A Mother and Her Twin Sons Ch. 01


When Leslie graduated from college she had every intention of becoming an astrophysicist. She was good at math and loved the study of the universe. She was a brilliant student, and when she earned her PhD all her friends and family thought someday she might even become an astronaut. Unfortunately Leslie was a woman. When she applied to NASA she was turned down because she was too busty. Instead she was knocked up by her boyfriend, who was actually a married man.

She had no intentions of having an abortion, so she married the first man who proposed to her. Fred McGrath went to the same church as Leslie, and he sang in the choir. He had taught her all the joys of fucking and sucking. He had a beautiful deep voice, and a deliciously large cock. But otherwise he had trouble finding work. He did get a job at a “big box” department store, working full time selling big appliances. One day, driving home from a late shift, Fred was struck by a drunk driver and was killed almost instantly. He left Leslie with two twin boys, and that’s where we begin our story.

Leslie McGrath was a devoted mother. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for her sons. She had issues with her sexuality, being continually in need, but had to suppress it because of her boys. She didn’t want to reveal her true nature – that of an intelligent, but lust driven woman. Because of her boys, she went outside the home to meet a woman for a lesbian tryst. This occurred on Wednesdays nights, instead of the prayer meeting at church.

She had been very concerned with her two sons’ character development since she lost her husband, Fred. Her sons were fraternal twins. Both sons were bright but had different temperaments. William was born a few minutes ahead of Kenny, but they were like night and day. William became Will, and was pugnacious and strong willed. He had the morals of a jack rabbit, and fucked every female that he dated. He even fucked the pastor’s wife. Lucky for Will, he was very good looking and women fell at his feet.

The other twin, Kenny, didn’t want to be called Kenneth, so he remained as Kenny. Since he had an artistic bent, it served him well. He studied music, and learned to play the piano well. He could draw, and often amused Leslie by drawing cartoons. Eventually he began doing figure studies, and Leslie was happy to pose for him. She had a beautiful figure, and undressed for him, but not completely nude.

Being creative he had more than his share of sexual energy, but was awkward around women his own age. He masturbated 3-4 times a day. Leslie thought he spent too much time masturbating but was reluctant to talk about it. She knew she was a contributing factor because of her lush figure, so there was no point in discussing it. She knew it was part of growing up.

Will, when he was 19, decided to join the Marines. He kissed his mother good bye one day, and other than a few letters, Leslie didn’t see him for 4 years. He took the Greyhound bus down to Parris Island for Marine boot camp, and afterwards was assigned to an infantry unit at Camp Lejeune. He was shipped to Afghanistan where he was deployed twice with the 6th Marines.

When Will got discharged from the Marines, after four years, he was 23 years old. He’d been in whorehouses all over the Middle East. Unfortunately he didn’t receive campaign ribbons for time spent in a whorehouse. When he got home he needed to get back into civilian ‘action’ as soon as possible and that’s when he began looking at his mother a bit differently. She was a beautiful brunette, had the legs of a chorus girl, big innocent brown eyes, and flawless skin. He looked at his mother only in a physical sense, and had no concept of her high intellect.

Will began going out every night, sometimes with two women at a time. Usually he came home tipsy, and more often blind drunk. Leslie assumed the women drove him home and dumped him on the front lawn. What time he would come home was anyone’s guess, sometimes after the bars closed, but more often around midnight when he ran out of money. The women had jobs and had to get up early. Will had no job so often slept late in the morning. Leslie herself did not have to work because of Fred’s insurance payout. The home mortgage was paid off.

The lifestyle that Will chose for himself bothered Leslie. When her husband was living, she could do something about his carousing and staying out late. Now that she had to play both roles of father and mother she was fighting an uphill battle. Moreover, Will was enjoying leading the easy life, and wasn’t anxious to find a job.

This night in particular, Leslie was unusually restless. Usually when a woman is restless it’s her body telling her she needs to get plugged. At midnight Will had not come home yet and she was pacing around the house. She had a premonition that he’d gotten into a fight and was sitting in a holding cell. He’d been using drugs and seemed high most of the time.

Between Will and Kenny she depended on Will mostly, because Kenny, the artistic twin, was practicing piano six hours bakırköy escort a day. Glancing out the picture window, she saw in the moonlight the neighbor’s house across the street. She envied them. They had four children, and the woman of the house had a man to look after things. Leslie always had to beg to get things done about the house that only a man could do. Like fixing leaky faucets and replacing the water heater in the furnace.

