A Glorious Discovery Ch. 01


Disclaimer- All character appearing in this story are above 18 years of age.

It was a normal day at university for Anna. She was sitting in the library, going through some notes. She was trying really hard to focus but just couldn’t get herself to do it. Finally, with a sigh, she decided to take a break.

There were ongoing conversations all around her in hushed tones. As she was scrolling through her phone she heard the girls on the next table talking. One of them was speaking rapidly. Something about glory holes in the men’s room.

Listening closely, she was slightly aroused. Slyly reaching down, she moved her thong aside. Anna was always doing this throughout the day for months. There was something about the cool wind hitting her damp pussy and the thought that she was in public. She sat there, not doing anything. She couldnt stop thinking about the glory holes. She started imagining a thick cock. Slowly stretching her open. She finally brought her fingers to her clit. Rubbing slowly so that people won’t notice anything suspicious. torbalı escort Anna hadn’t been laid in months. She desperately needed some cock. Still thinking about this big, thick cock, she inserted two fingers into her soaking cunt and almost gasped out loud. She looked around, and started to go in and out in a slow, steady rhythm. She was doing this in public, this thought haunted her. And she was even more aroused. Going faster and faster, she stopped just as she was about the cum. That needed to wait.

She took her fingers out, wiped them off quickly, and took off her thong making sure no one was watching.

Little did she know, at the half-hidden table diagonal of her, sat a rugged-looking man with his cock out. He had seen her masturbate.

Anna started listening to the girls’ conversation again. The were talking about the second floor men’s room. Bingo.

She got up, smoothed down her skirt as she began gathering up her things. Soon enough she dropped her things off in her car and started walking briskly towards the main building.

She could escort torbalı feel the cool wind on her pussy lips. Shivering slightly, she started taking the stairs to the second floor. It was quite obvious no one ever took the stairs, they were littered and had some graffiti painted over the walls.

Making sure no one was around or watching she pushed open the men’s room door and almost ran to the last stall. Surely enough there were the words “slut”, “whore” and “cunt” written in bold writing. There was a sign hanging on the door to let the men know if there was anyone in there. She swiftly turned it to say ‘IN’, pushed open the door. And there, in all its glory, the glory hole.

It was big enough to only fit her arm. The inside of the stall was also covered in names.

She was aroused by seeing all this. Anna would never admit it, but she secretly fantasized about being a slut. Something about it was so hot.

She took off her shirt and let out her 36CC tits out in the open. Her nipples hardened immediately due to the cold air.

Anna sat there for torbalı escort bayan a few seconds, only in her skirt. She heard footsteps, a cock appeared through the hole. It was huge and had veins running through the whole 8 inches of it.

“Suck it, you slut.” The voice on the other side ordered.

Extremely wet now, Anna did as she was told.

She took in the head slowly but tightly, going down in the length of it with her lips snug around the monster cock. She was dripping wet now and started to rub herself. She went faster and tighter on the cock, the owner was certainly pleased. He kept calling her a cum slut.

Anna loved every second of it.

Bobbing faster and faster, She was sure he’ll cum anytime.

And cum he did.

Loads of hot, sticky cum shot in her mouth. He didn’t stop cumming for a few seconds. There was so much cum in her mouth.

Anna swallowed all of it happily.


Having served about 5-6 cocks, she sat back and in what felt like forever, sucked in a large breath. There was cum all over her face and running down her chest. Anna was a sight.

Nobody had enough time to fuck her wet cunt in between classes. So all she did was give blowjobs.

Thoroughly happy with her discovery, she began to clean herself up. But first, she took a photo of her cum covered face. She loved this feeling. Feeling of being a slut.

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