A Forbidden Love Ch. 04


Chapter 4: A Happy Portent of the Future

The next day, we woke up, made love. Ate, made love again. Watched some TV, made love a third time. Basking in the newfound love, we were like two married people on their honeymoon, caring little about the outside world. When the phone rang, we answered it. When we needed to take care of bathroom needs, we took care of them. How much we wanted each other let us block out the world at large.

We didn’t really explore new positions that morning or that afternoon, deciding instead to just get more experienced in the sex we’d engaged in already. It took practice to get better, something we wanted to be very good just to please each other, and we put our all into this.

But, five o’clock came around really fast. I had to get to work quickly, with Rene teasing me the entire way. We showered together, though she definitely had other activities in mind, then I got dressed. Looking through my drawers, she located one of my larger t-shirts, throwing it on her nude body. Though we were twins, I stood a good head taller, with a compact, muscled frame. The shirt covered her well, oversized on her small body, just coming down to her mid-thigh. She modeled it for me and it dawned on me she should’ve a model, as hot as she looked. Oh, well, I thought, their loss, my gain.

I left the house after giving her a long kiss and a word to call me immediately if she needed me. It might take me awhile to get home, but at least I knew a good back road to get me there faster. I worked a couple towns over, in a video game store in the local mall. It wasn’t as big as the ones in Hartford, but it was good-sized and got some good business.

Only after the mall closed when I was helping to close the store did she call. The giggling in her voice and in the background hinted it was her playing around, maybe just to tell me to get home, maybe even just to tell me how much she loved me. Not wanting Chris, one of the other employees who was only a year older than me, to hear what might be said, I took the phone call in the back room and closed the door. I’d been right, all she wanted was to make sure I knew she loved me. I whispered the same to her while doing some of the nightly paperwork, careful to avoid being overheard. When she hung up, Chris made his way in, carrying the last piece of paperwork for the night.

Chris and I never really worked together before that night, usually finding different schedules for us. He played baseball for his school like I did, and he seemed like a pretty okay guy. Only the manager’s scheduling left us without much time to get to know each other. It’d change after that night, as the two of became good friends, but at the moment as he stood there waiting on me, it felt he knew something.

“So, that your girlfriend?” he asked while grabbing his coat. “She sounded fucking hot, man.”

My eyes turned to him for a moment while my mind grappled with math. “Yes and no to the first one, and very hot.”

“So you two fucking yet?” His words might have caught me off-guard a week ago but I just kept working.

“Not any of your business. Got a reputation at school, I’m the nice guy that never talks about that stuff to other guys.”

“Okay, just trying to make conversation.”

“S’ok, I’m cool with it. Besides, don’t want to jinx things with us right now, so new and everything.”

He understood, nodding. “Not quite dating but you’d like to be. Interesting.”

Something in Chris’ tone caught my attention. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye while he waited for me to finish. “You got something to say?”

“Nah, just wondering how long you’ve been doing your sister.”

Something caught hard in my throat, sending me into a fit of hacking coughs. It took a few moments to get control, before the shock let up a little. “Wh-why do you even think that?”

His grin beamed at me, stretched ear to ear in its smugness. “Yep, thought so. Can’t blame you either.”

“Huh?” was all I could manage.

“Todd pointed her out to me one day when she and some friends were down in the food court. He told me you two were twins and very close as kids. Always kind of interested me, incest, but I’m an only child. Can’t say it stopped me and my cousin though. Not as sexy as your piece of ass, but still something nice to have.”

“Your cousin? That’s not incest-”

“Are you kidding? She’s my father’s sister’s daughter. Damn right its incest. But our parents don’t care about us dating.” He started pulling something out of his pockets absently, while I watched him in shock. “I wasn’t sure you’d even do that kinda thing, though, sarıyer escort not until I heard you and her on the phone. Well, it could’ve been someone else, but you’re shock just vindicates me.”

