A nice downblouse and other :-P


A nice downblouse and other :-Phttp://xhamster.com/videos/downblouse-3810374 http://xhamster.com/videos/downblouse-3680142 http://xhamster.com/videos/jess-west-2434041 http://xhamster.com/videos/jess-west-2519448 very good these videos i too had a nice situation for an accident of this kind, at home, with my sister. It was a summer’s evening, July if i not remember bad :-P, i’m heading toward the lunch-room for the dinner, my sister is sitting at the table, and she wears a tunic for the house, and i see her from behind, and, given that the backrest of the chair was at half, i can see from behind her, and i see her beautiful ass tight inside that tunic, i do not know what kind and size of panties she had because the tunic was of dark color blue blue-night :-P, but anyway her buttocks they sink for well on the chair, and therefore in that moment, also remembering an episode of little time before (recounted in the my previous story 😛 where she was sitting on a chair with the view of she frontal with a fitting tunic with legs nude and white open wide or well spread apart, as you prefer :-P, and bended and with the feet bended above the tiptoes and the calves at balls) i have thought of have really the sister good :-P, not that i not knew before of have the sister hottie 😛 but anyway after that beautiful episode of she sitted with the legs nude and white open wide and bended and with the feet bended on the tiptoes and with the calves at balls, i had started in that period to peek my sister in way substantial :-P, so returning at this moment that i was heading to the table for eat i also think at a my friend, not in common with my sister :-P, that, some days before of this soiree at the table for the dinner that i’m recount, he had told to me “your sister i would to fuck her every days! :-P”, so i, wrapped up in these pleasant thoughts, i sit down and i eat and front of her :-P, and after a bit i notice that her nice tunic of dark color blue blue-night has a bit the neckline wide and a bit loose namely not too rigid :-P, and so i look sometimes toward her 😛 while she, while eating, she had her gaze lowered 😛 and she have next to her a little newspaper from to read :-P, then at a certain point my sister ends of eat, and so she gets up and she is front of me namely she turned toward me 😛 and begins at re-clean a little for to remove from the table the things of she and also for take something from to carry with her in her room :-P, and therefore, during these actions, having always her gaze lowered 😛 and being always turned toward me :-P, she bends forward with the bust for some times i don’t remember well how many times :-P, and so, doing these movements forward with the bust and front me :-P, the neckline of her tunic, gradually, it comes down a bit, and so i also gradually :-P, at each foldless forward of her bust, i throw the my eye istanbul escort there in her neckline a bit loose :-P, and so at the end, after of some these her foldings with her bust toward ahead 😛 maked always with her gaze in low 😛 and always maked front to me :-P, I can to look in her neckline a little loose of her tunic, and so i have could, a little at a time and then entirely, i have see both her very nice tits small and firm (and that then in the future she will them enlarge :-P), and, evidently given that we were in hot season, without the bra, therefore i had calculated well in the to think of to go at to peek her for that very good occasion :-P. Always during that summer, i remember still, there had been another good situation for her tits :-P, an evening, i’m heading at the kitchen, when at the sudden the electric current it was missed :-P, my sister was in the kitchen and i, in the dark, without seeing much :-P, inadvertently with an hand :-P, almost i touch her, or anyway i had brushed her, and right on a boob 😛 (always nice small and firm that then in the future she will them enlarge :-P), then, with the light from external, i see her with an habitual tunic for home, clear (yellow-white cream :-P), and i’ve seen enough well the shape of her tits, i think that my little touch 😛 it have lightly stricken 😛 on the bra’s lace :-P, or, thinking to the beautiful previous and recent episode 😛 while i ate at table :-P, also in that occasion she not had the bra :-P, also because it had seemed to me of to have felt the nipple, in addition to the boob :-P, maybe it was just my “beautiful” imagination 😛 and it was “just” the lace of the bra :-P, but anyway the neckline of that clear tunic (yellow-white cream :-P) was tall and tight :-P, and therefore then, when the light returned, i couldn’t hope in another beautiful downblouse :-P, but anyway i had way of to stay near to her for to do a bit the voyeur for that shape of tits under that clear tunic :-P, and anyway, that “involontary” little touch :-P, while missed the electric current 😛 in the kitchen, on her bust :-P, did in way of to make me to have, little hours after, also thinking, obviously, at the beautiful previous and recent episode while i ate at table that i recounted before :-P, a great and beautiful masturbation :-P. always during that summer i remember the house rented near the sea and an afternoon we were there on the sidewalk under the house with the countryside in front 😛 i, my sister, and the neighbor friend of my sister, my sister and the neighborfriend they had both a short shorts of jeans, i naturally to peek both but i peek especially the legs of my sister :-P, later after that we was returned to our house (i and my sister), after a bit i hear our mother that says, passing from the avcılar escort parts of my sister’s bed, “ah, you put comfortable”, and i, i couldn’t not to find the excuse to go and peek from the parts