A New Life: Extended Ch. 02


Hannah stretched as she woke up. It took her a minute to recognize that she was in her granddaughter’s bedroom. She smiled. She felt great. She had slept like a log.

As she sat up in bed she realized she was naked. Memories of yesterday came flooding back. She had had sex with her son and his family. Both Paul and Tim had fucked her. She had her first orgasm ever and more after that. And, she quickly realized, she was ready for more. Just thinking about what might happen today started getting her mature pussy wet.

She quickly got up and, feeling both wicked and free at the same time, walked naked into the hall. The house was quiet. As she headed to the bathroom she went past her grandson Tim’s room. The door was open and she could see Tim and his sister, Lydia, spooning together in their sleep. Tim’s hand was draped over his sister, cupping her naked breast.

Next she peeked in on Paul and Mary. They, too, lay naked together in bed. Mary was half draped over Paul, her pink pussy, which was plainly visible, still showed signs of dried cum from the fucking she had gotten the night before.

Hannah made her way to the bathroom, took care of her morning needs, and slipped into the shower to clean up. She had just gotten started soaping herself up when the shower door opened and Paul stepped in.

“Here, mom, let me do that for you,” he said as he took the soap from her hand.

Slowly he caressed his mother’s body as he spread the lather over her. He felt her nipples harden as his hands passed over them. He cupped her breasts, lifting them in his hands, causing her to moan. He slipped a hand between her legs, cupping her mound as he pulled her butt back into his hard cock. Gently he buried a finger in her dripping pussy hole, marveling at how hot and wet she was already.

“Mmmmmm, Paul. That is so nice,” she cooed. “Your hands feel wonderful wandering all over my naked body. … I’m get so hot, honey.” Suddenly she turned and faced her son, looking up into his excited face as she reached for his thick rod. Stroking it, she continued, “Fuck me, Paul. I need your big, hard cock fucking my hot pussy. Your mother wants you to fuck her good and pump your creamy sperm deep into her incestuous cunt. Will you do that, Paul? Will you fuck me and fuck me until I cum and cum?”

Hearing his mother beg him to fuck her sent Paul’s lust soaring. He quickly turned her around and pushed her down until she was bent over, holding the wall, her ass sticking out. He shifted her legs apart a little, grabbed his cock in his hand, and guided it to the wet folds of her hairy pussy. With one shove he buried his thick shaft inside her willing cunt.

Hannah gasped as she felt her son’s cockhead bang into her cervix. “Oh yes, Paul! Fuck me,” she cried, as she pushed her ass back against his groin. “I love the feel of your big cock in my horny pussy. Fuck me hard, son. I still can’t believe what I’ve been missing for all those years. Don’t stop! Just keep on fucking me. Ooohhhh, yyyeeesss!”

Paul pounded into his mother’s hot pussy again and again. He loved the way her vaginal muscles rippled around his cock. Taking her ass cheeks in his hands, he spread them wide so he could watch his cockmeat sink into her stretched pussy hole.

Noticing the way her asshole flexed as she fucked back onto him, Paul had an idea. Using the soap lather from Hannah’s body, he began to work one of his fingers into her ass.

“Oooooo, Paul. What are you doing? That feels so weird!” she moaned, as she felt his finger push deeper and deeper into her butt. “That is nasty, Paul. … Mmmmmm! … And I think I love it nasty.” She squirmed, pushing her ass back, taking more of his finger into her bowels.

Paul smiled. His mother was becoming one hot fuck-slut. He was amazed how easily she took to this new life. It was wonderful. He continued to double fuck her with his cock and finger for several minutes. Then when she was relaxed and well lubricated, he pulled his hard cock out of her pussy, re-centered it at her asshole, and pushed.

“Oh shit, Paul.” Hannah gasped. “Are you crazy? You can’t do that. It’s too big.”

“Just relax, mom.” Paul responded, as he sank another inch into her ass. “It will be OK. It may hurt a little at first but once you get used to it you’ll love it. Mary and Lydia take it up the butt all the time.”

“Paul, please pull it out. It hurts.” Hannah cried, squirming to get away from his invading rod. “Stick it back in my hot pussy and fuck me right.”

Paul grabbed his mother’s hips tightly and worked even more of his cock into her hot ass. “Just relax, mom. Go with it. Just try.”

Hannah groaned as she realized Paul wasn’t going to stop until he had fucked her up the ass. She concentrated on relaxing her anal muscles and it did seem to help. And then he was all the way in. She felt so full, stuffed full of hard cock.

