A Dream Come to Life

So tell me, is a dream considered as cheating on your wife? If so them I am guilty on many counts. Come on what married man has not had thoughts of other women and gotten a hard on thinking about them? It’s just that they will not admit it but I am not one of them. I will tell you about my dream and the events that followed.

My wife and I have lived in the same apartment for several years and we have seen many neighbors move in and out, I did not pay that much attention to them until “she” moved in. She was a younger single woman with a young son. I had seen her several times in passing and gave a polite wave and on some occasions said “Hello”.

She would give a quick wave or just say, “Hi.”

During the summer months I would see her as she would come and go during the day and at night, which was when I first really noticed her. She would always be wearing tight short shorts and a tight tee shirt that showed off her firm tits and ass. As summer passed and winter came on I saw less of her, in two ways: less often and less skin, she was bundled up to suit the weather, but we still exchanged pleasantries as we passed.

It was during the winter months that I had the dream about her it was as big of a surprise to me as the dream itself.

This is my dream from my eyes:

I had just gotten home from work at 1:20 am on a warm summer night I gathered my backpack and lunch box from the truck to go inside. As I walked up the steps toward my apartment I saw her door open, I hesitated for a brief moment before unlocking and opening the door to my place. The timing was right as I saw her step out of her doorway, the light from behind made her glow. I could clearly see her tight golden shorts and cut off tee that barely covered her tits.

That was when she caught my eye and said, “Hi I know it’s late but can you help me with something?”

“Sure.” I replied without hesitation.

I followed her into her into her apartment still carrying my backpack and lunch box setting them on the floor. She did not say a word she just pointed to the vacuum cleaner. I checked it out and found the belt was off I repositioned and tightened it then turned it on for a quick check then switched it off.

“All done” I said.

“Maybe you can help me with something else!” She replied.

As I turned I saw her shorts drop to her feet, and her tee was already pulled just above her tits, no bra or panties I was stunned for a moment.

She stepped back and sat on the couch then leaned back spreading her legs, placing one foot on the couch and one on the floor as she ran her fingers across her folds. She was completely shaven and I could see she was already wet.

We did not speak a word we did not need to as the look in her eyes told me what she wanted. I crawled across the floor positioning myself between her legs smelling the fragrance from her, it was like a lilac. I placed my hands on her thighs and inched my face toward her soft lips, eager to taste her sweet lips, and that was when my friggin’ alarm clock went off waking me from my dream. I was so pissed!

I thought of that dream many times, imagining how it would have turned out and how I would have told her about my dream if I had the chance. It kept running through my mind over and over again. As the months passed I saw her a few times in passing but was unable to talk to her alone, this was never going to work unless I could talk to her güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri alone! I was determined to tell her my secret, but if I did I risked a lot. She could go off on me or even go tell my wife. I had to find a way to tell her so she would be interested and want to know more.

One thought I had was to just show her the story I wrote about my dream and see how she reacted to it, but then I thought if I did that she would have evidence against me if she decided to tell my wife, but would she do that, I could not take that chance.

Every time I saw her I thought of the dream, but she was never alone nor was I, I waited to find the right time to talk to her alone and I would take the chance to tell her my dream.

It had been several months since I had the dream and the night I have been waiting for finally arrived, just as I was getting out of my truck I noticed my neighbors door was open, I walked slowly toward my door when I saw her step out and turn to go to another neighbors just down a few doors, (by the way she was hot also). Just before she turned she saw me and waved, this was my chance without thinking I called her by name.

“Pam can I ask you a question?”

She stopped and turned. She had a puzzled look on her face as I approached her. Being in a nervous state I came right out and said it.

“How well can you keep a secret?” A more puzzled look showed on her face and a slight grin, “I had a dream about you.” I continued.

She asked, “Was it bad?”

I knew that was not a good sign, “No!” I replied, “It depends on what you mean as bad.” With a grin on my face, she had a smirk on hers.

I went all out at that point telling her all about the dream, and to tell the truth I was even more nervous now! She let me finish my story and seemed to lighten up a little while I told her, maybe that was wishful thinking on my part. After I was done I explained that I just had to tell her to see what she thought about it. She stood there a minute not knowing what to say.

“But you’re married!” She finally said.

“Yes, but I have not had any for so long it’s ridiculous!” I said with desperation in my voice. That was my down fall!

With that she turned to walk away, in a last plead I added, “Will you think about it?” She gave a half hearted nod and went on.

So now that I have played my cards I am really not sure how this will go, will she just blow me off as the dirty old man a few doors down or will she turn on me and tell my wife, I feel the third option of indulging my dream will never take place from her reaction, I am beginning to think I am in deep shit.

Time passed and I was relived that she had not turned on me, nor had she shunned me for life we were still polite when meeting in the parking lot.

It was one year later as the weather turned for the better when I started to see more of her, both frequently and less clothes. On a very warm spring evening as I arrived home from work she stepped out of her apartment as I walked up the steps. She shocked me a bite by speaking first.

“Hi, how are you tonight?” She said.

“I am doing well but I will be better when I get a shower and a beer.” I replied.

The look on her face was rather puzzling, she seemed to want to tell me something but didn’t want to come forth.

I asked, “Would you like to have a beer with me, I’ll bring two out?”

She nodded güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri yes, so I went into my place to set my stuff down and grabbed two beers. When I walked out I found her sitting on the steps by her place smoking. I handed her a beer and sat beside her. We were silent as we drank our beer, til she spoke up.

