A Mother’s View


My name is Roma and I’m a happily married wife and mother of two ,one boy/one girl, coming 53 years of age soon.I’ve got a medium build and height and happily still retain most of my redeeming features, although, in saying that I wish my husband would still notice from time to time!

My sex life with my husband has literally dryed up in the last few years through boredom i suppose, so I have found myself resorting to masturbation to relieve my frustrations, as I have never even been with another man except for my husband.I had even bought some erotic literature to stimulate my imagination but theres nothing like the real thing at the end of the day.

Anyhow, today had been a special day.My oldest son had come home to spend a month here, before heading off to a foreign climate with his work.He had lived away from home now for about six years or so, so it really was a special occasion getting to see so much of him in one go!My son Kenneth had always been my pride & joy, and to be honest since he had left home with his job, the house had not been the same without him.But all that was about to change…

On his first few days back home, Kenneth had been a little quiet and happy to just laze about the house.I myself was just happy to have him around me once again.His father was quite busy with work most of the time, so it was pretty much just him and I with the house to ourselves throughout the day and early evenings.He started to open up a lot more after those first few days and we spent many an afternoon sitting around just chatting about everyday things.This being early June, the weather was getting very warm and our discussions took us to the back of the house on the patio many, many days, soaking up the beautiful sun shining down on us, as we talked.

Kenneth was fairly well built and although 27, looked more like a 21 year old with his cheeky grin.Since he had came home things had been slightly different between us.It was hard to pinpoint anything in particular but I sensed something else that had not been present in our relationship before.I had noticed the way he hugged me now was more “personal” but we had always been pretty touchy/feely anyway so I guess I was reading too much into it.

One particular glorious afternoon, after a few glass’es of wine and beer on the patio, Kenneth had’nt used enough sunscreen and so was suffering with some sunburn early in the evening.Feeling fairly giddy and with my head swaying from the alcohol, I offered to rub on some after-sun cream on his back.

We found ourselves back in the house, in the bathroom with him standing over the sink with his back to me in a pair of shorts, while I started to apply the cream.At first I was smearing it on over his shoulders and then rubbing it in as gently as I could into the rest of his upper back, his back muscles tensioning to my touch.

I suddenly found myself being very turned on by this act and just as suddenly feeling very guilty for thinking this way.Once or twice Kenneth would let a little sigh of contentment out and once again I found myself getting turned on in the obvious pleasure I was giving him.I could’nt understand these strong feelings I was having towards my own son right now!Where had they come from?Had I felt this buzz from him before?Granted, I had noticed the bulge in his pants as we had been talking earlier on the patio but that was only normal female curiousity and the way he had been looking at me recently, but I felt so wrong having lustful thoughts about my own son!!

Maybe it was the alcohol and too much sun, I said to myself as I paused from the task in hand.

“You okay Mom?” Kenneth asked.
“Yeah, fine dear!” I replied instantly.
“For a second there, I could have sworn you sighed” he said.
“Nah sweetie, just a yawn” I lied, innocently.
“Okay Mom, I’ll take your word for it” he smirked back over his shoulder.

My hands now swept across the bottom of his back, the thought of my own sons body in front of me tormenting my mind.These guilty feelings and the wine & beer were definitley what was making me feel so damned horny, but it was all innocent, right?

Taking some more cream from the dispenser, my hands where now rubbing the very bottom of his back, my fingers slipping under the hem of his shorts, momentarily touching the top of his buttocks.Carelessly, without thinking about it, my hands encircled the hem of his shorts to his stomach.It felt good!I knew by the way Kenneth was now standing he was trying to hide his growing stiffness, which secretly made me smile to myself.

For something so forbidden this felt so natural to me, like so wrong but yet so right!Anyway, it was time to stop this little game.

“Mom, why you stopping now?” Kenneth asked.”I want you to go on, ii..if you want to that is” he blurted out.

Kenneth turned & stood facing me, his obvious erection almost pointing at me through his shorts.Gathering my breath, I found myself looking, drawn to its outline not for the first time that day.Feeling a stirring inside me, I turned to leave the bathroom bakırköy escort but found that I could’nt, my head a little light from the booze and these terrible thoughts.

