A Good Husband

A Good HusbandShe was rapidly approaching the point of completely losing herself in the passion and pleasure of the moment. With her arms tied above her, and her legs tethered by long silken scarves to the posts and iron frame of the hotel bed, she could hear her own breathing accelerate with each passing moment. The new lacy nightgown that she was wearing for the first time, a gift for “this special night”, that her husband had dressed her in, was now hiked up high enough to expose her increasingly wet vulva to the attractive, young, black stranger whose mouth was within inches of her sensitive vulva. As the handsome man’s wet tongue lightly brushed against her swelling clit for the first time, awareness of her surroundings began to fade as intense pleasure began to crowd out all rational thought. That she should feel safe was important to her, and the presence of her husband sitting comfortably on a nearby chair and watching her with a new lover, the first man other than her husband that she had ever experienced, provided her that sense of safety. But now, as sexual excitement overcame all inhibition, she became less aware of her husband, as the primitive part of her mind tuned in to the sensation of being totally at the mercy of this remarkably exciting lover.The black man’s face was close-shaven and his eyes were dark, kind and beautiful. His scent was clean and spicy and she could now only imagine running her hands through his hair and pushing his face closer to her. Yet in spite of being tied up, she still had the freedom to thrust out her pelvis closer to him, thus encouraging more contact. Her lover seemed to instinctively react to this motion by flexing his tongue against her clit in such a way as to cause an intense response of pleasure from her, accompanied by a sudden and extraordinary creamy wetness that permeated her vagina. He began to flick his tongue quickly and gently along the sensitive surface of her exposed womanhood. She alternately sensed the warmth of his breath and then the cool wetness of the room’s air against the damp hairs of her vulva as he breathed in and out against her. She sensed that she would not hold on long before her senses would overwhelm her and she would orgasm. Normally, she would have welcomed this release, but she was being transported so far from ordinary pleasure that she feared an orgasm would bring this altered state to a premature end.As she cried out for him to stop, her blurred and muffled moans reminded her of the handkerchief that her husband had tied around her mouth. As the passionate and unintelligible sounds, which emanated from her rose higher and higher, the sexual intensity of the room rose too, by several degrees. Instinctively, her smooth, black, bare-chested lover, pulled himself away from between her legs and began to remove his briefs, leaving her cool and moist crotch in desperate anticipation of further pleasures…***Her husband had seen the black man at his health club. The youth, who worked as a club lifeguard during the last several summers, would shower and shave with all of the regular members of the club. While most of the members of the club were in very good physical condition, it would never have occurred to the husband to think about them as partners for his wife. Why would it? After all, he was as possessive of his voluptuous wife as any other guy would be. He had a wonderfully close partnership with his wife and their evenings were frequently filled with loving and joyful sexual relations. There was not a sense that anything was missing. Yet one day, as he saw the young man’s limber muscles ripple as the lifeguard pulled a towel across his upper back, something clicked. That this quiet and unassuming young man exuded a raw, youthful and intense a****l sexuality should have been irrelevant to the husband. The young man was simultaneously muscular, powerful, and hard, and also smooth and gentle looking. And while he felt sure that he was not attracted to the man in any physical way, he sensed that his wife would be swept away by him. He sometimes fancied that because of his close relationship with his wife he could almost see the world from her perspective, and thus he thought he knew what might drive her wild. In his mind he held a vivid image of his shy wife in the throes of ecstasy while being ravaged by him as if by a beautiful black b**st.That he and his wife were faithful to one another was not even a question. During their many years of lovemaking they had experimented with videos, pictures and story magazines. While they had often enjoyed the excitement of these stimulating fantasies, it had always been understood that neither partner would actually involve an outside person in their sex life. It couldn’t be denied, however, that his wife seemed to get turned-on by scenarios that depicted black men getting it on with someone else’s wife. After that particular day at the club, he began to imagine how exciting it might be if he were to surprise his wife with the gift of this man’s sexual energy for just one special night.Roger’s wife was modest and proper canlı bahis