A Higher Education Ch. 03


At dinner two nights later, Laurel asked if I had much homework.

I knew it was very important to keep my marks up, if not have them improve since I’d shifted from the dorm to Laurel’s. I could tell in talking to them that my parents were very uneasy, since I couldn’t lie to them about the fact that my landlord was a female, even if she was a professor. (I did not tell them how beautiful she was.) Neither of them had attended university, but they’d certainly heard the stories. Regardless of the fact that this was the mid-90s and everything was a lot looser as regarded sex, Mom and Dad had some pretty specific ideas that didn’t mesh well with my current situation in the slightest. One whiff of anything wrong (as in my grades going down) and they’d both be at the door asking what was going on.

“I have a paper to hand in, and I’m convinced that it doesn’t have the right focus for my professor.”

“Who is it?”

“Gerald Norris. Economic 101.”

“Norris should have retired years ago,” Laurel said with some disgust. “He should have never been made a professor.” She wagged her fork across the kitchen table at me, “But you did not hear me say that. Got it?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Anything else on the back burner?”

“Nothing that can’t wait. I only have Norris’ class tomorrow. My other 2 were cancelled.”

“As soon as we have things cleared up in here, why don’t we take a look at your paper? Maybe I can help give it a bit of focus.”

I had insisted that if Laurel was going to cook for me, then I was going to clean up. Actually, that wasn’t much of a chore since she was a very neat and tidy cook, cleaning up after herself as she went along. Still, fair was fair.

So she disappeared upstairs while I cleaned up the dinner dishes and few pots, then wiped the counters and table. Since we hadn’t been able to find time to continue my special lessons, I was more than ready for whatever Laurel had in mind, and did that kitchen in record time.

Upstairs in my bedroom, my desk had scattered papers from various assignments, but nearly all of my writing for classes was done on the computers, so I woke it up and opened the paper I was writing for Old Norris’ Economics survey class.

As I was reading it over, Laurel padded into the room, but my back was to the door and I didn’t bother turning around.

“So are you ready for me to take a look at the paper?”

“Just a moment. I found another punctuation error.”

I typed in a couple of commas, then turned around. Laurel was right behind me, and I almost swallowed my tongue when I saw she didn’t have a stitch on.

“I thought I had to finish this paper before we could play.”

“Let me sit down there, Derek, so I don’t have to get a crick in my neck reading over your shoulder.”

I did as m’lady asked and she sat down primly. “While I’m reading your paper and making some notes, I want you to look at what’s on your bed.”

There was a thick photo binder, so I sat on the bed and flipped it open. The pages were filled with photos of Laurel through the years. She was a very cute child, all pigtails and bows, but she had that same wide, slightly sardonic smile. Several shots had what I assumed was a brother and sister and there were two family shots.

As she got towards her teens, Laurel struggled through having braces and had sprung up very quickly, and boy, was she a beanpole. It reminded me of myself at 14 and 15. With girls, it’s always harder if they’re tall and slender — and with no boobs to speak of, as I noticed.

“High school must have been tough on you,” I said.

Over her shoulder, Laurel answered, “You have no idea. I was all brain and no body. I didn’t get asked out on one single date — ever. I had to tag along with friends for the senior prom, and then no one asked me to dance. High school was a pretty sad and frustrating time for me. It did teach me humility, though.”

“So when did you start to look like you do now?”

She swiveled in the chair and smiled at me.”That’s very nice of you to say.”

Laurel spread her legs apart as she leaned back in the chair and I marveled at her lithe body. Seen in its finished form, I could look at those old photos and see the genesis of what I was looking at now. Sure her breasts weren’t huge, but they made generous handfuls, and her nipples were long and sensitive and rode high up, making them very inviting to suck or tweak.

She had a slender waist, swimmer’s shoulders and her hips, while maybe a bit narrow, suited her overall body beautifully. Around back was that muscular, heart-shaped ass, and she had stop-any-traffic legs. What fascinated me, though, was her the very prominent flesh above her pussy, the mound of Venus I think it was called. It was sparsely covered with fine, dark hair and below, those beautiful pouting shaved lips. I couldn’t think of any woman I’d ever seen who was more beautiful, not that I’d seen many naked at that point.

