A Drop of Rain

Classroom Sex

The rain was falling softly, misting the picture windows in the dining room. The people inside were oblivious, continuing with their chatting, drinking, and socializing. One noticed the rain.

He murmured in her ear that he needed to see her in the kitchen and she excused herself from the circle. Once in the kitchen, he started to pull her out the back door.

“Where are we going?”

He smiled, and opened the door.

“It’s raining”

“I know”

He pulled her outside and into the mist. They walked for a bit in an easy silence, arm in arm. The garden loved the rain. Everything seemed greener somehow, and the trees sparkled with their finery. Down a slight hill and into a grove of several trees, they stopped to sit on a bench.

She leaned against him and sighed. This was heaven. No worries for a moment, no need to play the hostess, have the correct witty retorts for the boss or co-workers. His fingers played lazily with her hair, twirling little curls. His hot breath touched her neck just before his lips. Soft little kisses tracing from the line where her hair ended down and across her shoulders. One strong arm holding her firmly against him, the other sneaking up to free her hair from the clips holding it up.

“Hey” She turned around to face him and reached to grab the clip back. He grinned, brushed istanbul escort a stray hair away from her face and kissed her firmly.

Their lips met, half-open mouths, tongues softly playing. He suckled on her lip and her hands settled instead behind his neck. He dropped the clip on the wet grass and tangled his own hands in her long hair. For an eternal moment they kissed, a conversation of breath and lips.

Finally, he pulled away. Enough to kiss her nose, her cheeks, her eyes. Kisses on her neck, down to her shoulders. Softly, he pushed her back on the bench, her hair falling down on either side. His kisses moved lower, across the top of her breasts; his hands moved up her skirt to rest on her hips. He managed to get three of the buttons on her dress undone before her eyes flew open and she struggled to sit up.

“We have guests dear. They will wonder where we’ve gotten to.” She got just another lazy grin in response and a hand emerged from under her skirt to push her gently back down. That same hand easily released the rest of the buttons on her dress, freeing it to fall open. The rain fell down on her naked body and he found himself becoming aroused at the sight. Her skin glistened in the rain, little diamond droplets on her breasts and stomach.

He leaned avcılar escort over and kissed a drop from one breast, tongue tracing a path in small circles. He carefully avoided touching her nipples, until an arch of her back accompanied her soft sigh, urging him for more. Only then did his warm mouth close on her cool nipple, suckling softly. First one, then the other, as she sighed and whimpered under him. She tasted faintly of salt, and smelled of flowers.

The rain poured down on them both. She gave herself over to the sensations. The cool rain, his hot mouth, the spreading warmth between her legs. His soft lips, tongue tracing little circles on her nipple, light kisses slowly crossing her body. A path down between her breasts, over her belly button and across to her hips. Nibbles and kisses inside her thigh. His tongue, finally, inside her. Long, slow strokes and a moan escaped her. Little circles, around the hard nub; her hips raising, grinding against him.

Teasing, he stopped. More kisses and sharp bites on her thighs, traced the same path back up her body. He could feel the heat coming from her. When he again reached her mouth, a deep, lingering kiss. Her breath short, her mind spinning; she barely noticed when he reached down and unzipped his pants. She did notice when he broke the kiss, şirinevler escort and stood to take them off.

The site of him naked always made her smile. He sat back on the bench and pulled her upright into his lap. He held her close, her wet skin against his. Her hands reached under his shirt, her nails trailing softly up his back. He sighed softly, and when she lifted herself up to allow him to enter her the sigh became a moan.

Slowly they rocked back and forth. She leaned forward and captured an earlobe with her lips. Her hot breath in his ear, and the small noises that escaped when he thrust into her excited him. He thrust harder and she cried out. It seemed even the rain was with them, as the light mist got heavier.

Two bodies intertwined, moving in rhythm, the rain pouring down. Like a million tiny tongues touching each of them on every exposed bit of skin. She felt the warmth between her legs become heat, felt her stomach tense. Her nails dug into his shoulders and her voice betrayed her with a cry as the orgasm washed through her.

Before her head even cleared, he laid her back on the bench and leaned over her. By now the rain was no longer friendly and pleasant. Sheets of water washed over both of them, and he pumped into her with a force to match the sky. He felt the pleasure wrap around his spine, an electric charge up his back and into his head. He came, and felt her cries as she came again under him.

An eternity of moments later, he lay next to her, her fingers gently playing with his hair. She kissed him softly and reminded him, again, that they had guests who would be wondering where their hosts had gone.

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