damp underfoot and the grass got higher, we stopped walking. I called and heard my dog Emma bark in response. Another bark followed, which did not sound like Bailey but positively affected Kristen. Excited, she stepped in closer and put her free hand on my chest. Her fingers slipped through my chest hair and trapped my nipple, sending esenyurt escort tingles through my body. My free hand came around and rested on her bottom. As we waited for the animals, I breathed in the fresh smell of her hair. She was a summer blonde with red highlights. She wore her hair short with soft curls that I found appealing. Her coloring was toward pink, and her skin was fair and nicely tanned. I was drawn and wanted to touch her skin, but I also did not want to scare her away.

Before we could see them, we could hear the dogs crashing through the weeds and when they finally broke through we were taken completely by surprise. Before us stood three large black dogs! Displaying her relief, Kristen spoke first, “These are my dogs, but they’re filthy!”

I added with a smirk, “That swamp mud really smells bad too.” Just then her Golden began to shake, throwing mud in all directions. A lot of it got on me, and Kristen had stepped back, finding my predicament hilarious. At about that time, Emma shook too, throwing several small spatters on Kristen’s skirt and blouse. It was my turn to laugh. I said, “Well, this accounts for all of them except Bailey. I wonder where she has gotten to.” Just then we heard a sharp yip up ahead.

We walked around a stand of trees and found Bailey with one of the neighborhood males. The male had just mounted her and gripped her tightly with his front legs. By the sounds they were making, they were clearly enjoying the frenzied coupling. As we watched intently, Kristen stepped in closer to me until her breast rubbed up against my arm. I could feel a hardened nipple through her blouse on my bare skin. I put my arm around her, pulling her in further so that our bodies touched, searching for intimacy. I held her close, feeling my heart pound and my manhood thicken. I wondered what she might be feeling until I looked down and saw her breast turning pink with the color deepening as she held me. I turned slightly so she could feel my cock pulse against her hip, and she pushed back. Message received and acknowledged.

Having found her dogs, we found that the mood was much lighter as we walked back toward the house. The male had left, and our dogs continued to frolic and enjoy themselves. We talked about how nice it would be to live a dog’s life: indulging every desire, experiencing sexual release at any time. We agreed that it would be nice, if only we did not have so many other responsibilities. We moved on to other things, learning about each other and getting more comfortable together.

When we reached her Honda, she said, “If I put them in like this, they will destroy the interior.”

We talked about the dilemma, and I told her, “If you have the time, you can give them a bath here. A hose is not going to remove the greasy swamp mud, so they will have to be shampooed. I will of course help you.”

She quickly calculated that she did not have to be at the camp for several hours and agreed. Then she knotted her brow and thought for a minute. Finally she explained, “If I wash them in these clothes, I will end up dirtier than they are, and I don’t have anything else to wear.”

I think it was the hot sun and the overt sexuality of this woman that governed what I did next. I asked her to wait a minute while I got something from the house for her to wear. I came back out with a baseball cap and new pink dog collar. I handed the hat to her, saying, “It is a warm day, and while it is very private here, I would not want to see your pretty face get too much sun.” Pausing to let what I was telling her sink in, I added, “The collar will set you free to live the dog’s life we talked about, if only for a few hours.”

She looked into my smiling eyes and saw that I was serious but leaving the choices to her. She made a decision, put on the hat and said, “We’ll see about the collar later.” Then she began to undress.

Getting into the moment, she slowly began unbuttoning her blouse. The sheen of sweat I had seen earlier was more pronounced and still beckoned to me. As she removed the blouse, she uncovered a gorgeous pair of breasts that were at least full C’s. I did not have the nerve to ask her to remove her racer-back bra, but I would find a way to remove it soon. After kicking off her boots, she began unzipping her skirt, and I focused on the richness of her hips and belly. Not the flatness of youth but the very feminine curves of a mature woman. That she had delivered at least one child only made her more rounded and sexier, and I was pleasantly surprised to find she wore a hot pink satin thong that matched her bra. The strength in her abs and upper legs were testament to a woman who worked her body regularly and was proud of it.

She had been intently watching me watch her and must have been pleased by what she saw. As she stepped out of the skirt, she straightened up and slowly turned around, encouraging me to look at her body. As she did, I marvelled at her strong back and the way her avrupa yakası escort hot, pink thong further defined her tight, rounded ass. Oh, how I wanted to gather those sweet cheeks in my hands, caressing and weighing her bottom. She said, “Well, what do you think, big dog?”