şirketleri and would certainly resist the notion of such a meeting if they jointly discussed or made plans for such a meeting together. If this fantasy evening were to happen, it would have to happen on the husband’s initiative, and on the spur of the moment. He would have no backup plan if the youth was not interested or, if after things progressed to a late stage, his wife wanted to back out. The chances of a wild night of pleasure for his wife involving someone whom to her was a total stranger were certainly slim. After a long winter and spring of private fantasy, the husband happened to be at the club one afternoon as the lifeguard was coming off-duty.”It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you here. Are you working here this year?”He had broken the ice. Through the brief conversations that they engaged in over the next few weeks, he discerned that the lifeguard, whose name was Daryll, was spending his last summer at the club to earn money before he would be leaving for the East Coast to pursue an MBA. Daryll had recently broken up with his girlfriend, the one and only girl he had ever been with, ending a monogamous relationship that had begun when they were each sixteen years old. His girlfriend had been upset that he had chosen to leave town, and thus her, to go to a prestigious graduate school.Daryll was upset by his breakup and told the husband that he would be leaving for the East in a few days. Feeling that it was “now or never”, the husband offered to meet him at a bar so that Daryll could tell him his girl troubles. It was over drinks that the husband told his little “white lie.” He confided to him that his wife had never been able to have a vaginal orgasm. While this was true, the truth was that this had never mattered to either of them. Yet to Daryll he had implied that this was somehow causing a strain on their marriage. If Daryll could somehow find his way past any embarrassment, Roger would surely appreciate his help…***After his four-year-old daughter had been picked up to spend the night at her young friend’s house, Roger hugged his wife.”I have a surprise for you darling. Are you ready for a change of plans?””Sure. I was going to that movie for you””This is going to require an open mind, I hope you will trust me. You know how much I love you.”A short time later, they arrived at a nice, upscale hotel that they had never been to before. Their room had been reserved and ready before they reached the front desk.***When Daryll entered the hotel room, he was amazed by what he saw. Bound to the posts of the bed, with her legs wide apart, a handkerchief tied through her mouth, and wearing a slinky and inviting nightgown, was a sexy, petite white woman. She was propped up with pillows so that she was well supported in a semi-reclining position by the foot of the bed and with her knees bent and legs spread. Her small breasts and large, sumptuous nipples were clearly visible through the sheer material of her lingerie.Her eyes widened to saucers as he approached, and her sounds of panic, while muffled and unintelligible, were quite unmistakable. Her brown, wavy hair flowed luxuriously across her shoulders and chest as she began to struggle against the silk restraints tied about her wrists. Daryll’s first impulse was to turn back, but her robe-clad husband put his hand on his shoulder and prodded him a bit closer to his wife and the bed.”This little ritual is all part of how my wife is able to get excited,” the husband quietly and confidentially said close to Daryll’s ear. While this was an outright lie, it seemed the only way to keep things rolling. He was confident that his wife would settle in to this situation if given the proper time.He continued in an undertone. “My wife and I have worked out a signal, and if she really wants to quit, I will let you know. I’ll be sitting over here in the chair.”Darryl removed his shirt to reveal his sleek, yet muscular physique. As his wife watched his every move, her struggling continued, but with slightly less urgency. As he removed his pants and his strong thighs became visible, her vocalizations became quieter, almost questioning. She stared at the young black man, mesmerized, watching as his chest muscles and abdomen gracefully strained and relaxed while he removed his socks. At once, the shock of adrenaline and hormones flooding her system seemed to stun her, and she became almost motionless, frozen with her legs straining against the silk bindings keeping her legs wide open. Her head pulled back of its own accord and her eyelids began to close and flicker lightly and rapidly.But as Daryll advanced towards her, she renewed her struggle. In contrast to the wild flailing she had exhibited when he had first entered the room, her movements now took on a more seductive, rhythmical and dance-like quality. Her arms and legs worked together so that she appeared to wiggle her breasts and hips in a slow, circular and undulating pattern.He approached and brought his face close to hers. He touched the back canlı kaçak iddaa of her head and pulled lightly at the handkerchief and looked into her eyes as if to ask if she