Laurel glanced down at my crotch from across the room. “Looks as if I’ve gotten canlı bahis a “rise” out you. Good. Now, I’ll be finished with my look through your paper in a few more minutes. Take your clothes off and continue looking at my photo album.”

“Yes, Professor, Ma’am!” I said as I quickly began stripping off my clothes.

The early university photos were just what I would have expected, given her description of those years: total librarian, but in looking closer, I could surmise that she’d begun filling out underneath the frumpy clothes. Her face had also lost the pudge of baby fat, making her high cheekbones stand out. She’d begun looking like the woman I knew. Her eyes were hidden behind overly-large, thick glasses.

Then turning a page, everything changed. What greeted me was a photo of Laurel nude in a very elegant drawing room, almost palatial. Nothing critical was on display and she still had the pulled-back hair and bun, and the glasses, but there was something erotically charged about her expression.

For the next dozen pages, the poses changed like some rare flower opening up. First her hair was let down and combed out, looking lustrous under the professional lighting, then the glasses disappeared and then the sexy poses began, revealing more and more of her nubile body. By the fourth one of those, my cock was at full staff and beginning to throb.

“I notice you’ve found my “coming out” photos,” Laurel remarked dryly from across the room. “Those were shot shortly after Ramon took me under his wing. I was twenty-two at the time.”

I shook me head in wonder. “These shots are amazing, but I think you’re more gorgeous now.”

She looked at me quizzically. “Why do you say that?”

I looked right back into her eyes. “Maturity becomes you.”

That stopped her for a few moments.

“Come over here.”

I rose and walked across the room, stopping next to her chair. Laurel swiveled it a little more. My erection was nearly level with her face. All she had to do was drop her head down a bit and…

My pulse went through the roof when she licked the mushroom head of my cock. After a few more licks, she took it into her mouth. For the next 2 or 3 minutes, she got more and more saliva on my erection and each time she took it in, more and more of my cock disappeared. Finally she had more than half of it in. I could feel her throat tightening and loosening around the crown. Looking up at me, she slowly and very sexily withdrew it.

“Wow. Very tight fit,” she said, wiping the excess saliva off her chin.

“I can’t believe you just did that.”

“Oh, I’m not done yet. I’m determined to get that whole thing down the hatch.” Then she flashed that smile. “I just wanted to let you know what was in store for you after we finish your homework!” She slapped my rump as she got to her feet. “Now sit down and get to work.”

I think I learned more about distilling my prose over the next hour than I had in 4 years of high school English. Laurel also guided me in how to be more precise in my thoughts. She questioned nearly everything I’d written, made me defend how I’d constructed my thesis, and by the end I was almost more interested in getting right down to fixing the paper up, then experiencing more of Laurel’s oral skills. Almost…

While I worked, she would very nonchalantly play with my erection or my balls. Leaning over the back of the chair to point to something on the screen, I would feel her breasts touching my shoulders or neck. And the aroma of her arousal was maybe the most distracting.

“You’re not concentrating again, Derek,” she warned me for about the fifth time.

“And you’re not playing fair,” I shot back. “How do you expect me to concentrate when you’re standing there naked and aroused and rubbing your body on mine?”

“It’s all part of your training, dear,” she answered, kissing the top of my head. “I want to teach you to be calm and in control no matter what’s happening.”

“Like someone is likely to do what you’re doing while I’m at work?”

“There are other applications.”

Finally we’d gone through the entire paper. It would just be a matter of referring to my notes and retyping it, maybe an hour or so of work.”

Laurel had one hand on my shoulder and her hip touching my arm as she stood next to my chair. “You’re clear on everything we’ve talked about?”

“Yes, ma’am, and thank you. Oh where were you when I was in high school?”

Her face twisted into a wry smile. “Okay. You’ve earned a break. Come with me.”

It was no problem following that glorious bottom down the hall to the bathroom. She turned on the shower, adjusted the temperature and told me to get in.

“Lather up your groin. I’m going to shave you.”


“Don’t you like me shaved?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Why?” she asked, teasingly echoing me.

“Because it looks sexy and when I lick you between your legs—“

“When you eat me,” she corrected. “I like how deliciously nasty that term sounds.”

“Okay. When bahis siteleri I eat your sweet pussy, I don’t get any stray hairs in my mouth.”

She raised an eyebrow. “And should I be any different?”