“This is wrong Kenneth, what you’re suggesting, I mean” I stuttered as I made an attempt to leave.
“I know you were into that as much as I was Mom” he said, as I caught him looking at my boobs, I could even feel my nipples spark with electricity.I also was beginning to feel a slight dampness start in my knickers with that slight buzz from my probably now swelling cunt.Cunt?I had never thought such a more despicable description of my vagina in my life but now I was feeling something, something dirty, I had never felt before.

With that, he turned his back to me again and stood over the sink, his hands resting on the sides of the sink, his face to the bathroom mirror over the sink.My head was telling me to get out, go, this is wrong, but the throbbing from between my legs was becoming overpowering.Without hesitation, I approached Kenneth and after getting some more cream from the tube, I wrapped my hands around his stomach and started releasing the buttons on his shorts one by one, slowly slipping them down his thighs.

My right hand moved downwards through his pubic hair until I stopped at the base of his dick.Semi-hard, I felt it jump as my thumb and forefinger wrapped around its girth at the base, God I was so turned on and buzzing!Slowly my fingers glided up the shaft and I gently pulled back his foreskin.With a slight whimper he then guided my other hand to his balls and I started to rub them both with my fingers, gently kneading them in rythym.I could feel myself getting so horny, here I was playing with my only sons dick and balls…and liking the feeling!

His breathing was heavy and I pressed my tits into his back while stroking his now fully erect cock.This was something I had never dreamt of ever happening, wanking my eldest son, never mind another man but it felt very motherly and it was’nt as if I was being unfaithful!Oh how I tried to warrant my actions, but I dizzily realised this was something very powerful and highly erotic.

“Does that feel good?” I asked.”Is it nice?” I further questioned, wanting to get his approval.

“Awgghh, Mom that’s sooo…good”” he groaned breathlessly.

I was now using slow & long strokes and then quickening up with slightly faster strokes, drawing him to the climax of cumming, and then easing off again, taking time to play with his balls.By this stage, my feelings of guilt had almost entirely left me and I was being overtook with lust for my son!Kenneth was now at a stage of sexual peak, I knew this at his cocks jerking of its own accord whilst playing with it.

“Do you want me to finish it off, Kenneth?” I queried softly.

“Mmm….Mom, I want to be WITH you when I cum” Kenneth replied.
“What do you mean?” I whispered in his ear.
“I’d like us to be in bed together…naked and…cumming together” Kenneth offered.

I paused from my “task in hand” and moved back in astonishment.

Pulling his shorts up , he turned to me, my handjob unsuccessful it would seem, and put his hands on my shoulders.For one long moment, I stared back into his gaze, confused, yet seeing what he was seeing, this lust, this forbidden act of love, these filthy thoughts…

“Mom, I want to be WITH you” he smiled back.Guilt slowly sunk in again.

“Well, what are we talking about here?This has already gone far enough Kenneth, I feel so bad already about whats happened today…i just don’t know where we go from here…” I gave back to him.

My head swooned from the heat and intensity of this situation and I decided that this had gone too far.The dampness of my knickers told a very different story though, I felt myself getting more flushed by the second, as happens with ladies my age!!This though was no ordinary, post menstrual, sleepless night flush.No, this was something I had not experienced in many years, possibly ever!

My entire body was crying out for some attention as it had been over three months since my last sexual encounter with my husband, which lasted all of four minutes…besides, I now was that used to self gratification that this was something new and very much improved…….but wrong, and no matter how I felt, it would have to have its limits.

I paused myself for a second and then spoke, Kenneth standing there, silent & waiting on my words.

“Kenneth darling, this is a difficult situation, for both of us.We’re caught up in something here that’s already gone too far.I love you my dearest darling son and I’m afraid to admit I’m standing here thinking of you in a very sexual way, but this whole thing has to have its limits, okay honey?” I offered him.

“Well, like what?” he retorted unhappily…

With that I cut him off, turned and walked out of the bathroom and into my bedroom to gather myself.Standing with my back to the door I caught my breath & quickly realised I should change my clothes at the very least, beşiktaş escort as my knickers were now unpleasantly damp from all the excitement.