Paul paused with his cock buried in his mother’s asshole, allowing her to get used to it. Then, slowly, he began to work his shaft in and out; bakırköy escort just short jabs at first, then longer and harder, until he was fucking her with the full length of his cock.

As Hannah adjusted to the feel of her son’s cock up her ass, the pain faded and soon pleasure took it’s place. She began to push back, helping Paul fuck her. “Oooooo, Paul. You’re right. It doesn’t hurt anymore. In fact it feels pretty good. … Oh, fuck. Do it, Paul. Fuck my ass. Oh, shit.”

Hearing his mother urge him on, Paul began to fuck her ass harder, until her butt cheeks shook with the force of his belly slapping against them. He reached around and strummed her clit with his fingers. Hannah went wild.

“Oh, yes! … Oh, shit. Fuck me! … Finger my hot pussy and fuck my nasty ass. … Oh, Paul, I love what you do to me. Everything you do makes me feel so good. … Fuck your mother, Paul. Fuck my mouth, my pussy, my ass. I don’t care where, just as long as you fuck me.”

Paul was quickly climbing to a climax. Listening to his mother tell him to fuck all of her holes was driving him wild. The heat from her ass was burning his cock.

“Fuck, mom,” he cried, as he pounded her asshole. “Your ass is so tight, so hot. I can’t hold out much longer. I’m going to cum. I’m going to shoot my hot seed right up your ass. … Oh, shit! Here it ccccuuuummmmsssss!”

Hannah felt her son’s cock buck inside her asshole as it sent a stream of thick, hot juice searing into her bowels. It triggered her own orgasm. “Yyyyyeeeessss! Cum in my ass. Fill your mother’s hot ass with your incestuous seed. … I’m ccccuuuuummmmmiiinnngggg!”

As mother and son came down from their climaxes, they slumped to floor of the shower. The warm water washed down over their bodies. They sat there for a moment gazing lovingly at each other. Slowly Hannah leaned over and gave Paul a kiss. “I love you,” she said. “I love you, too, mom.” he replied. And with that they got up, dried off, and headed for the kitchen to get some breakfast.

When they entered the kitchen, they found Mary sitting back on the kitchen table, her legs spread wide as Tim slowly pumped his thick shaft in and out of her bald pussy.

“Good morning, Hannah,” she said, in a voice thick with lust. “I hope you and Paul had a good shower together.”

“Oh, yes,” Hannah replied, as she hugged her son close and watched Tim’s slick cock disappear into his mother’s body. She was fascinated by the view of Mary’s wide-stretched pussy lips as they were pushed in and pulled out with each stroke of his big cock. It looked so hot. She decided right then and there to shave her pubic hair as well. “Paul showed me how wonderful getting fucked up the ass could be.”

“Wow, great.” Mary responded, although it was getting harder and harder to concentrate on anything other than the tingling sensations her son’s fucking was sending throughout her being. “I guess you are now a full-fledged Bursman incestuous fuck-slut: fucked in all three holes by your loving family.”

Hannah smiled. It was true. She had been fucked in all of her hot holes. She had taken her son’s incestuous sperm in her pussy and in her ass. And her grandson had filled her mouth and cunt with his hot, incestuous seed. And they could do it again, anytime they wanted, in any hole they wanted. She was a Bursman incestuous fuck-slut, just like Mary and Lydia. And damn proud of it. All that remained was to get her husband, Sam, to join the family incest circle.

“Oh shit, honey,” Mary’s voice broke into Hannah’s thoughts. “You are driving me wild. Keep fucking my pussy. Mommy’s almost there. Cum with me, Tim. Fill mommy’s hot incestuous twat with your incestuous boy-cum. Oh, fuck! I’mmmmmm ccccuuummmmmmiiiinnnnngggg!”

By now Tim was pounding his hard cock into his mother’s wet cunt as fast as he could. He was using his hands to push her legs back wide, opening her fuck-hole fully to his assault. His shaft glistened with her pussy juice as it pistoned in and out of her puffy red slot.

“Fuck, mom. Your pussy is so hot. I can feel your cunt muscles milking my cock. Shit, I’m going to cum. I’m going to fill your hungry twat with my incestuous sperm. Oooohhhh, ccccuuummmmiiinnnnggg!”

His cock expanded and jerked as he sent stream after stream of thick cock cream deep into his mother’s womb. Mary groaned and shook as she felt her son’s hot seed fill her overheated cunt. Slowly they came down from their mutual climaxes. Tim sat down in one of the kitchen chairs, while Mary let her legs dangle over the edge of the table, her well-fucked pussy visibly leaking cum onto the floor.

