A Lovely Mothers Surprise


A loving lovely mother, and her astonishing son come together by accident, coincidence, and fate.

Hi, my name is Linda Barker, and I want to relate to you an incident that happened to me recently. It was purely accidental, complete coincidence; the events that led me here could not have been scripted. It would be ludicrous to even suggest there was any intention for connivance on my part or anyone else’s.

I am forty one years old, a married woman, happily I might add. I have been fortunate to be blessed by him up there, because of the way I am, who I am, what I am, and the way I look. I have had a happy life. And was blessed to have wonderful parents who treated me the way I was, their little princess.

I met and married my husband twenty one years ago, I had had a couple of serious boyfriends before him, but as soon as we met I knew he was the one. I have two children, both boys, Eric is the eldest, he is nearly twenty and at college, and the house is unbelievably quiet without him. I miss his boisterous ways; he would come bounding into the house after school like a whirlwind.

Luke, my youngest, is as opposite to him as can be, he is eighteen, going on nineteen, quiet, studious and always thinking, and I think there is more of me in him than his dad. He has terrific grades at school and we have high hopes for his future. He will be going to the same college as Eric in a few months.

Me? As I said my name id Linda, nearly forty one now, and looking forward to my own future, we have plans to see the world when the boys are off on their life’s journey. I am five feet four inches, not as tall as I would have wished, but we can’t have everything can we. I am very good looking even if I do say so myself.

I still draw looks and sneaky glances from men so I know I’m doing something right. My light blond hair isn’t as long as it used to be, but it still comes past my shoulders. And Liam, my husband, tells me I am still the beauty he married all those years ago. And even though I would never say it, I agree with him! I have looked after myself, not religiously but carefully.

I’ll have a drink when we go out, or at a do somewhere, but that’s it. I don’t smoke; I hate it, what an awful smell! My friends tell me I have a lovely face, I don’t use a lot of make up, I don’t feel the need for it. I have a good body, all my bits are there and still in good fettle. I still get those goose bumps when we make love, and I’m as sensitive now as I was twenty years ago.

I haven’t been unfaithful in my marriage, although I have to admit there have been one or two times when temptation nearly got the better of me. So my virtue and marriage vows are still intact, or, should I say, were intact until a month ago when the incident I am about to relate took place.

Liam and I were invited to his company’s do, he works for an international construction firm, has to travel sometimes, but its all part of the job. It’s an annual thing this dinner dance. But the difference this year was, we were sat at the ‘top’ table with the directors and their wives and the senior people. It was a Friday night dinner dance, at the Carlton Hotel, set in the country, and the swankiest five star around.

He had told me he would be home by lunch time so we could prepare together for the night. I heard him drive up and went to greet him, only to witness him falling over our neighbours cat. I saw him actually fall through the hedge, I know I shouldn’t have done but I laughed, it was so funny, and I wished I had had my video camera.

Then I heard him moaning loudly, “Jesus Christ!” he yelled. I hurried to him and he was laid on his side holding his right knee.

“What’s wrong Liam?” I asked.

“My knee, bloody hell Linda, my knee, it might be broken!” he moaned out loud. I got to him, and after a while I helped him to limp into the house. From there we went to the hospital where it was x-rayed, and thankfully it wasn’t broken, but badly wrenched. By the time we got home it was four o clock. Luke helped his dad into the house; and we got him upstairs and into bed.

“Well,” I said, “that’s the do over and done with, I can’t go on my own.”

Liam looked at me, and then said, “You’ll have to go Linda, it’s important to my, and our future, I have to be represented, there are politics involved, people may try to take advantage of my absence.”

“But I can’t sit there like a dummy,” I told him, “I won’t know what’s going on anyway; I’m not going if you can’t!” I retorted.

That’s when Luke piped up. “What about me, could I go in your place?” His dad beamed, grabbed the phone, he explained the problem to someone, and smiled.

“Luke you are a diamond, its all clear, you’re on my boy! And you are about my size now, so my Tux might just fit you, Linda go on, get him ready, let’s see shall we?” I protested even more, but got drowned out in the argument and off we went to try his dad’s things.

