A Midnight Encounter: part 2


A Midnight Encounter: part 2Jake is kneeling on the floor while I’m on all fours on the bed. He’s licking my ass and it feels amaaazing. Out of nowhere he grabs me by my ankles and lifts me in the air, moving me forward to make space for him to climb behind me. “Damn, this dude is strong…” I think excitedly to myself.He pushes me down flat onto my belly and inserts three fingers into my pussy…drilling me so hard and fast that I feel like I’m getting fucked by a machine. I love that this man knows to do this to me. The most incredible and intense orgasm is building and… “Ughhhhhh….I’m cumming!!!! Don’t stop!!”I feel the most amazing explosion in my body. As he removes his dripping fingers from my cunt I curl up into a trembling ball….delirious with the pleasurable waves crashing through my body.“Oh no, I’m not done with you yet” he growls as he grabs my leg, drags me towards him, and plants himself between my open legs.He slaps his hard cock against my swollen clit, loving how my juices splatter and my body writhes with each hit…He slides in that fat head and stops.“What are you doing?!?” I moan… “Put it in me!!”“Not yet…”I start rotating and bucking my hips to force the rest of his dick inside me but he just backs up and says “Not yet…”“Unghhh! What the fuck!?!” I shout. This man does not know who he is messing with. Oh yes, I will make him pay dearly for this …later. I am too fucking horny to be teased right now…..He starts thrusting the head of his cock in and out of my tight pussy….“Oh my god…please! Please put it in me!” I cry out impatiently.“Oh you want this dick real bad, don’t you?” he questions me and I swear that I see a hint of a smile in his eyes.“Yes, I need it. I need you to fill me up….Please!”All the while, he continues to fuck me with just the tip. “How bad do you want it? What are you willing to do to get it?”“I’ll do anything you want. PLEASE! Just fucking fuck me already!”“Okay. Remember that you said that” he says as he slams his cock inside me, so deep that I feel his balls slap my ass. He thrusts anadolu yakası escort in and out of me with long, hard strokes and were it not for this pillow behind my head, I would be banging into the wall.“Oh fuck yea, keep pounding my pussy like that!” I cry out as I feel electric bursts of pleasure deep in my pussy each time he slams against me.He’s watching my reactions and shakes his head in disbelief as he groans “Your pussy feels so incredible!” He leans down to take my hard nipple in his mouth and I feel his tongue swirling all around it as he suckles on me.I grab my huge tit with both hands, pointing the nipple at his mouth and tell him to bite my nipple.“Ohhhhh yesssss” I moan as I’m rewarded with the most delightful pinch of painful pleasure. “Yes baby…chew on that nipple” I instruct him as he nibbles and sucks while I’m thrusting my hips to get his cock deeper inside me. My head is spinning and I feel my body spiraling up towards another explosive orgasm. “I’m CUMMING” I scream out as my pussy clamps down on his penis and I pull his face between my breasts.Jake stops pumping and just lays there, letting me cling to him while my hips keep bucking against him and my body spasms with aftershocks. “Oh my god, oh my god, ohmygod…..” I keep mumbling feeling close to tears….He wraps his arms around me and soothes me, gently saying “Yes, baby, it’s okay…”After I take a moment to catch my breath, I start to feel that familiar, cursed aching in my belly, the signal that my body needs to cum again…that I need to be pounded again… the only thing that will satisfy the ache.I reach down and start stroking his rock hard cock, coated with my wetness.“You little slut…you’re never satisfied, are you?” he chuckles.I shake my head and say “Nuh uh” as I get on all fours between his legs and take his throbbing cock into my mouth.As I’m swirling my tongue around his cock I look up to see him enjoying the sight of me sucking his cock. He tells me to be rough with him and I wrap ataşehir escort my fingers around his balls like a cock ring and push them down. He groans his approval and I continue tugging his balls down while I suck hard on his cock. I release his balls and gently run my teeth along his shaft, loving the sound of his moans. I grasp his cock and start slapping it against my lips.“Harder”, he commands so I hold his cock in one hand and use my other hand to slap it. His eyes roll back in his head and he grunts “Harder!” so I slap it again. I don’t usually play rough but his cock is actually getting harder! I slap it a few more times then I spit on it and start jerking him off, hard. I lean over his chest and start biting his nipples and hear him sharply intake a breath. His moaning only makes me pinch and bite them harder.Suddenly, I hear him say “Enough!” and as I sit back he climbs off the bed. I’m a bit alarmed and ask “Is everything okay?”He doesn’t say anything but moves to stand behind me and pushes my head down on the bed. I feel him rubbing his cock against my asshole.I’m both incredibly aroused and a little frightened. I’ve only been fucked in the ass once before and even though it felt incredible, it was only two days ago and I still felt too sore to take another cock.I had already told Jake about my anal lover when I was torturing him online but as a reminder I said “Jake, no, it’s too soon. I don’t think I can…”He cut me off and said “Uh uh…when you were begging me to fuck you earlier you said that you would do whatever I wanted and it’s time to pay up. I want that ass.”I thought to myself “Oh shit” but was also excited that I was about to feel myself get stretched out again…Jake grabbed the lube off my nightstand and put a generous amount on his cock and my anus. He rubbed his finger around my anus and teased it before he gently started pushing the head of his cock against my tiny opening but I felt like I was being ripped apart. I begged him to stop and let me do it. I slowly ümraniye escort started to back my ass up against that big head and being able to direct the process made all the difference in the world. As I started to ease his cock into me, I loved the feeling of my tiny flower being spread open. Damn, it was the most amazing yet uncomfortable sensation. It was pure pleasure when I felt the tip of his cock pop through and I started to ease more of his cock inside.He was holding my hips firmly and I loved looking back to see him watch his cock slide into my ass. I knew he was controlling himself to let me take my time and he whispered encouragingly for me to keep going.I gradually continued to ease more of his cock inside me and loved the amazing feeling of being totally filled up. I could feel myself approaching an orgasm quickly and could feel my muscles contracting around him. “Oh yes, baby, cum on my cock” he said softly and all I could do was bury my face in the bed and moan as I felt my muscles squeezing him so tightly. He slowly and gently pulled out and I just collapsed onto the bed.He kissed my ass cheek and said he’d be right back. I could hear him washing up and I was grateful for the break.He came back a few minutes later and we just lay on the bed for a few moments. He softly caresses my breasts and dammit if that doesn’t start to turn me on…I start playing with my wet pussy and he asks “What do you want me to do ma’am?”“I want you to cum for me.”“Where do you want me to cum ma’am?”“I want you to cum on my belly.”“Yes, ma’am” he says so obediently and without another word he slides into me and we both moan at how incredible it feels. He groans, “I can feel you squeezing me with your pussy.”“Mmhmm”, I moan, “I want to watch you cum all over me…”He starts breathing heavily and gasps “I’m gonna cum if you keep doing that!”“Yes, baby, cum for me!”He starts thrusting harder and faster and I’m lifting my hips to match every thrust. He yells out “I’M CUMMING!!!” then pulls out and jerks his cock to explode all over my belly. Ropes of cum stream out of his cock and the spray is so powerful and some of it shoots onto my tits. He collapses onto my body and exhales “Thank you ma’am”.I wipe up a bit of his cum with my finger and lick it off. He kisses me and chuckles, “You’re such a dirty little cum slut.”I laugh.Yes, I am.

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