A Fun Game of Uno Leads to Sex


Hi, this is my first attempt at writing an erotic story. While the characters are loosely based on real individuals, the story is a figment of my imagination. Hope you enjoy it.

A big thank you to Ken Nitsua for looking over the story and for his expert editing assistance.

A Game of Uno

“So, I’ll need my passport, a visa and, uh, oh yeah, a yellow fever shot!”

“Fuck you Sunit! You’re coming to Kandivali, not fucking sub-Saharan Africa!”

“Hehe, okay, you’re right. Anyway, I already got the yellow fever shot last year when the company sent me to Gabon for work. So, I’m good. I’ll make the seven-hour trek to your house. See you this evening.”

“Fuck you!” she said laughingly, as she hung up.

I’m Sunit — your average Indian guy. I’m thirty years old, six feet tall and weigh 85 kgs — so not fat, but not lean either. I live in central Mumbai (India) and this is a long standing joke between me and my friend Shivani, who lives in Kandivali, a far-flung suburb.

Today, I was headed to her place to enjoy a relaxing evening — some pizza, rum and coke, music and maybe some movie watching. It’s been a grueling few weeks for her and me at our respective jobs, me in television news and her in digital media.

We didn’t become friends right away. When we met five years ago at work, I had a tough time looking her in the eye. She’s twenty-seven years of age, five feet nine inches, beautiful face, 36-DD breasts and an ass that is just begging to be squeezed and spanked. She’s not supermodel thin, but she’s not obese either. Real gentlemen dig curves and she’s got curves in all the right places. Oh, and she has these fucking delicious boobs — did I mention that already?

The horny fucker in me wanted to immediately rip her clothes off, but I played it cool and decided to go slow and get to her in time. But I guess I played it too slow. Five years later I have made zero progress in the direction I wanted. Instead, I have secured a permanent place in the friend zone.

We share a great rapport, though. We have common interests and a similar sense of humor, love to discuss our sex lives (more hers than mine), and enjoy sharing pervy memes on Instagram. Yep, we’re buddies, except that one of us has an amazing rack and the other one is always thinking of ways to motorboat them.

It’s later that same evening at her place. The lights are dim and we’re enjoying our second round of rum and coke. The pizzas have been consumed and our conversations have spanned the usual topics of work, meaning of life, love, sex (or lack of it) and porn, all sprinkled with good helpings of humor.

“Let’s play a game,” says Shivani. She tosses the TV remote aside, after unsuccessfully trying to find a channel that we both were willing to watch.

She scurries to her bedroom to get whatever games she has, as I lean over the sofa taking in the wiggle of her ass in the tight white pants that she’s wearing. She’s also wearing a black top, not too tight, which is good, because I would not have been able to get my eyes off her breasts.

“Scrabble, Monopoly, Pictionary or Uno?” she asks, as she dumps the games on the coffee table.

“Uno. I’m a champ at that. Going to kick your butt!”

“Oh, is it? Challenge accepted, yellow fever boy.”

The game begins. Round one to me, round two to her, rounds three and four to her. Clearly my skills aren’t working tonight.

“Ok, this is getting boring. Let’s do something else.”

“Aww! Is loser boy tired now? What other game do you want to lose to me in?”

“No, let’s play Uno, but change the rules a little. How about strip Uno?” I say, smiling evilly. Clearly the rum is talking now.

She pauses and looks me in the eye. I don’t know whether it was the dry spell she was going through, the rum having worked its charm, or just Lady Luck finally smiling at me, but all she said was, “OK.”

My cock was already twitching, but hey, got to be cool.

“Ok, so we play like we were playing so far, but the loser has to go there and discard one piece of clothing after they lose,” I say. I point to an open space a few feet away in her living room.

If Shivani was getting naked, I sure as hell want to enjoy the sight of her tits and ass jiggling as she walks.

And so the game begins.

“FUCK!” I yell, as Shivani says “UNO!” and throws down her final card.

“Fine, fine, my time will come,” I grumble as I walk to the designated space, remove my t-shirt and walk back.