And my heart stopped when he presented himself, halkalı escort he looked fabulous, so manly, so good looking. I almost dragged him out of the house there and then to get there. He went to see his dad, I started to get ready.

I have a walk in wardrobe; with its own dressing table and chair, so I don’t have to come out until I am done doing what I do best, making myself look good. And I had bought a new evening gown that showed me off marvellously, Liam had seen it and it had wowed him, so I knew before I put it on how good I would look.

It was made of silk, peppermint green, and in my opinion it compliments my green eyes. I had my hair up in wavy curls and a silver thread running through it. I had put my thong on, but you could see the lines, so that got thrown in the bin, my bra went the same way for the same reason. Putting my backless high heels on I inspected myself in the full length mirror.

What I saw looking back at me was a stunning sight, even if it was my considered opinion. ‘If this doesn’t keep Liam in the lime light, nothing will,’ I told myself. ‘They’ll be swarming round me,’ and I giggled happily. I went to see Liam to get his thoughts; he didn’t have to say anything. The look on his face was enough, which in its self gave me all the confidence I needed to get through the evening without him.

He wished me well, kissed my cheek, mentioned a few things I need to know, or may have, and told me to ‘break a leg!’ the acting term for a successful debut. We both laughed at that, what with his leg up in the air and bandaged tightly around his injured knee.

Luke’s jaw dropped when I went down, we inspected ourselves, I straightened him up, he just stared at me. ‘Hmmmm, I thought he really is growing up?’ I know that look in any mans eye, I took his arm and out we went to our car. Luke drove us there, it was an hour’s drive and we were met by a valet who took our car from us. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw me too. I shivered at the thrill coursing through me; I had made the right choice in dress sense.

I was on Luke’s arm, and we entered the great hall, and I swear it went quiet when we walked in, ‘but,’ I thought, ‘the women are looking at Luke,, and the men are staring at me!’ I squeezed my son’s arm.

“Luke baby,” I whispered to him, “we are definitely going to be the best looking couple here, you mark my words!” And we were by a long way. I could also feel a degree of animosity from some of the wives and girlfriends. And Luke got his fair share of admiring glances too from the women. We had to spend time explaining here and there why I was here with my son and not my husband.

We had a drink, chatted to this couple, that couple, Luke amazed me with his conversational gaiety. He had the women giggling one minute, and swooning the next. And the men took to him like a long lost son, a fact I could see that wasn’t lost on the people there that mattered.

We went into dinner, it was wonderful I’ve never been treated to such attention, and with Luke there I grew in my own confidence, usually I played the good wife, supporting my husband, laughing at his jokes etc etc. But now I found I was having chats of my own, and some even sought my opinion on certain things. I usually passed them to Luke for his expertise, but I more than held my own.

One woman made a beeline for Luke, she looked be in her 60s so no problem there, and she engaged him in chit chat. He had the same effect on her, she was truly enamoured bu him. After dinner the usual speeches were made, and I saw the wife of the Chairman of the company nudge him, and nod in our direction. It was the older woman who had kept him chatting. He looked over at us, smiled at the audience, and said.

“May I take this opportunity to thank Luke Barker, Liam’s son, who as you are aware, has been injured and his son has stood in to bring his lovely mother to the dinner. He has impressed all us round, and I would like to add that if he so wishes, when he has finished in college and he has his degrees then he can knock on our door.” There was applause, I nearly died with happiness, and I almost cried, but the chairman’s wife rescued me and took me off to the comfort rooms.

When I returned Luke was on the dance floor, he had been commandeered by an executive’s wife. I could see him chatting easily. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I was whisked away to dance too. As the night wore on, and I had fended off a few offers, I got to dance with Luke.

We both breathlessly exchanged news, and he told me he had been offered a position by the chairman, through his wife because he couldn’t get near him. I was the proudest person on the planet, my beautiful son was on his way, and oh god I loved him.

We had intended to leave as early as we could, but because of the events, we decided it may be looked upon as a little rude if we did. So we were there right until the end. When taksim escort everyone was streaming out, Luke said, “Mom, come on let’s have a last drink and a chat before we go. I need to wind down after all this.”