I told her I was not sure that I was thinking clearly but that I did know what I want. She said, “And that would be?”

Removing my Dockers, setting my manhood free, I replied, “All of you.”

We talked and agreed that the clean up really must be done first. She wanted to get the spots out of her clothes, and then the dogs would have to be washed and everything allowed to dry. I think we both knew that doing these tasks and letting the anticipation build would make whatever followed that much better. But before giving in to the mundane, there was something I needed that could not wait. I took her in my arms, bringing her up on her toes so that our mouths could meet. Her lips were sweet and full. I could taste the saltiness of her sweat on them and felt them part as my tongue entered her body for the first time. My rising phallus slipped over her belly as she wriggled deeper into my embrace. I explored her mouth and tongue, then she mine as we held each other close. Before releasing her, I moved to her breastbone kissing and sucking. Getting caught up in the moment, she pulled my face down between her breasts, and I inhaled her erotic scent. The sweat and the heat of her arousal mixed, making me pulse deep in my center. Before breaking the embrace, I licked her cleavage, and ohhhhh, she was sweet! I think I could have spent the entire afternoon licking the sweet nectars her body was producing.

Reluctantly we parted. I showed her to where she could wash out the spots and hang up her clothes to dry. I then picked up the dog cleaning supplies and pulled out a hose. I chose a spot behind the kennel with long thick grass and leashed her Golden high up on the fence, limiting the dog’s ability to move about. First I rinsed Honey and began to apply shampoo and work it in with a brush. I was rinsing Honey as Kristen joined me. She was so incredibly hot in the sexy bra and panty set that I almost missed that she had put on the collar. Releasing Honey into the kennel I hooked Cinnamon to the fence and began hosing her down. As Kristen and I began to apply shampoo and rub it in the dog shook throwing fresh mud down the front of both of us. We laughed and worked in the heat. As we knelt across from each other, I found myself studying her often. The dirt, sweat, and shampoo bubbles excited me as they ran down between her breasts and across her belly. Even in the heat, her excited nipples strained against the wet satin, and I’m sure she noticed my cock pulsing in appreciation.

Her hands and feet were not large like mine, but rather broad. Small ankles and wrists gave way to strong shapely limbs. Our hands and arms came in contact often, causing the tension to build further. I would find myself reaching to touch her arm, her face or neck. The pleasure I could see in her eyes when I touched her emboldened me. I’m sure she could see the desire building in mine. I wanted to feel her breasts! I reached over to run my fingertips down the side of her breast letting the pad of my thumb trail across her nipple. It hardened further under my touch forming a little strawberry inside the satin cup. I tugged on it and she looked up. I could see the rising desire in her pretty blue eyes.

With that, I reached between her straining tits and released the catch. They sprung free, throwing the thin fabric to either side. They were magnificent! Unable to help myself, I lifted one in my hand and gently squeezed it. She moaned quietly and said, “Please be gentle; they are very sensitive.” Light pink, darkening to the passionate color of ripe mango as they approached her areola… Soft, pillowy, and succulent with a wonderful youthful shape…

I asked “How many children?”

To my amazement she said, “Three.” I asked how she stayed in such wonderful shape, and she said “I work hard at it.” I wanted to suck her tits so badly but realized lust was overtaking us. Remembering my commitment, I suggested we finish the last dog. Poor Emma got only a cursory bath. It was good that she was black so no one would notice our sloppy work.

Releasing the dog into the pen I moved back around kennel to see Kristen down on her knees picking up the equipment. Her ass was toward me, and it was a perfect heart shape. I reached down, taking her cheeks in my hands and gently massaged them, moving in circles, lifting and separating them. She went down on her hands and knees lifting her bottom into the pleasure. Taking the ends of the thong I slid it slowly up and down over her valley. She groaned her pleasure as the slick material moved easily over her sex. She said, “Again” as I moved it over her engorged tissues. As I removed her thong, I could see anadolu yakası escort that the entire area was plumped up and deep pink with need. In this position, I could see that her pussy had been shaved smooth, leaving only a tuft of reddish brown hair just above her cleft. The colors of her sex were beautiful and drawing me in. In my excitement I said, “I think it’s time for the big dogs to play!”