Round Two, and Lady Luck is back. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri My cock grows hard as Shivani walks away, swinging her hips to the beat of the song “Pretty Woman.” She’s got her back to me, but turns around and gives me a wicked smile as she unbuttons her trousers and slowly peels them off. Her sexy red panties can barely hold her ass. I almost cum when she lightly whacks her butt before she returns to the game. I refill her glass with some more alcohol.

Round Three goes to her and I get rid of my jeans. My boner is making a tent in my boxers, which Shivani can’t stop staring at as I return to my seat.

Round Four is mine, and Shivani gets rid of her black top. Her red matching bra is just able to cover her breasts. I’m praying fervently that I win the next two rounds.

Round Five: Bye-bye to those red sexy panties. I’m all eyes as she walks to the spot. I think I see a slight wet spot on the front, but I only get a glimpse as she turns her back to me. She bends over and slowly, very slowly peels off her panties. Her ass is so tempting, I just want to pull out my boner and fuck her then and there, but I wait patiently as the treasure is unveiled.

She turns around and I hardly notice what she does with her panties as I’m staring at her naked pussy for the very first time. It’s hairy, not too much, the right amount just as I like it, and exactly as I’ve imagined it in so many of my wet dreams and masturbation sessions. Plus, it is moist. I look into her eyes and she gives me a wicked smile.

“Enjoying the show so far?”

“Hell yeah!”

All the distraction finally takes its toll as I lose Round Six, but I unabashedly walk up, turn my back to her and remove my boxers. I hang them on my hard cock before I turn around. I watch her looking straight at my cock as she lightly licks her lips. I make it twitch and she smiles. But finally I drop the boxers and take my time to slowly walk back to the table, as Shivani’s eyes follow my bouncing cock.

We’re in the final stretch now and thankfully Round Seven is mine, and so is her bra. This time Shivani faces me as she unhooks it and drops it to the floor without any ceremony.

I catch my breath as those gorgeous globes come into my view for the very first time. They are huge, topped with dark brown areolas and two dark brown, big and very erect nipples. I lick my lips and unconsciously start to stroke my hard cock as Shivani fondles her breasts and plays with them.

“Hey, no touching yourself!” she playfully reprimands me as she returns to the table. “We are still playing Uno.”

“But all our clothes are off. We’re done with strip Uno.”

“Whoever wins the next round gets to order around the loser.” I can see the passion in her eyes and, if possible, my cock gets a little harder.

Round Eight: “YES!” I exclaim as I throw the final card on the table. “All right, Shivani, are you ready to obey your master?”

“Hmm, what would you like me to do?”

“Sit on the sofa, and face me,” I say, as I move to a chair right opposite her. I’ve been waiting for this moment for the last five years. I’m going to enjoy this.

“Now, play with your tits!” I order, as I slowly start to stroke my cock.

Shivani looks at my cock and then looks into my eyes, as she starts to squeeze those gigantic tits. Slowly she kneads them and I can see her fingers inch towards her erect nipples. She takes her left nipple in between her thumb and finger and pinches and pulls on the erect nipple. A moan escapes her mouth as she closes her eyes and loses herself to pleasure.

Her other hand follows. Now both of her nipples are being pinched and played with. She lifts her right breast to her mouth and, while looking directly into my eyes, starts to lick it. Her tongue plays with her nipple and her teeth lightly nibble on it.

I’m transfixed, and beating my cock harder.

“Shivani, I didn’t say you could play with your pussy,” I yell out, as I see her left hand rubbing her clit, while the right hand keeps playing with her breasts. She momentarily stops and I can see her pussy juice on her fingers.

“Make me stop!” she challenges.

In a flash, I’m off the chair. I push her sideways so that she’s lying on the sofa and I’m on top of her. I grab her hands and hold them above her as I use my body weight to push her down.

The touch of her skin is divine. I enjoy the sensation of her huge breasts squished against my chest and the touch of my cock on her inner thigh.

“Listen to me and obey my commands! I will do whatever güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I want with and to your body. Tonight, you are mine. Do you understand?”

I squeeze her wrists harder and pull my face to within an inch of hers. “Do you understand, Shivani?”


