A Mother’s Love in 1949 Ch. 08


This story involves incestuous relationships.

All characters are eighteen years of age or older.

This is a continuing story, you may want to read the earlier chapters for background.


Edna and Cynthia met, as usual, after the church service. Cynthia asked if Edna needed a ride. Edna confirmed that she did, but added.

“I think we need to get together, Cynthia, there are some things we should talk about.”

“Well,” replied Cynthia. “Today is as good a time as any. Let’s have lunch and sit down together.”

“That will suit me fine, Cynthia.” Edna wanted to call her darling, or a similar name, but they were both careful not to use endearments where they might be overheard.

They went to one of the downtown hotels. There were two, both had excellent restaurants that were open on Sunday. On the way they told each other what a wonderful time it had been over Thanksgiving.

Rick had been home from college for his Thanksgiving break. He had learned that the four women he made love with were also each other’s lovers. He happily accepted the fact and made love with all of them. There had been an orgy-like atmosphere as he ate their pussies, they ate each other and sucked his cock.

“Thrills run up my spine whenever I think about it,” Edna said.

Cynthia smiled. “I know what you mean, I get the same feelings.”

They had a fine lunch and went to Edna’s. She was expecting a call from Rick when he arrived back at school. She wanted to be sure she was home to get it. She asked Cynthia if she would prefer coffee, a drink, or wine. Cynthia opted for wine, since it was Sunday they had not been able to have anything alcoholic with lunch.

Edna got a bottle of her good wine and a couple of glasses. She poured for both of them.

“Well, Darling,” Cynthia asked when they were settled. “What do we need to discuss.”

Edna smiled at her. “I think you and I should talk about longer term. Where we see ourselves going, as a group. Do you have any thoughts about it?”

“A few,” responded Cynthia. “They started as vague ideas, but they are starting to become more real. I haven’t mentioned them because, until last week, they were really only fantasies.” She paused before continuing. “You’re Rick’s mother. Maybe I should be asking you about long term plans.”

Edna laughed. “I have complete faith in you, Cynthia, and I have only dreams for us. All of us, not just Rick and I.

“There’s something I should know,” Edna continued. “Not something you’re keeping secret from us. Just something I need knowledge about. But I don’t know what it is. Am I making sense?”

“Is this one of the feelings you get?” Cynthia asked.

“I guess, it hit me in church.”

“I’ll start, you ask questions when you think of them,” Cynthia told her. “That way we may find the answer.

“When Rick and I first became lovers thoughts started creeping into my mind about the future. I had already considered selling the store and much of the preliminary work was already done.”

Cynthia described the how her thoughts had progressed. First only a vague desire to make a future for Rick. That was soon followed by a yearning for Edna. The plan had become firmer over time. The idea of including his other lovers had seemed a natural step. The four way get together of the women, followed by the past holiday had seemed to make her ideas more definite.

“I would hope for a family. I never had one. I was an only child and had no children of my own. There was only a nephew and niece of my husband’s. We seldom saw them and I rarely even hear from them now, except at Christmas.

“I can see all of you as my family; see all of us living together as a group. I think in a form of marriage, children and all.”

“Is that why you’re thinking of buying farm land?” Edna asked.

“Yes, but I’ve looked into it. I can see possibilities for the future. So even if my dreams don’t come true it will be a good investment.”

Cynthia continued thoughtfully. “Your approval and cooperation is necessary for the plan to succeed, Edna.”

“Oh, I approve, Cynthia. Naturally my desires all revolve around Rick, but I feel a strong attachment to you, Carol and Lucy.”

“Of course Rick is first in your thoughts, Edna. He is central. We can never be a family together without him. I think all of our lives revolve around him already, or soon will.”

“What do you see as our roles?” Edna asked. She was finding herself excited about Cynthia’s thoughts. She hadn’t thought, yet, about whether they were practical.

“For you and me, I don’t know.” Cynthia answered with a slight frown. “These are things I haven’t thought much about. I hope there will be children. You could be a mother if you wanted to be. I would if I could.”

“I’d need to think hard about that,” said Edna.

“I imagine,” Cynthia said with a laugh. “Frankly, Edna, I see what roles we each would play as something your insights would tell us.”

“Perhaps,” Edna mused. “They may already be telling me.”

