A “Hot Topic” of Conversation

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A “Hot Topic” of ConversationI was much younger when it happened, around 19. I wasn’t a virgin, but also wasn’t very experienced when it came to picking up on signals, or even acting on them when someone was attracted to me. I was still going through an awkward nerd phase after high school and taken aback whenever it seemed like someone was interested in me.That’s why I was struck so off guard when she asked me to visit. I took the bus to see her, as a friend, and spend a week or two on the couch-bed in the apartment she shared with her boyfriend. We hung out almost exclusively, watched the same kind of movies together, and talked our particular type of nerd-talk almost every waking moment. She made tacos one night after I mentioned they were my favorite meal at the time, even committing so much to it that she accidentally ended up burning herself with oil while frying the tortilla shells on her own.Neither of us had any responsibilities, we had all of the time in the world together, and one day about two thirds into my stay, we went to the mall. Looking back, I know she was being flirty, I can recognize the tone she was using in her voice and the wager she proposed. We could each pick out something for the other to wear when we went to the store, I didn’t know what was in store…but I had some curious thoughts.Those thoughts never scratched the surface of what she suggested, however. She let me pick first, and I found what basically amounted to a pair of sleeves that were connected by a strip of fabric. In my ignorance, I assumed it was to cover her chest, where instead it was meant to go over her shoulders. She smiled when I presented it to her, and from behind her back she presented me with a long dark purple skirt. I didn’t think she was serious at first, but her look convinced me otherwise, and to say the solitary cashier was ‘just’ entertained would be an understatement.I don’t know if they knew each other, or if the girl that had brought me with her was just that persuasive, but the clerk didn’t even bat an eyelash when my friend pulled me behind the heavy velvet curtain of the changing room. Her smaller hand felt so confident in mine, and I felt the rush of arousal hit me almost immediately.I sat on the bench in the changing room, averting my halkalı escort eyes and only catching the most brief of glimpses as she immediately began pulling her shirt over her head, revealing her firm small breasts. I had no idea how I would hide my arousal when it came my time to change.I took in a deep breath and tried to steady myself, still not knowing how the garment was supposed to fit on her, and I didn’t hesitate to look when she told me she had changed, having also slid out of her oversized baggy pants and into a skirt that only went halfway down her thighs and was covered in zippers..My lips parted as I looked back, taken off guard both with her mischievous smile as much as her standing there, hands covering her small bare breasts as she licked her lips before letting them fall to her stomach. “You picked it, how does it look?” And with that said, she held her arms out and turned slowly, showing me all of her in a teasing act of presenting the ‘attire’ I had picked. My breath caught and I nodded, barely audible when I responded “Yes, yes doll, I do.”Her small enticing grin remained and she reached out, holding the skirt out to me. “Well, it’s your turn to try mine on.” I reached for it and she pulled her hand back, clucking her tongue, and then she handed it back to me. I turned my back to her, unbuckling my belt and beginning to do the same to my pants. I kicked off my shoes and pushed them under the changing room bench and let my pants fall, after that I was just in socks ,boxers, and the shirt I had worn in.Making a decision at that point, I pulled my shirt off as well, letting it fall on the bench as I stepped into the skirt and pulled it up around my waist. It was lengthy, managing to fall to my ankles despite my height. Another moment with my back turned to her was spent readjusting myself, doing my best to make my full arousal as inconspicuous as possible. While I was doing so, I felt her hands on my hips and heard her voice “Turn around, I want to see how good what I picked out looks…”Slowly, I turned, and her eyes took in every inch of me as I did the same to her; her chest rose and fell with a building hunger as her eyes stayed locked below my waist. taksim escort I was the first to speak, my voice a hungry and hushed whisper, mirroring her previous statement “Well, you picked it, how does it look…?”She stepped in close before she responded, her fingertips brushing my sides before coming to rest on my hips. She didn’t respond verbally, but her hands pushed down as the skirt, moving my arousal from the position I had it tucked into the waist of my boxers, and in doing so, making every inch of me apparent through the material. “I think…I like it more, like this…”I leaned down to her, one hand under her chin, lifting her eyes up to mine as I pressed my lips to hers. We kissed for a long moment before she stepped away from me, her hands on my hips drawing me in again as her back pressed against the wall. My mouth hungrily found hers again and she groaned into me, her hands and fingernails digging into my back and not letting me pull from her even if I had wanted to try.Almost as if she knew what we were going, we paused as a hushed voice came from the other side of the curtain, the cashier was there, speaking to us. “You two can’t take forever, but have fun…” With that said, the curtain rustled and she walked back into the main portion of the store.Taking her suggestion to heart, my girl hopped up into my arms, my body pressing hers against the wall as she draw her legs up, wrapping them around my waist and hiking up the skirt she wore nothing underneath as the same time. “Fuck me, I’ve been waiting all week, and I want to feel you inside me…” Her voice was low, hungry, and dripping with desire.Leveraging myself against her body I reached down, over and around her legs, pushing the skirt past my arousal and down my hips. She tilted her hips as I shifted, feeling her heat and guiding myself toward it without the benefit of my hands. She kept shifting her hips, smearing her wetness across me as if she were playing a game before I pushed upward, feeling myself slip between her silken folds while as the same time both of our grunts filled the small room.I let her slide down the wall just slightly, impaling her body on mine as my hand raised up, covering her mouth as our eyes locked. I could feel her groans şişli escort reverberate through her body as I pushed up inside her, doing my best to remain as quiet as possible. I broke eye contact and buried my head against her neck, my lips and teeth connecting with her skin as I did my best to muffle my noises into her body as she seized her muscles around me, almost drawing me in deeper.“I’ve wanted you since before I came, I just didn’t know how..” She nods her head behind my hand, her hips writhing in a deeper motion, taking me fully inside her as I feel myself fill her tight body, her arms encircle me and hold me against her, every inch of our skin pressed against the others as we push deeper into one another, our passion coming out in a hurried, rushed, lustful exhibition.Her body began to tremble as we continued, her fingernails dug deeper into the skin of my back and my hand clamped down tighter over her mouth as her eyes began to water, her muscles clenched and her thighs tightened, squeezing the breath from me as I held motionless deep inside her, and in that moment of motionlessness I felt her arousal flood from between her legs, her already tight sex seizing around me, clamping down like a vice.She convulsed as I held her pinned against the wall, her muffled grunts that escaped from underneath my hand only spurned me on further, and the moment the tightness of her sex relaxed the slightest of degrees I began to shift my hips and slide inside her again, my own point of climax imminent. As if she could feel it she nodded into my hand, her eyes wide, head turning looking to mine, our mutual hunger was palpable.Her heels dug into my back and she held me against her, not allowing me the briefest of inches of escape as my hardness pulsed, growing deep inside her as my own climax drove her to another body-wracking shuddering orgasm. My hand fell from her mouth and we both began panting heavily, the moment overtaking us as we stayed there, her legs slowly relaxing and feet finding the ground.I started to speak, but before I could get the word from my mouth she nodded, the smile rising back to her lips as she gasped in air. “We are definitely buying these…” I barked out a deep laugh in response and we both turned our heads as we heard one coming from the other side of the curtain, then the voice of the cashier came through. “You two just take the tags off, make yourself presentable…and try to not drip cum all over my floor…”We looked at each other, the moment of humor breaking through our wanton lust as we laughed and then began to gather up the clothes we had worn into the store.

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