A Fateful Encounter


This is a work of fiction. All characters are over 18 years of age.

Should enough interest be there, a part 2 might happen for Carl and Nina.


Carl had to make a parts run to the local hardware store. He didn’t realize that he had missed some items from his list. Without them he’d would be stuck until the store re-opened after the holidays.

As he got to the hardware store, another car was ahead of him in the turning lane. Guess they needed some hardware also, he thought.

Both cars made their turn in and parked. Carl hadn’t paid any attention to the other driver. Why would he? They were driving civilized, which was nice. Carl really hated driving with jerks.

She got out of her car. Carl glanced her way, and figured she was late 40’s, maybe early 50’s. Very nicely dressed. The dress was above the knee, bluish in color with flowers, 3 or 4 inch heels, and what looked like beautiful breasts. Her auburn hair was very neatly curled, and was a beautiful accent to her face.

Carl was parked closer to the door, and made it there first. Being the gentleman he was, he opened it for her. She was a few steps behind, smiled at me and said “Thank You” as she entered the store.

Carl was thinking ‘I’m impressed.’ “You’re welcome Ma’am” was his reply.

He headed over to the hardware section; she had went the opposite direction. Getting to where the needed hardware would be, he started digging through the parts bin, looking for the stuff on his list.

Hearing the voice again, “Excuse me…” she said.

Carl was so engrossed in looking that he hadn’t heard her walk up.

“Oh, hello again.” he said to her.

“Hi, ” she replied. She reached out, and put a folded note in his pocket-t shirt pocket. Upon accomplishing her task, she walked away before he could say anything.

Carl reached into his shirt pocket to retrieve the note.

There were two things written on the note. The name “Nina”, and a phone number.

Was she wanting to hook up with him?

He re-folded the note and stuck it back in the pocket. It took another 10 minutes to find the rest of the hardware he needed.

On his way up to the front to pay, this mystery woman was on his mind. ‘Was that her name?’ He wondered. ‘What did she want? Damn, she was hot enough.’

The cashier rang up the purchase. Carl paid, and headed out of the store to his car. When he got to it, he looked around to see if she was still there or not, but he didn’t see her car.

Carl got in and put his parts down in the other seat. He was about to put the key in the ignition when his voice said ‘You should call her.’ Was he being overly cautious about this? It’s not every day a woman sticks a phone number in your shirt. In fact, it was the only time in his 45 years that a woman ever stuck her number in his shirt.

He reached in to the pocket and retrieved the note. Her handwriting was very elegant and neat. Looking at the name “Nina”… and raking his brain; he knew of no “Nina’s”. He pulled his smart phone out of his pants pocket, and Googled the number. Nothing. Hmmm…

Should he call? Carl sat and thought about it.

Curiosity won the battle. ‘What would it hurt to call?’ he reasoned.

He keyed in the number on the phone. A couple of rings, and he hears a “Hello?” that matched her voice.

“Hi Ms. Nina. You just put your number in my shirt pocket a little while ago.”

“I was wondering if you would call me or not. Yes, it was very forward of me to do that. But you had manners, and that spoke volumes about you.” She said.

“Thank you Ms. Nina. I would hope my Mother’s influence in my upbringing would do me some good some day,” Carl replied.

Nina laughed. “I’m so glad that your Mother did such an excellent job. What is your name?”

“Oh,” he thought … damn it… should have introduced himself. “My name is Carl.”

“It is very nice to meet you Carl”, she said. Carl could detect a slight bit of an accent, but couldn’t quite place it. “I didn’t see a wedding ring. Do I take it that you are single?”

“Yes, ma’am. I happen to be single.”

“Good. Is it good, Carl?” she asked.

“It is Ms. Nina. I’m fond of thinking that everything that happens, happens for a reason.”

“Well, Carl, sounds like you may be on to something there.”

‘Now what was that supposed to mean,’ he wondered.

“Do you know where the parking garage is across the street?”

“Yes, I do,” Carl replied

“There is a restaurant right across the street. Park in the restaurant’s lot.”

“But …” he started to say when Nina cut him off.

“No buts, Carl. I’ll be right there to collect you.” Then the phone made the line disconnection tone.

Carl sat there with phone in hand and thought about it. He didn’t know what to think, or what to to make of it. And at this point, nor what to do about it.

That part of his mind won out again.