Edna sarıyer escort told Cynthia about the tastes that had told her Carol and Lucy wanted Rick’s babies.

“Carol would have his babies right now, but that could be a problem if it happens too soon. Lucy wants to be married to him before she has any.”

“Carol and I joked about it,” Cynthia told Edna. “But nothing serious.”

“That brings up another question,” Cynthia continued. “How much do we tell the others? Do we let them in on our thoughts?”

“I can see pros and cons,” replied Edna. “But I think the better course is to be open and honest from the start. All our actions, our decisions, should be as a group.”

“I agree, we don’t want to become manipulative,” Cynthia agreed. “But about babies, for instance; should we bring up the subject or let them have the idea.”

“Oh, I think we can bring up babies, Cynthia,” said Edna. “It will be up to the individual whether they want to be a mother. Of course chance plays a big part in that decision.”

“I see your point,” Cynthia responded. “You know we can consider adoption too.”

“That would be a possibility.

“Cynthia,” Edna continued. “So far it seems we’ve been led by some unknown force. We really don’t know our goals, for sure. But your plan seems right. We’ll probably get more direction along the way.”

The logical conclusion was, that if all were being led, they would get guidance as they needed it.

“I think we should get started on the plan.” Cynthia, said. “But, start where? What should we do first? What about a home? Your house on the farm or somewhere different?”

“We should have Carol and Lucy join us,” Cynthia said. “It would be a good time to begin a discussion.”

They called Carol and Lucy and both women said they would be right over.

The two women arrived, separately, within a short time. Edna served coffee and pastries.

“I’m pretty sure everyone had a good holiday,” Edna said with a smile. “But we want to discuss other things today. Cynthia and I were talking and we want to include you before we go further.”

“I certainly enjoyed myself,” said Carol. Lucy agreed.

“We think it might be a good time to talk about the future of our group,” Edna told them. “Now that Rick can be considered fully part of it.”

“The subject came up, between Edna and me,” Cynthia told Carol and Lucy. “We both think it’s something we should all discuss together.”

“I expect to hear from Rick later,” Edna said. “He always calls to let me know he arrived safely. We can let him know whatever we need to.”

(Long distance calls, at the time, had to be made through an operator. There was no such thing as direct dialing. The cost was quite high too; so long distance phone calls were usually used only when they were important. Since Rick would be calling from a pay phone he would be calling collect.)

“Do either of you have any thoughts?” Edna asked Carol and Lucy. “Or, should we tell you what we’ve been thinking?”

Carol looked to Lucy before replying to Edna. “Let’s hear your thoughts.”

Edna looked at Cynthia. “Why don’t you start, Cynthia? Tell us what you thoughts and questions are.”

“I would hope we all stay together, with Rick.” Said Cynthia. “All of us together as a family, I mean.”

“That would be nice,” put in Lucy.

“We would all live together,” Cynthia continued. “We’d share our love for Rick and for each other. We would, of course include any children that Rick fathers.”

“Have you thought about where we would live, Cynthia?” asked Carol.

“I see us as farmers. Large, prosperous farmers.” Cynthia replied. “I see us as in the business of farming. You all know I have been looking for farm land to buy. I have found two farms that adjoin Edna and Rick’s place. Both have decent houses. I would like at least one more section (One square mile.) to achieve my initial goal.

“That’s a lot of land for Rick to handle alone, Cynthia,” said Edna.

“It is a lot of land, yes. I am thinking in terms of business not plowing and planting.”

“You see us all living on the farm, or farms?” Carol asked.

“Yes, we would sell our homes here in the city and move into the farm houses. We need to consider our need for privacy and maintain an appearance of propriety. We can’t let others know how we are living.

“For the first year, or two, we’ll rent the land back to the present owner, or others if we have to. When Rick graduates he can take over.”

The conversation went on into the evening. Rick had called, as expected. Edna told him the ladies were meeting to talk about how they could stay together, as a group. Rick voiced his approval and asked that he be kept updated. All the other women had a few words with him. They all told them they loved him and got his love in return.

A few things were left undecided. The women could begin work on the farmhouse. But they had to decide which one they would live in. Or, esenyurt escort maybe they’d want more than one.

The discussion continued over several weeks. The women took a ride and checked the houses available. They decided to work on the two largest. They were about a half mile apart. Edna and Rick’s old house was another possibility. It was decided to check on costs to fix it up too. If they didn’t use it themselves it might serve as a housing for an employee.