I agreed completely, so we went back to the bar, the waiter gladly served us although they were clearing up. We both got a Perrier, and found a quiet place out on the balcony. We sat close to each other, my hand held in his.

“You were right mom, we were the best couple there, no one could hold a candle to us. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” he lifted my hand, and kissed the palm. I almost fainted, I didn’t know this young man, he was someone else all of a sudden. ‘How could I have not seen him?’

This was a person I hadn’t met yet, and I liked what I was learning about him. I wanted to hug him I had never in my life felt as proud as this, even on my wedding day. The proud feeling I had then by becoming Mrs Liam Arnold Barker, was out stripped by a mile by the way I was feeling at this moment.

“You did alright tonight Luke,” I told him, “the offer you got, and those you haven’t told me about from the women in there,” I giggled.

“Mom,” he replied, “there was no one in there who even got half way to looking as good as you, and given the choice I would have been choosing you.” It was a clear unequivocal statement, matter of fact. He was sat there next to me, for all to know, that he was a man of the world.

Even his dad hadn’t been like this back in the day, he had been shy and fumbling. But not Luke, he was confidant, knowledgeable, definitely not brash, and level headed, he was amazing. “Darling, it getting on, shall we go home?” I said, he agreed and we walked out, got our coat, in my case a stole.

We asked for our car, and the valet came back and said he couldn’t get it out, it was completely blocked in. We all trooped out for a look and he was right. And they didn’t know whose car was blocking ours.

“Well,” I said, “that’s clever, now what are going to do?” I asked Luke. The valet hurried off to call a taxi, and came back red faced; it would be up to an hour before one could get here. Because the Hotel was out in the country, they were busy ferrying people around. Friday apparently was their busiest night, and didn’t want to drive on a two hour there and back journey.

“Let’s get rooms then mom,” Luke said, I agreed and called Liam, I told him the problem and he agreed, I had Luke there so I would be fine, he said. We went to the night desk and asked for two rooms. She came back and told us there was only one room available because of tonight’s function, and it was a double.

Luke took the initiative and we got it at a much reduced rate, because it was their fault technically that our car was unavailable. We went up, and entered the room, it was the honeymoon suite, I think? And was unused until the following night, when they were hosting a wedding.

The bed was a huge four poster, I never even thought of the fact that Luke and I would have to share it. But we did discuss it, and agreed that it was big enough for the two of us without any invasion of each other’s space. But I only had my dress, and Luke would only have his shorts, I decided to sleep in the room bathrobe, a large woolly one.

We got in, he turned the light out, and we went back to back. I think I feel to sleep almost immediately, but being so warm wakened me. I had to get rid of the bathrobe or I would melt. I slipped out of it, and dropped it on the floor, the next thing I knew was an arm dropped over me and I was spooned right into my son Luke’s near naked body.

I froze and wondered what to do, but I made myself relax and tried to go back to sleep, I looked at the clock, it was 4 am. But it was impossible; Luke was laid right up against me. His arm had encircled me now, his face was in my hair, his shoulders were on mine, his chest was on my back, his stomach was on my lower back, and what was in his shorts was spooned into my ass, his upper thighs were against the back of mine, and our feet were crossed with each others.

I lay there not daring to move, and wondering what I could do. The last thing I wanted to do was to wake him up, but in hindsight, that would have been the better thing to do. Then horror of horrors he cupped my bare breast. I had all on not to shout out, then his fingers closed softly over my nipple and gently squeezed it.

My mind reeled, and my nipple tickled me, but it was taken off that by something else going on. I could feel a hardness pressing into me from behind, and it was getting harder by the second, and bigger too, he was getting a hard on. I was just about to force myself to move when he humped me. His cock slid right into the cheeks of my ass.

I was shell shocked, fingers twiddling my nipple, he was wrapped around and all over me, and now his cock was attacking me from behind. I groaned to myself, what was I going to do? But instead of şişli escort doing what I should have done, which was to move! I lay there while he was sleepily having fun with me. I never realised, or even suspected that I was getting turned on, I was in bed with my youngest son, and he was toying with me while sleeping.

