A Privileged Life Pt. 03



When Billy enters his mother’s bedroom, he sees her sitting on the edge of her bed with her back towards him as she talks to his father. Dr. Henry Davis, Billy’s father, is in Las Vegas attending a medical convention. Tonight is his Dad’s second night away from home. Billy crawls onto the bed behind his sexy Mom and begins to gently rub her shoulders as he recalls their previous night of intimacy. He moves his hands slowly down from her shoulder to her lower back. She leans back onto his hands and welcomes his affectionate touch. Considering the intimacy Billy and his Mom had shared the night before, Billy begins to experience a bit of jealousy between himself and his Dad. In Billy’s mind, his Mom should be devoting her attention to him because he is there with her, and his Dad is away at the convention.

Billy can’t resist getting playful with his Mom and starts to lightly tickle her to see if she can keep her composure with his distractions. Bella giggles and playfully tries to swat his playful hands away. Billy is determined to get her undivided attention and continues to pester her with his childish antics. His Dad picks up on Bella’s anxiety.

“What’s going on, dear,” Henry asks? “Is there anything wrong?”

“Oh, no, it’s just Billy being, you know, Billy,” Bella says into the phone.

She glances over at her son, grinning as she answers her husband. “Your father says for you to behave, Billy.”

“Oh, ok. If Dad says to.” Billy replies in a pouting voice and then renews his tickling attack with even more enthusiasm.

“Enough now, Billy. Let me talk with your Dad.” She says, laughing and returns her attention to the phone.

Billy, however, isn’t through with her. He is there, and his Dad isn’t. Billy feels that he should be his Mom’s only focus of attention. With his hands still on her back, he slowly slides them around her waist and then brings them up to her breasts, which is something totally unexpected by his Mom. Billy cups his Mom’s breasts and gently squeezes. It surprises her. However, it’s not entirely unwelcome. Billy started this horse-play as a game, but when his hands closed around her ample tits, the whole atmosphere of the room changes in an instant. Bella turns her head to look at her son as his hands gently squeeze her sensitive breasts. The look in her eyes tells Billy she loves what he is doing. Billy’s remorseful grin slowly changes as he recognizes that his mother is laughing and isn’t mad. She looks at him with an emerging realization that his actions arouse her. She knows it is turning her on, and suddenly Billy knows it too. He feels himself getting hard, and his actions are no longer innocent playfulness. A soft moan escapes his Mom’s mouth. Henry wonders if everything is okay with Bella.

“Are you okay, Bella?”

“Huh, what? Oh, yes. I’m still here, Henry. What did you just say?” Bella once again turns her attention to the phone and tries to concentrate on her husband’s conversation. She likes what her son is doing but certainly doesn’t want to share that with her husband.

Billy reaches around his mother’s body and slowly unbuttons her blouse as she talks with his father. He pulls her blouse open away from her breasts and caresses them over her black lace bra. As he runs his hands over her tits, he kisses his Mom on the neck and kisses his way up her neck until he finds her ear. Billy flicks his tongue across her earlobe and then circles his tongue around her ear. He sucks her lobe into his mouth and ever so gently nibbles on it with his teeth.

“Ohhhh, yes,” Bella moans softly. “Hmmm? What? Oh, I just agreed with you, Henry, I said Uh-hum. Right…”

Billy blindly fumbles to finds the clasp to her front opening bra between her breasts and opens it smoothly. Her glorious tits happily spring free from their confinement. As he continues to kiss her neck and shoulder, Billy proficiently removes her blouse and bra. He gently runs his fingertips over the end of her nipples, which become hard as little diamonds. She’s finding it more difficult to explain her mumblings on the phone. She needs to get off the call with her husband before he figures out what is really happening.

“You know, dear… ahhh… I think maybe I need to go…”

Billy hears her and whispers into her ear, “No, keep talking to him.” He swirls his tongue in her ear once more to emphasize his request.

Bella stops talking for a second and turns to face her son again. What he is asking is risky, but it also excites her. A grin slowly creeps across her face as she realizes what her son may be setting up.

“Well, if you really have to go, Bella, I guess we can talk tomorrow night again.”

