A rental with secrets 3


A rental with secrets 3It was official. I was addicted to masturbating to watching the Waters’ videos. Holy FUCK had I watched a lot in the last month. Enough to know I wanted to be in that house when the family came home. I watched as Mr. Waters used RED for his personal fuck for a few months, every once in a while bringing another woman in the bed with them or in the hot tub and RED was forced to eat Mr. Waters cum out of the other woman. She actually loved it. I was certain some day I would taste RED.Mr. Waters ended it with RED on video. Told her she needed to find her own replacement for him and he was bored with her whining about a relationship. AMAZING balls this man had. He could care less she was in love with him. It was all about his cock.The videos pick up with Mrs. Waters next. He brings her home and has dinner made for them, kisses her and gropes her and she stops his advances. She leaves and he jacks off watching porn. Twice. Good man.He then has her over and fucks her. Actually, for the first time I see him make love to someone. He makes her cum over and over. She begs for a break and he continues to eat her, finger her and explore her body. He cums humping against the bed as he eats her. He tells her (and I believe him) her pussy is the best thing he has ever tasted.He watches that video in bed that next night and the next… and jacks off. Looping the video he edges himself. He cums screaming out loud.. SOOO HOT. I loved hearing that.Fast forward a thousand orgasms for me and a few months of them fucking and I hear Mr. Waters asking her fantasy questions while he fingers halkalı escort her. He has her soaking wet.. and adds lube and oil still, and fingers her better than I could finger myself. She cannot help but spill her guts because she is so turned on. “I love watching other people fuck on videos. I want to see it in person”, “I love the thought of being watched while I fuck. Fucking big cocks.” He asks her about the “COCKS” as in multiple comment. She is kind of ashamed to admit it to him and he increases the tempo of his fingers and starts telling her he loves the thought of her being a slut for him. She starts to cum yet again and starts spewing dirty comments.. “YES, I want to be a whore.I want to feel a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy” “I want to be watched fucking two dicks. I want to be filled with cum from one man after another!” “I want to eat pussy after you cum in it.”Shit, that last video set me off. I was on the Sybian and cumming and cumming.. telling her out loud, “Yeah, you fucking whore. You will take whatever he tells you!” I am never sore anymore with as much as I fuck myself. Got that going for me huh?It seems whenever I am in the house I feel my clit throb now. I need to cum. I need to watch Mrs.Waters.Mr. Waters manipulated her. He left videos of himself fucking the whore and RED up on the screen on a cloud type channel. Mrs. Waters was in the bedroom – must be about 6 months into their dating relationship – and she answers her phone. It seems Mr. Waters tells her he is running about an hour behind nişantaşı escort and she should nap so they can go out later. She agrees,exchanges pleasant goodbyes and hangs up. She brings her overnight bag up and undresses to her thong and bra. Fucking awesome body – needs my lips on those nipples though..Mrs. Waters naturally turns on the tv. She comes across the videos. She watches. And Watches. And gets obviously hot. She rewinds to see the “made” date and when she knows it was before her she settles in. She loves the face fucking. As she rubs her own clit watching the same video I did – she talks to the whore. Tells her she is good for nothing but her cunt and swallowing jizz. This mild mannered woman was getting dirty. I loved it. She admits later while they are in the kitchen she saw the videos. He asks her to describe them. He strokes his cock through his jeans while she gets herself near breathless talking about RED and the way he fucked her and used her. Mr. Waters tells her she is different to him. Tells her that she will never be just a whore to him. She will be HIS whore and he will love her more with every thing she does to become one. I fell in love with him at that moment probably the way she did!I saw her transformation. I watched them bring another man in and give her what she wanted. I watched her become a good whore for him. He started telling her while they fucked that he wanted to watch while she found her own cock and then cocks. It turned her on to no end. She brought home young, twenty something guys şişli escort and used them… they thought they were using her. That was actually funny. They would cum – she would kick them out and Mr. Waters would come in and fuck her. Straight to pushing his big dick in her. No pretense. She was immediately telling him about he boys cocks and how they felt. THIS was HOT!Over the next two years there were hundreds of videos. I could not pinpoint where he got her the ear piece or started to coach her – but I could easily pull up on two screens and run the watching and doing video together. SO hot to not only watch her with multiple men or women but to watch him masturbate or use the suction toys while she did it. He would talk to her in the earpiece.. tell her what a good whore she was.. tell her to put both cocks in her pussy… whatever was his fancy that moment. And she did it. And she loved it. Her moans were real. I wanted to be her really bad. Mr. Waters hired hookers all the time for himself with her blessing. He would fuck their faces or turn them around on all fours and fuck them in his viewing room while she fucked outside that wall. A great arrangement. Mrs. Waters would watch his fuck later that night and he would eat her while she watched the replay of the slut fuck. Again — how can I not CUM to this? Mrs. Waters and Mr. Waters are the perfect couple. They hired a housekeeper about a year into their marriage. Mrs. did not work and Mr. wanted her free for charity events and social or community activities. He discussed hiring someone with her. She wanted a young, almost no english speaking 18 year old from an asian country. She wanted to make sure the girl would fuck her or anyone she asked whenever needed. Mr. was not to touch her without express permission. Mrs.Waters was smart. She may have been manipulated to let out her inner whore – but she was in control.In came Mya. And Mya is my next chapter…

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