A Good Night


One year my wife and I got into a few new things. We did pot, went to a nude beach, had parties. She has great natural breasts but always wore a bra. I always wanted her to be more sexual in public and go braless. I would like it if men looked at her tits and her nipples as they brushed against her shirt and poked through.

We had a party one night and had a little wine before the guests arrived. It was the kind of party where I never knew who would show up, the word just got around. Good music, food, beer, booze and some dope.

This night she came downstairs wearing a red button down silk shirt and jeans, no bra under the shirt. Her 36C breasts swayed under that fabulous red silk as she walked a sly smile across her lips. A dozen heads turned appreciatively. She purposely brushed by me on the way to the kitchen grinning as my eyes were feasting on her swaying tits and nipples poking through the red silk.

“Happy now?” She whispered to me with a grin across her lips.

We danced a few dances together, each time she backed into me and brushed across my cock her breasts swaying. Finally one song came on, and halkalı escort she stayed backed into me and I put my arm around her from behind and rested my hand under the blouse on her bare stomach. As we swayed from the music and wine, I slid my other hand around as well, and felt her take a sharp intake of air and swell her breasts against her shirt.

“How do you feel?” I asked in her ear.

“I feel great she said, don’t stop there”

There was fifteen or twenty people around us all engaged in there own dancing and no attention was on us. Her eyes were closed, and she didn’t know if we were being watched or not. I moved my hands up from her warm smooth belly and brushed the silky sides of her breasts and the undersides with my fingertips.

She moaned slightly, and I whispered “everyone is watching us, should I go on?”

I felt her nod “yes, I want them to see.”

I un-buttoned her top and second and third button and kept swaying with her. Her breasts strained against the last button. My fingertips stroked her şişli escort already hard nipples. I opened the last button and the front of her blouse parted. I cupped her breasts in each of my hands and stroked her nipples to long hardness. By then everyone had stopped dancing and was watching us. All eyes were on her fabulous breasts. I bared her breasts and tugged on her hard nipples.

She whispered “take me upstairs” and I swept her up in my arms.

I said “sorry folks” and brought her up to our bed.

“I’m going to leave the door open” I said, and laid her down on her stomach. I went behind her and tugged her jeans down and began to lick her ass before they were all the way off. She hadn’t worn panties and the scent of her excited pussy was there. I tied a scarf around her still shut eyes so that she could not see the open door (no one had followed us) and I said “there are a few people watching from the doorway, what do you want?”

She was breathless “I want them to se my swaying tits and you sucking me and fucking me” I reached around and drew off the red silk blouse sarıyer escort and her breasts swung free her nipples swollen. I stroked her swaying breasts as I licked her shaven cunt and said that there were people watching us.

As I said so, she convulsed and sat deeply onto my face and came. I reached up and cupped her breasts and pulled on her nipples. She leaned back and moaned so loudly that I thought people would actually come running up to see if I was killing her.

My face was drenched, with her wetness. My cock was still confined in my jeans and was killing me to get out. She turned around un zipped my pants and slid them down. My cock sprang up and she licked from my balls up the shaft to my now throbbing cockhead. She licked the pre cum that had started to ooze, and swallowed me to the root. I went back to sucking on her labia again, but in a few seconds I exploded in an ejaculation that nearly flew across the room. She was stroking my cock with her hand and tonguing my balls at the time. My ejaculate had landed half on her breasts and half on the sheet. I finger fucked her as I continued to to tongue her ass and labia.

My cock was still hard and she sat on it sliding me deeply into her pussy as she said “so you liked my swinging tits under the red shirt eh’”

I said “God yes”, and she smiled again.

A while later we went downstairs again, and were greeted by great applause and laughter from the crowd. The party continued into the night.

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