“Hmmm? What? No, wait, Honey. I forgot something I need to ask you about…”

Bella’s voice drifts back into her chat with his father. Billy drops down and kisses his way around from the back of her neck. He stretches out with his head in her lap, looking up at her. Billy lifts his head bahis firmaları a few inches and kisses one of her breasts softly. He sticks his tongue out and runs it around her stiff nipple. A delightful chill race through her. She gazes down into his eyes, which he keeps glued to hers as he licks and kisses and sucks her nipple. He alternates from one nipple to the other, looking her in the eyes the whole time. Then a huge grin overtakes his face. Bella realizes he is planning something ultra-devious. She feels she should stop her son’s recklessness but can’t bring herself to do so.

Billy kisses her left breast one more time and then runs his tongue from her nipple to the valley between her marvelous tits. Billy kisses her there and then continues licking his way down to her navel. She has an idea where he may be headed and feels a bit of moisture form in her panties. He runs his tongue around the rim of her navel and then kisses it. As he explores his mother’s belly button with his tongue, he gradually scoots around and down off the bed. He kneels between his mother’s legs with his mouth still pressed against her belly button. They can both smell the unmistakable scent of her juices, starting to flow within her vagina freely. She tries to push him away, but he isn’t about to stop yet.

Billy’s mother continues to chat on the phone with his Dad while she watches in helpless fascination at her son kneeling before her with his tongue in her belly button. Bella could have never imagined she would allow anything like this to happen while her husband is on the other end of the phone. She also never dreamed anything like this would be so exhilarating.

Billy lifts his mouth from his Mom’s bare stomach and gazes into her sparkling greenish-blue eyes. She meets his stare with a passionate fire burning in her own eyes. He grins up at his mother and extends his hands up to unbutton her slacks. He gently begins tugging at them. Bella finds herself voluntarily lying back on the bed so that she can raise her hips and allow him to remove her slacks and then her panties. She is losing track of the phone conversation as her shameless excitements keep rising.

“Oh my god.” She loudly mutters as her panties slide down her legs.

“What? Did something just happen, Bella?”

“What, oh, nothing, dear. Someone, uh, mmm, left a tack on the floor, and I stepped on it. I know, dear. I’ll be careful. Hmmm? What… Billy? Uh, no, he’s, uh, taking care of something else. Uh, yes, I’ll get him… in a little while… when he’s… uh, finished with what he is doing at present. I don’t want to disturb him right now. I want him to finish what he is doing.”

Billy looks at his mother lying before him on the bed. He has her panties in his hands. He brings them to his nose and inhales her aroma. He can’t help but grin as he listens to her side of the conversation with his father. Then he leans forward and pushes his head between her legs. He has every intention of fulfilling his mother’s wishes and finish what he started.

Billy puts a slight amount of pressure on his Mom’s legs, and she spreads them wider, giving her son full access to her delicate womanhood. Bella’s facial expressions convey the urgency in her anticipation. Billy smiles then softly kiss her right thigh. He begins to kiss and lick his way up her trembling thighs slowly. They both know where he is heading. Bella gasps and stifles a deep moan.

When Billy finally reaches his mother’s vagina, he pauses to breathe deeply of her arousal, and then he gently kisses her on her pussy lips. Next, he extends his tongue as he swabs it up and down her wet slit. He glances up and sees his Mom holding her breathe. She can’t take her eyes from his as she watches his face hover over her pubic mound. She can feel the tickle of her son’s hot breath on her pubic hairs. He extends his tongue and probes inside her velvet smooth opening. Her hand moves down so she can run her fingers through his hair and pull him harder against her pussy.

When he finds his mother’s clit, she helps direct his attention to her pussy areas, which need his attention the most. Bella tries as hard as she can to suppress her moans of obvious pleasure as her son begins to focus all his attention on her sensitive nub. He circles it with his tongue and then wraps his lips around it. As he does, he presses his mouth hard into his mother’s pussy, and then he flings his head back and forth, almost like a dog playing with a rag. It becomes too much for her. Bella’s body goes stiff, and her thighs clamp around her son’s head as her orgasm commences. She doesn’t even remember where she is at that moment.

“Oh, god… yesssss! Oh, that feels so wonderful. Mmmmm.”

“Uh, what? What did you just say, Bella?”

Then Bella remembers where she is and who is on the other end of the line and tries to cover her mistake. She has to think quickly.

“No, honey. I just took my shoes off. I didn’t realize how sore my feet were until just now. Uh-huh, that’s right. It’s such a blessed relief to kaçak iddaa rub them in just the right place. Yes… yes, it feels soooo good I can hardly believe it.”

“Is Billy through with whatever he was doing, Bella?”

