A Mother’s Secret – How it started


A Mother’s Secret – How it startedJean Roberts was a bundle of nerves as she drove to her appointment. The mother of two was determined to go through with her plan. Frankly, she had no choice but to do so. Her former husband had totally disappeared since the divorce and likely had left the country to get out of paying her the c***d support the court had ordered. It was easy for him since he worked in the oil industry.Jean had managed to get the family through the last year on her meager salary but now the tuition for her son and daughter was about to come due. Both of them were strong students and well on their way to getting full ride scholarships but if they had to get transferred to the local public school all of that could be gone. Not to mention the gangs and d**gs in the poor neighborhood they lived in. She could only imagine her teenage k**s placed in the middle of that. Just the thought of little Cindy around the hood rats and while Justin was older and very athletic what if he started wanting to be a gangster type to get along.Jean had been desperate to find a second job to make some money. It was this need that led her to be a waitress at a local gentlemen’s club. It was a real eye opener when she worked her first night. First there were the dancers who were nearly young enough to be her daughter. Then there were the men who would cop a feel on her but the most shocking was at the end of the night when one customer offered her a big tip for a blow job out in the parking lot. She settled for her normal trips.This was routine that her life fell into and after a couple of months she concluded that what she was making would not be enough. She had less than a month and she still needed another $3,000. She asked the other waitress if she had ever earned one of the big tips.”Yes I have. Why?” Asked Trudy who like Jean was too old to strip.”I really need to make some money! How much do they tip?” She asked shyly.”Most of them will go about a hundred and maybe two if you take them to a hotel.” She said as she smiled.Jean realized she would have to do thirty blow jobs and even if she was willing there was not near enough time. She hung her head and tried not to cry. Trudy just shook her head and walked off.Jean was trying to resign herself to taking the big step to giving nightly blow jobs when someone tapped her on the shoulder. It was Jasmine who was a sexy woman just old enough to be in bar dancing and in fact was the only dancer who could not be served alcohol.”Jean, do you need to make some extra money?” She asked as her eyes sparkled.”Yeah, I have to pay my k**s tuition or else they will be kicked out of school. I guess I will have to start…” She started to say sucking the customers when Jasmine put a finger to her lips.”That is a nasty way to make money. If you are willing to put out for cash I know a better way.” Jasmine said with slight smile.”So what is your way?” Jean asked.”I know a woman that does amateur porn videos. I have done a couple and she pays really well.” Jasmine said as she took Jean’s hand.That bostancı escort conversation led to an interview with Paula. Paula was in her late fifties and like Jasmine said was successful at making porn videos that specialized in everyday people as the stars. The interview was relatively short and ended with Jean posing nude. Jean left the interview unsure if anything would come of it. She was just getting to the club and had made up her mind that tonight she would accept special tips when her cell phone rang. It was Paula.”Hi Jean?” She asked.”Yes, this is Jean.” She answered.”Good! I think we could use you this Saturday in a video. It will be you and two men. Would that be acceptable?” Asked the older woman.”Can I ask how much I will be paid? I really need the money!” Jean asked and prepared herself to be disappointed.”For this scene we will pay you $2,000.” She answered.”Oh…I guess that will be ok.” Jean answered with some obvious disappointment.”Are you sure that acceptable? I really need my performers to be enthusiastic! Perhaps this is not for you.” Paula replied and her reply left no doubt that she was starting to have second thoughts.”No I really want the part and I will be enthusiastic! I was just hoping I could get three since that is what I need to pay the tuition.” Jean said hoping that Paula would understand.Paula remained silent for a few minutes but then sighed.”Ok I have a story that I have wanted to do for a while but I need just the right woman to be the main character. I need you to actually get into character. You will have to be able to do some impromptu with the other performers. Can you do that?” Paula asked.”Yes I can do that!” Jean said with enthusiasm.”Ok and the other thing is you will have to get fucked in your ass. Can you take a big cock in your butt?” Paula asked.”Yes! I can take it in the ass!” Jean said even though she had never been fucked anally. “Ok you will get three and a $1,000 bonus if the scene is really hot. If you do not pull it off you get just the two. Is that acceptable?” Paula asked.“That would fantastic! I promise I will do my best.” Jean replied as she hung up the phone but then realized she had never had anal sex let alone had two men at the same time.Jean pulled Jasmine aside that night and explained what she had committed to doing. Jasmine told her to come home with her that night. Jean was actually surprised at just how nice Jasmine’s apartment was when they arrived.”So you have never been fucked in the ass?” Jasmine asked as they sat on the couch.”No, have you?” Jean asked.”Yeah…actually I kind of like it now. The big thing is to relax. The more you relax the easier it is for the guy. Also rub your clit when he is in you and you will really get hot. One other thing that helps is to get use to something in your ass. That is why I asked you over. Let me give you something.” Jasmine said as she went into what Jean assumed was her bedroom.When she returned she had a flesh colored device and a tube of lube.”This a butt plug. Try fatih escort pushing it in your ass and then masturbate. Then leave it up your ass and just go about your business. It will help your