A Friend Indeed…Part 22


A Friend Indeed…Part 22I went back to work after my “lunch meeting” with Gloria feeling spent and with many thoughts going through my head. I kept busy until about a half hour to quitting time, when my “aunt” called me into her office. “Do you mind being on your own for dinner tonight? I have a short meeting I have to be at,” she said. I told her there was no problem, and she asked, “Are you going over to Gloria’s?” Before I could answer, she said, “Are you okay? You look tired or like you’re not feeling well. Why don’t you just stay home tonight and rest?” As said that sounded like a good idea, my mind was playing with thoughts of what gloria had hinted could happen, but I said it anyway. “Good, I’ll hurry home,” Lorene said. I called Gloria and told her I was under the weather, and would skip the evening. “Aww, I’m disappointed, but understand…rest up tonight, there is no rush,” she said. I went home after work, showered, ate dinner, and watched television until almost 10:00 p.m. As beat as I was, I still had a degree of horniness which I tried to ignore. My aunt came home, droped her briefcase in the foyer, and walked into the family room. arather short, “Hi” was all she said. I replied, and asked her how her day had gone. “I am so fucking angry!”, she growled. Inside, I panicked, thinking my dealings with Gloria had somehow been discovered, but managed a “What happened?” She told me a guy who served on the same committee as she did had made her very uncomfortable by making suggestive comments and leering at her at the meeting. I asked her what she did, and she told me she verbally reduced him to a pile of smoking crap. I could see why he came on to her. she was wearing a sheer creme coloured button blouse, a form-fitting green satin canlı bahis skirt, hosiery, and green high heels. “How do you feel?, she asked. I told her I was tired, but okay, and she went to the kitchen to get a bottle of wine. “Come upstairs with me so we can talk,” she said, “I think I’m going to get drunk.” I sat in the chair in her room as she changed her clothes and continued to tell me about the “asshole”, as she referred to him. She removed her jewelry, and her skirt first, then unbuttoned and removed her blouse. She was wearing a white full slip, and under it, a white bra, satin garter belt, panty, and light tan stockings. She sat on the bed with her legs crossed, and took a long drink of her wine. “How was YOU day?’, she asked. I told her it was long and somewhat frustrating. “Why frustrating,” she asked. I passed it off as being just an “off” day. She drained her glass, stood up, and took off everything but her bra and panty. “Do you want to have some wine with me?”, she asked? I said I did, and she told me we may as well drink right out of the bottle. I took a long drink, and handed it to her, and she did the same. “The asshole ACTUALLY had the nerve to ask me if I was screwing my “nephew,” she growled. I was stunned, and took another drink of wine. “He told me I should leave the “little boy” alone, and go after a real man – HIM!!!”, she said. I sat there in a stae of shock, uncertainty, and rising libido. Lorene said, “Run down and get another bottle…I need it.” When I returned, she had removed her bra, and put on a shiny short nylon nightgown. she was sitting crossed legged on the bed, and I could see her panty crotch. While we shared the wine, she said, “I resent people who but into other’s business, and our relationship bahis siteleri is not anything either of us has to justify.” I told her I agreed, and she said, “Come here…I want to give you a kiss for being my sounding board.” As I bent down, I saw those thumb-sized nipples of hers, and started to get hard. “Let’s finish this wine, and then, perhaps, you could give me a massage,” she said. I had benn massaging her as she laid on her stomach on the bed for about fifteen minutes. “Let me get this nightie off,” she said, and while she slipped it over her head, I removed my sweatpants and t-shirt. I pulled her shiny white panty down her legs, and she said, “Hey…what are you doing?” We were both feeling no pain, and I replied, “So, Lorene, ARE you screwing your “nephew?” I pushed my hard penis against her ass and kitty from behind. “Not yet,” she said, but I’m hoping that changes very soon.” She opened her legs slightly, and I pushed into her wet kitty. “Oh, fuck, that feels so damn good…I needed this,” she cried. I thrust in and out of her for a bit, and marveled at how wet she had gotten…like the night of the three-some with Helen. She pushed herself up onto her knees, and said, “Wait a minute.” She got up and went to her dresser, producing the latex penis ring I had worn before. “Here, she said as she rolled it down my slippery shaft…I want this to last.” She knelt on the bed, and I penetrated her kitty again. I could feel her juices running down my balls I slowly thrust in and out of her. “Mmmmm…yes, Hon…like that,” she kept saying. Suddenly, she told me to pull out of her, and with both hands, spread her buttocks. “Put it in here,” she said, “I want to feel you this way, too.” I had never done this, and was hesitant, but she güvenilir bahis said, “Just push gently…I’ll help you.” She was so wet that the head of my penis easily poked into her, and as it did, she pushed back gently, and wiggled her hips. “AHHHHH…mmmmm….oh, shit,” she moaned. Soon I was thrusting in and out of her hot, wet ass, and the feeling was different than being in her kitty. “YES…I AM SCREWING MY “NEPHEW”,” she screamed as her body tightened in a climax. As much as I wanted to cum, the ring kept me from exploding in her. She pulled away, got up, and told me to follow her into the bathroom. Once there, she removed the ring, took a wash towel, soap, and proceded to wash my penis at the vanity sink. She led me – by the penis – back to her bed, and proceded to perform oral sex on me. When she felt my penis twitch prior to me cumming, she straddled me and slipped me into her kitty. I grabbed her hip with one hand, and one of her big nipples with the other, and erupted inside her. “Give me every fucking drop of your stuff!!!”, she growled. We passed out from the wine and the exhaustion of the lovemaking, and when I woke up, it was 2:30 a.m. Lorene was asleep, but I wanted to cum again, so I picked up her slip and stocking off the floor, and began to masturbate with them. She awoke, saw what I was doing, and said, “Oh no you don’t, young man…none of that stuff is going to be wasted on my slip….come here.” She laid on her back, and told me to straddle her and masturbate. “Shoot it all over my boobs and nipples,” she ordered. I was ready, and despite her request, aimed directly at her full lips, which still wore the red lipstick from the night before. “You want to cum in my mouth?” she asked. Before she finished the question, I began to pump thick streams of my semen onto her face. She opened her mouth, and took my pumping penis into it. When we finally came to our senses, she was laying half on top of me, and said, “Next time, I’ll dress for you.”

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