A memorable day on the farm – pt5


A memorable day on the farm – pt5Saturday 29th February 2020Ben took hold of Golly’s halter and led him slowly through the gate heading back toward the farmhouse. Without realizing I was instinctively rubbing my splayed labia and clitoris on his bristly back. “Don’t worry,” whispered Kim, “I do this often. He doesn’t mind us making him wet. He really likes the scent. You’ll see.” She kissed my shoulders.Ben, Kim and I knew what was coming, what I was about to do. Jon didn’t have a clue. This secret was a huge risk. Was I making the wrong decision? Could our 25 years of love and life together withstand the shock? Would I physically cope with what I was about to try for the first time?And yet…Just like in the bedroom earlier, something was changing, urging, driving me purposefully onward. Being liberated and naked outdoors under the gaze of others; the fresh air contrasting with Golly’s warmth against my skin; his soft hairs and rippling muscles teasing my nipples, exciting my clitoris as he moved; his musty, earthy, pungent smell; the warm wetness tricking down my thighs and Kim’s naked body on my back… This sensual overload was driving a hormonal response, evaporating inhibitions in the heat of an overwhelming primal, lust as we drew closer to the farmyard.I was laying forward with my breasts over Golly’s rippling shoulders, maximizing skin-to-fur contact from my chest to my splayed, soaking pussy and down my legs, gripping his muscular barrel chest. Kim was purposefully fueling my fire inside, laying her warm, soft-skinned body across my back, her arms hugging around me, cupping my breasts and pinching my nipples tightly in her fingers. She mewled quietly to the rhythm of each footfall as she too rubbed her aroused labia and clitoris on Golly’s back. Like me, she was horny as hell and ready to fuck.As the lane opened out into the farmyard Golly tossed his head to free his halter from Ben’s light grip and walked himself over to the barn. He stopped and looked at Ben, waiting patiently as Ben opened the door to let him through. Golly walked himself in and Jon and Ben followed, closing the door. Ben switched on lights to reveal a straw-blown, flagstoned open floor area with four stable bays behind and oak beamed hay loft above. To the left was an old school gym vaulting horse and the wall behind was hung with a variety of leather harnesses, halters and a couple of saddles.Kim sighed quietly, slipped off Golly’s back leaving a slick, wet trail over his coat. “Oops!” she said with a wry smile. She walked across the barn floor barefoot to one of the stables and opened the top half of the door. “Willow, Jon, this is Sally, Golly’s girlfriend.” Sally’s long brown face appeared over the door and Kim made a fuss of her, kissing and stroking her nose.”Not outside today?” asked Jon.”No,” Ben replied, “she’s been a little frisky of late – if you get my drift – and we thought it better to exercise Golly and Sally separately for a while to avoid any ‘accidents'” Ben winked.Reluctantly, my whole body tingling, I slid down from Golly, leaving a second slick trail over him next to Kim’s. He turned his head to look at me, then slowly turned around to face me, sniffing the air. I reached up to stroke his head, but as I raised my arm he lowered his head and began to gently nuzzle my breasts and tummy. “Hey!” I cried, taken by surprise.Kim giggled, “He likes you! He likes your smell!” She walked over to him and he did the same with her too. She looked to Jon, “So, has the penny dropped yet?””What?” he asked, puzzled.Kim tutted, mockingly, “Apparently not.”Ben laughed. “Enough teasing. Let’s get things clear. Jon, this is Kim’s other lover.”A long pause. Jon laughed incredulously, “yeah, right!””No, really.” Kim said seriously, turning back to Golly, intimately stroking his head as he leaned in to nuzzle her again. “Golly’s not just a stud, he’s my stud. My fuck buddy. My lover of almost seven years.”I looked at Jon, watching his reaction. There was shock, a frown of denial, then it dawned and he looked at me, open mouthed. “You fantasied about fucking with..?””Yes.” I replied, quietly.A long pause. halkalı escort I held my breath. This could be the end of everything… And yet… My primitive, limbic brain was in overdrive, fueled by hormones and erotic feelings as they boiled over, trying to push all other thoughts aside, urging me onward to ‘just fucking do it! Now!’Jon looked at Golly. Ben and Kim didn’t say a word. He looked back to me. “You kinky fucking witch!” he laughed, loudly. I walked over to him, “You’re okay with that? You don’t mind that I want to try this?””I don’t know what to say,” he began.”I never… Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think.. think that you would be tempted by anything so taboo, so…””So i*****l, in this country,” Ben added, seriously. “Technically, Kim and I are criminals for letting Golly be part of our love life. If you go through with this, you will be too.””But he’s such a sweetie!” Kim purred, fussing over Golly again.Jon and I hugged and kissed enthusiastically. Then he took a step back and held my hands, looking at me intently. “You’re really sure you want to try this?””Yes.” (was that my primitive brain answering?)”Golly’s a really big guy. What if you get hurt?””We’re well practiced at this,” reassured Ben. “Don’t worry, we’ll make sure Willow is safe.””And he’s ready, too!” laughed Kim, pointing at Golly. “See Willow? That’s what happens when he’s here in the barn and smells your sweet sex.”Sure