“I am getting ready to move.” She said.

I replied, “I will be sorry to see you leave, but I hope you have found a good place.”

“I have.” She said, then went on, “I have thought of what you told me, about the dream, and I want to know, why me?”

A smile grew on my face, we finished our beers and I asked, “I will tell you if you will have another beer and a shot with me.” She smiled and nodded to approve.

I went into my apartment and retrieved the copy of the story I had written along with two beers and two shots. As I walked out I handed her a beer and the shot, she smiled as she took them.

We downed the shots washing them back with the beer.

“So why me?” She asked.

I proceeded to tell her about my amateur erotic story writing and I have submitted them to a site. I had the dream about her and started a story about it and wanted to know if she would help finish it. That was when I handed her the copy of the rough draft. She did not even look at it; she just finished her beer then got up and went to her apartment without saying a word. What was her game?

I did not see her for a few weeks till I saw the moving truck at her place one weekend. I did not get time to talk to her then. I knew I had lost my chance at having her.

On Wednesday I stopped to have a beer and a shot after work. As I arrived home I saw her door was open and the lights were on. I knew it was too late for the maintenance crew and I did not see her car so, I waited outside by my truck til I saw someone move inside the light. That was when Pam stepped out.

“Hello” I said as I walked closer toward her.

She looked at me with a smile and said, “Hi!”

“I thought you had already cleared out with out saying goodbye” I said.

She said, “Well I am just taking the last of my things out before I turn in my keys. I am glad I ran into you. I read your story and found it very exciting. I think I would like to help you with it.”

Pam held her hand out to me; I took it letting her lead me inside her apartment as she locked the door behind us, she then turned pressing her lips to mine not even letting me drop my backpack and lunchbox from work. Our tongues explored and the heat rose, as well did my cock.

Stepping back she said, “I have some beer and Captain, want some?”

I nodded yes and watched her walk away as I set my things from work aside. She had dressed just as I had written from my dream, tight shorts and a short cropped tee that just barley covered her tits. She soon returned with the shots and beers, sitting on the floor we downed the shots and drank the beer then she looked into my eyes.

“I don’t have a vacuum for you to fix so I guess you just have me.” She said with a wicked grin.

She rose from the carpet and turned on some music then started to do a slow sensual dance rubbing her hands all over her body, making her nipples stand out hard against the thin fabric of her tee. It was making me very hot for her.

As I started to stand she placed her foot on my chest and slowly pushed me to the carpet güvenilir bahis şirketleri then placing her feet aside my hips she gyrated above me before settling atop my crouch grinding into me. She let me explore her body with my hands. Rubbing her hips as she ground them on my hardening cock, and then sliding up along her tight abs til I reached her small but firm tits, her nipples were so hard.

She pulled her tee off giving me a full view and feel of her tits. As I rubbed, pinched, and pulled on them it made her moan. She leaned closer allowing me to suck each nipple in turn making them stand out hard and erect. I pleased and teased her til she could not take any more. I rolled her over then kissed my way down her body pulling off her tight shorts to find she had a beautiful fully shaven wet pussy. Kissing my way further down, I reached my goal, her hot wet pussy. I teased her just blowing on her lips before I ran my tongue along her folds.

I licked, fingered, and sucked her pussy making her buck hard on my face til she screamed and creamed on my face. It took several minutes for her to recover. I wanted to fuck her right then, but she needed to settle as did I. She rose and licked the cream from my face relishing it as much as I did.

“Need another shot and beer?” She asked. Not waiting for a reply, off she went to the kitchen. As she walked away I knew I wanted more of her, I wanted to fuck her hard and deep and have her ass also, the way she wiggled as she left the room made me crazy for her.

She returned with the drinks and she could see the huge grin on my face then asked, “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing is funny”, I said, “I just don’t know which view I like best, coming or going!”

“So which do you like best?” She asked. “You already sampled my tits and pussy maybe you need to try my ass.”

The look on my face told her what she wanted to know, she downed half her beer setting the bottle down then looked at me with evil eyes as if she was possessed then said, “Fuck my ass now!”

She dropped to her knee’s reaching back to pull her cheeks apart. I wet my fingers in her pussy before sliding them into her tight as to loosen her up a bit. I then slid my cock into her dripping wet pussy while I fingered her ass as she moaned for more.

“Put it in me now, put it in my ass!” She screamed.

I pulled out of her pussy dripping wet with her cream, aligning my cock toward her tight asshole I slowly pushed into her. That was when she trusts back onto my cock to the depth. The sensation was so exhilarating for us both; we held that position til we could relax enough to start to move, slow at first to get in a rhythm.

She then let me fuck her ass fast and hard as she rubbed her pussy having multiple orgasms before I told her I was ready to cum. As I pulled out she flipped over onto her knees taking my cock into her mouth right away sucking hard and fast til I filled her mouth with my cum. She sucked it hard after the last spurt to get every drop making me jerk and twitch with pleasure.

She pulled my cock from her lips then scooped up my cum that she let dribble down her face and tits licking it from her fingers. As we stood we kissed sharing a sweet cum kiss as I played with her tits and dipped a finger in her pussy brining her sweet nectar to our lips as we kissed.

“I wish we had gotten together before now, you taste wonderful!” She said as we dressed.

“Maybe we could see each other again sometime.” I replied, knowing she was moving and I would never see her again. We kissed before I left to go to my apartment to shower and calm down with a beer. It was then I thought I should have gotten some pics of her.

She was gone the next day.

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