A Hot Ride Home


My gay best friend and I had decided to go to the gay club that Saturday night. I had been there quite a few times with him, and enjoyed myself more than at straight clubs. Going out and not getting harassed is such a great thing. One problem was that this time I was not going without a date. Timmy had set me up with this guy named James; he was cute and had a body that was well defined.

We had already decided that Timmy was to be designated driver – because this time I was going to drink. So, when we got to the club I ordered my first beer. It was kind of slow but soon picked up. I continued to drink at a good pace. I need to get onto that dance floor and shake my booty a little. Now if you have seen me dance you know that I can get my groove on. I grabbed James and out we went, only stopping to have a beer. I noticed that James had strayed and I had three men watching me dance, so I went to the corner where the fan was unzipped my jacket a little more, only to show off hardened nipples under my tight fitting shirt, that also revealed just enough cleavage. I was giving them their own little dance, shaking my hips to the music, James showed back up and we were dirty dancing which I love to do, his half hardened cock pushing against my buttocks only making me bend over more, I turned around his leg between mine, as we bumped and grind.

I couldn’t wait to take him home and find out just how good he was. We all decided we needed to take a breather from the dance floor and headed back to our table, I grabbed a pretzel and was going to feed James, but when I went to put the pretzel into his mouth it dropped right in bostancı escort between my breasts but that didn’t stop him, he went and retrieved it. Well it seemed the night had passed quickly, as it always does when you are having fun and maybe being just a teeny bit tipsy helped. Timmy climbed into the driver’s seat of my car; I climbed in the back and made James sit in back with me. I should add one more thing, the more alcohol I have in me the wilder and hornier I get. My plans were not to have James sit in back with me to baby sit, I had other ideas in my head.

I got Timmy onto the highway before I sat back and relaxed, laying my head on James lap, his hand found one of my breasts, playing with my nipple through my shirt, his touched was incredible, I thought I was going to cum just from his hand fondling my breast. I played with his cock that was hiding underneath his clothes as his hand was now working its way beneath my nylons, his fingertips seeking out my clit, oh my goodness I moaned, as his warm fingers worked their magic on my now erect love button. I was so close to cumming, and he stopped, removing his hands from my panties. I wanted to scream in frustration, I looked at him and he laughed. This happened four more times, my pussy aching to cum.

I had finally had enough of this teasing and I decided to take charge. I unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers only to reach under his briefs to take out his manhood that had pre-cum on the tip from my previous touching. I brought my tongue to where the pre-cum was, eager to taste James. That made me hungry for more I wanted to sancaktepe escort taste an entire load, I worked quickly getting his semi-stiff cock to a huge hard cock. I moved my mouth up and down the shaft humming whatever came to mind. I could tell that he was enjoying it because he grabbed the hair on the back of my head and pushed me down deeper, his cock now entering my throat but I loved it and continued my search for cum. I stopped only to tease the tip of his tool, and then quickly thrust my mouth to the base. I reached down and played with his balls and then I felt his cock pull back and then shoot, only tasting hot wads of cum running down my throat, and oh how good that tasted to me.

Once he was finished with his orgasm, I sat up only to have him push me backwards. He removed my nylons, and thong but left my skirt pushed up but in place. His hands moved up my inner thighs sending chills of excitement throughout my body. I could feel the wetness starting to build deep inside. His finger found my slit, and he quickly but gently began to finger me. I moved to try and spread my legs open wider, I threw my head back, gasping for air but wanting more. He was sooooo good at this, and I had never felt fingers as good as his. My hand found his rock hard upper arm, and oh, that was enough to make me wet right there. His thumb brushing my clit with every thrust of his fingers as he moved them in and out of my saturated pussy, I couldn’t contain my moans as they needed to be heard, I looked and saw Timmy in the mirror, I ignored him and closed my eyes enjoying this as the wave of orgasm zeytinburnu escort took over my body; my muscles forcing my love juices to the outside world. My body calming before the next storm, you sucked the juices from my pussy only to make me beg for you to bury your manhood inside me.

I climbed on top of you as I briefly looked out the back window but it made me sick so I brought my lips to your neck, sucking and planting gentle kisses. Only to have you push me back a little so that you could bury your face between my mountains. Your wet hot lips felt good once again urging my head back. His hard cock pushing against my pelvic bone, I readjusted myself so that I could insert his cock into my tight but aching pussy, my lips spread letting you slide right in, I moved my hips up and down on your shaft. Your cock feeling so good inside me, your hands on my ass guiding my thrusts, as I balanced myself by hanging onto your shoulders, my nails dug in slightly as I stared right in your eyes, watching the expression on your face as I rode you with fast but even actions, I wanted to cum all over your manhood, and I also wanted to feel your cum shooting inside me. I tightened my pussy muscles around your schlong. That is I tightened and then released continuing that movement bringing both you and I closer to the finale of this ritual. My tits bounced as I continued riding you, I could feel my juices starting to escape, as my body began only to tremble once again I screamed I’m Cumming oh yesssssss!

I could feel your shoulder muscles tightening and knew that you were also going to join me, so I told you that I wanted to feel your hot cum shot deep inside my hot wet pussy. You obeyed and I soon felt your wad of cum inside me as our juices mixed, at that point I didn’t care who was watching or who could hear me. I wanted the world to hear just how great my climax was.

I love teasing but I was not going home with blue ovaries.

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