A Last Summer Pt. 01


Julie was perfect, the way that all crushes are. Just short of him, but with long, thick, toned legs that were part and parcel of a well-maintained ass. Breasts that were large enough to hang, but not so much they drooped, with large pink nipples summiting those glorious peaks. Her stomach, though she worried about it, had just enough meat on it to border her pubic triangle like frame to a beautiful painting. The short blond hair, trimmed into a pixie cut, added a “just different enough” spice to make a pretty girl into a knockout.

He only got the hints of these things at first, though. A low-cut blouse. Tight shorts that rode up when she bent over. And that glorious, glorious day she hosted that neighborhood pool party in a (yes, modest) one-piece swimsuit. Hadn’t he grown up down the street from her? How do you define the slow realization that you’ve turned a corner into a puberty and good lord is that divorcee down the road a slamming hottie? It wasn’t that he had never noticed before. But for some reason, this summer he found himself thinking about Julie more and more.

He imagined all YOU might imagine and more, spinning out elaborate fantasies in his head. Tonight, he would be the new pool boy, innocent and confused at first as Julie set her chair up to tan as he worked. His eyes raked over every inch of her as she slowly rubbed the tanning lotion into her skin. Tanlines were already apparent where her suit was slightly misadjusted, as this time she would be wearing a skimpy bikini that hugged her full hips. Those hips are emphasized by gravity as she settles into her chair, her firm buttcheeks pillowing out underneath the weight of her body. There would be a sudden tightness in his shorts as he continued on, working quietly, sneaking glances. Then she would roll over, glancing back at him.

“Could you give me a hand?” She wouldn’t even acknowledge his reply, already laying her head back down, assuming that he would simply do as asked. He approached perfection. The bikini was even skimpier than he had realized, as it was all but swallowed up by her not-inconsiderable ass, but there was no sign of anything other than flawless skin, a little tanned and a little more sweaty. He reached for the lotion next to her absently, staring at her ass, missing once or twice, until he realized he had been standing there too long. Quick, businesslike spurts on her torso and limbs, and he found himself rubbing down her body before he had even realized it. Smooth, soft skin met his fingertips, but the tautness and power underneath spoke to the excellent shape she had kept herself in. Her shoulders were done, and he worked his way down her back, awkwardly contorted.

“Just straddle me. It’ll be easier.” Came her voice, without movement. He stepped a leg over the chair, but remained above her, crouched in a squatting position. “And sit. That can’t be good for your back.” He cleared his throat thinking of saying something, but her head turned again. “I’m serious.”

There she was. Beauty, cute, hot, pretty, all the words that meant her face was the only thing he could see. Full lips twisted in a grin. Green eyes all but winking. She was everything he could ever want, telling him to sit on top of her. His pulse pounded in his ears and his breathing became ragged as he nodded dumbly. He sat down, a little disappointed in the lack of fireworks, but extremely gratified by the way her firm legs caught him. He felt her calves press into his back. “Keep going, or I’ll get burned.” Greasy hands almost forgotten, he returned to the task, leaning forward without thinking, pressing himself into her to reach her back. It wasn’t until he sat back to approach her ass that he realized he had been jamming his rock-hard dick into her leg. But she hadn’t said anything.

Better keep going. The bikini bottom was mere inches wide, doing very little to protect any of the real estate but providing the wandering eye with an excellent tanline once its role was completed. He started on the outside of her hips. Would her pussy lips be pale, too, he wondered? His hands moved over each cheek applying lotion firmly and evenly. I wonder what she smells like, he thought. He just had to know. His pulse climbed to a dull roar again as he leaned in closer; he spread her cheeks open as if all the better to apply lotion but he breathed deeply. Pool water. Sweat. Cut grass. The cloying coconut smell of the lotion. And, somewhere in there, the tang of a forbidden place.

