A long weekend lll


A long weekend lllCandy was snapped back to reality hearing her friend call her name. Looking around she realized it was only a fantasy. The moisture between her legs told her it was real enough. Candy, Mary shouted. Hu, I’m sorry she said. Were you talking to me. God candy, Mary scolded. Did you hear a word I said. Yeah, she mumbled. He gave you the best orgasm ever. Smiling Mary said, what an I going to do with you. Sipping the last of her drink candy said, I need to go to the ladies. Mary grabbed her arm and said, me too. Let’s go. Making there way to the bathroom, they pushed their way in. Luckily women were gathered in front of the mirrors, and quickly found two stalls. Hiking up her skirt Candy pulled down her soaked panties. As she sat, Candy knew she couldn’t put them back on. Finishing, she wiped the sticky liquid that ran down her thighs. Reaching between her legs to wipe, an electric shock ran up her to her nipples from touching her swollen clit. As she let out a moan, Mary tapped on the partition dividing the stalls. Are you alright, she asked loudly. Rubbing ümraniye escort her large breasts Candy moaned again as she pinched her nipples.Candy was startled by Mary’s knocking on the stall door. What, Candy said abruptly. Trying to get a look, Mary peered through the space between the door and post. Knocking again Mary said open the door. Pinching her nipples again, Candy slid her fingers between her legs. OMG, Mary said. Are you doing what it looks like. Candy unlocked the door hoping it would shut her friend up. Stepping in quickly and locking the door Mary asked, are you playing with yourself. Quiet, Candy snapped. It’s OK, Mary said. The glammer queens have fixed their faces and left. Leaning on the stall door Mary spotted Candys panties. Soaked through there was a small puddle on the floor. Picking them up she brought them to her nose and inhaled. The sent of Candys juices triggered a tingle deep in her own pussy. Candy opened her eyes and was about to tell Mary to get out,till she seen what was happening to her friend. Still holding Candys kadıköy escort wet panties to her face, Mary had pushed her hand between her legs. Strangely aroused Candy watched the show preforming in front of her. Licking the nectar from her fingers, Candy reached up and unbuckled the wide belt around Mary’s waist. Pushing her panties to the side, Mary dragged a nail over her clit. Pulling the cumbersome belt loose, Candy found the zipper and buttons on the side of Mary’s skirt. As she undone the buttons, Mary watched what Candy was doing. Dropping the wet material, she pulled her blouse out from under her skirt. As Candy lowered the zipper, Mary popped the lower buttons. Giving a slight tug, Candy pulled down Mary’s skirt. Candy was feeling confused. She’s never had the eurge to be with an other woman before. But her imagination stirred from her fantasy and watching her friend take in her cent while rubbing her clit was over whelming. She was going on pure lust. Candy stuck her fingers in her mouth and wet them. Reaching between her legs to bostancı escort cool the flames of her own pussy she gazed back at Mary. Her pale blue panties were nearly transparent. The sight of Mary’s smooth womanhood made her want to feel for her self. Bringing her wet fingers to her mouth, Mary looked into Candys eyes. Reaching out she took Candys hands and placed them on the elastic waistband of her panties. Guiding them, Mary pushed Candys fingers under the top of her panties. Slowly Candy watched as she exposed her friends lower half. Snapping out of it, Candy said, what are we doing. Mary moaned, touch me. We have to get out of here, candy said. Coming to her senses Mary said, I have the keys to the office. Fixing their clothes, they hurried out of the stall before anyone came back in. Dropping their panties in the trash, they walked quickly to the front door. One building over and up the elevator they’ll be back in the office. Sneaking past the security guard and down the hall giggling, Mary pushed the button. As the doors of the elevator closed the lust that hit them came back. If anyone was on the ninth floor they’d have a sight to behold. Candys blouse unbuttoned and her bra unhooked, Mary’s skirt on the floor, her entire lower half out for the world to see. Unlocking the door, they fell into the office wrapped in each others arms.

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