I should say here that, that is what I was thinking, he’s asleep” What I didn’t know was, he wasn’t. ‘What will he think if he wakes up and finds himself sexily using his mother,’ I thought. But it was all creeping up on me, while I was trying to protect my son, his young, pride, and his virtue even, he was seducing me!

His cock was rubbing against me, and I heard myself sigh from it. My nipple was on high alert, I knew it was rock hard, and Luke’s body was becoming the magnet that can draw a woman to a man. I was getting more and more turned on, but as yet, because my mind was extrapolating the scenario I was in. I wasn’t aware of it, and by the time I understood that, it would be too late. I began to relax; I had started to enjoy him near me like this.

Warmth seeped through me, the tender feeling I have when making love was dropping over me like the cloud that it is. It was covering and blanketing me as I lay there. I was about to be lost in the fog of arousal that always overtakes me at the moment of truth.

The fact that it was my son was lost in the meaning of the word, I was being loved, tenderly seduced, my body was heating up like it always does. I was relaxing more and more, and more and more the feeling of lust was enveloping me. Soon, unknowingly, the situation would be irretrievable. I would be moving in the wrong direction in an ever increasing pace, my faithfulness to Liam would be no more, and my virtuous life would be over.

Luke pressed himself right into me, and I toppled over the edge of reason, my hand went behind me, I sought and found the obtrusion that was joining hands with my ass, and I gripped it, I moved it, I heard Luke mumble and moan. And that, as they say was that!

Because he had mumbled and moaned when I gripped his hard young cock, it automatically put me in charge. Now I was in control, but in reality, I was in control of nothing. I felt lips on my shoulder, he was kissing me there, and foolishly I was still telling myself that he was still asleep, can you believe that?

I rubbed his cock up and down; he kissed more of my shoulders, then slid up my neck under my hairline. I marvelled at the view I was seeing in my head. Him, his eyes closed and asleep, not knowing what he was doing. And now his mother was illicitly having fun with his cock as it was pressed into my ass.

I never felt his hand move from my nipple, I was too engrossed in my secret dealings with my hand, I was beginning to enjoy a lot, his hard cock right where it was. But I certainly felt his finger sink into me; it ran right over my clit and in between my lips. My pussy burst into flames, a mini climax shot through me, this had a cause and effect. It caused my hand to speed up behind me, and the effect was, my body went into convulsions.

I didn’t know then but it was too late now to stop anything, and everything from happening, no matter what the happening was to be. Luke’s other arm found its way under me, I actually lifted my body to allow it. But I still believed stupidly that what was going on was because he was asleep, looking back I knew I was only kidding myself.

I found myself ever so slowly turning over on to my back to him, ending up in the position a woman usually finds herself in when her man is about to penetrate her. While he somehow ended up more or less over me. In those moments his shorts disappeared somehow, who took them down I’ll never know, I don’t remember pulling them off, and he still says I did. But now we were both as naked as the day we were born, but I had a stiff hard cock securely fastened in my hand, and he had a very submissive and wet vagina, his mother’s, in his.

I think as I reflect on that night, that the room being as dark as it was helped the situation to progress. There were to be no embarrassing looks or glances from either to the other. I could barely see his outline, so he could barely see me, and that gave me, us, or him licence to carry on in the dark. We wouldn’t have to ask as we fumbled away, and I was getting more and more aroused, as he tickled my clit mercilessly, and if there is one thing I love above all others, it’s that!

I moaned, he groaned, I wanted this cock in my hand to be where it was made to go, and right now, and that place was in me. He seemed to sense it, he was over me. And then the first words between us were spoken, and they were spoken by Luke.

“Are you ready?” it was all he said.

“Yes baby, get on with it,” was my urgent reply, I still to this day don’t know why it surprised me like it did. He sank right in, I was full in seconds, his cock hit bottom, and he was off! But the shock of actually knowing, admitting even, that this was the hard cock of my eighteen year old son galvanised me like never before.

I cried out in sheer and complete shock, I somehow hadn’t thought of this, I hadn’t believed that it was going to happen. Was I delusional, had I really fooled myself that much? That my son’s cock was going to have the effect on me, and in me, that it did.

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