She still hasn’t said anything. He shifts his grip on her cheeks, spreading them out even wider. His kadıköy escort nose dips even closer, closer to what the bikini bottom had just shifted to reveal…

“Michael? Michael!” He woke with a start. His sister, was shouting his name from the living room. Tucking away his painful hard erection and adjusting himself back to normalcy, he called her in. “Tess? I’m in my room.” He hadn’t seen her much this summer. Partly because they were busy, but partly because he’d found himself hard more often than not when she was around. Though that was because of Julie. Yeah, definitely because of Julie.

Tess strode in, small top and tiny shorts containing neither heat nor skin. Though nowhere near as developed as Julie, one could easily see the type of foundation Julie might have worked with when she was younger. There were a few differences, though, as Tess had dark, almost black hair with pale, pale skin. Tight, taut, and teenage, Tess was definitely enough to justify the boner in his pants, although that was Julie’s fault it hadn’t gone away yet.

“Hey you. Haven’t seen you much the past couple of days, you feeling all right? You know there’s no point in faking sick when there’s no school, right?”

“Har-de-har, Tess, I’ve just been busy. Last summer before college starts, have to earn what I can.”

Tess laughed and laid down on the bed next to him. Michael made a show of rolling away as if disgusted, causing giggles, but also allowing him to prop his dick underneath him against the bed. Assuming the bed could take it, of course.

“Exactly. Last summer you get to hang out with little ol’ me!” Tess segued into her southern belle impression, complete with hand draped artfully cross her chest. Well, where it could reach, anyway. Michael swallowed hard as he watched Tess make a big dramatic sigh, as he suddenly realized his sister wasn’t wearing a bra. Two small points had started forming through the thin shirt…

Michael tore his eyes away, looking back up at her face. How long had she been looking at him? Was that a grin starting to form? “Well, what do you wanna to do?” he said, acting normal. “The pool!” She shouted, throwing her arms up. Michael didn’t dare to look away from her face on that one.

“The public pool? Ah, it’s already filled with people by now.”

“Fine, then. Let’s ask Miss Julie if we can borrow hers.”

“You mean the one in her backyard? Isn’t that, uh, hers?”

“Oh, she doesn’t mind,” said Tess, leaning back against the wall. “Me and Kaitlyn were over there last week. She even made us her special sangria mix, as long as we didn’t tell.” Tess raised her eyebrows suggestively. “I bet she’d do the same for the two of us, especially if you told her it was your last summer and everything.” Michael chewed on his lip, agonizing. Mistaking his embarrassment for indifference, Tess rolled over on top of him, pressing her body against him and bouncing up and down, as if to crush him into the bed. “Come onnn! I want to drink and hang out with my brotherrr!” Michael’s dick strained as somewhere, a dial went to 11. Her hips on his, her smell of pomegranate conditioner, her rock-hard nipples clawing at him through 2 shirts…

“OK, OK, fine!” She yelped and jumped off the bed. “Good, because I already asked her. Get your swimsuit and let’s go!”

Julie stepped from his dream out onto her back patio adjoining the pool. Well, not exactly. She was wearing a tank top and loose shorts, loungewear that was enticing in its own right, but not nearly as revealing as his daydream.

“Hey, you two! I was wondering when you’d wander over. Tess, is that a new suit? It’s adorable.” Michael considered the two as they evaluated Tess’s swimwear choice. Nearly even in height, but opposite hair colors. Both toned and muscled to suggest and please, but the older one with almost-exaggerated womanly features, firm ass and voluminous tits shaping even a loose t-shirt. Julie ran her hand down Tess’s shoulder strap, and Michael heard a compliment as if off in the distance. He saw his sister, who was younger and leaner but no less feminine for all that, whose respectable bosom was again producing the two sharp points he had noticed earlier. His sister was a swimmer, a good one, and as she shifted her stance, her powerful build was self-evident.

“Oh, did you cut your hair short too? Don’t you love it?” Julie said. Michael started, confused that he hadn’t noticed. Huh. Tess had cut her hair just like Julie. Strange he üsküdar escort hadn’t noticed.

