A Secret Hookup in the Garage


It is a hot and humid summer day in the small Midwest town I live. While it can be miserably to work in triple-digit heat it can be a sort of a turn on as my wet, sweaty clothes cling to my cock and rub it ever so slightly. Today is no exception as I had been trying to keep my hard-on from being noticeable. I need relief and soon!

I retire to a restroom for a few minutes, log into a gay hookup site on my phone and look for some quick action. It’s always hit-and-miss for my town. I usually need to travel to a near-by city, but I don’t have the time for that today. How lucky can I be? There was someone only 3 miles away with an avatar of his 8″ or so dick and he was looking for action right now. I send a message, wash up in the sink and left to go back to work.

After a few minutes I discreetly check my naughty messages and find a new one from the hung fellow looking for action now. He is hard, horny and needing a quick blowjob. I reply I was game for his proposal, but then he wants to know where I live.

Now this is a problem. I don’t usually host these kind of encounters. I am afraid of what he may do. Would he come back when I have others over? Would he out me to the neighbors? I really don’t want him in my bed. How should I handle this? I am too horny to turn him down. Suddenly, I have an idea.

I send him a message with my house number, but I ask him to go through the garage door instead front door. The garage has three doors: one that goes into the house, one large door for the cars and one for people through the side yard. I ask him to enter the door to my garage from the side yard. He tells me he’ll be there in an hour. I promptly leave work discreetly, drive home in five minutes and hop in the shower for a quick wash down.

After I dry off from the shower I slip on some shoes, spray on my cologne and wear nothing else. I open the door to the garage from the house and I am greeted with a dark abyss with the smell of car exhaust still lingering. Even though it was a bright, cloudless day outside, the garage has no windows and was as dark as night.

Briefly I turn on the lights casino siteleri to the garage, set up a lawn chair behind the door, lay down a towel on the floor in front of the chair and set a box of facial tissues near. Then I shut off the lights again and wait behind the door. I have a few minutes to wait and let my eyes adjust. I couldn’t see a hand in front of my face right now.

My body shivers with anticipation as I stand naked, except for my shoes. I almost felt cold as the shower water slowly evaporates off my skin. My cock slowly stiffening as my mind plays various scenarios in my head of what could possibly happen when the man with the big dick arrives. I am excited and terrified at the same time. I shiver again, even though the air drafting in from under the outside door was like a furnace.

My eyes start to adjust to the darkness as the outline of the car’s silhouette come into vision. I could then make out the chair I set out and the workbench along the outside wall. I could also see my dick bobbing up and down in the warm summer air, unimpeded by clothing of any kind. My ball sack has descended as my body adjusts to the heat, hitting one inner thigh and the other as I shift about.

I start to hear an approaching engine as it sputters down the street in front of my house. It slowly grows louder as it approaches. It keeps getting louder and louder until it is just outside the large garage door. Then it falls silent as the driver kills the ignition. A loud, metallic squeak announces the arrival of an older pickup and its owner. I hear footsteps leave the pavement towards the side yard.

My cock jumps in excitement and my body once again shivers. Sweat begins to drop from my forehead. I move further behind the door as I heard the doorknob getting fondled and jiggled. The door opens with a blindingly bright, white light flooding in. A shadow of a figure fills the far side of the garage. “Hello?” my guest asks.

“Come on in and get comfortable” I say, imaging how it would be to be in his shoes coming out of the bright sun and being blinded in the inky darkness. He canlı casino comes through the threshold and I see a middle-age guy, standing about 6 foot, with close-cropped, messy hair, three-day old stubble on his face, wearing stained work clothes. He is very thin with a rugged look to him. I notice the substantial bulge through his pants. I can smell booze from his breath.

I direct him to sit on a chair. He can’t see while I close the door. He unbuckles his belt, unzips his fly and let his jeans drop to the floor before sitting on the lawn chair. His impressive dick stands proud and tall from his lap. His balls hang over the edge of the chair. He reaches out for me and grabs my dick. He feels it for a bit then profusely apologizes for what he was touching.

“I don’t mind at all” I reply. He drops his arms to the chair arms and waits, his dick bouncing a bit. I bend over and grab his dick with one hand and his ball sack in the other. I stroke him a bit and feel his balls as I sink to my knees on the soft towel. His musky scent fills my nostrils as I drag my tongue in circles around the tip of his cock while I continue to lightly stroke him and fondle his balls. His breathing quickens slightly. I tasty saltiness on my tongue.

I let go of his junk and grab his hips as I put my mouth over his cock. He sharply inhales as I slowly take in more and more of his hard dick. He arches his back as my chin meets his nut sack. I inch my way back up off his cock and he sharply exhales. His balls shift around in my hand as I grab them and I again thrust my head back down on his raging hard shaft. He starts panting as I quicken my pace bobbing my head up and down his long shaft.

Sweat starts to drip off his body and onto my forehead as I pleasure him. The booze from his quicken breath mixes with the musky sweat smell as he starts to moan. I release his balls and grab his hips again as I quicken my pace.

Suddenly he stands, grabs my head and starts humping my mouth, his balls slapping my chin hard. I gasp for breath. His moans are growing more frequent and louder. I reach down with one hand kaçak casino and start to jack off my dick while it aches to be touched. More sweat drips on my head as he continues his assault on my mouth.

He starts to grunt as he arches his back and his quick humping becomes less rhythmic and his balls start to tighten up. I still hear the slapping sound even though his balls aren’t hitting my chin. That’s when I realize I’m hearing my own balls slapping against my hand feverishly beating myself off. I start to moan as I feel fluid moving from my balls and that must have sent him off.

Suddenly he lets out a scream while jamming his dick as far into my mouth as possible. The back of my throat is hit with jet after jet of hot, sticky cum as he unloads his balls into me. He starts convulsing and grunting before falling back into the chair, pulling his dick out of my mouth. The salty taste of cum fills my mouth and the smell of fresh cum drowns-out the typical smell of the garage. I bend over and slowly lick the cum off his dick while gently stroking more out of his shaft. This sent him into another convulsion as he whispers “fuck, that was hot.” His member was completely soft by the time I stop licking.

He quickly pulls his pants back up, stuffs his glistening, limp cock back in his pants and walks out the door and back to his truck, where he sped off. I sat on the chair and resumed jacking off. My dick is throbbing, wet with precum. The garage echoes with the wet skin-on-skin slapping as I softly moan, feverishly working myself into a fury. My balls tighten, I let out a quiet grunt as I unleash a thick, sticky rope of cum all up my chest and onto my neck and lips. The surprise of tasting my own cum on my lips barely registers as my dick shot another rope of cum onto my face and lips, followed by another and another on my chest. I lick my lips as my dick continues to shoot cum into a pool forming as it oozed down my chest.

I clean myself off, put the chair away and grab the towel before heading back in the house, my dick bobbing awkwardly erect as I move. I took another quick shower and I have troubles getting my pants back on while my dick is still fully erect. I must have been really turned on. I finish getting dressed and go back to work. I have to figure out what to do to relieve my dick again after work, but that’s another story.

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