A meeting with Eleanor


A meeting with EleanorThe Cork from the champagne bottle rattled across the table as Andy opened the 2nd bottle,” Champagne ladies?””Oooohhh yes please” came the reply Katie sat watching the bubbles as they came up the side of the glasses, she looked across the table at the brunette that they had chosen for a private lap dance, her figure was good, her body was nearly identical to that of her own, she was called ‘Eleanor’ obviously her stage name, she was wearing a lace out fit that had criscrossing bows at the back and was ever so slightly see thru. Katie looked at the shape of her nipples and then let her gaze fall down her body to where she could see the outline of her pussy lips. Her hand moved across Andys lap feeling his erection throb as he looked at the 2 sexy ladies. Eleanor caught Katie’s gaze as she rubbed Andy’s cock and licked her lips,”Looks like someone is excited!?””He is….””Shall we give him a show?””Yes let’s tease him something rotten!!” Katie giggled.Eleanor reached out for Katie’s hand and pulled her up next to her, Eleanor was slightly taller than Katie in her high heels, Katie was wearing a little black number with stockings and suspenders that she had teased Andy with as she dressed in front of him.Andy looked at the 2 ladies stood next to each other and grew slightly harder , he raised his glass of champagne and toasted the 2 beautiful women and their sexuality giving Katie a little wink as he did so. Eleanor began a slow teasing dance around Katie using her as if she were a lap dancing pole, Katie looked down as Eleanor´s body bumped and ground against her own, she was teasing both of them as she moved from pose to pose sometimes showing her tight figure to Andy and sometimes she would bump her ass against Katie´s legs and thighs. Katie felt her sex moistening as Eleanor moved against her, her nipples stiffened as Eleanor nuzzled her neck and whispered in her ear“I´m bi….and I want you both!”Katie´s heart pounded, her pussy moistened as she felt Eleanor´s nipples brush against her own.Katie looked at Andy as Eleanor started to move down her body, Eleanor raised the hem of Katie´s dress ever so slowly revealing her stocking tops then her suspenders and finally her knickers a black crotchless thong,“OOOh you are a naughty pair!” giggled Eleanor as she stared at Katie´s moist pussy lips.Eleanor stood so that her pert bum was facing Andy and her face was level with Katie´s crotch, she wiggled side to side so istanbul escort that the view Andy got was of her lace covered pussy lips and tight asshole.Katie played with Eleanor´s hair as her face got closer and closer to her exposed sex, Katie could feel her breath as she exhaled , her moistness growing with each tickle of wind. Katie pulled Eleanor ever closer until finally she felt a warm wet tongue slide along her moistened slit, Eleanor wriggled her tongue into Katie´s slippery entrance and tasted her juices. Katie looked at Andy who watched her getting her pussy licked, she looked at the bulge in his trousers knowing he would be rock hard, Eleanor continued to swirl her tongue in and out of Katie´s moist pink entrance , every now and then sucking on her swollen clit. Katie raised her left leg and placed her leg with stockings and heels on the seat next to her, this gave Eleanor more access to her pussy, which Eleanor quickly took advantage of sliding her tongue deep inside Katie´s sex, she drove her tongue in and out , her chin hitting Katie´s asshole from time to time heightening the pleasure she was receiving. Katie beckoned Andy over to her side, they kissed deeply, Katie shaking with pleasure as she came in on Eleanor´s tongue, Eleanor stood up and joined in on the kiss, all their tongues swirling around, Katie´s pussy juices being shared between them all.Eleanor sat on the leather sofa , pulling Katie to her, Katie straddled her legs seating herself in Eleanor´s lap. Andy slid down to his knees and looked at the 2 pussies and puckered assholes on show to him, he moved forward kissing up Eleanor´s legs until he had both wet sexes right in front of him, Eleanor slid her legs open a little further as she felt Andy´s tongue slide along her labia. Katie reached back and pulled Andy´s head closer towards the awaiting sexes that needed pleasuring. Andy´s tongue danced from pussy to pussy as he licked his way from Katie to Eleanor and back again, every now and then darting a tongue into a puckered asshole making the girls giggle and squeeze their legs together, Eleanor slid her hand down between Katie´s thighs and slid 2 fingers straight into her very wet pussy, she teased Katie´s breasts kissing and sucking her nipples. Katie moaned in pleasure as a third finger was introduced to her pussy, it slid easily past her labia as Andy licked around Eleanor´s fingers, Andy watched in amazement as Eleanor zonguldak escort expertly slid another finger into his wife´s pussy, Katie started to buck her hips as she was four finger fucked by Eleanor .