Still dumbfounded, I did manage to say, “But you’re wrong. It‘s not her.” Part of me wanted to give in, to blurt out, Yes, it was my sister, because I love her more than a sister, but as a man loves a woman. The cautious side didn’t let it out, keeping it bottled up.

“Am I? Look, you can tell me. If not about how good she is, at least admit it. No one will know, okay?”

Voices cried out in alarm to keep my mouth shut, but the urge to admit to it enticed me more. “Swear on your game system you won’t tell a soul.” It’d become a joke in the store, how important our game systems were to us. Video games weren’t just our product, they were our hobby in this store. Anytime someone wanted to invoke an oath, they swore on their game system, whatever it might be. So I meant business, and he nodded. “Alright, we’re having an affair, but only you and one of her friends know so far. If it got out in school or my parents found out, we’d never see each other again.”

“Let me guess, your parents are the really religious prude types, huh? Man, I don’t envy you now. It’s gotta be hard keeping this secret from them.”

“Actually, they’re away right now and we’ve only been together for a couple days now.”

It dawned on him, I saw, that I said something more than even he was expecting. “Together? Oh, man, you two aren’t just fucking, you’re falling for her, aren’t you?”

“Go ahead, tell me how sick that is, I can take it.”

He slapped me on the back. “No, not at all. Just haven’t met anyone doing what you two are doing who’ve actually gone that far. But, I’ve read some stories, on the net.”

“On the net? You mean there are stories about this kinda thing? Think you could hook me up with some sites?”

His hand reached for a piece of paper and pen. Scribbling some lines down, he handed it to me. “These have the real ones, the stories from actual people actually in your boat. It might help you guys figure things out. Might get you some more of her ass.”

I shot him a rueful look. “That’s something I don’t even have to ask her for.”

It took only a minute or two to finish the paperwork, but we left the store quickly, shutting the gate behind us. Inside the mall, everything was quiet as we headed to the parking lot with him telling me some of the stories he’d read. Some had my eyes bulging. His ride showed up just before we got to the lot. The cute young creature that got out ran up to Chris, jumping into his arms. I couldn’t help but notice how she hugged him, how they kissed, more than just friends, definitely lovers.

“Sorry,” he said after she settled down. “This is my girlfriend, you know, the girl I told you about.”

“Oh, yeah,” I said as it dawned on me. “Chris told me all about you.”

She looked at him a little scared, but he leaned to her ear and whispered something. She immediately changed her mood, cheerfully offering her hand to me. “Delilah,” she said in a girlish voice.

“Rick,” I said, my hand gripping hers firmly. “I wish I could stay, but my own girlfriend’s waiting for me.”

The girl before me giggled. “Don’t need to hide it from me, Chris told me.” I shot him a look, but he tried to hide behind this young woman. “It’s okay, I won’t say a thing. I have a friend in the same situation. They’re planning to move to Europe or something after she graduates just so they can be together.”

It took a few moments to digest this information, but it did lend hope to the cause. “Well, I gotta go. She’s waiting for me and I really don’t like to disappoint her at times like this.”

“Besides, you never know if that guy after her will show up. Better get going.” Chris pushed me at my car, which I was too happy to oblige.

I drove off and headed home with a thousand thoughts racing through my mind, all about Rene and me and what Chris had told me. It occurred to me maybe a lot more people engaged in this, people who hid the secret. Why else didn’t the papers report it, but other people still knew, the people trusted with the secret and able to hold it in. But enough people thought it wrong, now a foreign concept to me, enough to outlaw it.

When my cell phone rang, I picked it up to a soft voice. “Almost home, my love?”

“Not quite. Just left the mall about five minutes ago,” I said, focusing on the drive. “What’re you up to, baby? Screwing around with Elisa?”

“Uh esenyurt escort huh,” Rene answered in a seductive tone. “You wanna know what we’re doing?”

Just thinking about what Rene and Elisa must be doing started to arouse my tired penis, putting a bulge in my pants. “Um, maybe it’d be better to wait until I reach the house?”