Her only reply, “Woof woof.”

The sun had warmed the water in the hose that I used to rinse the soap bubbles from her lovely body. By the time it was my turn, there was only cold water left, but it only partially cooled my ardor. When I finished I led her, still on all fours, by the collar to a drier, quieter place overlooking the pond. Before I could begin to explore her again, she sat back on her haunches, took my cock in her hand, and said simply, “My turn.” In the other hand she gathered my balls, gently squeezing and weighing them. Her middle finger traced over the sensitive spot on the way back to my anus. She pressed the muscle evenly, eliciting several pleasurable moans from me. She asked if I had been cut, and when I said no she purred, “Um hmmm” and lifted the tip of my cock to her full wet lips. Licking the slit, she sought out the precum that had gathered there.

Then slowly, she looked up into my eyes as she sucked the shaft in, easing it forward and not stopping until her lips were buried against my pubic bone. As she receded, her tongue swirled along the underside, sending waves of pleasure through me. As she got to the mushroom, she sucked hard so that there was a wonderful popping sensation as she came off the end. She said, “Are you enjoying your bitch now, big dog?”

In response, I smiled and took hold of her collar, guiding my cock back into her talented mouth. As she took my cock again to the hilt, I noticed she was careful not to let her jaw lock. I reveled in the tightness of her throat. As she sucked, her finger had worked its way into my ass, and I knew she was going to massage my prostate, which would send me over for sure. I told her as much, and she said that she liked sperm-rich cum and wanted to taste me. Smiling again, she said, “We can do the doggie after.”

As she resumed bobbing on my shaft, I guided her rhythm with my hand in her hair. Perhaps I was imaging it, but each thrust seemed to go deeper into her throat. Occasionally she would start to gag but catch herself through intense concentration. With her finger, she found my prostate gland, doubling my pleasure. I cried, “Yes baby, that’s it!”

As my balls contracted, she retreated to sucking just the head. She smiled broadly as my release began flooding her tongue with semen. Continuing to draw on the crown and jack the steely shaft with her hand, she swallowed. Successive spurts bubbled around her lips, ran down her chin, and dripped onto her luscious tits. She directed the last of my stringy spurts onto her tits. All the while, she continued to fondle my prostate until the pulsing slackened. Letting my cock fall from her mouth, she closed her mouth and used her tongue to make my cum bubble out between her lips. Kristen swallowed again and licked her lips clean while rubbing my cum into her breasts. She smiled coyly and commented, “Yes, I knew it would taste really good.”

Knowing that it would take some time to regroup, I eased her down into the grass on her back and lay beside her. I looked at her lips and thought how lovely they looked — a rich color and fullness that looked both hot and soft at the same time, the sexy little indentation on the top one, and the rounded lower one that made me want to suck it between mine. She idly ran her tongue over the top one so that it glistened with her saliva and my cum, drawing me in. We kissed tenderly, and I could taste my semen on her lips. She opened her mouth, inviting me to explore further. Our tongues danced as we embraced.

The warm afternoon sun lubricated our bodies as we rubbed together, touching, licking, and giving little bites as we’d seen the dogs do earlier. Remembering her comment about the sensitivity of her breasts, I decided to find out for myself. I told her I thought her breasts were beautiful and rolled her up on top of me. They hung down in my face. At first I toyed with her, blowing on the nipples and briefly touching them with the tip of my tongue. I waited, wondering if she would anticipate my next move. Her nipples responded by hardening as I watched. I took each one’s tautness between my lips, nibbling lightly. I began kissing and suckling them with tenderness. She purred in delight, “Do you really like my breasts?”

“Um hmmmm”, I replied as I continued to service her luscious tits.

I watched the sweat bead high on her breastbone and run down over her blushing orbs, gathering on the ends of her erect nipples. She would giggle as I quickly moved my tongue, from one to the other, to catch each drop before it could fall. As we continued to play, her purrs turned to moans, and she encouraged me to tug and suck the tips of engorged breasts harder. I gathered those slickened melons in my big hands, squeezing them gently, pulling and twisting the erect nipples between my fingers. The pinkness of her breasts darkened further as lust began filling her eyes. She said, “If you keep this up, I am going to come all over you!”

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