A Little Surprise


I sit in my car, looking at the clock. Watching the minutes slowly tic by. Finally its noon, lunch time. I sit there wondering if you’ve left your office or are planning on working through. I can see you there, sitting, working. I decide to call.

The phone rings. I wait patiently, or not so patiently as I have a problem waiting when I want something. Finally you answer.

Your voice is pure sin. Just a hello drives me insane. I can’t begin to explain how it drives me wild. I don’t even know if I could try. It’s always the same reaction too. My panties grown moist with my need as you just ask simple questions. It’s your voice; it brings my body to life.

How is it all possible?

You turn me on with average, everyday talk. The few words that have passed between are nothing sexual but yet my body doesn’t realize that. It began with that familiar tingle and ache. I sigh into the phone and you laugh. You know what you do to me.

Enough, gain control.

I want to know about your lunch hour. Concentrate on that I tell myself.

I straight out ask you what your doing. You laugh. I love hearing it. I smile. You must know I’m up to something. Then I hear your answer, your working through it. That makes me smile even more. Then I hear that unsaid question in your voice.


I know you want to ask so I quickly tell you I need to go. We hang up and you’re left at a loss. I turn the mirror my direction, checking my make up, reapplying your favorite shade of red on my lips.

I step from the car, pulling my coat tight around my body as I enter your building. I’m greeted by security. They halkalı escort know me and let me pass without question. The ride in the elevator takes forever. Finally I’m outside your door, my hand about to knock.

My panties are soaked; I can fell it as I walk. The anticipation f what to come is almost too much.

Gaining my nerve I knock. I hear your mumble an “enter”. I open it and see your back is to the door. I’m quiet as you are talking on the phone. I move and draw the blinds. Finally you look at me.

You grin, raising an eyebrow. Curious.

I slowly untie my coat, watching you, slipping it off my shoulders. The heat hits your eyes instantly as you watch it fall. Your voice even changes, only briefly as you try regaining your composure.

I’m standing in front of you in all black. Wearing a very lacy bra, that does nothing to hide the hardness of my nipples. They ache even more under your watchful eyes. As you look lower you can see, barely, the tiniest piece of lace between my thighs. Your eyes are captured by the garters holding up a silky pair of stockings.

I can see your hand grasping the receiver tighter, trying to keep your thoughts on the conversation at hand but having such a difficult time. I move closer. I kneel. I press my finger to my lips, and then begin to lower your zipper. I can feel your cock, already hardening, lengthening.

I let my fingers trail over your underwear, feeling your reaction. Your whole body arches toward me, seeming to crave my touch.

Your voice then breaks the silence. It’s clipped, taksim escort short, one word answers. I pull down your underwear, your cock breaks free, standing so thick and proud for me. My hand wrap’s around you, running softly up and down your length. I hear you groan.

I begin to slowly stroke you, feeling you come alive in my fingers. Your length grows harder, under my teasing. I look up at you, keeping eye contact with you. My tongue slips past my lips and finally bathes you.

I lick you shaft, bathing your hardness before reaching your balls. Your scent, your taste is like a drug to me. I suck you in my mouth, tasting your sweet, salty pre-cum. My mouth is pure warmth around you.

I can hear a click, the sound of the phone being hung up. Then finally your hands are in my hair, holding and guiding me on your cock. I suck deeper; you begin to thrust, fucking my sweet face.

Over and over you move, making the ache between my legs grow. The need is building, my pleasure feeding off of yours. You groan, moaning my name as your fingers tighten.

I want to taste you.

My eyes find yours, I silently beg you. I need and crave you like no other. Your thrusts are deeper; I draw you further down my throat. I need to feel you that deep.

“Yes,” you moan out as finally your cum fills my mouth.

I swallow, wanting each drop from you. My tongue bathes you, cleaning you. I take everything you have to give me, grateful for it.

I look up from my place between your legs. Your hands cup my face as I lay my head on your thigh. My eyes are heavy with my own need and yet şişli escort you can see my devotion to you.

You lift me up onto your lap and kiss me ad your finger move to my nipples. You pinch and roll each one. I can’t help but moan, my body is on fire already for your touch. Finally your fingers move lower, you can’t really move my panties down, and you want your room.

Grabbing a pair of shears you your move them right there between my legs and snip. The coolness of it making me moan. You only smile and get back to your work. Your fingers move, lightly, separating my folds.

“So wet,” you whisper.

I want to tell you I was that way when you first answered your phone but I can’t even find words as one of your fingers have delved inside me. You move me so my back is to your front; my legs draped open and trapped by yours. You begin. A second finger has joined the first, your thumb rubbing against my clit.

Everything is so sensitive.

It’s not long before your thrusting fingers have me begging for more. I can feel us moving, the chair is edging to your desk. You turn me and set me up there, laying me back. Then you pull me to the edge. My legs bent, body open as you stair. Then dive in.

Your tongue work’s me, driving into the very heart of my body. You taste me, devouring me as though I were a last meal. Your finger playing a part, but your tongue, Oh god!

“So tasty, but I want you to cum for me. Can you do that baby?”

Then your warm tongue bathes my swollen lips, flicking and nibbling on my clit. Urging me to give into what you want. I can’t help but obey. My voice fills the otherwise quiet room. Your tongue laps away, pushing me through one climax straight into a second.

The pleasure is intense. Slowly I come back to earth, feeling you pressing little kisses against my mound. You pull me up to you, holding me close.

“Just what I wanted for lunch,” you say with a grin and we both laugh.

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