Carl drove down the street and pulled into the restaurant’s parking lot. He shut the engine off, and noticed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri motion off to the left side. Looking over, it was Nina in her car. He put her number back in his shirt, slid his phone back his pants pocket.

He got out, locked up, and opened her passenger door.

“Hello again Carl.” she said.

“Hi Ms. Nina.”

“Where are we going?” He had to ask. “I’m not used to getting into a strange woman’s car.” Carl reasoned that even at his age, after all, a 45 year old should know better.

“We’re going to go for a drive so we can talk. If that is ok Carl.”

“Ok, Ms. Nina… where to?”

“Would you please do me a favor?” Nina asked.


“Would you quit calling me Ms. Nina? It makes me sound old.”

Ok. Note to self: don’t call her Ms.

“I apologize M…” (I started to say it, then cut himself off), “Nina.”

“Thank you Carl. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your manners back at the store. Every time I go in there, I feel like a piece of hardware meat.”

‘Yes’, he thought… he could see that, knowing that store.

“You didn’t treat me that way. And for that, I wanted to thank you.”

“You don’t have to do that Nina,” Carl said in reply.

“Well, Carl, I do. But in thanking you, I need to ask something of you.”

“I don’t understand,” he said to her.

“Carl, my husband died 3 years ago,” she said. “I’ve been pretty much alone since then.” He could hear in her voice that she was getting a little emotional. “My kids have families of their own, and careers, and busy lives, and…”

“And don’t have any room for you full time,” he said, finishing her sentence.

“Yes, that is exactly it Carl,” she said. “They don’t. And I tried dating. But it’s just too soon.”

‘Well, if she doesn’t want to date, why am I here?’ he thought to himself.

“You’re probably wondering why you are here,” she said.

Carl broke out laughing. “Get out of my head!” he said back to her. “I was just wondering why I was here!”

A big grin came over Nina’s face, but she must not have seen the humor in it. “I need your help.”

Nina went on to explain to Carl how she and her husband had met. Her husband was like the proverbial knight who rescued the fair maiden. And in doing so at an early age, her practical knowledge about men and dating was far from complete.

Her husband rescued her from an abusive boyfriend that had raped her some 33 years ago. In raping her, the boyfriend was charged with enough charges that he would be sent away for a very long time.

It also seemed that her knight of a soon to be husband was studying to become an attorney. Using his legal knowledge, he helped the AG throw the book at the creep. The AG was also so impressed with her husband, that he told him that his tour in the AG’s office was going to end, and at which attorney’s office he was going to go work out of. And to call him after he passed the bar.

Sure enough, right after he passed the bar, he called the ex-AG, who he by now figured forgotten about him. But as soon as the secretary heard his name, she knew the ex-AG would want to talk to him. He was offered his own office and secretary, making early on, a six figure salary.

But her husband had also been working with Nina, to help her to rise above the event that could have destroyed her life, and turned her into not only a wife, but a woman. No small feat to do. But they married right after he passed the bar, and had been together ever since. And very happily too.

It was a drunk driver that killed her husband. A drunk crossed the center line, and her fairytale was over.

After becoming a senior partner in the law firm, the firm made it their work, that he would never be allowed to drive ever again, even after he got out of prison. A new tactic to save lives.

Nina turned into the gate at the end of a long drive, down the most expensive street in town. These home started at $500k at an entry-level.

‘Holy Crap!!’ Carl was thinking to himself.

Nina got out of the car. Carl realized he needed to get out too, and had to rush, because she already had a head-start.

“Welcome to my home.” Nina said.

“Wow…” Carl replied.

It was indeed a mansion. The house, cars, and a $2 million dollar life insurance policy guaranteed that Nina would require nothing more for the rest of her life.

“It is impressive, isn’t it?” Nina said.

“Words can’t describe…” Carl started to say, when she reached out and took his hand.

“You know my story, Carl.” She gave a tug to pull him toward her. “I need something from you… If you want it.”

Nina had pulled Carl close enough to be in arms reach of her. “I don’t know what you need, Nina. But I will do anything I can.”

Nina stepped closer to Carl. Their bodies almost touching. Nina glanced down at Carl’s lips, then back to his eyes.

Carl pulled Nina the rest of the way in, standing body to body with him. Getting the signal, he tilted his güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri head, and slowly executed a docking maneuver until their lips made contact.

Her lips were soft, her smell was intoxicating. Their heads started turning to find the best place for docking. Their tongues couldn’t wait… Contact! She tasted extraordinary to him! For just meeting her, and for only the 3rd man she had ever kissed, she was a pro!