“Okay…” my sister, disappointed, said. “You need to pick up some things from the store. It wouldn’t do to have you walking in there with a massive boner, would it?”

It took her a moment to give me the list, short but bizarre. Whipped cream, cherries, chocolate and strawberry syrups, some KY, baby oil, a box of condoms, and a few quarts of ice cream. More than one image ran through my deviated thoughts, all on her. It didn’t occur to me at the time, but Elisa never entered those thoughts, didn’t even show up once in them. I asked her if she wanted something else, something to eat, since there was a McDonald’s and a Wendy’s near the store. Our town wasn’t very big really, not compared to others, but with all the business we got from the smaller surrounding towns, we had a large grocery store open all night, several fast food joints, even a Wal-Mart. Consulting Elisa, she told me what she wanted, making mental notes about her wants.

“Ok, I’ll be home in a bit, baby. You gonna be waiting?”

“Oh, yes, lover,“ she purred, Rene stretching it out delightfully. “Elisa’s fine enough for keeping me satisfied as best she can, but I need you right now.” She moaned into the phone, only making me hotter. I squirmed in the driver’s seat as she let out a long, so soft, “Ooooo.” She teased me, knowing my reaction. To help satisfy her, I needed to be ready to jump on her in a heartbeat. “Now, get home and show me how much you love me!” The phone went dead.

It didn’t take long to get to the store. The lot was practically empty, only a car here and there waiting under the harsh light. I had to take a few moments to think of something, anything, to get rid of the bulge in my pants. It would make it hard to walk, make it hard for anyone not to stare. Thinking of the most unsexual thing I could think of, only taking a few seconds to take effect. The bulge shrunk, letting me walk freely.

Wandering through the store quickly, I took no time to find everything, even grabbing some meat snacks for myself. Something told me I’d be very hungry later, too exhausted to fix anything, though. With everything in hand, I dropped it on the black conveyor belt at the counter. The cashier, a pretty red-head from school, ran each item over the scanner while smiling at me, flirting with me. I couldn’t resist much, wanting to act polite even though I didn’t have an interest in her. Not that she wasn’t pretty enough, she just wasn’t Rene. The girl in front of me now was a grade ahead of me, but right now, everything she said suggested trying to get me to ask her out. It took nothing to get the hint, but I played it cool, acting naive, unable to pick up her suggested action. The ruse worked well enough, leaving her sighing in disappointment as I walked out the door without asking her out.

I stopped at Wendy’s, ordering the food as quickly as possible from drive-thru. Thinking about what waited for me at home, I thumped my fingers on the steering wheel impatiently while waiting for everyone else to pick up their food. Images of Rene doing another girl, while I watched, seeped through to arouse me. By the time I reached the window, the pants twitched from the bobbing underneath. I felt engorged with blood at that moment, about ready to burst from the pressure. The girl at the window was this really sexy strawberry blonde from my class named Ally, someone I’d have a week ago asked out without thinking. Her and Rene would’ve made quite a pair, but the girl held the reputation of hard to get, never saying yes to any boy except her rich boyfriend. Now, I just felt something almost drawing all the heat away from my erection.

She took an order while I waited for her to turn my way, waiting for her to get to me. I’d never talked to her before, actually finding it surprising to see her working here. Bored and holding herself arrogantly, she took the order, punching it into the register. Finally she turned to me. Despite what I’d expected, a less than gracious attitude, she turned to me and actually started turning a little pink, smiling shyly, catching me off-guard.

She leaned closer, actually out the window, despite the frigid wind blowing. “Hi. That’ll be $15.62,” she said. When I handed her the money, she leaned back in to ring up the order. “You’re in my class, avrupa yakası escort right? Rick Shepard?” Someone from behind her handed her a couple bags.

“Yeah, that’s me. We have biology together.” She handed me the bags. “Surprised to see you working here. Need the money, huh?”

The smile grew a little, even as she shook her head. “Nah, wanted to get some money for a car. My parents said they’d go half and half if I got a job to pay my half. Life sucks sometimes.”