When I’d done as she’d asked, I opened the curtain again. Laurel was seated on the closed toilet with my bath towel on the floor in front of her.

“Stand on this and spread your legs a bit,” she ordered.

“You’re not going to cut me, are you?”

“Relax. I’ve done this a lot.”

“For all your boarders?”

“Yup.” Picking up my razor from the back of the sink, she popped out the blade and put in a new one. “Now hold still.”

I had to admit that this new experience was rather delightful. First, Laurel had to hold my stiffening cock (always a good thing) and I got the feeling she was moving her hand on it more than she needed to. Next, the shave was quite erotic in an interesting way as she removed any hair on the base of my cock, my balls and finally most of my pubic hair. Fortunately, I’m not all that hairy, so it didn’t look stupid.

“Get in the shower and clean off any soap.”

“Yes, ma’am, but won’t you come in and help me?”

“You’re a big boy,” she grinned. “Surely you can handle that yourself. I know what you’re like in a shower. I’m not getting in there with you — at least not right now.”

When I came out of the shower. She put on some aftershave to close the pores.

“There’s nothing worse than a rash in your groin. After your skin down there gets used to being shaved, you won’t need to do it, except for maybe in the summer. For the rest of your time here, I’d like you to remain shaved. Okay?”

I shrugged. “Sure.”

“Thank you. Now come with me.”

Again I followed her divine derriere down the hall, this time to her room. Once there, she suddenly turned and kissed me very hard, betraying the passion she had been feeling. Her hand snaked down between us and began to squeeze and pull on my cock. It grew again very quickly.

When she had it at full hardness, she led me over to a full-length mirror near her en suite bathroom.

“Look at it,” she said, standing next to me. “See how much bigger and more threatening it is?”

“But it’s pretty big already. You said it was the largest you’ve ever had. The last thing I want to do is make it look more threatening and big. It’ll scare girls away. It already has.”

“Girls, maybe, but believe me, women will take one look at that fine cock and fall in love with it. See how it bends up at the end? That’s gold. A fat cock with a bit of an upturn can stimulate a woman’s g-spot like nothing else.” She grasped it again. “And the size of that mushroom head. Mmmm…it makes me wet just looking at it.”

I stared at my cock, finally beginning to appreciate what I’d been born with. I hoped that Laurel was telling me the truth. Then I thought back to Mrs. Jenson, proper, conservative Mrs. Jenson, on that afternoon she caught me coming out of the shower, she hadn’t been able to restrain herself for very long.

“There’s one thing you have to understand, though, my boy. Like men, not all women are created equal. Some have wider vaginas than others, some have shallow ones, and some have deep. It also depends whether they’ve had kids and how many. You’ve got to learn to be very careful with that whopper.”

“You mean I could hurt someone?”

Laurel nodded. “There was a time when you wouldn’t have been able to get that into me. And you’re also very long. That can be extremely uncomfortable for some women. Again, when you’re making love to someone, observe the way they’re responding and go slowly. Don’t just jam it in there and whale away. Woman like it slowly and gently — until the proper time.”

“How will I know when that is?”

She pulled me to her, not letting go of my cock. “Oh, with your intuition, I think you’ll know. They may also just come out and tell you.”

“Like my mother’s friend?”

“Yes, like her.” She let go of me and walked over to her bed, where she sat down. “Now stand in front of me.”

The bed was a little higher than the seat at my desk, so Laurel had to hunch over a bit more to get down to cock level. I was to realize later that this was intentional. Her tongue snaked out and swirled around my cock’s head.

She stopped. “Just a minute, I think I’ll need some assistance.” From the drawer of one of the bedside tables, she took a clear plastic bottle. She poured a bit of clear, thick liquid on her right hand, then transferred it to the length of my cock.

“Sorry if that’s a bit cold.”

“What is it?”

“A sex lubricant. Ramon invented it. This house and gardens, my horses, the traveling I do in the summer? All paid for by his invention. It’s a woman’s best friend. Every bottle, every tube of it that’s sold, his estate gets a royalty.

“I’m determined to get your entire cock down my throat. Using just saliva gets way too messy.”

“What does it taste like?”

Laurel stuck a finger up and I sucked some lubricant bahis şirketleri off. Not unpleasant with a hint of cherry.

“I have this made up specially by one of the licensees.”