The women decided that during Rick’s next break, over Christmas, they would all like to have him by themselves at least one night. Edna would let Rick know that in her next letter. Edna was chosen to host the Christmas dinner. Since the Thanksgiving dinner had worked well, small servings of a number of dishes, they planned to do the same thing.


The semester ended for Rick. He got on his way home Wednesday afternoon, he had waited for his grades to be posted that morning. Christmas was on Saturday. He would be home for almost ten days.

The drive home was one filled with sexual fantasies. Visions of hot pussies and firm nipples; of bare asses and lovely nylon clad legs. Pictures in his mind of women entwined together making love with each other. The gasps of satisfied women impinged on his imagination and the scents of hot, flowing pussies seemed real. He had missed them all so much; all the pussies he loved dearly, hot cunts to lick and suck.

As he neared home his thoughts centered on his mother. He knew she would be waiting for him, hot and ready. He licked his lips as he thought of her gasps and moans as he ate her hot, wet cunt.

He parked and carried his bags into the house. Edna threw herself into his arms. They embraced and kissed. Hot wet kisses. Kisses of lovers too long apart. She was dressed as she knew he liked. A short and sheer bed jacket, Nylons with garter belt and moderate heels. Her pussy was wet and ready. Her lush bush bare for him. The hair glistening with dewy beads of her juices. She had abstained from sex, with any of the other women, for several days so she would be extra horny for him.

They separated enough so that Rick could remove his coat. Back in each other’s arms they kissed again; wild, passionate kisses. She led him toward the couch stopping often to kiss again, to push her mound against the hard cock bulging in his pants.

Together they got his shirt off, his undershirt followed. He was bare chested, he would be able to feel the friction of her nylons on his flesh. Her hands pressed on his shoulders urging him to his knees. She was on the couch, her butt at the edge, her legs spread, her pussy open for him.

His tongue licked at her cunt. He drank her juices. His body thrilled with hers as she came with loud gasps. Her heels kicked at his back. Her cries of joy, of endearment elated him.

His hard cock filled his pants, he opened them to set it free. He ate his mother’s pussy. Her hips bucked. She thrust her cunt at him as her hands in his hair pulled him into her hot wetness. She rubbed her juices over his face as her body thrilled with the pleasure of multiple orgasms.

In her passion she slid from the couch to the floor. On their knees they held each other; more wet, mindless kisses, mouths wide, sloppy, hot.

She pulled him to the floor, on top of her. She guided his cock into her hot empty pussy. She needed it filled; by him, by her son. All care was forgotten, only her needy pussy and his hard, throbbing cock mattered.

Her nylon clad legs clasped together over his hips. She lifted her pussy to his thrusts with cries of love and lust.

“Fuck me, Rick. Fuck me.”

He held back as long as he could, to satisfy his mother’s lust. While yet another orgasm was ripping through her body he felt the wild thrills that told him he would be unable to control himself any longer. The exhilaration poured into his cock. It rebounded into all the cells of his body. It spread the blaze of orgasm throughout his being. His cum gushed into his mother’s hot cunt. He filled her with his seed, his hot, thick, creamy cum.

She felt the heat of his cum. She felt the slick semen spread through her welcoming pussy. She was elated. She clasped him tight with a sense of love and triumph.

They collapsed together on the living room floor. They held each other and exchanged soft, loving kisses as they recouped. She in the sexy outfit she had worn for him. He, bare chested with his pants around his ankles. She smiled when she had recovered enough to notice. She got to her knees and pulled his shoes off. He rolled onto his back and smiled at her as she pulled his pants off.

“You must be hungry,” she said.

“Yes, I didn’t stop for dinner.”

She smiled. “Of course not.”

She stood and went to their bedroom to get him a robe for him and a negligee for herself. His cum, mixed with the juices of her lust, was seeping from her pussy onto her thighs. She enjoyed the feeling, it was his seed, and did nothing to clean herself. avrupa yakası escort When she got back to the living room he was sitting on the couch. She handed him the robe.

“Dinner’s in the oven,” she told him. “Put your robe on so we can eat without attacking each other.” They both laughed.