“Good. But you will be punished for not listening to my instructions earlier.”

“What are you going to… ahhh!”

I’ve moved my mouth to her left breast and am biting it like it’s the last thing I’m going to eat. My left hand moves to her right breast and starts squeezing it.

“Oh fuck, Sunit, don’t stop!” she moans.

I shift my focus to those erect nipples, pinching and pulling on one and sucking the other.

“Shivani, I’ve wanted to taste your tits ever since I first saw you.”

Her hands are in my hair as she pushes my mouth into her breasts and her moans get louder. I switch, shifting my mouth to her right breast and my hand to her left.

I leave a trail of bite marks and saliva on her breasts as I come up for air.

We’re now sitting next to each other on the sofa, and we start to kiss, deep passionate kisses, sucking on each other’s tongues as I run my hands all over her body. I grab her hair and push her face into mine and use my other hand to squeeze her breasts and pull her nipples. She’s running her hands along my back and pulling me towards her.

I move my hands down her back and squeeze her ass before pulling her legs apart and touching her hairy pussy. She gasps loudly as my fingers graze her clit. Her pubic hair is soaked with her pussy juice as I keep rubbing her.

It’s now time for me to gasp as her hand encircles my erect cock and starts to stroke it. It’s wet with my pre cum. Shivani spits into her hand, rubs her saliva over the head of my cock and starts to play with it.

“You never told me you had such a nice cock.”

“I was always too busy discussing your breasts, baby,” I reply as she ups the tempo of her strokes.

The air is filled with the sounds of our moans – her stroking my cock and me rubbing her pussy.

I push my middle finger into her vagina and it goes in immediately without any resistance.

“Ah, fuck!” moans Shivani. I keep pumping my finger in and out and eventually add another one, as she slows her stroking, lost in the pleasurable sensations rising up from her pussy.

“What the fuck?” she blabbers, as I pull my soaked fingers from her pussy and lick off her juices. She tastes delicious.

I stand up. “You’re still under my orders, Shivani,” I say as I kneel in front of her.

She looks at me with lust as she licks my pre-cum off her fingers. “Yummy Sunit, I didn’t know you tasted so… ohhhh fuck!”

I’m enjoying interrupting her. I’ve buried my head between her legs and am licking and kissing her right inner thigh – I know it’s a major erogenous zone for her. The smell of her pussy is intoxicating and I can’t wait to drink the juice from its source, but before that I want to tease her a little more. She’s been such a cock tease for so many years, it’s only fitting.

She grabs the back of my head and tries to push my head from her thigh to her pussy, but I resist. “Fuck, eat my pussy!” she yells.

“Not yet, Shivani!” My reply is muffled, but I don’t think she would have registered what I said anyway.

I switch focus to her other thigh — licking and biting it, teasing her as I take my mouth closer to her crotch but then pulling back. She’s writhing in ecstasy now.

“Fuck you Sunit!” she calls out and squeezes her legs together.

I cave in and plant my mouth on her soaking wet pussy. I’m licking, biting, sucking, all at the same time. I use my hands to push her legs further apart to get better access to her crotch. Her pubic hair is soaked with her pussy juice and my saliva. I use my right hand to open her pussy lips and the left to rub her clit.

“Ohh gaawdddfuckkingghell!” she moans as she grabs my head and pushes it so my tongue starts to fuck her dripping pussy. She also squeezes her legs, almost trying to crush my skull in between her legs. But I push back, not slowing down the assault.

“OH FUCK! I’MCUMMING!” yells Shivani and all my efforts are rewarded as she soaks my face with that warm delicious pussy juice of hers. I drink up all that I can before pulling myself away, as she collapses on the sofa.

We’re both breathing hard, but I’m in no mood to stop. My cock is hungry for the heat of her pussy. I push away the coffee table and slowly lower her onto the carpet before searching güvenilir bahis şirketleri for my jeans to pull out the condom I had carried with me. I slip it on and just slam my cock in. It slides in easily, thanks to her cum, but she still gasps. I’m pounding with full force, letting loose my pent-up passion for her.