Meantime, her other son, Kenny, had been busy earlier that evening in his bedroom, jacking off as usual. Playing the piano made him horny and it was a ritual with him to unload some of his testosterone. When he heard his mother nervously pacing around downstairs, it troubled him. He thought she needed to talk to someone, being alone so much and could use some company. Maybe she just needed a hug.

“Mom,” he called out, “is that you?”

“Yes, Kenny, it is,” Leslie sighed, going up to his room for a motherly chat. It wasn’t urgent, but she liked talking to Kenny because he had a soothing effect on her. She was about to enter his room, finding the door ajar. Before she could say a word, she froze in her tracks – “Ohhhhhh …”

He was fisting his cock, pumping it up and down. She could easily see his glistening purple knob in the fluorescent reading light.

“Mom, damn it,” Kenny blurted, “how many times have I told you to knock before coming into my room!” He kept up his steady stroking. With his mother watching he did not slow down, getting closer to ejaculation. He knew women liked to see a guy play with his cock, and she was a only breath away from offering to help him finish. He purposely cradled his balls, spit into his palm and rubbed it over his cock knob. He did it slowly so she could appreciate his artistry.

“Well,” she said, in a snit, “I can see why you wanted me to stay away.”

“Look, mom,” Kenny said defensively, “I’ve got a right to beat my meat if I want to.”

“You’re just as bad as your brother …”

Pulling the sheet over his penis, he covered his lower body, and glanced over at his mother.

“You’re always picking on Will. So what if he gets his rocks off. I sure as hell wish I could. I don’t like being cooped up here, choking the chicken …”

“Oh, is that what you call our home? A chicken coop?”

“Well, almost. Fuck, I don’t go out. Just practice the piano …”

“Dear,” his mother said, sitting down on the edge of the bed, “you shouldn’t talk that way. I’ve tried to make a good home for you. It hasn’t been easy. Your father dying and all.”

Her thoughts: in good time he’ll meet a nice girl. Not in a bar, maybe at church.

“Why don’t you get a boyfriend!” he said, his eyes on her almost exposed breasts.

She saw his eyes were focused on her massive boobs. It bothered her, yet she was flattered. At least she had his attention.

How long had it been since anybody looked at her with lust. Kenny’s penis was rock hard. Reaching under the sheets, loving her heavy globes, he stroked himself.

“Kenny,” she said softly, “you shouldn’t play with yourself while you’re talking to me. You make me feel like your penis is more important than I am …”

“All right, mom,” he gave up, “you play with it.”

Throwing back the sheets, he revealed his thick bobbing tool.

The sight of her son’s penis shocked her. She was fascinated by it. She hadn’t seen an erect male that size since her husband had died. Even then, Kenny’s cock seemed much larger than Fred’s. Almost threatening.

“Why don’t you pull it for me if you think it’s wrong for me to do it.”

“Oh …” she said nervously, “it wouldn’t be right for your mother to handle your penis.”

“Why wouldn’t it?” he demanded. “It would feel awfully nice with your hand on it.”

“No, I can’t,” she said. “I could never touch my son in such an intimate manner …”

Even though she said no, Kenny knew his mother wanted to. She was a woman, right? Reaching over, he grabbed her hand and placed it on his throbbing affair.

“Squeeze,” he urged.

Leslie reluctantly squeezed his cock. As she squeezed, he became more aroused by the delicate way she held him. With each soft squeeze he felt his shaft grow larger.

“Oh, jeez, that feels good!”

She remembered what her husband had taught her about pulling it up and down, varying the rhythm, keeping the foreskin moving.

“That’s it, Mom,” he smiled, “it feels wonderful …”

Almost as if hypnotized, Leslie pulled on the enormous weapon, listening to his voice encouraging her.

Her hand moved it up and down; she skillfully used only her thumb and two fingers on his cock in an innocent, yet arousing manner. She had soft, delicate hands. She rubbed her palm over the glistening knob.

“Play with my balls,” he said, just like that.

It was said so matter-of-factly, so casually, it seemed like nothing wrong, like something so normal, so natural that she just went ahead and did it.

“Like this?” beşiktaş escort She cupped his balls.

“Oh, yeah …” he smiled, “that feels good.”

Faster, and faster, she pulled on his rod, using her entire hand, pumping him until he was on the edge of coming.

