A Family Project


“Honey! Are you busy?”

“Nope. What’s up?”

“Can you come over here?”

“Sure. What’s would you like?”

“Are we alone?”

“Yes, Paul and Becca have gone to the mall, shopping, again.”

“Honey. We have to have a talk.”

“Oh, oh. Sounds serious. What’s this all about?”

“Well, honey…it’s a bit…difficult.”

“What? Does this involve another man?”

“Well, sort of.”

“Well, who?”


“Our son?”


“What about him? What happened?”

“I want to have sex with him.”

“What? You want to have sex with our son?”




“Wow. When did this come about?”

“I’m not sure. For over a year or so. Since he turned 19. He’s developed into a beautiful young man. He reminds me so much of you when we first started dating. His eyes, his smile. He has a great body.”


“So, I’ve got these incredibly lustful feelings for him, that I am tired of fighting.”

“What lustful feelings?”

“You know. I want to be close to him physically, in a way different from just being his mom. I want to feel his touch, as a woman. I want to touch his skin, his face his chest…his ass…his cock.”


“Mmm hmm. I want to suck his cock. I want to feel him inside me. I want to hold his head between my legs.”

“What about us? Am I not giving you the sex and the loving you illegal bahis need?”

“Baby, our sex life is fantastic.”

“I thought so…”

“I feel very satisfied as a woman, with you. You make me come all the time.”


“But…I can’t really explain it. I just have this obsession. This extra need. That’s why I wanted to talk to you about it. It isn’t about you. There is nothing missing between us, just…there is this need I seem to have that I can’t shake.”

“Wow. This is all beginning to make sense. I noticed that you had become very flirty with him lately. And, I noticed over the summer, you’d been more actively teasing him, hugging him a little too long, kissing him on the lips, and calling him ‘baby’ and ‘sweetie’ all the time. You even got him to rub sunblock, instead of me, on your back and legs, telling him that you didn’t want any tan lines. In fact, I specifically remember one day when you were laying in the lounger by the pool, face down and you undid you bikini top and asked Paul to rub lotion on your back. I was on the upper deck having a cocktail, watching the whole thing. You were purring like a kitten while he was doing it. He didn’t seem to mind either. Then you asked him to roll the top of your bikini bottom down and put some lotion on what was essentially the top of your ass, and then asked him to roll the edges of the bikini bottom up over your ass cheeks and rub lotion on there, illegal bahis siteleri because, ‘Mommy doesn’t want tan lines, baby.’ I remember thinking, that’s pretty sexy. Why doesn’t she just take the bikini bottom off and have him rub her ass directly. It was all very amusing and a little disturbing. But, then I thought to myself, who am I to judge the relationship between a mother and her son. Then the best part happened. You rolled over and there were those beautiful tits. I thought he was going to come in his shorts. He sure was hard. I could see his boner right through his trunks. Fortunately, he dove in the pool.”

“I remember it well. I got so horny. Do you remember what happened next?”

“I do. You made an excuse for me to come into the house with you, dragged me into the bedroom and made me fuck you from behind. Fortunately, both kids were in the pool. They could have walked in on us at any time.”

“Mmm. Well. Look at you. This conversation seems to be having a very interesting affect on you. Take it out. Let me see it.”

“Really? Right now?”

“Uh huh.”

“OK. Here it is.”

“Oh, baby, it’s so beautiful. And, so big. Would you like mommy to take care of it for you?”

“Oh, yes please…mommy.”

Two minutes later.

“Oh, god, baby, that feels so good. Don’t stop.”

Five minutes later.

“Oh, sweetheart, if you keep going, I’m not going to be able to hold canlı bahis siteleri back.”

Seven minutes later.

“Oh, god, baby, I’m going to come! Ohhhh…ohhhh…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

“So, how’s my little boy, now?”

“Oh, fuck, honey, that was great.”

“I knew you’d like it.”

“So, you want to do that to our son?”

“Uh, huh.”

“Can I watch?”

“If you play your cards right, you can participate.”

“That would be horny. Can I bring Becca along?”

“Becca, our daughter?”

“Why not. If you can fuck Paul, I can fuck Rebecca. She’s 20, she’s an adult, and she’s so hot. She’s got your tits and ass.”

“Her pussy is shaved.”

“How do you know?”

“I helped her do it. She wanted to shave mine, too, but I said, Daddy likes a bit of the natural look.”

“Oh, wow. I’d love to see her shaved pussy. I’d love to taste her shaved pussy.”

“It’s pretty sweet.”

“What? You’ve tasted Becca’s pussy?”

“Not exactly, but I have an inkling. She’s pretty relaxed and playful when we groom each other.”

“Do you know if she likes to suck cock?”

“She does. And she thinks you have a nice package.”

“Oh, god,…just the thought of Becca sucking me has made me hard again.”

“Do you think I’ll have any trouble persuading Paul to make love to his mom?”

“You shouldn’t. I know he thinks you’re hot. Just approach it gradually at first. I’ll work on him, too, give him a sense that I would be OK with it. The rest is natural instinct. You should have no trouble. Would you help me to seduce Becca?”

“Of course.”

“So, when do we start this new family project?”


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