She again bent down and took the bulbous crown of my cock into her mouth. The hand with the lubricant began stroking my balls. The effect of both was electrifying. Laurel worked a bit more in, then took it out and looked up.

“You have to realize when you’re in my throat that I won’t be able to breath. The most important thing is to let me do this at my own speed.”

“Sure.” I would have agreed to anything just to get her to continue.

“What I want you to do is try to control yourself. I’m very good at this and you’re going to be stimulated pretty strongly, and. I want you to hold back your orgasm as long as you can.”

“Should I tell you when I’m getting close?”

She squeezed my balls gently. “Oh, I’ll know. These will retract when you’re close.”

She took me into her mouth again and I watched in amazement as inch after inch disappeared. It got very tight as my cock went into her throat and I figured it was the upturned bit at the end. Laurel had to come up for air several times and her eyes were tearing a bit.

“We don’t have to do this if it’s a problem,” I said.

She was wiping her eyes with her clean hand. “No, no. It’s all right. I look on this as a challenge.”

In a matter of a minute more, her nose was pressed against my groin. Her throat started moving around my cock, squeezing almost like her vagina could. It was amazing.

Two or three times, she backed off until just the head remained in her mouth and then her tongue got to work underneath, sort of fluttering. The feeling was intense and very erotic. Her free hand reached around and grabbed my ass, pulling me into her. With a few more strokes like that, I got the feeling she was going to go for it. I let her hand on my butt guide me in and out. The last thing I needed was for her to strangle on my cock.

She got me very close that time. I felt like my favorite toy had been taken away when she popped me out of her mouth.

“I have to rest a bit. My jaw is getting tired. Luckily I have a big mouth.”

“You have a beautiful mouth.”

She smiled up at me. I loved to make her smile.

Glancing over at the bedside clock, she noted that it was 9:10. “Okay, champ. Let’s see how long you can last.”

I managed nearly four minutes before I blasted off down her throat. After a big breath beforehand, she used her hand on my ass push my full length into her mouth and I could feel her throat working as spasm after spasm blasted my cum straight into her stomach.

“Wow! You had quite a load there,” Laurel gasped as she finally removed my cock. Standing up, she said, “Kiss me.”

I hesitated.

“If a woman has just done something like that for you, the least you can do is show your appreciation by kissing her.”

I gave her a bit of a peck on the lips. She grabbed my head in both hands and pulled my mouth to hers. Her kiss was a full on tongue assault, and while most of the taste seemed to be the lubricant, there was a bit of a salty, slightly bitter taste, too. While I didn’t think I wanted to make a habit of it, I figured I could handle it if this is what she wanted.

“That was really amazing, Laurel. Thank you so much”

“The blowjob or the kiss?” she asked coquettishly.

“I guess both. Is there anything I can do for you?”

Her smile was devilish this time as she slid back on the bed, opening her legs.

“Doesn’t one good turn deserve another?”

“You bet!” I said as I practically dove on her.

This time, she wanted to hold herself open. “It’s not that you did anything wrong the first time. Sometimes I just like it like this. Its also gives you two hands to work with. Better not use either one inside me, though. I don’t want to risk a flood on my bed.”

I tried to give as good as I’d gotten from my lover. I discovered two things eating her that night: when Laurel got really excited, she liked me to play around her anus with my fingers, and I really enjoyed holding the gorgeous globes of her ass, holding her to my mouth as she writhed in orgasm.

Lying there after, she turned her head to look at the clock. “Nearly ten, Derek, you’d better go back to finish your paper.”

“Can’t I stay here with you tonight? We haven’t slept together yet.”

“No,” she said firmly. “Don’t make me regret that I started your training session before your school work was completed.”

“May I come back after?”

“No. You’ll wake me.”

I smiled. “That was the whole idea.”

Laurel rolled her eyes. “Git! Now.”

I reluctantly did as I was told. In the bathroom where I stopped for a pee, I looked again at my cock. She was right. It did look better without all the hair. I turned to see my profile in the mirror. Low slung and nice above my lean body. It would also look pretty stupid with a big pot hanging over it. If I wanted to always look this good, I’d have to take care of myself. And if what I’d experienced over the now nearly three weeks of living with Professor Jones-Gonzalez was an indication of what that could bring me, I was all for keeping slim and fit.

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