asshole to relax and get use to something in it.” She said as she handed the items to Jean.”I don’t know if I can do this?” Jean said looking at the anal toy.”Would you like me to help you?” Jasmine asked with a curious smile.”I’m not too sure about this…” Jean said as her stomach churned.”Come on get naked and I will show you. Let me get something else.” Jasmine said excitedly as she dashed again to the bedroom.She returned with a second butt plug and vibrator. She started to slip out of her clothes. Jean gave in and also began to strip. As she removed her bra she found Jasmine looking at her and licking her lips.”Wow you have a beautiful body! I see why Paula wants you in one of her videos.” She said.Jean had seen Jasmine nude often at the club but somehow in the apartment it all felt so much more erotic.”So how do we do this?” Jean asked.”It helps if you are turned on a little. Sit down on the couch and let me help you.” Jasmine said.Jean watched as the young woman began to lightly rub the vibrator on her nipples and raised it to Jean lips. The light vibration felt so erotic. Jean could feel her pussy begin to moisten. The Jasmine ran the toy over her own nipples and then put in her mouth and let slide in and out. She then put in front of Jean and she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the buzzing toy.”You look so sexy.” The younger woman breathed into Jean’s ear and then she began to kiss her neck. Jasmine ran the toy down Jean’s body. Jean spread her legs and watched as the toy was used to rub her pussy. Her hips jerked with pleasure and she heard Jasmine moan with desire. Jean groaned as the vibrator was inserted into her now aroused pussy. Jasmine lowered her mouth to the older woman’s tit. Her tongue came out and slowly bathed the nipple with spit.”Oh god!” Screamed Jean. It had been years since she had sex. Jean had thought she would hate having a woman make love to her but this was so hot!”I think you are ready!” Jasmine said as she gave Jean a quick kiss. “Stick your ass up! I promise you are going to love this!”Jean moved and put her ass up.”Hold you cheeks apart!” Jasmine said as she moved behind her.Jean did not know what expect but then she felt Jasmine’s tongue lightly lick her asshole. She found it impossible to breathe as her ass was licked. Finally she gasped for air.”It feels good! Doesn’t it!” Jasmine said as she started to squirt lube onto the older woman’s ass.”Oh god!” Was all that Jean could say. Then she felt a finger push up her ass and she screamed which only made her younger sex partner laugh.A few seconds later a second finger joined the first. Jean was expecting some pain but so far it only felt odd. Yes odd but also pleasurable.”Ok now we try the plug. Ready?” Jasmine asked as her fingers left Jean’s ass.Jean grunted as she felt the plastic tip push against bağcılar escort her anal opening. Her fingers gripped at the sofa as the plug pushed in.”That’s right just relax.” Jasmine coxed and then when she saw her friend rectal muscle relax she pushed and watched the toy push deep into her friend.Jean only felt erotic pleasure as her ass was being used for the first time. She again willed her ass to relax.”Push it in!” She screamed and Jasmine shoved the plug into its limit.”How does that feel?” Jasmine asked as she pulled Jean into a sitting position.”Oh fuck! It is so weird but it feels so good!” Jean said she looked at her sexy friend.”Ok now you put mine in me!” Jasmine said as she handed a slightly larger version of the same device to Jean. Jasmine then assumed the position with ass spread open. Jean looked down and thought of how Jasmine had tongued her ass. She bent over until her face was in Jasmine’s sexy ass. Her tongue pushed into her friend’s ass. She thought it would repulsive but instead her mind wanted to pleasure her first female lover any way she could.”That’s it baby eat my ass!” Jasmine grunted.Jean pulled back and looked at her friend’s now relaxed asshole and then she saw the pussy was dripping wet and her clit was swollen. She let her finger slide into her friend’s excited pussy and then she turned and placed her thumb against the asshole.”Fuck Yes! Do it!” Jasmine screamed.Jean pushed her thumb into the girl’s ass and began to pump both. She was amazed at how Jasmine twitched with pleasure at having both holes fingered. She reached over and found the lube and squirted some on the asshole. Then she brought up the plug. Her thumb came out as Jasmine hissed with disappointment. The she pushed the tip of the plug into the open ass.”That’s it! Push in my ass! I am so fucking ready! Do it now!” Jasmine screamed and Jean pushed and watched as the toy slid deep into the girl’s butt in one quick push.Jean continued to finger her friend’s pussy as she twitched and moaned. Then Jasmine sat up and pushed Jean on to her back. Jean watched as Jasmine straddled her face and her pussy was lowered into her mouth. Jean let her tongue slide into the vaginal opening. She could feel Jasmine’s clit rubbing her lower lip and chin as the pussy was ground against her face. Then Jean felt her own clit being sucked between two lips and then a tongue rapidly flicked back and forth on it. It was hard to say which of the two women started cumming first but they both withered as they soaked each other’s face.The two held each other as they exchanged gentle kisses and touches. All the time Jean was aware that her ass was filled with long thick toy. She was also aware how good it felt.”Thank you Jasmine! That was awesome. I’ve never had sex with another woman but this was really sexy!” Jean said as she kissed her friend.”Your welcome and you are very sexy! I usually prefer men for sex but there is just something so sexy about you! I hope you don’t mind me saying it but you are the hottest MILF I have ever known!” Jasmine said as her hand played with Jean’s tits.”Thank you! That is complement coming from you. I think I will be able to handle the anal now. I guess I better get home now. My k**s will be worried about me.” Jean said as decided it was time to go. To be continued…..Please let me know if you like it….

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