¨You like to Submit don´t you….. mmmmmm me too…I like to be toyed and used by a strong Master¨ whispered Eleanor , looking down at Andy.Andy took the hint and stood up facing the 2 ladies 1 his wife being fingered by her near body double and the other a submissive lap dancer called Eleanor. He watched as Katie spoke with Eleanor who immediately obeyed by standing and removing her lacey outfit. She then knelt in front of Andy and offered her submission…“I´m yours and your Wife´s Master, do with me as you please…Sir”Katie sipped on her champagne as Andy strode around the room, soon he found what he was looking for, he picked up the leather flogger and checked the weight of it,“This will suffice…now Eleanor turn around and stand up facing Katie.”Eleanor without hesitation stood facing, Katie looked at her soft skin, her erect pink nipples stood proud of her ample breasts as she clasped her hands behind her back thrusting her chest even further forward. Katie looked on as Andy slowly and with perfect aim laid a few sharp slaps of the flogger across Eleanor´s pert bum, Eleanor let out a small moan with each slap.Katie massaged her own breasts as she watched, her pussy was getting very wet and in need of attention, her hand slid to her moist slit as she slowly played with herself.“Do you like watching my wife masturbate, whilst I whip you?!”“Yes Sir, please don´t stop”“You are a naughty girl aren´t you?”“the naughtiest Sir”Katie spread her legs a little further as Andy pushed Eleanor´s head down so that her face was in direct line with her moist slit. Eleanor let out a sharp squeal as the flogger found its mark once again, this time the fronds landing on her tight rosebud and moist labia, Katie hesitated no longer and grabbed a handful of Eleanor´s hair and pulled her into her pussy. Andy kept up the flogging as Eleanor hungrily licked and sucked on Katie´s swollen labia and clit, “Ummm that’s it your dirty girl…..lick my pussy!”“are you having fun babe?”“mmm she is a good slave!!”Katie was close to cumming as Eleanor’s tongue swirled around her entrance, she let out a long soft moan as he juices flowed from her sex into Eleanor’s waiting mouth. Andy stood and admired as the 2 ladies kissed deeply.Eleanor escort bayan withdrew herself from Katie’s embrace and walked over to a large leather stool, Andy immediately noticed the leather cuff restraints on each leg and as Eleanor lay on her back he restrained each leg then arm in turn. Katie slowly came back to her senses as she watched Andy restrain Eleanor, She walked up and took hold of Andy’s throbbing erection as he stood looking down on Eleanor. “I want to be fucked Sir”“ And indeed you shall be….but all in good time, I think her pussy needs some attention, Don’t you?”“ mmm I think it does!!”Katie knelt between Eleanor’s legs and slowly teased her thighs with gentle spanks and then dragging her nails across the soft pink flesh, she caressed her swollen labia before easing her lips apart and sliding 2 fingers into her wet entrance,“ I noticed you liked to insert your fingers in my pussy earlier, would you like the same treatment?”‘yes Mistress” Eleanor moaned“Good girl!”Katie slid another finger into Eleanor as she slowly manipulated her pussy entrance, sometimes sucking on her clit for extra pleasure, another finger soon followed as Eleanor moaned with pleasure,“Don’t you cum yet you naughty girl!” Commanded KatieAndy stood and watched as his wife dominated Eleanor, she was expertly fingering her pussy and commanding her, he was so aroused, he positioned himself under his wife’s’ pussy and darted his tongue into her wet folds. Katie slowly started to grind her pussy onto his willing tongue as she plowed her fingers into Eleanor’s wet folds.’’“More Mistress….fist my pussy!”“ You are naughty!!!”Katie licked her thumb to lube it slightly and ever so slowly eased it into Eleanor’s pink wet pussy, her knuckles were next as Eleanor raised her hips slightly , Katie’s hand slid into the warm wet entrance of Eleanor’s sex. Eleanor moaned loudly as Katie’s hand slid past her entrance and filled her juicy pussy.“You should see this….I’m fisting her greedy pussy!”Andy eased himself from below Katie’s body and knelt next to his wife, taking in the view of her hand sliding in and out of another woman’s pussy.“That looks amazing babe….she is naughty isn’t she”“Wank onto her tits whilst I fist fuck her pussy!!”Andy moved to the side of Eleanor and slowly started to stroke his hard cock as he watched Katie fist Eleanor, longer and longer strokes as his orgasm built inside him, Eleanor was moaning with pleasure, Katie was breathing heavily, Andy let out a loud gasp as his hot cum sprayed Eleanor’s breasts and nipples, Eleanor came loudly as the cum hit her chest, Katie looked on as she slowly eased her hand out of Eleanor’s pussy and offered it to Andy to savour the taste…….Until next time…..(who would you like to be)??

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