my sister, and, passing in front of her bed, in effect :-P, she had made herself comfortable because she was extended on the bed (supine :-P) and no had more the short shorts of jeans from under the summer’s t-shirt, and therefore it was a ” exposure” of a nice Pant white of size enough big but anyway nice :-P, and with a bit of the silhouette of her pussy that it seemed me enough big :-P, not that those Pant white it was a bit transparent :-P, i naturally i passed of there in way quite quickly 😛 for not to show me too much 😛 but anyway my sister didn’t seem to give us much importance :-P, but anyway after it was the shower and the dinner and it was the exit because we were in summer holidays and therefore nice swimsuits, legs nude and asses, they was normals :-P, but not it was anyway the atmosphere intim of the house 😛 with an intims stuff :-P, but anyway i was the same glad of to be near my sister because it was already from a bit of time that i was fixated for my sister, like i recounted at beginning of this story namely from that time there that she was sitted on a chair woth frontal view with a fitting tunic with her legs nude and white open wide or well spread apart (as you prefer :-P) and bended and with the feet bended above the tiptoes and the calves at balls :-P, not that i not knew before of have the sister hottie, but before of that time there i didn’t give never too much importance to peek my sister thinking always that she was my sister :-P, i don’t know if i missed some good opportunity in not going at to peek my sister, i remember something type once that i passed in front of our cousin’s room while they changing the stockings 😛 but they were dressed normal (obvious :-P) and with skirts, in the gym with the complete from ballerina namely black body and black pantyhose with ballerinas while i did the voyeur in general for all girls during the dance’s lesson 😛 and anyway i noticed the nice body of my sister with the hips tight and nice fleshy between the black body and the beginning of the collant and so when it were the exercises were to be done from the whole group together, i got right behind my sister and so when it was necessary to bend over the trunk forward while standing i saw amused 😛 her bent ass and every time 😛 and then from the bending of her body sometimes her panties came out that i remember was white with small red balls 😛 and then after these some exits 😛 she touched herself there back for mend herself 😛 because evidently she had noticed that she had gone out a little way out :- P, i sincerelly not i wanted do myself handjobs always thinking that she’s my sister şirinevler escort but anyway i was amused in that occasion :-P, and always with the house rented to the sea in summer (the previous summer to this that i recounted before), nice poses of her for photos, with nice overcoats for sea, with small skirt over bathing suit with, obviously bare legs and bare feet, and low hooves, and she was seated on lawn and in another she was to horse on the bed in front of the poster of a singer that she liked :-P, or while she was sitting at the table outside in the garden reading a book with a nice tunic yellow-white-cream a bit wide 😛 and i wanted to take a picture at her so for to joke 😛 and she got up with the book closed in her hands and said to me “i’m not a philosopher” 😛 while i was shooting the photo :-P, then looking at that photo i obviously noticed the silhouette of her nice body under that tunic yellow-white-cream a bit wide :-P, with, i think, from under the swimsuit and then the bare legs and low hooves and nude feet, and then other photos on the beach with costumes at unique piece, or in bikini between friends females and guys, where she stood out between her friends 😛 thank to her nice face and body :-P, i, reviewing that pics now of course they always make me an enough tough :-P, but, as i said before, in that times there i didn’t give too much attention, being my sister, and an other time always on a summer’s day in the city in our parent’s car after that our parents got out of the car for to go to the supermarket, my sister and i were sat in the back seats and at a certain point she gots up quickly resting her bust on the front seats for to change the radio station, she had an enough thin summer skirt, and bending herself, i have could saw her thighs nude come out and also a bit her panties that i remember was white :-P, while the buttocks did seen and not seen a lot let’s say 😛 but i must tell the truth that panties was a bit skinny and also a bit loose 😛 and so i seen around it, namely between at that it showed in middle of her buttoks, a bit of her fluff :-P, i obviously i pretended to nothing when she returned back sitting on the seat , and subsequently when i thought about this episode i laughed a bit with myself, always thinking that was my sister 😛 but anyway honestly i had did some handjobs thinking at this nice episode, until, then, at to arrive at that time there, of that afternoon at home, as i already said and recounted before but i don’t want to seem repetitive :-P, with her that had that beautiful position sitted on a chair with view of she frontal with a fitting tunic with legs nude and white open wide or well spread apart (as you prefer :-P) and bended and with the feet bended above the tiptoes and the calves at balls and i had really the best erection of my life 😛 i say this without shame :-P. http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/7900638/140422226 http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/7385598/129487224 https://it.xhamster.com/photos/gallery/11032448/237185731 http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/7064591/123180990 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