A Draining Day At Work

(The continuing story of Josh & Allie as their slutty housekeeper takes them further into depravity. Check out “A House Corrupted” to see how this hot slut of a wife was shown the light. 🙂


Josh blearily woke to the usual reports of trouble on I-5 and the 520 bridge and drug himself to the bathroom, Amy sleeping soundly in the bed next to him despite the radio alarm. Allie had left a little before midnight after turning Josh and Amy into a pair of crazed fucksluts. His cock twitched a little as he looked at himself in the mirror with huge shit-eating grin. With 200 plus pounds of solid muscle packed onto his 6′ frame, wavy dark hair and soft blue eyes, he’d always had plenty of tempting offers. Last night was ample reward for staying faithful.

Climbing into the shower, vivid memories of the lust fueled night kept returning. He hurriedly pissed before his stiffening cock got too hard. After the five or six mind-blowing orgasms yesterday, pissing in itself was exquisite pain. As the hot water massaged away the sleep, his mind wandered: hearing the sounds of Allie moaning as every thrust of his cock from behind Amy pushed her face deep into Allie’s shaved cunt; hungrily attacking Amy’s tongue while they fucked as Allie stood squirting over their head, her juices running into both their mouths, mixing with their tongues and saliva; nearly passing out from pleasure as his biggest and most explosive orgasm of the night shot spurt after spurt into Allie’s open pussy only to run out and down her sex slick lips and into Amy’s waiting mouth beneath.

Stepping out and toweling off, he groaned lightly as the towel rubbed against his oversensitive head. He couldn’t believe how overstimulated he was. Briefly considering rubbing one off, he chuckled and realized he didn’t have much time as it was. He brushed his teeth and headed out to get dressed.

“Mmmmm. Hi lover,” Amy purred, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

Josh stared at Amy, watching as she slowly slipped the same vibrator that started it all yesterday in and out of her lips. Quickly forgetting about getting dressed, he dropped his towel and climbed into bed, his cock thick and hard already. Even after yesterday, he still couldn’t quite believe this. After 12 years of a basically sexless at worst, boring at best sex-life, it was like he was with a totally different person.

“My god you are fucking sexy,” he growled. “Why don’t you get rid of that and let me take over.”

Amy canlı bahis şirketleri squealed [squealed!] in delight as he moved between her legs on his knees, his hand gripping the lower half of his shaft while he placed the thick head up to her wet lips. “Let’s see how this toy feels,” he laughed.

He began sliding his head, thick and swollen from how hard he was squeezing it, along her lips, coating it as it went further and further inside her. Allie’s hips began rising up as he stirred her up, half his cock sliding in and out, up and down, the other half held in his hand. Her fingernails traced up and down his arms, along his abs and up to his nipples. As her breathing grew more ragged, he rubbed his now glistening head in circle around her clit until her hands clasped onto his shoulders. As she began to cum, he buried himself deep inside her in one long push. He was a little longer than most and definitely much thicker, Allie was completely filled.

“Oh Fuck. Yes. Fuck me baby. Let me cum on that fucking cock!”

Her words pushed him over the edge and his tender cock exploded. By now, little more than a few spurts were coming out but each spasm was unbelievable. He collapsed on Allie. “Jeezus Al. That’s a great way to start the day!”

“Mmmm. It is isn’t it? Amy told me to make sure you went to work nice and messy. She wanted me to make sure your lovely cock was nice and sticky and very sensitive.”

Josh jumped and groaned as she stroked his head with a wicked laugh, bringing her fingers up to her mouth for a taste. “It tastes so lovely and by the way you’re jumping, I think you’re ready for the day sweety.”

Josh shook his head and laughed as he rolled off the bed and finished his morning rituals before heading to work. Cock drying in his pants and sending delicious tingles through his body just from the friction of walking.


“Hey Jack. Morning Lisa. Tom.” Josh breezed through the office, walking tall with a bounce in his step, his oversexed cock in a perpetual half hard-on just from walking. He grabbed his coffee and newspaper and unlocked his office, sitting down to start the day. He’d been reviewing some creative for about an hour when the phone rang, “Hello, this is Josh.”

“Hey sexy, how’s that lovely cock of yours doing?” Allie’s voice dripped out of the receiver, his cock instantly twitching in response.

“Hey you,” he laughed, “you know, its feeling pretty fuckin’ canlı kaçak iddaa good today.”