“Hmmm? Yes, he’s through with his tasks. At least I think he is at a stopping point. No, that’s alright. he can cum to the phone if you want.”

Bella almost laughs out loud and can’t help smiling to herself at her wordplay with her unwary husband. If he only knew how hard she just climaxed under Billy’s tongue.

“Oh, ok. Just a minute, I’ll get Billy to cum to the phone for you.”

Bella rests the phone against her shoulder to let herself catch her breath. Then she peers down into her son’s smiling face. His mouth, his lips, the whole bottom half of his face glistens in the reflected shine or her vaginal fluids. Her smile grows wider as she decides SHE will now turn the tables on her naughty son.

“Billy, your father wants to talk to you.”

Bella holds the phone out to Billy, enjoying his distress as he wonders what he is going to say to his father. Billy’s mouth is coated with his mother’s juices. Billy runs his tongue around his lips to collect her nectar, then stands up and takes the phone from his Mom.

“Hello? Yes? Hi Dad. How are you?”

Bella lifts herself and sits on the edge of her bed, watching her son sweat as he converses with his Dad. She can tell what is being said to her son by Billy’s responses to his father. Bella begins to unbutton Billy’s shirt to expose his bare chest and stomach to her. Billy tries to stop his Mom, but she catches his hands and looks up at him with a stern expression. Bella’s cold face says, “you started this, now deal with it.”

Billy tries to return her glower, but the fear on his face is plain to her. She smiles up at him and places his free hand at his side. Billy gulps once and leaves his arm dangling there as his Mom proceeds to take charge of their new adventures.

“Hmmm, what, Dad? Yes, of course. I’ll do whatever she tells me to. Yes, sir. I will do everything in my power to please her.”

Bella can’t suppress a grin as she lets her hand and then her mouth explore her son’s chest and stomach. Billy is quivering and squirming as his Mom kisses and sucks his nipples. He’s never had anyone suck his nipples before and stifles a groan. Bella’s hands move to unbuckle and open her son’s pants, and he whimpers into the phone. When he tries to answer his father, the tremor in his voice makes Bella laugh as she pulls her son’s stiff cock free and slowly strokes it to its full length. Bella takes delight in Billy’s agony and presses her mouth to his ear so she can whisper to him.

“Ok, Billy, now let’s see how you do,” she whispers. “Keep talking to Daddy, Sweetheart. It’s my turn now. Let’s see how well you handle the distraction.”

Billy can’t help but moan as Bella plunges to her knees before her son and nuzzles her nose in the pubic hair covering the skin around his cock. She can feel the heat from his cock as it throbs in her hand. She shifts her position until his cock is directly in front of her face. She lets her tongue flick across the tip of it. The taste of his pre-cum on her tongue sends a bolt of electric energy through her whole body. Bella kisses the tip of Billy’s cock and slips it deep into her throat. When Bella realizes her son is holding his breath, she looks up and is rewarded with an absolute look of ecstasy on his face. She can’t help herself. A wide grin spreads across Bella’s face, and as he had done with her, she stares straight into her son’s eyes, engulfing his cock in an almost leisurely manner.

Billy is not a virgin, and this is not his first blowjob, but he is still not so experienced that he can suppress a loud whimper at the caress of his Mom’s warm, wet mouth as she sucks him. It’s even a better blowjob than the first one he had received from her the night before. He can’t suppress the sounds of his pleasure as they escape his mouth.

“What, Dad? Uh, no, uh, I was just yawning. I guess I am just tired from the chores I did today.”

Billy can’t focus on what his father is saying. He bites his lip to keep himself quiet as he puts his free hand on his mother’s head, entwining his fingers in her hair as he fucks her face. Bella has plenty of experience as a cocksucker, and she is good. She also knows how to tell when the man she’s sucking is ready to cum and fill her mouth. She moves her head faster to make her son cum. Billy tightens his fingers in her hair and shoves his dick as far into her mouth as he can while his Mom uses her hands on his ass cheeks to pull his cock as far down her throat as it will go. Bella’s throat muscles grip Billy’s cock and milk it. Finally, she is rewarded with the taste of her son’s cum filling her mouth. So much cum that she can’t swallow it all, and some of it leaks out of her mouth and dribbles down her chin.

Billy can’t take the oral pleasuring anymore. He is almost crying as he tells his father, “Dad, I’m sorry, I have kaçak bahis to go to the bathroom, really badly. Bye.”

