A Married Man gave Me an Orgasm


I am 28 years old, unmarried and, no boyfriend. How sad is my life? But I chose it this way. I am a success driven individual with one thing in mind since college. I was always strict in my behavior in college and stayed true to my studies. Finally, it all has paid off and I am now free to live my life and enjoy my successes. I have my own apartment and my career has taken off nicely with no distractions. Because of my previously strict attitude, I don’t have much of a social life but I do have friends. I need to start working on that from now. I don’t go out much and have gotten used to spending quiet time alone in my apartment. One of my friends called me up this one Saturday and asked me out to a party. She begged and pleaded to accompany her. Knowing that I do need to start going out and building my social relationships. I reluctantly accepted. It was quite a high-end party, so I had to dress smartly. So I wore a long red dress with an open back and a slit running to my waist with silver strappy stiletto heels.

We finally arrived at the party and there was a crowd of people there dressed really. There were champagne and really expensive food. I looked around and felt really uncomfortable there. My friend, on the other hand, had many people to talk to. So I let her mingle whilst I sat at the bar. I was sipping on a glass of white wine when suddenly a guy came up and sat next to me. He ordered a drink and we began to chat. At first, I was a bit unfriendly towards him because I thought he was hitting on me. At kadıköy escort the same time, I was glad I had some company because I was beginning to feel embarrassed sitting there all alone. He was quite friendly and throwing pickup lines at me. We chatted for quite some time and he made me laugh quite a lot. I was having a nice time and enjoyed his company. We had quite a few drinks together and I began to feel a bit claustrophobic. So we decided to take a walk outside and get some fresh air. The moon lit the sky and it was amazing. We had found a nice quiet spot with a bench away from the noise and the party. So we took a seat to enjoy the moonlight.

Things suddenly began to get a little heated when he put his arm around me and leaned over and began to kiss my neck. My mind slipped into overdrive. I didn’t know whether I wanted that but it felt so good that I couldn’t resist. It has been a really long time that I was with a guy and my body was craving it. The next thing I felt was his hand on my thigh. I didn’t even notice how his hand got there. He certainly knew how to get me in the mood because every move he made, I just could resist him. I was like putty in his hands and he could do with me whatever he wanted right now. He managed to find the slit in my dress and slid his hand underneath towards the inside of my thigh. My legs just opened to his touch. What the hell was going on with me. His fingers then brush over my pubic mound and üsküdar escort I instantly felt a shiver run down my spine. I suddenly felt my vaginal lips become very wet.

He then slides my thongs over my lips to one side exposing my private parts. I immediately got a feeling of nervousness and my stomach began to turn. With two fingers he parted my lips and I could feel my juices seep out and the cold air against my naked vagina. While still kissing my neck he slipped a finger into my vagina and it went in deep with help of my juices. He used my juices to lubricate my clitoris and lips and then slipped in another finger. This brought me near to orgasm. As his fingers moved in and out of my vagina, his thumb was on my clitoris drawing circles. It didn’t take me long when I began to orgasm. I let out a loud moan. He knew I was cumming and covered my mouth with his. His tongue went deep into my mouth and I couldn’t scream anymore. I moaned and groaned in a (muffled voice) in pleasure as I came. My legs came together and my lips tightened clenching his fingers. When it was over, I released and when he pulled out his fingers I could feel juices spill out of my vagina and onto the bench.

He then lifted me up and onto his lap. He cupped my breast with one hand and the other hand was on my neck turning my head as he kissed me from behind. As he kissed me I felt his huge hard penis pushing its way into my vagina. Without friction, it slid its way deep into my tunnel opening the passage tuzla escort as it went all the way in. I let out a gasp and a muffled moan. He fucked me gently whilst we kissed passionately. I had all sorts of feeling going through my body. As we fucked he moved one hand onto my clitoris. He was rolling it between his forefinger and thumb. It gave me another orgasm. He began to fuck me harder and faster. A few minutes later I had another orgasm. He slowed down and was gentle again. He stood me up and bent me over. Holding onto the bench, he pressed his penis into my vagina and with a single stroke rammed it so deep inside that I felt it reach my uterus. He fucked me hard and fast from behind. His waist was slapping against my bare butt and my boobs were swaying back and forth. I couldn’t control myself. The sounds of his body slapping against mine and his penis ramming into my hole were enough to bring me into orgasm again. As I moaned and groaned with pleasure I felt the rim of his penis expand inside my vagina. It began to ache with pleasure and he began to cum. He pulled out his penis and sprayed cum all over the bench. It was dripping down to the floor in strings of beads which was lit by the moonlight. It glistened and looked like a beaded necklace.

He was amazing and it was the best sex I ever had. I looked at him and he looked at me. We both smiled at each other. As he got dressed I noticed he had a ring on his finger. A bit confused, trying to remember whether it was there before. I just kept smiling. I waited patiently for him to say something but all he said was “thank you” and went back to the party. I cleaned myself and followed. Feeling used and betrayed I looked everywhere at the party for him. He just disappeared. I never saw or heard from him again. I was certainly glad. Although I had the most amazing time. I don’t want to be a whore.

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