“Mmmm. I bet it is. My little slut here told me how good it felt inside her this morning.”

“Your little, you’re back home, er, at our house?”

“I am baby. Do you know what I’m doing?”

Josh could tell by her voice that she was having fun, “No, why don’t you tell me.”

“Ohhhh, fuck.” Allie confirmed his suspicions with a lusty moan, “I’m sitting here letting your nasty wife suck the shit out of my lil clitty. Why don’t you log onto your yahoo chat and watch.”

“Are you fucking serious? She’s letting you webcam her eating you out?” Josh quickly loaded his IM and sure enough, there was the cam request. He was already adjusting his pants to allow his cock room to grow as the broadcast finally came through. There lay Allie on their bed in a cute pink top, jeans lying beside her, panties on one leg while Amy greedily lapped at her pussy. “Oh my god, that’s fucking hot Allie. You are unbelievable.”

She laughed into the phone, “No, what’s unbelievable is how fucking good wifey here is at eating pussy. She may make me squirt again! So tell me baby, are you hard again?”

“Fuck yes. God Allie, you’re making me like a dog in heat here. I can’t keep from getting hard.”

Another laugh, this time with a hint of an edge to it. “You haven’t seen anything yet lover. Unzip your pants for me baby.” As Josh hurriedly complied, she continued, “when that hot piece of meat is out, I want you to start playing with it.”

“Mmm, I already am,” Josh half groaned in reply, his hand slowly rubbing up and down his cock.

“Not yet baby, spit on your hands and then get it all slick and sticky. That’s why I sent you to work with a dirty cock. I want you to smell it while you watch your wife eat me. I want you to feel how sticky it gets when your spit starts to dry. Pretend it’s my hot pussy instead of your hand…Ohhhhh! Fuck! Amy baby, you’re gonna make me cum.”

His lust taking over quickly, Josh was soon stroking furiously, his cock hard and shiny, the smell of Amy’s pussy and his spit filling his office. Onscreen, Allie was arching her back, both hands buried in Amy’s red hair, holding her mouth against her cunny. Amy had one hand up on Allie’s chest pulling on a nipple while the other was between her legs. Josh could she her fingers slipping in and out of the same pussy he was just inside a few hours ago. Just as he was approaching canlı kaçak bahis the point of no return, his assistant Jill walked in

He jerked his hand up on top of his desk and froze, shoulder cocked holding the phone to his head, chair pushed under his desk as she walked in and up to his desk. The monitor’s back was to her so she couldn’t see. Josh put the hand he’d just been jacking off with up to the phone mouthpiece and whispered “Yes?”

“Sorry Josh, just dropping off the proofs for your sign-off,” Jill said. She paused at his desk, eyes looking slightly quizzical as she sniffed the air.

Josh was desperately trying to hold his orgasm back. She had walked in when just one more upstroke would have had him cumming in his office. “OK, just give me a minute here.” All of the sudden, he heard a scream over the phone as Allie came. He instinctively looked at the monitor and saw live on the screen, Allie squirting like crazy all over Amy’s face. Amy had her fingers buried n Allie and was furiously rubbing her in the right spot as liquid gushed all over her face. It was too much for Josh.

With Jill standing there watching him, his back hunched over as his cock began jerking. The sensation of having an orgasm without doing anything left Josh gasping. Jill stood there silently, a flush developing on her face as her boss came in his office chair right in front of her. As Josh slowly calmed down, she turned and walked away without a word, shutting the door behind him.

Allie cackled with delight as Josh explained what happened. “I bet you are in for an interesting day,” she laughed. “You’ll have to tell me all about it when you get home.”

Josh had just finished wiping his cock off and zipping up when Jill walked back in. She walked up to his desk and tossed something in his lap as she put her hands on the desk and leaned over. He was instantly aware of how hard her nipples were as they poked through her top.

“Those are for you Josh.” she whispered. “I wanted to let you know I just went to the bathroom and fucked myself silly with these.” She reached out and wiped two fingers on his cheek. With that she turned around and walked out. Stunned, Josh watched her go, amazed at how tight her ass looked in her True Religion jeans. As the door shut, he looked down at his lap. A red thong was wadded up and lying there.

He thought for a second and reached for the phone. “Jill? Can you come back in here for a minute?”

(Thanks for all the positive feedback. This is my second story and I’m looking forward to writing more. I really loved hearing how hot the first one made some of you and I hope this one does too. If I can take some of you past the point of no return I would love to hear it!)

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