Collapsing back on the bed, he closes his eyes and tries desperately to catch his breath. He feels his mother remove the phone from his hand, and he gazes at her as she resumes her conversation with his Dad. He can’t believe how sexy she looks with his cum dripping from her chin down onto her lovely tits. Bella looks her son in the eyes, winks at him, and sticks her tongue out to capture more of her son’s cum as she talks with her husband.

“No, he’s ok, Honey. He’s just drinking a lot of sodas today. Yes, I’ll watch out for him. I promise. I’ll make sure he is a good boy for his mama. Ok, you have a good night too. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, Dear. I love you, too. Bye.”

Bella let the phone slip down to her shoulder as she gazes lovingly at her son, her new favorite lover lying down on the bed before her. She is glistening with perspiration; her hair is a mess, and Billy thinks she looks more beautiful than anyone he has ever seen before.

Bella reaches out to hang up the phone with a sigh and then rests her chin on Billy’s thigh. She strokes his stomach and chest with her fingertips as he lay exhausted on her bed.

“Well, young man. “THAT” was certainly unexpected.”

“God, Mom. I’m so sorry. I hope that you aren’t mad at me. I don’t know why I did it.”

“Hmph. Well, I do… you’re a young hormone-driven teenager, and you’re horny for your Mom. But you do know how dangerous that was, don’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am. I’m sorry. I promise I’ll never do anything like that again.”

When Bella didn’t say anything back to him, Billy lifts himself on his elbows, raises his head, and adoringly surveys his mother. Bella looks back at him and smiles. She knows what is going on in his teenage mind. She runs her tongue around her lips again to get the last of her son’s sperm, making sure he is watching her as she swallows it.

“Now let’s not be too rash, and don’t make promises you won’t be able to keep in the future. I didn’t say I didn’t want to have sex with you again. We just need to be more careful. Ok?”

“I know I was acting stupid, Mom. After last night all I think about is fucking you. I didn’t mean to take such a risk while you were on the phone with Dad, but your response was so positive, I was sure you wanted me to continue.”

Bella wraps her hand around Billy’s cock, which immediately begins to re-harden in the warmth of her grip.

“God, I love a young stud. I forgot how quickly teenagers are ready to go again. Yes, I think we are going to have a lot of fun. And yes, I definitely want it to happen again.”

Bella slowly slides herself up, rubbing her tits along Billy’s legs and stomach and chest as she straddles him. Without letting him penetrate her, she begins to slowly move her wet vagina up and down over the length of his reawakening cock. It takes only a few passes to thoroughly coat his cock with her vaginal fluids. As she moves her hips, she runs her long fingers through her son’s hair. Billy has his hands on her hips and moans his satisfaction with what she is doing to him. Mother and son smile at each other as their lust rises once again, and their eyes glisten with anticipation for what the night ahead will probably bring.

Without saying anything, Bella raises herself on her knees, places her hands upon Billy’s chest for balance, and moves her hips until she can feel her son’s cock at the entrance to her pussy. She leans forward and positions his cock with her hand. She presses her tits into his chest and kisses him as she lowers herself down onto his throbbing cock. He enters her and slides easily inside of her until she fully impales herself on his young cock. Looking her son in the eyes, she softly moans, “Oh my god… YES!”

Bella gazes deep into Billy’s eyes with a wicked grin on her face. Billy stares back with total amazement. He can’t believe how right his little sister was when she told him that his Mom wanted to fuck him every bit as much as he wanted to fuck her.

“We are most definitely going to have a lot of fun this week while your father and sister are away,” Bella moans.

She begins to shift her hips up and down slowly as they continue their mother/son incestuous coupling again. Several hours later, both have exhausted each other. Billy wants to drift off into sleep. However, Bella insists that they take a shower together and clean up before they go to sleep. Although they shower together, neither do anything sexual. They both know there will be plenty of time for that in the coming days. In silence, they help each other wash and clean their bodies. A lingering caress here and there is welcomed as they lather soap over each other’s weary bodies.

When they finish, Bella looks into her son’s eyes and slowly presses her body against his. As they wrap their arms around each other, she kisses him softly, gently. A flick of her tongue against his lips encourages him to allow his mouth to open. They enjoy one long, deep, loving kiss as the water cascades over their bodies, and steam fills the shower stall. When they finally break apart, Bella sighs, rests her head on her son’s shoulder, and holds him tight to her breasts.

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