A driving fantasy

A driving fantasyI was just driving along a lonely road in the Californiadesert watching the clouds build towards afternoonthunderstorms. Since my divorce these drives had becomemore common for me; they were a way to not be sittingat home moping. Up ahead I spotted something by theroad and as I got closer I could see that it was a personwalking. The person turned around a stuck out a thumb. Pickingup hitchhikers had never been my thing but this far outin the desert in the summer I couldn’t just leave someone. I just hoped it wasn’t someone that would rob or kill me.As I pulled over I noticed it wasn’t a man as I thought. Thehitchkiker was a woman and a cute one at that. She quicklygot in the car and asked me where I was headed. So I let herknow I didn’t have anyplace specific to be and asked whereshe needed to go. We then head on down the road to herplace which was about 30 miles away in a small deserttown.We talked quite a bit and the time quickly passed. I pulledinto her driveway with a bit of regret at the parting thatwas about to happen. Then she suprised me by asking me infor a cool drink. I accepted of course.The drink she handed me was nice and icy. It went down quiteeasily and so did the next one. I was feeling quite good, especially with her sitting close and with her hand on mythigh. Finally she asked why I wasn’t making any moves onher. When I said I didn’t think it’d be nice of me to takeadvantage just eryaman escort because she needed a ride her hand moved upmy thigh and found my cock. She sighed and let me know itwould be very nice of me and sealed that with the hottestkiss I’d had in years.At her suggestion we headed to the shower since we bothhad become a bit sweaty out in the desert. As her t-shirtcame off I finally got to see the nipples that had beenmaking such pleasing bumps. In the shower we mostly soaped and washedeach other, but with some fun groping as well.We dried off in a hurry and tumbled into her bed. Soon Ihad my head right where I wanted it to be: between her legs.I just love the feel of a clit between my lips and I wasloving the way I was making her moan. It didn’t take longbefore she contracted in orgasm and I held on tight to keep from being knocked away.As the orgasm faded I’m pretty sure she expected me to juststart fucking her. But I just kept on eating her out andshe didn’t seem to want to complain. Then I noticed somemovement our of the corner of my eye. There was a naked young man in the room. He walked up tous and she grabbed his erection, pulled him towards herhead and started sucking. I figured everything was coolsince the guy kept looking at me and grinning. So I justkept on licking her clit while enjoying the view.By then I’d had my head between her legs for about an hourand my neck was starting to stiffen a bit. As escort eryaman I lifted myhead to stretch a bit she took the opportunity to introduceme to the young man. He was from down the street and they’dbeen fucking since he turned 18 several months before. Ithad started when she caught him masturbating in an old shedand asked him if he needed some help. My neck was too sore by then to continue what I had beendoing. So she had me get on my back and we got into a sixty nine position. I pulled her down and went back tolicking and sucking while her mouth did wonderful thingsto my cock. Then the k** decided to get in the act andI saw his hard cock right above me face as he entered her.This was the closest I’d ever seen someone fucking and Ifound it quite arousing. If it’d happened a few yearsearlier, being that close to a hard cock would have freakedme out. But since my wife left I had been changing a bit, Ieven had thought about what I’d be like to be the one doingthe sucking. So having him thrusting away so close wasn’t a problem.His cock was very close to my tongue and it didn’t take melong to flick it a few times. Nothing bad happened so I figured cock wasn’t as scary as I had thought it was. All too soon we changed positions and I was on top doingthe fucking. He must have felt my tongue flicks becausehe didn’t hesitate to bring his cock to my lips. I was abit bothered but too excited to let that stop me. Suckingcock eryaman escort bayan turned out to be great. There was something about thehardness and the warmth that really got to me.When we turned over to let her be on top I thought he’djust resume having me suck. Instead he left the room leavingme a bit puzzled. We fucked a bit more and then she askedme to eat her some more. So there I was back between herlegs with a clit between my lips.I felt his hands on my neck before I knew he was back. Herubbed the soreness away before moving down my back. Ashe massaged me I concentrated on making her cum. I feltthe hands go lower on my back and then down to my butt.Then he worked his way back up and this time as he wasrubbing I felt his hard cock. When he worked his way down again this time he spreadmy cheeks and touched my hole. Okay, I’d had fantasiesabout sucking a cock but the idea of being fucked byone didn’t turn me on. That is it didn’t until I felthim touching me there. I still wasn’t sure about havinga cock in me but I was sure about how good being touchedwas.When he started rubbing something slick around me hole myhead got light. Then something hotter than a finger waytouching me. It rubbed in circles then centered and pushedlightly. All this had me neglecting my pussy licking and she scootedaway from my had and sat up to watch. When she asked if Ihad been fucked before, I let her know I hadn’t even consideredit. She let me know I should push out to open myself up. His cockwas still putting light presure on my hole while doing minithrusts. As I pushed I felt the head go in a bit. On the nextthrust it went in more. Soon he was all the way in.

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