The kiss began to wane. They begin to separate, and their eyes begin to open. A smile once again came upon Nina’s face. Taking Carl by the hand, she led him up a flight of stairs to the bedroom area.

Once in the bedroom, Nina pulled off Carl’s pocket t-shirt. She was going for his belt when he said… “Nina, wait.”

Nina stopped and looked up at him.

“I desperately need a shower.”

The frown that appeared on her face when he stopped her changed when she realized what his request was. Nina said to him, “that kind sir, can be arranged.” A smile replaced the frown.

Nina kicked off her shoes and after taking Carl by the hand, she led him into the Master Bath. Carl could not believe his eyes… A toilet and a bidet. A multiple person shower and sauna in one. His and Her robes hanging in there for use right after the shower. Such luxury.

Carl wondered if he was dreaming.

Nina walked up to a touch panel, and keyed in the type of shower, the temperature, and no duration on the keypad. Then on a separate keypad, she tapped a few keys, and a surround sound system bathed the room in a lite jazz/pop internet station.

Nina’s attention turned back to Carl. “Kick off your shoes,” she commanded of him. She unfastened the belt on his pants. And in one quick motion, his pants, underwear and semi-erect member were released. He stepped out of the pants, and Nina pulled off his socks.

It was Carl’s turn. He approached her and she expected he’d make the move to unfasten her dress. But instead, he came in again, for another kiss. He realized then, that kissing Nina, was like kissing an angel. Her hands moved all over his naked back, his semi-firming member was starting to push against her dress. His hands were on her back and her head, holding her to him, holding her into their kiss.

As the kiss started to wane again, he used one hand to unzip the dress. She looked up at him with a look of wanting. He pulled at it from the front, and pulling it free from her shoulders freed it to fall to the floor, which it did when he dropped it.

Nina now stood before him in a bra, panties, garter belt and stockings.

“Nice… Very Nice.” Carl said. He reached around her, and unfastened the eye hooks on the bra. It was now free to move. Using both hands, they took the straps from her shoulder, and moved them down her arms. Her bra was free. Carl was in awe of what he saw. Perfect DD breasts with hard nipples. He couldn’t resist, and his head instinctively went for her right breast. Taking the nipple in his mouth, he sucked and played with it. The sucking was sending shivers down Nina’s spine. It felt oh so good. A flick of Carl’s tongue on the tip of the nipple was like a pin prick, hardwired to not affect her nipple but her pussy instead. Carl was an incredible suckler. He was suckling her like her babies did when they were young! She was in ecstasy!

Carl then switched from right side to left.

Oh, gawd, Nina thought!! “Carl, baby, oh, that, feels, so, incredible!” she coo’ed.

She was lost. And she was found. This man Carl was the man she needed in her life. And he knew how to do it well, so far.

After Carl came back to his senses after Nina’s incredible breasts, he looked at her. She was a beautiful woman, no doubt. All the curves, in all the right places. He walked right up to her and while looking into her eyes, his hands found the waist-band on her panties. He slid them down, just far enough to clear her thighs, and let gravity do it’s work.

Nina was neatly trimmed. A beautiful triangle, just above the folds that were hiding her favorite buddy… her clit. Carl started to bend over, to get to do a ‘get to know you’ session when Nina stopped him. “Like you said Carl, I could use a shower too.”

“We still have to get that garter belt off… let me.” he said. Carl sank to his knees, which put him almost eye level to her crotch. First, he unfastened the front one. Nina responded by turning to allow him the next one. Then the second. Then the Third. Then the fourth.

Carl took his time by admiring her legs. He wasn’t much of a leg man, but Nina’s legs would make any man a leg man. Just the right curves, in just the right places. He slowly started removing the left leg stocking. Sliding it down, and also sliding his hands up and down her legs. They were silky smooth. Once down at the ankle, she put her hand on his shoulder so she could lift her leg, so he could pull the stocking free.

After Carl paid final homage to her left leg, he went for her right leg. The exact same thing played out with her right güvenilir bahis şirketleri leg… with the exception of a ticklish spot on her right inside calf. He made note of it, for he’d need to do something about it later. He slowly slid it down, while playing with her leg (like he had done on the left one).

Nina was thanking her lucky stars that she ran into Carl. He could become a keeper, the way his cards were playing out for him. Oh, what was that? She looked down, and Carl had taken a playful nibble at her sensitive spot.