“Well, you two are welcome anytime. Just don’t tell your mother about our little secret, hmm?” Julie winked at Michael and his heart melted a little. Something else stiffened a little bit, too.

“W-what secret?” Michael stammered. Tess and Julie both laughed.

“My sangria recipe, silly. Why don’t you two hop in and I’ll go make us some? I won’t be that long.” The pair nodded and dropped their towels on the table by the pool. Tess was in the pool in a flash, but Michael made a show of taking his sneakers off, carefully tucking his socks into each shoe.

“Are you getting in or what?” Tess shouted, lazily backstroking in the middle of the water.

“I gotta go pee, I forgot before we left.” Michael’s simple excuse was enough. He padded back over to the patio and slid open the door to the house. Cool, air-conditioned air slid out with it, and he stepped inside quickly to close the door before realizing what he had done. He was in her house. He should have said her name, or announced himself, or otherwise made himself known, but he didn’t. He stepped further inside. He was in the dining room, hardwood floors cool to his feet. A hallway across the room beckoned, and he walked over.

There was a door at the end of the hallway. The bathroom was about halfway down. He made sure to open the door to the toilet to provide himself some cover, but he knew where he was going. Not that he had ever been in the house. But as he stepped close to the portal at the end, he realized it was already open. A surge of anxiety welled, but a surge of lust rose up to meet it. He just had. To. See.

She was bent over, naked. A swimsuit on the bed made it clear she was changing, but right now she was hunched over, removing those loose shorts she had one before. No panties, he noted, as she straightened up, firm ass still facing him. Those tanlines he had imagined here real, with a strip of pale skin running down in the cleft of her generous cheeks, teasing at what it contained. Her arms rose up, and she pulled her shirt off, and now she was completely naked with her back to him. He didn’t know when his dick had gone from semi-chub to steel and he didn’t care. He had wanted her so badly for so long, and he hadn’t even realized. Even as his fevered mind imagined stepping across the room to help strap her enormous breasts into the top, his rational mind realized he needed to get of there right now because she was just about to finish changing and all she had to do was turn around!

Michael slipped back quietly to the bathroom, closing the door behind him. His dick was impossibly hard, and showed no signs of getting better. Dare he whack off? It felt like the right thing to do, but some part of him felt like it would almost be a…waste. Hmm? What, how?

“Michael?” He jumped about a foot in the air as Julie tapped on the door. “I didn’t hear you come in. You okay?”

He coughed, clearing his throat. “Yep!” That might have been a little too high-pitched, but it didn’t seem like Julie noticed. “Okay!” She said. “Just checking. Come help me with the sangria when you’re done!” Michael breathed a sigh of relief.

An appropriate time later, once the swelling had gone down, Michael stepped out of the bathroom to help make the drinks, although she had already mixed them by the time he had gotten there. “Great!” she said. “You can pour.” Three cups and pitcher, they carried them out to the patio, where Tess slithered out of the pool and plopped herself on the chair next to her brother.

“Mmm, looks yummy Miss Julie.” Julie smirked in response. “Don’t go too wild, you two. I just want you to have a little taste for when you’re in college, so you know how to handle yourselves. See if you can guess the secret ingredient.”

Michael had to admit to himself, it was a really fun afternoon. Julie was great company, and he was realizing just how much he hadn’t seen his sister that summer, whose awful sense of humor he had always enjoyed watching her take too far. It didn’t hurt that it was a beautiful summer day and he was getting more and more buzzed, either.

He looked at his sister, as she launched into an anecdote he knew from experience was somewhat raunchy. Her face was flushed, and what had been two small indentations earlier were by now totally erect nipples. Tess had a hell of a pair, he thought, although he’d rather see them wrapped around his dick. Suddenly, he reddened with embarrassment. tuzla escort Where the hell had that thought come from? His dick, hovering around full hardness this whole time, rared back into full life. He shifted his leg to accommodate it, noticing that his sister crossed and recrossed her legs almost at the same time. Her story came to it’s messy conclusion and the two of them laughed together, Julie leaning back and Tess leaning forward to chortle. He could have sworn he saw Julie’s hand twitch, but his attention was interrupted by Tess suddenly grabbing her top, and her face going even redder, if that was possible.