After dinner they sat on the couch snuggled together. For Rick it had been a memorable homecoming. His cock was already stirring again, excited by the closeness of his mother. She was feeling heat too, she wanted to love him, to suck him, to fuck him. She thought to herself that she was so full of love for him that she would probably cum just from pleasing him. She felt some light whisker burns on her face and upper thighs. That had never happened before. Rick’s beard had always been light and silky. It was becoming coarser, and stiff. She smiled, her little boy was growing up.

She sent him to shower and shave while she cleaned up the dinner dishes. She was in bed waiting for him before he was done. He came to her naked and hard, ready for her as she was for him. It was a night of fucking and sucking, of sixty-nines and blowjobs, of pussy eating and fucking.

She did not get pregnant that night, but something had changed. She no longer worried about it. She wanted to feel his cum as it filled her pussy with his heat, to enjoy the feel of his throbbing cock as it glided on the film of her juices and his slick creamy seed.

He slept late the next morning. She had coffee ready for him when he got up. She was still dressed as she had been the night before. He put a robe on over his nakedness, for comfort on a cold winter’s morning. It was overcast outside and a light snow was falling.

She kissed him warmly when he appeared in the kitchen. They told each other of their love while they embraced. As he drank his coffee she prepared breakfast for him. She watched him while he ate. His body was starting to fill out. She could see how he would be as a man. A little on the short side, but stocky and muscular; much as his father had been.

“You need to visit Cynthia this afternoon, Sweetheart,” she told him. She laughed then. “The other ladies cut cards to see what order they would see you in, Cynthia won. The others will get their turn after Christmas. We’re all getting together for Christmas and Christmas Eve.”

“Cynthia said she needed to talk to me about farming,” said Rick.

Edna laughed. “Maybe you’ll get time to talk.”

Rick showered and shaved again. Edna called Carol then went to the bedroom to straighten the bed. She inhaled the fragrance of last night’s loving. Carol would like it too, she knew.

Rick called Cynthia to let her know he was on his way, he kissed his mother and left for the other woman’s house; one of the other women. Edna had told him that Carol would be visiting. He was glad she would have her day filled with more love.

Carol arrived shortly after Rick had left. She and Edna hugged and kissed warmly.

“Was it a good night?” Carol asked with a smile. She removed her coat and started opening her blouse.

“It was a wonderful night. He was very horny and hard as a rock.”

“Is that a whisker burn on your face?” Carol asked as she removed her blouse.

With a smile Edna replied. “Yes, and more on my thighs.”

Carol turned so Edna could open the clasp of her bra. She let it slide off her shoulders and tossed it at the chair where she had laid her blouse.

Edna licked her lips at the sight of Carol’s tits. Carol lifted the hem of her skirt and pushed her panties down her legs. She kicked them off along with her shoes and let her skirt fall back.

The women hugged again, with more kisses.

“I let him cum in me last night, twice,” Edna whispered seductively. “I didn’t bathe yet. I saved it for you.”

“Oh, Honey, you’re making me so wet. That’s even better than what I’d hoped for.”

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” Edna said in husky tones. “We can be more comfortable there.”

The women went upstairs with their arms around each other’s waist. In the bedroom Edna shed her negligee and sat on the bed. She held her arms up to Carol. Carol sat beside her. They kissed yet again. Carol slid to the floor as Edna’s knees parted for her. Edna knew what she wanted. They were friends they knew each other well.

Between Edna’s thighs Carol gazed at the pussy before her. It was obviously hot and ready. The lips were engorged and slightly open; the redness of the inner pussy showed just enough to tantalize. Carol wanted to dive into the pussy, to suck it, to eat it. But she wanted, too, to taste the dried residue on Edna’s thighs, she rubbed her face on the flesh of her friend’s legs, on her lavish bush, on the cum encrusted nylons. She licked at the melded juices; she savored the taste as she anticipated sucking the mixed cums from Edna’s pussy.

She could wait no longer. She had to taste the cum Rick had left in his mother’s cunt. Her tongue slid into Edna’s sweet pussy. It was so delightful to Carol, so hot. She was doing what she loved best, licking and sucking. Pussy or cock it did not matter; a man’s cum, lady cum. She was immersed in a wonderful orgasmic heaven. Thrills tore through her as Edna came and her heels drummed on Carol’s spine. Carol’s pussy flowed with the thrills of Edna cumming on her face, she quivered as orgasms sang through her body.

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