Nina couldn’t wait. She slipped down the garter belt so she could pull Carl into the shower, NOW!!

“Um…” Carl said a bit embarrassed. “I need to use the …” and pointed to the toilet.

Nina said, let me go first, then I can jump on the bidet and it won’t take me as long.

A frown appeared on Carl’s face. “Um… you want to do this together?” he asked.

“Carl, honey, you and I both poop and pee. It’s just a bodily function. It’s ok with me.”

“But what about the smell? I usually have to run the vent fan.” he replied.

“Welcome…” Nina said… “to the world of the rich and powerful…” with a button, depressed on the control panel, Nina sat on the toilet, and a fan motor kicked in pulling out all the noxious odors out of the toilet bowl. But since she was only peeing, there was no smell.

“Wow…” Carl looked at this hi-tech toilet. Where had he been all his life?

Nina finished and swung around from the toilet to the bidet. As soon as she sat on it, a stream of cleansing, temperature controlled water shot up and hit her right on her spot.

Carl, not sure what to make of it, carefully and gently sat down on this hi-tech toilet. As soon as his cheeks touched, a vent fan whirred to life. ‘Wow…’ he thought… ‘what a toilet!’

Nina had already finished and was standing there waiting for Carl. This beautiful nude woman was waiting for him to finish.

“Um…” Carl started to ask

“How does the bidet work? I sit on it backward when I want just my pussy washed. You sit on it forward to do it all.”

Carl got up, and waddled over to the bidet and sat back down. Nina burst out laughing at his waddle. As soon as he sat down, a stream of water hit him in the bottom of the balls and his ass, and began it’s rhythmic action, washing him clean.

When it shut off… he opened his eyes. He had never felt anything like that, but he loved every minute of it.

Nina reached out for him and pulled him off the bidet. She pulled him into the shower, and with a tap on a button on a control inside the shower, the rather luxurious shower came to life.

Carl grabbed the now wet Nina, and pulled him up to her in a kiss. His growing erection was in between him and her. Feeling her, felt natural. Like if it was meant to be. He kissed her again, as passionately as he had before. It just felt right!

Nina pulled away from the kiss, and pushed the soap button on the console. A gentle soapy water mixture started coming out of the shower heads. Carl thought to himself… ‘I’m in a people wash’. Nina told him to suds himself down. He decided to suds her down instead. Taking a play from his book, Nina started sudsing him down. When everyone was good and soapy, she tapped another control on the wall, and the water went to a slightly cooler but cleaning rinse. He rinsed her off, getting to feel every part of her body, then she did the same to him. Another tap on the control changed the water flow to a rain pattern.

If this was ever the time, Carl knew it. He guided Nina back to one of the benches, and went down on his knees in front of her. Nibbling on her sensitive spot and on her other thigh, he worked his way in for the creme de resistance… her waiting clit.

Carl licked, flicked, sucked, tongued. Nina hadn’t felt such pleasure in a long time. Carl had talents that even her husband didn’t have. Carl paid attention, and found Nina’s sweet spot.

“Oh gawd Carl… oh fuck… dooonnnn’t stopppppp… oooooohhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiittttt doooonnnnn…” a primal scream came out of Nina when she hit that plateau. “Ohhhhhhhhhh gawwwwwww…” she started the second one, but then the third “ooooooohHHHHHHHHHH…” Nina had fallen over, and was lying on the bench. Carl was still between her legs. A primal Nina came out and started to fight to get Carl away from her pussy. She couldn’t go another round. Her breathing was labored.

Carl moved back to survey the damage he had wrought.

“Oh” pant “My” pant “fucking” pant “gawd” pant … pant… “Carl” pant “where” pant “did” pant “you” pant “Learn” pant “That?”

Carl reached out for her hand and pulled her upright. “College.”

Nina’s breathing was starting to slow back down again. “Holy shit… “pant… “how are you…” pant… “still single?” pant

Carl chuckled. “She turned out to be a lesbian, thanks to me. Oh, sure, I dated a lot. None of them suited me.”

Nina went to get up, and her knees buckled. “Gawd, Carl, what did you do to me?”

Carl smiled at her… “I gave you my present.”

Nina finally was able to stand up on her own, and tapped on the control panel once again, and the water stopped. They walked out and he took her robe down from the hook. At first Nina was about to protest, until she realized her gentleman was getting it ready for her.

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