enough, Golly’s penis was distended, his erection was growing. “There’s no way that’s going to fit Willow!” Jon exclaimed.”It will,” Kim responded, turning to me and taking me by the hand, leading me over to Golly. “And it’ll be mind blowing! He’s going to fill and stretch you. Every sensitive spot deep inside your vagina is going to be hit all at once! It’s so wonderfully intense!” Kim beamed.Ben stepped forward to me. “Listen. golly’s a pretty old guy now. He’s a ‘one-and-done’ man, so we only get one shot at this today. Listen very carefully to Kim and I so you stay safe, okay?”But I didn’t hear him. My head was buzzing as I stared in awe at Golly’s massive stature and his growing erection. Although still pretty soft, he was already almost as long as my arm from shoulder to wrist with a girth like my bicep. I was tingling all over in anticipation, my nipples so sensitive and hard they hurt, my legs soaked. Fear had long since past. It was replaced by pure, primal lust.Kim saw my distraction and took my hand to get my attention: “Come with me for a moment,” she instructed, leading me to the side of the stables close to the drain. “It’s really important that your bladder is empty. Pee! Now!””What?””Pee!” she demanded. “Do as I do!”. She squatted and peed over a gully in the floor and peed into the drain. Momentarily rational, I followed suit, facing Kim and squatting, forcing myself to pee openly in front of everyone, my river of urine running along the gully to join hers. Glancing behind I saw Ben and Jon watching with with cocks in hand, tugging semi erections. Ben had let go of Golly who turned to walk over to us slowly, sniffing and snorting, his enormous cock swaying erotically beneath. He lowered his head and began to nudge me as I peed. Kim and Ben laughed aloud. “He’s really horny for you!” she giggled. “Come here,” she said to me, “put your hands on his flanks like this and walk slowly, keeping your hands on his body so he can feel where you are…” She led me toward his hind quarters, reached under him and gently lifted his huge cock. Golly turned his head to watch us. “Here, hold it,” Kim began, “feel it! Tell me what you feel.”I touched him, slowly. Just fingers at first, then held his cock, resting it across both hands. He felt velvety smooth. “It’s so warm, almost hot!””Yes. His body temperature is higher than yours.””And it’s so heavy. And…” I squeezed him gently, “sort of spongy to the touch..” Golly seemed to respond to my touch. I could feel a throbbing pulse, see his erection lengthening, thickening further in my hands.”Yes! He will get harder when he’s ready for you, and when he’s inside the end will flare taksim escort and fill you, but it will mold to your shape a little, okay? Don’t be afraid of it”Looking behind Golly, Ben and Jon had lifted the wooden gym vault and positioned it in the middle of the barn, just in front of Sally. It had a box-shaped square base in layers and the boys discarded one layer to lower the height of the leather seat. Then Ben walked over to us, his deliciously full erection swaying a little and contrasting remarkably with the size and scale of Golly’s in my hands! “Let’s do this!” he said with hushed excitement. Kim took Golly’s penis from me and began to gently stroke and pump it with her hands as Ben lead me over to the vault. “Kim likes to do his laying forwards across the seat, but since this is your first time Let’s have you laying on your back so you can see Golly better.”Heart pounding with fear and excitement and pussy dribbling in anticipation of the first touch, I did as suggested and laid back on the vault seat with my legs splayed and feet dangling, helpless and completely exposed. Jon took my hand and looked at me intently, “It’s not too late to say ‘stop’…” He looked worried. I just felt insatiably, viscerally hot and horny, desperate to complete what I’d spent months practicing for. I looked at him lustfully. “Fuck me!” Ben whooped.Without a word, Jon grinned and moved around between my legs, pulling me forward to the edge of the vault seat. Ben positioned a straw bale for Jon to step onto. Jon stepped up, adjusted his alignment and thrust hard and deep in to my slick wet hole. He pumped energetically for a short while before Ben stood next to him and asked “May I?” Jon stepped aside and Ben stepped up, ramming his thicker hard dick home, balls deep and hammering. Jon turned his attention to my nipples, sucking and gently biting them sending me over the edge into a bucking, leg-shaking orgasm. Eyes closed in ecstasy, I could hear golly impatiently snorting and hoofing the barn floor, then Kim’s voice, “Let’s see if she’s ready! Hold Golly steady for me would you?” A new feeling, something catching at my clitoris and wriggling between my labia. Fingers squirming and pushing, deeper, deeper, stretching, filling. Kim was fisting me, pre-stretching my vagina. “Yes – she’s ready! Bring him over, Ben.”I was so turned on now, hyper-sensitive to touch, skin tingling, nipples and clitoris bullet hard and aching, lust raging. I was in heat, desperate to be fucked… A shadow cast over and a familiarly strong, musty smell enveloped me as Golly walked over the top of me, legs astride the vault where I lay. I heard Ben’s soothing voice as he spoke with Golly, felt Golly’s excitement as his warm chest brushed my breasts. His muscles twitched as he panted impatiently.Life-changing. No turning back.Something hot, soft and broad nudging, probing around my pussy.”Fuck me Golly! Fuck my cunt!”A tentative push, my labia parting. Golly’s