“I know how that is. Got the same deal with my folks. Almost there too, just a few more months.” Setting the bags on the seat next to me, I turned back to her while she handed me the drink tray. “Well, at least you’ll get the experience out of this, plus a car.”

She giggled as she purposefully brushed her fingers against mine. “You busy tonight?”

“Sorta. Beat from working plus I gotta get home. My sister’s there and she’s got her crazed ex probably after her.”

“You mean Will Donaldson? He got arrested yesterday for attempted rape.”

Hearing this bit of news helped ease part of my mind. “Good.”

“So, looks like you’re free now. I’m off in an hour, if you’d like to hook up.”

It took me a moment to actually understand what was happening, my wildest dream of a few days ago now close to coming true. Ally was coming on to me, and not being subtle about it. “Maybe another time. My parents want me to stay home and watch the house.”

The look of disappointment almost hurt. “I see. Well, I got my dad’s car and could come over, if you wanted. It’ll be fun.”

With what I knew was taking place and waiting at home, I almost fell out of the seat. Ally walking in on that would be interesting, for all of about a minute before she drove off to call someone, anyone, to stop the affair. But I couldn’t resist, thinking about seeing Rene and Ally going at it, I agreed and even gave her directions. I drove away with the strangest feeling while struggling with guilt.

I rushed home from there, running into the house with everything as fast as I could without dropping anything. I had an hour, I guessed. Rene, in all her naked glory, opened the door, Elisa behind her grabbing the bags and drinks as my sister’s arms drew around my neck, pulling me into her for a long awaited kiss. I put my arms around her, squeezing her while we kissed. She pulled me into the house, immediately beginning to strip me of my clothes.

I took her hands and held them, looking at her while trying to think of what to tell her. “Okay, I need to tell you something and am not at all sure how you’ll take this.” Bless her, she looked caring and sympathetic, I felt really guilt now. “I ran into Ally Christian at Wendy’s tonight. We got to talking, and before I knew it, I’d invited her over tonight.”

After all the years, I still can’t figure women out. Watching for her reaction, I felt a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. It took her that a moment to understand what I said, but instead of crying or getting angry, she actually jumped up and hugged me like I’d given her the best gift possible. “Really, Ally Christian’s coming here?”

Obviously Elisa was in on the joke. At that moment, I wish I was in on it. “You’re not mad?” I asked once Rene finished kissing me.

“Love, if you only knew!” Rene’s lips locked with mine again, expressing with a long kiss how I’d pleased her. “Ally’s like the hottest girl in our class. I’d love to do her!”

“She doesn’t know what’s going on here, baby.” I let my sister strip me while Elisa ate. “The idea of seeing you two going at it does turn me on a lot, but aren’t you worried about-”

A kiss interrupted me. When she broke away, her eyes twinkled, a smile donning her loving face. “If you want her, I don’t care, so long as I have her too.”

“Aren’t you worried about me developing feelings for her?”

Sudden silence fell over us all, while we looked at each other. It broke when she spoke with a serious look. “It does worry me, but I’m not going to run from this. If we face it dead on, maybe we’ll be stronger for it.”

“You know, that’s very big of you, Rene,” Elisa said between bites.

Part of me agreed with Elisa’s sentiments. “You sure trust me a lot, baby. Just wish I had the same confidence in myself.”

A finger slid down my bare chest, my eyes watching my sister. “If you’re that worried, I’ll make sure not to leave you alone with her.”

“And what about when the two of you go to bed, what’ll she do?” Elisa asked.

“Easy, she’ll go home,” I said, realizing at the same time Elisa clearly mentioned Rene and me going to bed together, minus herself. “She’s driving her dad’s car. But, how to seduce her into this?”

While her hands massaged my chest, I could see a plan working in Rene’s thoughts. Before long, I felt really excited from just her touch, but before I could throw her down to ravish that luscious body, she perked up, grinning with a wicked edge to it. “I got it.”

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