“That was beautiful,” Hannah said in awe, as she gently stroked Paul revived hardon. “I can’t believe I used to think this was all so horrible. No more. … Mary, will you help me shave my pussy? I loved watching Tim’s cock move in your bald cunt; the way the lips stretched around his thick shaft. I want to see the same thing in my pussy.”

“Sure, Hannah.” Mary said, getting beşiktaş escort up. “Let’s go do it right now. You’ll find that a smooth shaved pussy is much more fun eating as well.”

“Good.” Lydia said, standing in the doorway with her fingers buried in her twat.

“Oh. Good morning, honey. We didn’t know you were up.” Paul said, looking at his daughter as she masturbated in front of them.

“I got here in time to see Tim cum in mom’s cunt. It made me soooo hot. Mom, you go and help shave grandma’s hairy pussy. I’ll keep the guys busy until you get back.”

As Mary and Hannah left, they looked back in time to see Lydia bend over and take her brother’s shriveled cock in her mouth. Paul moved behind her and slid his hard cock into his daughter’s wet and open pussy. They could hear the lust-filled moans and groans all the way to the bathroom.

Paul spent the day working on his sermon for the Sunday service. He wanted to be done before his father arrived. If everything worked out according to plan he would be too busy fucking with his family on Saturday to do much of anything else.

Tim and Lydia headed to classes for the day. But they both found it hard to concentrate on their studies as they eagerly anticipated the evening’s activities.

After Mary helped Hannah shave her pubic hair off, they worked together cleaning the house and preparing for Sam’s arrival. They were all hoping and praying that Sam would be willing to join their incestuous circle.

Sam did not arrive until almost 7:30 PM. When he knocked, Mary answered the door. She greeted him, “Hi, Sam. Come on in.”

He nervously entered, half expecting to find his wife and son standing there ready to lay into him because of his pornography. He was surprised to see that Mary seemed to be home alone.

“Come in and sit down.” Mary invited. “Paul and Hannah are over at his office right now; and the kids are at the library studying. We weren’t sure what time you would be arriving so I stayed here, waiting for you.”

As Sam sat down in a chair he noticed his magazines sitting on the coffee table. He blushed a deep red, embarrassed at being caught with them.

Mary followed his gaze and smiled. She sat down on the couch and picked up the top magazine. It was a voyeur magazine that showed pictures looking up women’s skirts and down their blouses. She began to leaf through it. “Do you really get turned on by this stuff?” she asked. As she spoke she leaned back and let her legs open just a little.

Sam was confused. Mary seemed so nonchalant about the whole situation. Then he suddenly realized that he could see part way up her skirt. He had never known her to wear anything but long skirts that went well below her knees. Yet this one stopped well above them. And the way her legs were open he could see up the inside of her smooth thighs. It was almost as if she wanted him to look. His mouth suddenly became very dry.

Mary looked up at her father-in-law when he didn’t answer her question. She caught him looking at her legs, and smiled again. Leaning forward, she put the magazine back on the table. The action allowed her to open her legs a little more. She was sure he couldn’t see all the way up to her crotch yet, but he was sure getting an eyeful of her shapely legs.

“From what Hannah has said you and she haven’t had much of a sex life, have you?” Mary asked, as she sat up straight, giving Sam an even better view up her skirt.

“Uh, … No, not really.” Sam hesitantly answered. If his daughter-in-law would spread her legs just a little more, he thought, he was sure he would be able to see the crotch of her panties. Tearing his eyes away from her legs and up to her face, he said, “Hannah has always been dead set against anything of a sexual nature.”

“Do you know why?” Mary asked.

“She says it is against God’s will,” he replied, letting his eyes drop to her bare legs again for a second.

“You didn’t know she had been raped, did you?”

“What??!!” Sam almost shouted, as he jerked his head up. “When? … Where? … By Whom?”

Mary could tell that Sam was truly concerned about his wife. As she watched the conflicting emotions flow across his face she realized he really did love Hannah, in spite of their sexless marriage. She told him what Hannah had related about her first date in high school.

“Why didn’t she tell me?” he asked, incredulously.

“She was afraid,” Mary said simply. “She was afraid you wouldn’t love her … would refuse to marry her … would hate her for what happened. She also hoped sex would be better with you. But then I guess things went pretty bad on your wedding night. The memories of her rape came flooding back and it was easier for her to just shut sex and the pain she associated with it out of her life in the name of religion.”

Memories of their wedding night flashed in Sam’s head, causing him to bury his head in his hands. “Yeah, our wedding night was a real bust. I was too eager and too new at it. beylikdüzü escort I was a virgin, you know. I really didn’t know what I was doing. I guess I really hurt her and used her to get my own satisfaction. But I didn’t know about the other, I swear. Maybe if I did, it would have been different.” He sighed. “I just don’t know.”