restless hind quarters adjusting and realigning… guttural sounds, almost growling… and then…He thrust powerfully and rammed home – instantly filling and stretching my horny cunt with equine meat and hitting my cervix so hard he pushed my further onto the vault seat. He knocked the breath out of me. Gasping, I raised my arms to hold his hot, hairy barrel chest. He paused for a breath, then another hard thrust and I felt his flare engorge and fill my deepest reaches, stretching me to the limit, further than anything had before. Instinctively I raised my legs to wrap them around the flanks of this masterful, dominant stud. Another fleeting pause and then a third violent thrust, his meaty flare reaming my cunt with an explosion of sensations. My whole body felt like it was on fire. Another pause then a fourth brutal thrust hammered harder and deeper than any other, pushing me across the seat again. He held still, impaling me with his massive, hot stud cock. I felt his flare rammed home at my cervix, twitching, stretching me still more. Then the fifth rammed home with and with a guttural growl Golly exploded… an eruption, hot cum şişli escort forcefully pumping inside, breaching my cervix and filling me so deeply. Golly gushed again and again, relieving his hot, pent-up load with such pressure I felt close to bursting. I was screaming loudly in a crashing wave of ecstasy, Golly and I locked in embrace, impaled, breeding, soul-fucked.At last, Golly wriggled back a little and withdrew. I felt a sudden release of pressure and huge quantities of his thick, sweet smelling cum burst out of my cunt and splashed onto the floor of the barn.Drained, exhausted, I was limp, shaking uncontrollably, unable to move. I lay, eyes closed and panting breathlessly, savouring the experience. Naked and exposed in a barn; covered in my lover’s thick, musty sweat; filled by a hot, monster cock; bred to bursting point by an enormous, bestial stud; all of this witnessed by my husband and friends. When I opened my eyes, Ben and Kim were in the stable with Golly cleaning him up and settling him in for the night. Jon was holding my hand. He helped me to sit up on the seat. I ached all over. I looked down and my exploring fingers felt a gaping, sore pussy and more of Golly trickling out.Kim stepped out of the stable and strolled toward Jon and I, beaming. “Now I think you understand why golly and I have been lovers for so many years,” she said, matter of factly. “Isn’t he wonderful?” I just smiled and nodded. “Let me see…” she said, parting my thighs a little, and squatting down to see better. With a mischievous giggle she leaned in and kissed and licked my swollen labia and slurped a little of the cum. “You two taste divine together!” I saw her smooth pussy was slick too. She caught my eye and smirked, “Yes, the boys and I relieved our pent-up frustrations while you rested.” she confessed.Ben walked over to join us. “I was thinking, Jon.””Yes?””Well, since Golly’s had his wicked way with your wife, I think it’s only reasonable that you should have your way with his girlfriend Sally. Fair’s fair, after all.” He grinned.”Perhaps,” Jon began. “It’s getting late. We’d better clean-up and tackle that beef stew, and be on our way.””You’re right.” said Kim “But can we tempt you back on another date, Jon?”Jon smiled. “Perhaps.”I slid off the vault onto the floor, but my legs were still shaky and they buckled. Jon scooped me up in his arms. “Let’s go and shower.” We kissed, passionately.It was dark and chilly as he carried me back across the farmyard to the house. Jon and I followed Kim back upstairs to their bedroom with its en-suite and the three of us showered together. We began to dress in the clothes that Ben had retrieved from the car. “Just a moment,” Kim said and opened a cupboard in their bedroom, returning with a packet of super-absorbent panty liners. “Sorry Willow,” she began, “but you’re going to find that Golly will be oozing out for a few days.” I laughed, pointing to another fresh trickle that had appeared on my inner thighs since the shower.We were ravenous after the day’s activities and exertions and devoured the beef stew, talking and laughing about what mischief we’d been up to together.After dinner we sat around the open fire in the living room, warm and snug, chatting about anything and everything. There was a sleepy pause in the conversation. “Let’s be honest,” Kim began, “When you woke this morning you had a routine weekend ahead of you, shopping, household chores, maybe a little fun snuggling in bed together later. But now…”A pause as she, Ben and Jon looked to me. I continued the thread, “Now… I’ve been naked in the rain; milked like a cow; fucked like a whore in front of friends, cuckolding Jon as you barebacked me, Ben; fisted by you, Kim and soul-fucked and filled to bursting by an enormous stud. You’re right, Kim. Wow.” Jon reached over and we hugged and kissed – though gently, as I ached so much.”So – what do you think?” began Ben, “Would you like to come and play with us on the farm again sometime?” Jon and I looked at each other, then without a word just burst out laughing. “I think that’s a yes, then!” Ben grinned.It was the early hours of Sunday morning as Ben drove us home. I was dozing in the back of the car, drained and exhausted, aching and feeling bruised, but peacefully happy. Jon and Ben were still chatting. “You were absolutely right, Ben,” said Jon. “29th February is something special now, something very memorable.”(End)

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