“Oh fuck! Stop! Condom!” she exclaims, but I shut her mouth with my hand and point to the condom wrapper with the other.

We’re back to kissing passionately while pulling each other’s hair. I move my attention to her tits, biting, grasping, sucking, licking furiously. She starts to say something but my left hand goes to her throat and I start to apply pressure.

“No talking. Your body is mine tonight. I will fuck you how I want and as much as I want. You get that? You’re my bitch tonight.”

I read the fire in her eyes, but there’s no reply.

I choke her a little more while grabbing both her outstretched hands with my free hand and pressing them down.

“Do you get that Shivani?”


“That’s my girl.” I’m biting her lips and sucking on her tongue now and using my body weight to pin her down and fucking her wet pussy with my hard cock.

I know I’m not going to last soon so I slow down and then stop. I pull out and stand up.

I take her hand and pull her up, then slam her back into the wall and continue to ravage her body as she leans against the wall and I lean into her. I slap her tits, pinch those nipples and squeeze those ass cheeks.

Her arms are stretched out above her and I use my left hand to pin them there while my right hand lifts her left leg up and wraps it around my torso. I slip my cock in and fuck her against the wall for a few minutes.

I’m hungry for more. I take her hand and lead her to the bedroom. I push her onto the bed so that she’s lying on her stomach and I lie down on top of her, pinning her to the bed. Then I softly growl into her ear.

“Shivani, you have no idea how much you have teased me all these years. This is all payback, baby. Tonight is when you make all my wet dreams come true.”

My head is on top of hers and again I’ve pinned her outstretched hands down on the bed.I’m rubbing my cock in the crack of her ass — her pussy juice still on my cock. I start to bite her back, leaving marks of my conquest, of our pleasure. She’s moaning as the sensations travel up and down her body.

“Fuck me doggy style Sunit, NOW!” She utters the magic words. She knows it’s my favorite position.

I get off and pull her up into a kneeling position. I hug her from behind, squeezing those gorgeous tits of hers as I nibble her earlobes and bite her collarbone and neck. We kiss for a bit before I savagely push her down into position. I take half a step back to admire her sexy ass sticking out at me with her hairy soaked pussy peeking out from between.

“Do you want me to fuck you now Shivani?”

“Yes, do it!”

“Say you want me to fuck you.”

“Fuck me Sunit!”

“Say you want me to fuck you like the fucking cock tease you are. Like my bitch that you are!”

“Yes, yes, fuck me Sunit. Fuck me! I’m your bitch! Fuck me how you want and fuck me HARD! I want that dick of yours in my pussy NOW!”

Thwack!I slap her right ass cheek.

“Ouch!” she yelps.

Thwack! Now the left ass cheek.

Her skin reddens, but I’m not done yet. A few more spanks later, I pull her closer to me and ram my cock into her pussy.

“Fuck, Shivani, your pussy is just divine!”

I fuck her with all my force. Her juices lubricate my cock, so that we’re making slapping sounds as my body slams into hers. I pull my cock out and ram it back in as she lets out a gasp.

I reach over and grab both of her arms near the elbows and pull back with all my strength so that her upper body lifts up from the bed. My cock is penetrating her pussy even more now and her huge jugs are just bouncing all around. I move my hands to her breasts, squeezing them and pinching her huge nipples.

I pull her close to me and snake one hand down to her pussy to rub her clit. The other hand moves up to her mouth, which is partly open. I stuff my fingers in her mouth and she sucks on them like they’re the magic elixir she’s always craved.

“I’m going to cum Shivani!”

“Aaahh… So am I, babe!”

I push her upper body back to the bed and grab her by the waist as I pound with renewed energy. I spank her ass as she moves her right hand to her clit and rubs herself.

“Sunit! I’m cumming, fuck yeah, I’m cumming!”

“Oh fuck Shivani baby, here I cum! Here I cum! I want to fill your pussy with my cum!”

I collapse on top of her when I’m done. We’re both breathing hard, but this time we don’t move. She turns around and we kiss gently before I rest my head on her breasts.

“Next time, we’ll play Monopoly?” she says, as I nod back in enthusiasm.

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