“Hey, Mom, not so fast,” he said. “Slow down. I want it to last …”

Leslie could almost hear her husband’s voice telling her how much he enjoyed it when she’d tease his slippery cock for him. She knew she should do it slowly. She slowed her tempo, giving him the soft, feminine stroking he liked.

“Oh, yes, that’s it! Slower … ahhhhhhhhhh!”

Kenny was naked, writhing in the pleasure that she was bringing him. She used his precum to smear the purple knob as it slid in and out of his thick foreskin.

“Jerk it! Oh, yeah, now jerk it!”

She jerked his rod in quick, irregular movements. Faster and faster, she pulled Kenny’s slippery prick, its tip glistening with juice; she felt a strong urge to taste him.

“Can you put your mouth on it?” he asked hopefully.

She didn’t wait for him to ask twice. She immediately dropped her head over the head of his cock. She licked her lips, then opened her mouth. She wore a lot of lipstick.

“Ahhhhhh … you’ve got a hot mouth,” he croaked.

She sucked on his spongy tool, using her tongue to bath the length of him. She was expecting spunk to shoot out at any moment. She hadn’t sucked a prick since her husband was alive, and now the opportunity was here. It reminded her so much of her husband.

Kenny was besides himself. “Suck it! suck it, suck it, suck it!” He could have saved his breath because she was performing a masterful demonstration of fellatio. She was smearing her lipstick all his knob. It smelled like strawberry.

His pulsing pego couldn’t endure much more of this hot sucking. She could feel his balls beginning to rumble, and without much warning, Kenny spurted his cream into his mother’s mouth. It was a huge load.

“Mom, swallow it …” which she was doing, even though most of it trickled out of the corners of her mouth.

Kenny’s filthy language was driving her out of her mind. She could hardly stand it. She feel her own trickle running down her inner thighs. She continued to play with his instrument for almost an hour. After his climax, she nursed it back to a semi erect state, then sucked it lovingly, until he was ready again. She varied her manipulations until he was barely breathing, and encouraged him to climax again. This exercise continued uninterrupted. That is, until Will came home. Drunk.

Chapter 2

The front door slammed.

“Mom, it must be Will. You’d better get out of here.”

It was difficult for Leslie to slip away from his cock, with her mouth full. However, she swallowed the last of his deposit, slid off the bed, and hurried back to her own bedroom.

She didn’t quite make it in time. Will was coming in, staggering drunk. He smelled like a bar room. She intercepted him in the kitchen.

“Welcome, Buddy Boy,” she snapped, “where have you been?” She barely had time to wipe her lips.

“Getting a piece of ass, mom,” Will said.

“A fine thing,” she said, “out there whoring around. I don’t know when you’re ever going to stay home and spend some time with us …”

“Oh, I will eventually. I’m going through a period of re-adjustment, as they say.” He smiled. “Women love me. I know how to make a woman happy.”

“I’ll just bet you do,” she said.

As she spoke, Kenny was listening. As he listened, his erection was returning, hearing his brother speak of sex so openly.

“Jeeez,” Will muttered, “I wish you would lighten up. You know something, Mom,” he said slurring his words, “you need to get back into circulation. That’s your trouble! When’s the last time you got laid?”

His mother cringed to hear him talk like that. She didn’t know how to respond. It was obvious it was the booze talking; he didn’t know what he was saying.

“Go up to your room,” she said abruptly. “We’re not having this conversation.”

“Alright,” he said, “I hope you find a Casanova soon. Cause you’ve been on edge a lot lately. “

His words beat into her brain. She was having mixed feelings. Not only did she feel like getting it on with Kenny, but now even Will, her big Marine, was looking like a possibility.

She followed him upstairs, mumbling about how a good son should respect his mother. As he undressed, he didn’t pay much attention to her. But when he was stark naked, he turned to her and said, “You want to see what I got? Take a good look. This is my cock, these are my balls,” he said gripping his balls. It reminded him of the Marine Corps mantra.

“Will, you’re an exhibitionist – a vulgar, demented exhibitionist.”

“Come over here, mom.” He smiled sweetly at her.

Her heart was pounding, she felt her brain reeling. Her throat was dry. She stared at his massive cock. She didn’t know what to do, his cock looked beylikdüzü escort delicious; now she wanted him, too. Was she going out of her mind?

“Come on,” he said, “I’m saving it just for you.”

“How dare you speak to me like that!” she snapped. But she offered no resistance.

“Hey, come over here,” he smiled, “if you’re in the mood to give head, come over here and put your mouth on it.”

