A night of many firsts…


A night of many firsts…I was never a big hit with the girls in High School and I was a virgin by the time I graduated. Now with living at home and just working I didn’t have a real chance to date. It was the 80’s and I didn’t have a computer yet and when I hit at the age of 18 I was able to go to the Adult bookstores and I was a k** in the candy store. Well I would gather up some masturbating supplies and race home to jerk off, some of the items I would get were the local swingers magazine. I figured that I wanted to get laid, the people in the magazine want to get laid and there is no B.S. with a teenage girl that wants to spend all my money on her.After replying to add after add and getting no where fast I tried one that caught my eye. It was a older married couple about 30 minutes away. I answered the add and figured I would strike out again but to my surprise they said they were interested and wanted to hook up. They were in the mid to late 40’s (so just over 20 years older than me) and that they were bi. I watched a lot of porno’s and I always kind of enjoyed “the money shot” as they call it so I thought bi could be interesting. Well we agreed to go somewhere first and chat to make sure we were all comfortable with each other. She was cute and slender and he was big and burly with a slight pot belly. I must of looked like a deer in headlights with a raging boner. We talked for a little bit then set a date for the following Saturday night for our first get together. They said there teenage daughter would be out of town that night so it would be the best night to start.I could not wait for that week ordu escort to end and for Saturday to arrive. I was so nervous and yet I had a hard cock that would not go away. I showed up at 8 and knocked on the door, Ken opened the door and she was sitting on the couch in a teddy. I about passed out, the room was dark and lit with candles and the glow from the TV as they had a porno playing. Ken grabbed me a beer and Katie asked me to sit next to her on the couch. I didn’t know how to start things off but she got things going by rubbing my bulge in my pants.Ken kept commenting on the video and saying how big the guys cock was. Katie then took my hand and placed it on her crotch and rubbed it in circles. Ken then said that she needs a little help to get started so slip her a finger and I did. After a few minutes she was wet and ready for action. She asked if we could all go back into the bedroom. Ken led the way taking off his robe and getting on one end of the king size bed. Katie stepped out of her teddy and she had smaller tits but they were still looking great with big nipples. I got down to my boxers and climbed onto the bed with Katie in the middle of the bed. She kissed Ken for a minute or two as I watched and played with her pussy again. She then rolled over to me and pulled my boxers off.She then licked my nuts and then started to give me a BJ. This was my fist BJ ever and I was 19 so it did not take more than a minute and I was blasting my first load into her mouth. I said I was sorry and she giggled, then to my surprise she kissed me and feed me my own load of cum. I was mersin escort shocked but so fucking turned on that I never went soft and I swallowed my load. She smiled and then climbed onto my cock as she rode me cowgirl style as Ken laid back and watched as he stroked his 7″ cock. It again did not take me long as I told her I was going to cum thinking she would climb off but she didn’t. She kept grinding on my hips as I unloaded my load deep into her.I about blacked out from the rush of all this as she climbed back off of me and straight onto the waiting Ken. I could not believe it, I am a 19 year old k** that just fucked a woman twice my age and she is giving sloppy seconds to her husband in the same bed. It was awesome, I just laid there and watched. Ken lasted much longer than me but he ended up cumming in her pussy as well. She then rolled off of Ken and laid on her back in bed between Ken and I. We all caught our breath for a minute then she told me to get closer and lick her pussy. I was not 100% sure but hormones were still pulsing in me. Ken got up and went to the kitchen for another beer as I got between her smooth legs. Without thinking I was on my knees with my ass in the air as I had my face buried in her well fucked pussy licking up my cum and Kens cum. She was a sloppy mess but I was enjoying the taste and everything that was going on. Well I was so into eating her cream pie that I didn’t notice that Ken came back in. The next thing I know is I feel two hand on my bare ass spreading my cheeks wide and the warm breath and hot tongue licking my asshole. Once again I about malatya escort blacked out from pleasure of having his tongue darting in and out of my asshole. If you have never had this you should try it, I about blew another load. Ken then stopped licking my asshole as Katie then put her hands on the back of my head pushing me deeper into her pussy. I was loving it, then I felt something other than Kens tongue on my asshole. As you have probably guessed it was the tip of his cock. I didn’t know if I was ready for this or not but I don’t think I could have stopped him if I wanted to at that point. I didn’t know if I wanted him to stop. I was so fucking horny and I was in heaven at this point.Ken still had his hands on my ass as he positioned himself behind me with his mushroom tip at my rosebud opening. He slowly pushed his way in as his tip popped inside. I let out a deep moan into Katie’s pussy as he then slowly kept pushing in inch by inch until he was balls deep in my virgin ass. He waited for my hole to relax more but it was still gripping his shaft like a tight glove to a hand. He then pulled back till he almost popped out then he went back in balls deep. He kept this up for a few minutes as he increased his pace till his low hanging nuts were now slapping my ass. Katie was loving every moment as he bull husband was fucking his new boy toy. Just then Ken let out a deep moan as he gave me one more power thrust deep in me and he was breeding me with his load. I could feel jet after jet of his cum go deep in me and I shot my third load all over the bed without even touching my cock once. We all fell into a pile on the bed and passed out as his cum was leaking out of my hole. I cleaned up after that and stayed the night with them and drove home in the morning. I had many more fun nights with them but that was a night of firsts that I will never forget.

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