Removing firstly my top, my nipples were instantly erect in the cool evening air in my room.Quickly sliding my panties down my legs, I momentarily caught sight of myself in the full length mirror.I admired my body for a few seconds, rubbing my hands up and over my bare breasts, caressing my hardened nipples with the tips of my fingers and even brushing past my dark bush of pubic hair.It was nice to know that someone found me sexually attractive after all these years, even though it was my son, but it still felt like a great compliment, as I touched myself.Oh my, was I gonna get busy with myself later on in bed I smiled to myself!

Coming back to reality, I pulled on a fresh pair of panties and an old well-worn shirt of my husbands to cover my now flushed and turned-on body.I jumped, as a knock came to the door.The door handle turned and Kenneth stood in the door frame looking very empowering.

“Whats happening here Mom?” Kenneth asked of me, his hands on his hips.
Grinning, he said “You can’t take a guy to a place like in there and then walk away from it!” his hands motioning back to the bathroom.

I blanked completely.
“I’mmm…sorry..Kenneth” i stuttered.

Standing there with my cleavage exposed just a little and my nipples clearly pushing at the thinning material of the shirt, Kenneth had approached me and put his arms around me in a tight, close hug.I did’nt push him away.

“I love you Mom, I want to us to have something special, before i go away soon.I think you are the most beautiful, voluptous and sexy woman I have ever known and for years I guess…..well that i’ve secretly wanted to fuck you.You turn me on so much, its scary” he offered, almost apologetically.

I melted in his arms at that very moment and gave into my craving.

“Okay, my love.This is for you and me and can only ever happen tonight.We must agree that this can never happen or be spoken of again.Okay?” I asked as I looked into his eyes.

He nodded in agreement and gave me one of those flashy grins of his, lightening the moment.

Taking his arms from around my neck, he stepped back and almost instantly pulled his shorts down over his legs, his already semi-erect member springing from his shorts with ease.

It was the first time I had seen his cock in this state of manhood.I was pleasantly surprised by its thickness and the ample shaft of his penis as the tip was now also exposed, purple and shiny in the bedroom evening light.I reckoned to myself, there was about 6-7 inches of hard-on on view to take in, literally!

My head & my heart were beating a mile a minute and I felt the blood flow once again to my now slightly aching nipples & pussy.Tearing myself away from staring at his dick, I unbuttoned the remaining buttons on the shirt and turned and sat on the end of the bed, offering myself to him.

“Come here darling” I motioned to Kenneth, feeling slightly awkward at this intimate moment.
He moved to the bed and sat beside me, his cock still maintaining that wonderous erection.I pulled him to me and I drew back the shirt from one of my shoulders and down my arm, revealing my right breast to his gaze.He came forward and started to tenderly kiss my shoulders and neck, as a shiver ran down my spine.

My thoughts quickly returned to his manhood, & I reached down and took a hold of his cock and delicately started to run my fingers & thumb up and down its length, brushing the tip, resulting in a slight moan coming from Kenneths lips.His scrotum was smooth and tightened against him as I gave his cock longer strokes of pleasure.

His hand now cupped my breast and squeezed firmly on it, his thumb lightly grazing against my nipple sending shockwaves through me.He moved the shirt off my other shoulder, my tits now fully exposed to his sight & touch.Gently, he pushed me back onto the bed and moved over me, slowly kissing and licking my shoulders before moving downwards to my breasts, circling & gently sucking my rock hard nipples with his tongue.

Removing the shirt entirely, my body cried out in ecstasy at his touch.His hand moved down over my stomach and into the tops of my knickers, as I felt my legs go weak and my pussy cry out in anticipation.I dug my fingers into his shoulders as his fingertips glided down my knickers & through my pubic hair, his index and forefinger sliding down my oily crack sending me into orbit with lust.I bit my lower lip as his fingers ran slowly up and down over my pussy lips, feeling myself open up to this even more.

Licking and stroking my breasts, he moved slowly southwards, planting a thousand tiny kiss’es upon my little pot-bellied stomach and pausing, before roughly teasing my panties down the sides of my thighs with his hands.How his eyes widened at his first glimpse of my bush as the material revealed its forbidden secret.

I closed & moved my legs upwards as beylikdüzü escort he drew them down past my knees and eventually my ankles and feet, before they were discarded on the floor.Moving back a little more on the bed, I opened my legs to him again, giving him a view of my engorged and inviting cunt, waiting for his attention.He stared lustfully at the sight before him, almost salivating.