Her itching pussy was getting to her. She went to Will and untied her robe, opening her breasts to him. Will leered hungrily at her massive boobs, her nipples thick and inviting.

“You’re just talk, Will. Did you ever make love to a real woman, or just bimbos?”

Her tips were tingling and she felt wetness between her legs. She was aching to touch herself, but had to fight the urge.

“You’ve got a beautiful pussy.” He was bug-eyed, staring at her pubic forest, her labia open and gleaming. “I’ll bet you have women who would give anything to bury their face in your muff.”

“Will,” she panted, “You – you remind me of your father too much! He always wanted me to be with another woman. ”

“Grab it,” he smiled, “go ahead, Mom, grab my dick, and shove it into yourself. Clamp your pussy muscles around it and fuck me!”

As though she were hypnotized, she inched slowly toward her son. Reaching out, she grasped the enormous shaft in her hand and began stroking it slowly.

Kenny heard segments of the conversation. Standing in the hall, he heard her voice soften; she seemed to be yielding.

“That’s it, play with my prick!” Will was telling her.

She was deleting her inhibitions. His huge cock was stabbing at her, and she gripped it with both hands. Her cunt felt like it was hot wired.

“What would you like me to do to you, Mom?”

“Your tongue,” she replied, her voice low and husky in her throat. “I want your tongue up my cunt. I want you to lap and lick my pussy …” She couldn’t believe what she’d just said.

“Lay down!”

She hurriedly obeyed, flopping down on her back and spreading her legs. He put one pillow under her head and one under her bottom. He slid his hands up the back of her legs and slowly worked his way upwards until he cupped her firm ass cheeks. As his hands moved, her body shook from the pleasure she was anticipating.

She closed her eyes as he climbed onto the bed besides her. When his caressing fingers reached the sensitive area of her inner thighs, she moaned and twisted her firm buttocks on the bed. He ate her cunt slowly, stretching out every moment of pleasure for her. His hands moved up to her big nipples and as he lapped at her clit he was playing with her nipples. She cried and moaned and whimpered until she had an explosive climax.

“Oh, I can’t stand anymore! Give it to me!” She spread her luscious thighs wide open, glistening from her own juices. She used her fingers to open herself up.

Chapter 3

“I might quit fucking all those other women and save it for you …” Will said, as he plunged into his mother mindlessly. He had never seen his mother naked. She had a beautiful pussy. The inner labia was a deep pink, and glistened with arousal. Her clit was well out of its protective hood. This joy button had given her hours of pleasure through her adolescence and after her husband’s death.

“Oh, Will, you don’t know what you’re doing for me,” his mother sobbed, half hysterical. She hadn’t been fucked like this since her husband was alive.

“Come on, mom, fuck me back. That’s it, grind your beautiful ass …”

Her husband had talked dirty to her like this when he was hot. It turned them both on. It should have been disgusting, revolting, but it wasn’t. She loved every wicked second of it.

“Fuck, fuck, ughhhhh …” he grunted as he rutted into her.

The sound was too much for Kenny, he had to see them doing it. Carefully, he cracked the door open; he saw his mother under Will, her legs locked around his back.

“Oh, you’re snapping that pussy,” Will exclaimed. “Who taught you to snap your cunt? Did dad teach you that?”

“Your father knew everything about fucking,” she moaned. ” Just ram it to me!”

He thrust himself vigorously into her, his big balls jiggling in front of her slit.

“Oh, baby, it feels so good …” she panted. She reached around to grab his muscular ass.

Her hands parted his ass cheeks, as one finger circled around his tight anal ring.

“Yeah … do my asshole too,” he said.

She marveled at the things that he wanted; she could hardly teach him anything new. Did he learn all that in the Marines? And how demanding he was! She slid her forefinger into his tight anal pucker.

“Fuck! Fuck! Ram it up there! Oh, yeah … fuck it, fuck it!”

She brushed her stiff nipples against her son’s chest. She slid her finger up his asshole, and she gripped his weapon as he thrust it into her.

“Oh, mom, fuck, fuck it now! Harder! I’m coming, I’m coming!”

He shot his load inside of her. She loved the feel of his cum squirting up inside of her. She twisted and felt herself juicing at the same instant. She thrust her finger up his asshole farther, and hunched her mound at him.

“Ohhhhh, Will, don’t stop!”

With all of her inhibitions gone, with only pent up desires driving her on, she had climaxed over and over.

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