While Sam was talking Mary spread her legs farther apart. Now if he looked, he would be able to see all the way up her skirt to her crotch. He would know that she was not wearing any panties. Her bald pussy was plainly visible for him to see.

“Paul has been working with Hannah to help her get over her fear of sex.” she told Sam. “She is much more open about it now. She is learning to express herself sexually and enjoy it.”

“You’re kidding,” Sam replied, looking up in surprise. And just that quickly he got an eyeful of his daughter-in-law’s naked pussy. He could feel his cock begin to swell in his pants. “Wha … What is going on here?”

“Sam, do you love Hannah? Do you want a healthy, loving sex life with your wife?” Mary asked, knowing she would have to work fast to convince him to go ahead or they might lose their opportunity. “Or do you just want to look at magazines?” She held one up to emphasize her point.

Sam sputtered. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Mary’s naked twat. It had been years since he had seen anything but pictures. And now, suddenly, here was his daughter-in-law, with her legs spread wide, letting him see her bald pussy in all of it’s glory. It was, … well it was beautiful, he thought. His cock continued to grow and harden.

“Sam, do you want a healthy, loving sex life with your wife?” Mary asked again.

“Uh … Yes, I guess so.” Sam was obviously confused. He was having a hard time concentrating, what with Mary’s wet pussy so blatantly exposed to his gaze. “It … it’s just that I had given up hope of ever having sex again. But … but, yes! Yes, of course. I want a sex life with Hannah, if she is willing.”

“Are you willing to do whatever it takes to help her get over her past and experience an enjoyable sex life with you?”

Sam couldn’t take his eyes off of Mary’s exposed vagina. “Whatever it takes? … Yeah, I guess so.” He finally looked up. “What are you taking about … whatever it takes?”

“Sam, if you want Hannah to learn to enjoy sex, you have to learn how to help her achieve that enjoyment. You can’t just stick your cock in her and get your rocks off. That would only hurt her again and she doesn’t need any more pain.”

Sam gasped at his daughter-in-law’s words. He had never heard her use that kind of language before. “What is going on here?” he asked again, suspiciously.

“I told you,” Mary replied. “Paul is helping Hannah learn to enjoy sex. We all are: Paul, Tim, Lydia, and me. But if you and she are going to overcome this problem in your marriage, you will have to learn to give her pleasure, too. Are you willing to do that?”

Sam was even more confused. “What do you mean you have been helping Hannah learn to enjoy sex? How? What’s been going on around here?” And then as the implications of Mary’s words sank in, “I don’t believe you. Hannah couldn’t change that quickly. There is something fishy going on here.”

Mary knew she needed help. “Here, I’ll let you talk to her.” she said, getting up and getting the phone. She quickly dialed Paul’s office number. “Hi, Paul. Mary. I have Sam here and he doesn’t believe what I’ve been telling him about Hannah. Could you put her on and let her talk to him. … Ok, just a minute.” She handed the phone to Sam.

“Sam? Honey?”


“Sam, just listen for a few minutes. I was really hurt when I found your porn magazines. I didn’t know what to do. Thank goodness I turned to Paul. He helped me see how wrong I was to blame all men for what had happened to me in high school. … I’m so sorry, Sam. I should have gotten help a long time ago. … I should have told you all about it. … I was just so scared. … But now it’s different. Paul has helped me see that.” Sam could hear the strain in his wife’s voice, and his heart went out to her.

“Hannah, it’s OK. I wish I had known. Maybe we could have worked things out much sooner. I don’t know. But where do we go from here? And what is Mary talking about … Paul helping you learn to enjoy sex?”

“Oh, Sam, it’s true.” Hannah said, excitedly. “I almost can’t believe it myself. But it’s true. Sex can be so wonderful. And Paul has shown me just how wonderful it can be. My own son has taught me the true joys of sex.”

She wondered what Sam would say if he knew that while they were talking she was laying on Paul’s desk with her skirt up around her waist, her legs wrapped around her son as he slowly slid his hard cock in and out of her freshly shaved cunt.

“And, Sam. I want to experience those joys with you. I want our marriage to be what it really should be. I want to make love to you, and I want you to make love to me. … But, I’m a little afraid, Sam. I don’t want to be hurt again.”

Sam’s head was swimming as he listened to his wife talk excitedly about having sex with him. He never dreamed he would ever hear her say such things. He didn’t know what was going on here, yet. But whatever it was, his wife definitely sounded like a changed woman.

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