“Looks like this top was a bad idea after all,” Tess laughed. “Julie, do you have anything I could borrow? This thing just shredded itself.”

“Sure, sweetie, I’ve got a few sports bras in my closet to the left. We’re pretty similar, should fit you alright.” This time Julie’s wink was closer to a leer, but it seemed oddly appropriate, as well. Tess stood, hands over the remains of her top and walked into the house.

“So, Michael.” Michael tried not to look like his imagination had just boarded a rocket to the moon and blasted off. His throat was suddenly dry. Julie laid her hand on his knee. His dick, distinctly tumescent, began to crawl even further down his pant leg towards her waiting hands, but before he could realize this she was already talking again. “I heard you’ve been working pretty hard this summer. So much that you haven’t seen your sister, like, at all. You know, there are some things in life more important than money.” Michael’s world had retreated to his dick and his hand. Money? What was she even talking about? “Still, I can understand your anxiety about money. Why don’t I hire you for the rest of the summer? That way, you can earn money and still hang out with your sister. You two can hang out here whenever you want, and all you’ll have to do is keep the pool in working shape.”

He babbled thanks. Somehow, somewhere, someone was looking out for him. It had to be. How else could this have happened? “Oh thank you Miss Julie, that would be incredible!” He realized he was drunk, because there was no way that Julie had just hired him to work for her, and her hand on his knee, which hadn’t moved, was now brushing against the tip of his dick. Wait, what?

Even as he distinctly felt it happen, she lifted her hand and turned to the now-empty pitcher. “That’ll be your first job. Could take the pitcher in to the sink, please? Oh, and maybe check on your sister, see if she found what she needed. If not, I can help.” Julie slid her sunglasses on and turned away to stretch out for a tan, deftly solving the problem of his standing up. He grabbed the pitcher and shuffled away, his mind reeling, and his dick feeling like it was poking out of his shorts.

The pitcher went into the sink, and he moved towards the hallway, again. A fragrance caught nose…a little spicy, almost with a tang. Who knows what kind of perfumes Julie had in her home?

He paused at the head of the hallway. This time, the door at the end was only slightly cracked. He smelled the fragrance again, only this time it took on a musky flavor as he stepped closer to the door. The door through which he had seen Julie naked. The door he was now gently, silently opening, his finger refusing to knock. The musky scent was overpowering, now.

He could hear stifled moans. The room was dimmer, not as brightly lit as before, but the pale body laying on the king-sized bed popped in the twilight. It was Tess, naked on the bed, furiously but silently fucking herself with a dildo.

She was beautiful. Young, pretty, powerful, sexual, all those things rolled into an athletic body that still had sizable boobs, the nipple of one she was rolling in her finger. It was hard, that much was apparent even in the low light, but even as he saw that he saw the dildo plunge into and out of her snatch, her juices clinging to it in long, syrupy strands. Her clit was distended and swollen. Her eyes were tightly shut, her face lost in concentration as she worked herself to a climax, the hand squeezing her nipple moving down to rub her clit. This sent her over the edge, and her back arched, her limbs spasming as the orgasm raced through her, sending her into paroxysms of ecstasy. Michael’s dick was now clearly out the other end of his shorts and dripping precum onto the floor as it threatened to tear the small swimsuit in two. His loins ached in sympathy and he felt himself falling into orgasm as his sister slammed her pussy over and over, but then Tess gritted out a word, less speech than a low moan as the wave of her orgasm crashed onto the beach. “Oh, Michael…”

“I was wondering when you two would finally snap,” said a breathy voice in his ear and Julie’s strong hand reached down, grabbing his penis. “Oh, very nice. That must have been a real potent growth potion I put together this time.”

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