would like him to remove it for her. Her eyes maintained their lock on his, studying them. She nervously shook her head back and forth to gesture “no” to let him know that she wished to keep the cloth in place. Oddly, the handkerchief afforded her some sense of control, as she felt that she may not be ready for him kiss her mouth. It was also apparent to her that the gag would give her the freedom to scream out loudly and without inhibition. Still, his offer made her feel that she could somehow trust him. Kneeling behind her, his lips began to play softly over her exposed upper shoulder and across the back of her neck. He nibbled gently on her ear as his cold hands first gripped her gown-covered shoulders. As he continued to seduce her with gentle kisses, his now-warm hands worked their way across to her chest and he began to massage her breasts through the soft fabric of her nightie. As he gently pinched and rolled her erect nipples, she rolled her head back gracefully to make his lips contact the front of her neck. His lips and tongue made their way up the side of her neck and he began to lightly kiss the opening of her ear. As he gently breathed and tongued her sensitive orifice, he began to clench at her gown, gradually hiking up the material so that her gown no longer covered her crotch fully. Due to the way her legs were tethered to the bed, her cunt was soon exposed, open and vulnerable.***Roger watched from the chair, trying not to become overly aroused too quickly. He hoped that he could maintain his composure so that when Daryll was finished with his wife, he too would be able to make love to her. This was proving to be quite a challenge. He watched this young but expert lover climb off the bed and approach his wife’s glistening crotch, head-on, a massive bulge straining the black man’s briefs.Although it had been only ten minutes or so since Daryll had arrived, Roger was close to the point of losing it. A big part of his problem was that he had been in an almost constant state of excitement for the past several hours leading up to this moment.Each progressive step towards the point of no return, 1) the packing of the suitcase with the new lingerie, silk scarves, handkerchiefs, comb, and condoms, 2) calling Daryll to confirm that they were “on” for this evening, 3) talking his wife into checking into the hotel for the night, and 4) the 20 minute drive to the hotel, had left Roger more than a bit over-stimulated. Calling Daryll from the hotel while Janine was in the bathroom to give him the 30-minute countdown as well as the room number of the hotel had actually caused his hands to shake a bit. And when Roger finally tied each of his wife’s wrists, ankles and knees securely and comfortably to the room’s elegant wrought-iron bed frame, he was practically buzzing.Before he secured the gag over her mouth, he let his wife know that this evening’s activity would be a different scenario from their occasional light-bondage fantasy. Janine seemed a bit worried, but before any words could get in the way, Roger fastened the cloth over her tongue, across her cheeks and behind her head. He primped her in her nightgown and slowly stroked her wavy brown hair with her favorite brush until it practically radiated energy. He took a comb from the suitcase and began to gently stroke her pubic hair. He correctly thought that Janine would assume this foreplay would be to ready her for himself. When they heard the quiet knocking at the door she suddenly knew that the rules had changed.***Daryll’s massive black cock seemed to come roaring out of its den with inadequate warning. When Janine saw its size and girth her sudden desire to have him deep within her paradoxically awoke her from her near hypnotic sexual reverie. Suddenly the reality of losing her marital virginity caused her to panic. She had always been a proper and upright person as well as a devoted wife, and she wasn’t sure she could deal with the guilt of having been unfaithful to her husband. She suddenly became annoyed that her husband had put her into this position.But in the next instant it came to her that this had been all Roger’s doing, and that she could actually come out of this with perhaps the greatest fuck of her life AND the moral edge of having done this for her husband. This was a “no-lose” situation! As Daryll rolled a condom over his gigantic penis, she began to wriggle and struggle seductively as though she were a thoroughly helpless victim.At once, Daryll seemed to lose any inhibition he might have harbored; he pounced upon her, kissing her firm stomach, licking her sensitive nipples and her throat, and finally pulling her gown up to her chin. His strong arms and large hands worked their way beneath her, past the small of her back and down to her butt before lifting her ass cheeks to spread her wide open from below. She was full of anticipation as she felt his large pole begin to probe canlı kaçak bahis her labia. The next instant he had entered her, the massive width of his rock-hard dick stretching her vagina in an unfamiliar ways. A sense of intrusion and fullness began to overwhelm her suddenly