By this stage, all my inhibitions and principles had gone, straight out the window!Now, I was only aching for my own sexual pleasure, and the feeling of a moment of sheer bliss with someone that I loved and cared for very deeply.

“Mmmmm…oh God!” I gasped as he went down on me, firstly probing my aching pussy using the length of his tongue, moving it softly over and between my sopping gash.He darted it in and out of the entrance to my cunt, then continued circling and lapping again…my head swooned in the moment.Kenneth also began flicking his tongue over my outer lips, softly kissing my clitoris, sending me into heaven.

I felt myself building to a point of cumming, my body tensing and muscles contracting all at once, groans of bliss escaped my mouth as I readied myself for orgasm.

“Ohhh..oh yes, Kenneth…my baby” I moaned softly as the first waves of delight washed over my entire body.As an incentive to my obvious verbal pleasures, Kenneth used even firmer tongue strokes on me, as I felt the ultimate release of orgasm explode & fill me with utter ecstasy, pushing his head deeper into my cunt as my body jerked uncontrollably with pleasure.Juices ran from my swollen gash as Kenneth continued to explore me with his tongue, lapping up my sweetness with gusto as my back arched and my legs opened further still for him.My body finally gave in after a few minutes and relaxed in a contented manner on the bed, my pussy feeling very hot and wet between my legs.

Kenneth looked up at me and smiled, as I reached down & softly touched his face in appreciation.My breathing had become more shallow and normal again as he kissed my hand, but I was already at the stage of getting severely turned on again, even at his lightest touch or caress.

I no longer saw my son, but my lover in my eyes.

Kenneth started to move up my body, our eyes locked on each other, as he worked his way up my stomach and then feeling his chest rubbing slowly over my breasts, he was facing me from above, his cock brushing against the sides of my thighs as he came up.

I could now feel his manhood nuzzle against my swollen cunt, as he looked at me for some form of acceptance.

“Put it inside me, my lover.I want you inside me” I whimpered as I felt sparks fly from my hungry pussy.

He moved & steadied himself above me and slowly eased his cock the full length of my gash, his shiny purple helmet appearing in my line of sight at the base of my pubic triangle.He clearly enjoyed threatening to enter me but holding back at the same time.Kenneth repeated this action a few times making me bite my bottom lip with passion, I was on fire and wanted him to dampen the flames with his throbbing cock shortly!

I postioned my legs around him as tight as i could and with my hand, guided the tip of his dick into my pulsating gash.He grunted over me, as inch by inch, he entered me, slipping his cock into me gently.His rod moved deeper inside me as I welcomed it, giving myself completely to him.As he took his first long thrust, I saw his face contort with pleasure and that was an even bigger turn on for me as I watched his facial expression change with each stroke.

Building up, he was now taking faster, more shallow strokes and then slowing off, only to almost pull out all together as he made it slow and deep once again.

“Ohh…yeah,…..fuck me, thats good.Ooooo…” I cried as he kept up a steady rythym on my cunt.

Sweat covered our naked bodies, as he pounded away at my pussy.Groans and sighs of pleasure filled the room as I found myself massaging my own breasts, and playing & tweaking my nipples as he gradually was coming to orgasm.My moans and cries were now approaching fever-pitch as I tightened myself on him, taking him to the edge of his & my climax, his balls beating against my ass in time with his thrusts.I held him close to me, our bodies melting into sweaty gasps, as my body took his every inch deep into me.

My body moved and rocked in time with his every stroke, culminating in my second orgasm of the evening, more intense and satisfying than the previous one.Feeling myself arching, I clenched my hips and had felt goosebumps all over my naked flesh as my floodgates opened again.

“Auuggh..Mom,….I’m gonna cum” he spat out, as I felt his cock twitch inside me, his manhood still pumping away.

“Baby, I love you, I…want you…forever” I groaned, as waves of orgasm spilled over my body.

“I..I love…you too Mom” he cried back at me, as he pulled his throbbing cock from my slippery, tingling gash and raised himself above me.

Looking down my quivering body, I saw his cock violently spurt cum up my belly in frequent powerful bursts as he threw his head back in pleasure.I stared at his dick, still twitching and shooting cum all over my stomach and bush, eventually using my hand, taking it and squeezing the last few drops from his delicate purple glans, as it nestled on my messy pubic mound.

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