too-small cunt. She felt that she truly might not be able to contain his member within her as he pushed deep into her, sending her to a place she had never been. As he pumped his thick rod in and out of her creamy cunt, her feminine cistern began to sing back to him in a language of gripping contractions, and viscous, smooth-muscle massage. Every cell in her body felt alive and tuned to this alien frequency, and she desired only that this bliss should continue forever. His grunts and heavy breathing in her ear played counterpoint to the wails of pleasure that escaped more from her nostrils than her mouth. The primitive portion of her brain commanded her legs, thighs, and her hostage gluteal muscles to intensify the coordinated vaginal massage of his throbbing penis. After an interval that seemed at once infinite and fleeting, the drama of this muscular wrestling match deep within her body began to near its apogee. Sensing the inevitable, Daryll’s penis impossibly plunged yet deeper into her as the two lovers simultaneously succumbed to massive orgasms. His penis began to spasm powerfully within her as he climaxed, releasing his prodigious load safely within her and within the condom. In response, her nervous system temporarily sent her mind and body into a new dimension, beyond critical thought, beyond time and place, beyond husbands and wives, beyond c***dren, beyond condoms, beyond all concerns…***Roger had watched from just a few feet away as the fruition of his carefully crafted plan was realized. He had watched as his wife had left him and everything else they shared, briefly, for a new place that he could only imagine. When the rhythm of Janine and Daryll’s shared rapture abated, Roger realized that all his goals had been reached, down to the detail of his maintaining his erection without ejaculation.Daryll slowly extricated himself from Janine, climbed down from the man’s wife and quickly dressed. Roger quietly thanked Daryll and then escorted him to the door so that he could be alone with his wife. Roger returned to her and removed the wet handkerchief from her face. Her body felt warm, limp and soggy as he held her close. Her breathing was still quick as she whispered to him that she loved him, and kissed him on the mouth warmly and sloppily. He untied her scarves from the bedposts, leaving them still around her wrists and ankles. As he lied down beside her, she summoned the energy to roll over half-upon him and kiss him sweetly. “Touch me,” she breathed into his ear.He touched her as he had so many times before and thought that she felt somehow different to him. He became highly aroused as she placed her hand gently, lovingly, around his penis. As he gently touched her engorged clitoris she in turn sensed his extreme hardness through her touch, and she quickly buckled and stiffened as she came in her usual wonderful way. He quickly mounted her and played only but a dozen strokes in her seemingly cavernous, hot, wet and creamy vagina before releasing within her his enormous hot load; the product of all of his prolonged stimulation. After a few minutes she got up to pee. When she returned they snuggled and fell fast asleep in each other’s arms. They both stirred from sleep together some hours later, murmuring and kissing as they renewed their commitment and love for each other.For many nights their shared experience of that special night fueled hot, passionate sessions of lovemaking. They still completely trusted each other. Both Roger and Janine felt that they were tuned in to one another, perhaps more so than they had been before their special night. That night at the hotel had come about because of Roger’s intuition and initiative, proof that he would indeed do anything to bring his wife pleasure. It had been a new and unique experience that neither partner felt needed further repetition.***Months later, during the cold winter, Roger was exercising at the club when lightning struck. A woman whom he had never seen before walked by him so effortlessly and gracefully, that it seemed she was powered by some alternative source of energy. This woman looked to be just under 30 and was petite with small breasts, a narrow waist, silky and shapely legs, luscious lips and long, curly, reddish-blond hair. A secret and powerful sexual aura seemed to radiate from her, a gravity pulling Roger into her orbit. The perfection of her as she moved across the room, the way every aspect of her body exuded sexuality took his breath away. When she turned and saw Roger staring, their eyes locked. They held each other’s gaze for quite some time without the slightest hint of embarrassment. He had no thoughts of infidelity. While there was powerful attraction between himself and this perfect creature, he “knew” deep down that a third piece of this puzzle would somehow fall into place. Once again something clicked for him as he summoned memories of how his wife would become wet when watching videos depicting women making love to each other, or in threesomes with a man. Wonderful scenarios raged in his imagination. How to make this happen…

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